Rev A F Mitchell appointment township 6 July 7, 1897

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Rev A F Mitchell appointment township 6 July 7, 1897 - Frp- reached out his left hand and toon in a...
Frp- reached out his left hand and toon in a hot liner off the bat. In the sixth, a clever nip was made by Einston ' when Person played too far off the base. In tho second half of this inning Jordan at second base made a running catch back in centre field. .Wedling, the Einston 2nd baseman suffered a strained, tendon of the ankle, Neal at short stop for New Berne had a fingernail knocked off the little finger of his right hand in the first inning but continued through the game. ' Person made a record of 15 men struck out. Simmons hit the ball fur two two-base hits and managed to reach the ball often and liard. The game' was a tie nntil tbe seventh inning when the game was won by the home team by heavy work at the- bat. Two 2 baggers were made in this inning and 4 men crossed tbe plate. The score is as follows: NEW BERNE. AB 4 B H E Jordan, 2 b 8 1 0 0 Person, p . 5 8 8 0 . 4 , 0 8 1 Howlnnd, c. 4 - 0 4 1 Neal, b ...., 6 0 0 S Roberts, cf 0 ,0 0 Daniels, e f 4 8 ' 0 0 Foy, 8 b 4 ' 2 1 9 Simmons, r f ...... 8 1 8 0 Bragg, rf.. 1 0 0 0 Totals 40 8 , 14 6 ' ' . K1N8TON. AB K II E Wendlinjr, 2 b.... 8 0 11 Bines, p 4 0 0 . 1 Hicksou,8f ..... 8 0 1 ' 8 Coleman, c.. 8 0 0 0 Lewis, K. 4 1 8 1 Morton, cf 4 0 0 '8 Wooten, rt 8 0 0 t 0 Herbert, 1 b ..... 8 1 0 1 Lewis, F.,s s ... 4 1 '0 8 Totals .....81 -.8 '4 U BCOBI BT INHIltOS. 188488788 Total NcwBerne, 8 0 0 0 0 0 4 8 0 8 Kinston,... 800000010 8 SUMMARY Earned runs, New Berne 4, Kinston 0; two base hits 8tith, Sim mons (2), llowland; stolen bases, Ilerbert, Stitb; double plays, Neal and Stlth, Wendllng, Wooten and - Herbert, F. Lewis, Wendllng and Herbert; atrnck out by Person, 15; by Hinea 8) left on bases. New Berne, 4; Kinston, 1; innings pitched by Hines ft, by Person, 8; time of game 8.15, Condition of field, good; Weather good. Umpire. Mr. Btevena. atlas; ar4 af MateaMaa. The board, pursuant to the latter part of section 2545 of the amended school laws of 1897, met Monday, July 1st and proceeded to transact the following business: Present were, E. II, Meadows, S. W. Latham, G, E. Palmer. Under section 2548, the County Baard of Education, together with the Clerk of the Superior Court and the register of deeds, elected J. 8. Long, LL. D., county supervisor of schools, he having received four of the five votes cast, and A. W. Weth- erington received one. The county treasurer, O. B. Ilill presented his official bond for inspection which was fonnd to be in due form and was deemed to be ample and in Ol den t for tbe present board of educa tion: Mr. Hill alio presented his monthly and annual reports, and after a thorough and careful examination the urns were found Ut be correct and were therefore approved by tho board.- ' Messrs. J. xl. Hunter of No. C, and James Prescott of No. 9 town ship were allowed six dollars each for taking school census in their respective townships. The board took recess until Tues day morning at -10 o'clock. On motion of C. E. Palmer, Mr. 8. W Latham wis elected pro tern on account of Chairman E. II. Moadowi being absent. It wai ordered by the board of education, that when tho olerk of the board notifies the s hool committeeman of their election he also notify tlicm tit plo notice through soimt or othi'rwiin for n'l n- pivo , LIST OP APPOINTMENTS. No l.