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 - ; hlMraON's mmlhl: Incorporatail under - the !...
; hlMraON's mmlhl: Incorporatail under - the ! 143," with lltnltad liability. Capital 100,000, In i x each, ot which upwards of oue - half are already OIMPSON. DIVAN - TAVERN, and the DIVAN, O ClU.Ut and CHESS ROOMS, 10L 103. and 103. Strand. hlMPaoN s iUmital) : Incorporatail under tha Coaipaciea Act, clw trjare ot applied for. De posit on application 1 per ahare, and 3 on aua - tineul. - Call cot to czeeed 3 per share, and to b ntade with uterrais ot not loss than two months. IiIRECTURS. WILLIAM COX, Eea, M.P - ox. John'a - wood, Chairman of th Guildhall Taverns CbmrBny'.CSlalrman Sir IS. J. CLttoa, Hart, M - P, Clifton - hall. Nottingham, and 17, SL JaineaVplace, a W. Eoyrn CculiLa. Esq, tX Kcnsinrton - r ark gardens, W, Director of ti.I.oodonandBirmiMh.m riank ; iau - . yj. Jiatn - todge.' MosweD hfll. Director of tb ! hpir i i r4crtni Aiacacer - - - Hr. ijuuxm w Uituu utaua. j Ca.kcr. - Th. flank omJleedWt. E.C, and Char.i ..ll..O.. ll. .. T IM..V V. 11 Vl.'.a lt - - L - - lk .TWJ. V O ! hrokisw - iUwara. HuCalus aud Kowanll, V I'hroadrieeaUMtriiel, E.O. iiC ; It. Yi. MscAnhor. Esq, becretary to the National ITulmcial Auutial ilread Company (Linutod). Secretary (pro tun - Mr. G. W. G!bwj. TemrairarT oicee - 13. lains - etreet. Cbasrjeide. E.C. . ,n.; SiSL f iSFvlJel.!?SnMe?.ta,,2l ' the bugtnessea vf oin - .rotis Divan Tavern and tbe diran. cigar and cb - ss rooms, situat Noa. 101. 103, and 113, StrauX ', ' ah Director h purcbsaed th luasu, goodwill, stock in trade, 1 fiirnlture. ptnte, and all cttings. An, of these eaUblishineufes. ' in tsitra, so uoccssruiiy carnea oa oy tne late atr. - uinpsoa arui ; i his jisrtners, who retired alter a lew years with larrs fortunes. nels i no cimirocciution to ennanoo li reputauon or to veriry oimniercial undertaking. i During the prupricVinthlt ot Mr. Cathie the busincs I ably lncreaued. anL since tbeoDcniugof th Charing' tisuch an eitcM that the prcsnnt pnuuacs are totally insuttlckrut to j meet ths rc,ulrementa of the public. . , To remedy this rntnmolency. tJ:o IKrectora have secured the leaars ! r of two houses In th rear of the towrn. which. H1 enable thrra to afford such accommodation as wld euair. a rery large cttenaiouof I buslnees. . j Tha Divan, Cigar and Cbees Cootna have for many years been ioo ! eeasfuUy carried oa by Mr. Samuel Rles. who ha realized a bvrgs i lurtun in vnat ouaiocaa, uuw one ox to most important ana lucrative i in the metropulia. - - ' 1 hese ncunesftci usrs wen luuy reponea upon oymcsare. intuoi i ' et th. nte. house, tat - iect to a sery rnoderaU grouud - rent, will be AX5,000. This sum wul be dl - ddod Into tu - dalaicnt. parable at lung mtnrrlA tb Company taklug taea - dcinaif the rro - erty wlin th erst Instalment Is natd. Tb Mock th trade, furniture, olate, and lit - , tings will be taken at a valuatUm. ' and James, public xicoountantA who report shows mat the Del ptvau , of the present liuaiiieeae are nearly llss) l - er aunuui, aud. lucluiLuig f th valuation, thuy amount to about IS per cunt, oo the capital neeea - i sary to be called up. Tbe Directors anticipate a much larger d.ndeo.1 j Ui leuikcrs. broaers. toUdton. ou the preinlKS. aud U lliut Home, hen th increased facOlliea for oarrxliig ou a greatlr axteude - 1 boaiiieea ahall hare com into orr - ratlin. More than - one - half of the share hare already been apclled for. Mr. Cathie's stricea aa .ririager have bean aosuredts.'a' Come; ty for two years. , Tb rerioru of Messrs. Ihsiucl CronJa S1 rions, arid Messrs, Kd - u ward and James, and tb Articles ot A an rial inii. XLay be uwxteil at f ' Deiatorre, aud Co, 13, Klng - alniet, Cheai - side, E.C rcruof AwiicaUon for Share (to ba rt - lained t j tbe kaaWisl. j No. j To the Directors of Simpson's (Ltruited). - , lenL.en:eri. .1 . Lie temporary oBceeirf th. Oompany, . ... , TV"L,Jtf?.rtZrZ T'Jv 01 ! ' n . .7 " I a V . - " cTrrT. " " - T .7'. ." rrr. .t .T? v" registrr of uicinbcr for the number of share allotted to me. I j Ueual slaTiature Nam ui Iiul lUn.Unoa 1 rofraalou or busima Dal JwtYTJi "ef - .......,.' . t vr . r ; I i . i ' - Stattrsui I tnutcu.. gtrjU, piiji, im no aprilcttUon for ahanu In lids Company vrlU be revived alter . Sattrrday next, the lSth for Loudon : and Monday, Uio 'Joth trnu., for the couDtry. By order G. Wi lllttSON, Sac. pro tetii. i JO. rcing - rwot, iiuou. r co, ia - ,

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 14 Feb 1865, Tue,
  3. Page 20

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