-Bryan O. Whitford, Wm. A. McLawhorn, E. F. Adams,n. E. Dawson, fool,) Jno. A. Dixon, (col). No. 2. F, S. Ernul, Silas Ful- cher, Thos A. Stapleford, Thos. L. Moore, (col.) W. D, Pettipher, (col). No. 3-F P. Outlaw, R, A. Rus sell, W. B. Pearce, J no Biddle, Jonas Hargett (col )'. t.-i No 5 J. S. Morton, Isaac Tay lor, Jas L, Tayloi, W," F. Morgan, (col.) Nero Croom, (col.) - - No. 0.-J. II. Hunter, B. F. Williams, A. Er Armstrong, Jno. R. Holland (col.) Rev. . A. F. Mitchell (col.) X 'Y No. 7 H. B. Lane, Jesse Brooke (col.) Robt R. Davis, (col.) Henry Wood, Geo. D. Connor. ; -, No. 8T. A. Green, Robt.' Hancock; Dr. Geo. Slover, R. W. Williamson (col.) W. W; ; Lawrence (col.) No 9 Drew Dixon, A. E. Wads-worth, E. Z. R. Davis, Lucius nub-bard (col.) F. D. Dosier, (col.) C'enafr Cammlaaloaera. . Board met Tuesday pursuant to adjournment Present Chairman Hill, Jas. A. Bryan, E. W. Small-wood, R. P. Williams, Robt. G, Moseley. . . 1 On motion, 12.00 per month, for three months was allowed Mrs. Maria Styron, r , ' ' 'e On motion Jas. A. Bryan the fol lowing resolution was adopted. ' RESOLUTION. . . . " "Whereas tho Board of Commie aionors of Craven county desiring in the discharge of its duties to be governed by Jbe law; and at tho same time to preserve the rights and protect the interests of the tax payors of Craven ' County; And Whereas It has submitted to the opinion of U Attorney the question as to the Constitutionality or unconstitutionality of the Acts of 1897 with reference to holding an elec tion for Schools or against Schools as provided for in Chapter 421 of said Acts; And Whereas after mature deliberation and investigation said Attorney advises this Board that said Act is unconstitutional in that it has failed to pass the General As sembly in accordance with tbe re quirements of the Constitution In such cases provided; And Whereas an election if held would entail great expense npon the County, and as advised by said At torney, any tax levied there under would be void j And Whereas it ha come to tne . knowledge ol mis Board that la the event suoh election shall be held that an injunction will be applied for by certain tax payers npon behalf of themselves and others in the County to restrain tbe levy and collection of said tax; and that in tbe opinion of their Attorney anch action for injunction would be well founded, and the costs thereof would have to be borne by tbe County In the event such Injunction should be sustained; And while it Is the desire of thii Board to obey the law, 'and in all respects to discharge its duties in respect thereto; it is also the earn eit desire of the Board to save to the County and its people the bur den ef expenses to be incurred for objects from which they can derive no benefit, but muit sulfur loess and honestly feeling that' npon the opinion of its counsel the election if held must be held under the general election law, the machinery of which is expensive, and that upon suffering such expense the injunc tive relief could be obtained by tho tax payer, thereby inournng audi tional coils and expense; lia It He-solved, that tho motion to recon sider the motion upon which tho Order for such election wai revoke Backlea'l Arnica EjIvm Tii a P-i- ht Hm.v n It. w .il i f..r Cuii nrtiie , h-ir. a, V. S in , Ti-ti.-r, ( !i - (-MH, II!! 1 H I . Iv. y i I'.' . t 1 1 v, 1 I and were acres given with the O. A and of on ache.' r- a Lumber ' for still ber em by ' Co., of will pills Ir Sick hle. free to inns box. . II J He

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  1. The Daily Journal,
  2. 07 Jul 1897, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • Rev A F Mitchell appointment township 6 July 7, 1897

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