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The World Today AP News Analyst Communist Party—a Pitiful Sight By JAMES MARLOW .\P Nws Analyst W.ASHINGTON (AP) - The Communist party, U.S.A., this month held its first convention since 1959. It was a pitiful sight in more ways than one. This in turn raises questions about the so-called new left which is supposed to be developing in this country, although not connected with communism which is said to look out of date to the new radicals. Congress, courts, FBI and changing times made a wreck of the American Communist party. It claims a membershio of 10,000 to 12,000. way down from the 80,000 to 100,00 it claimed in depression days 3 years or so ago. In a way the New York convention looked a little like an old folks’ home. The 213 delegates and 42 alternates from 36 states were mostly up in years and had been in the party for years. Many got bored and walked out the opening night when Gus Hall, the general secretary, hit them with a three-hour speech. Hall, 55. has been a party member most of his life. The party wants to attract young people and there was some fighting with newcomers anxious to wrest control from the oldsters. The oldsters held fast. It’s not just the fractured condition of the party which makes it look pathetic. It’s the vagueness. There were harsh words about the American role in Viet Nam. But, generally, the tone was as mild as a pussycat. Hall was the prince of vagueness, talking about setting in motion a movement to present an independent candidate, although not a Communist, for president in 1968. The party is trying to hook onto the fringes of agitation, like the civil rights movement or among youths. It's operating at a bad time. The Communist world is split. The satellites are restless, Marxism in Europe is losing it rigidity, communim’s chances in the prosperous countries are hopeless and in the backward countries it’s not doing well. The American Communist party is in a particularly unhappy spot and has been since President Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the direction of American thinking by establishing government concern for the general welfare. All that has happened since then has been in the same direction, but more intensely, which makes the promises of communism look a little ridiculous. There are vast areas of poverty and deprivation in America but the general population has a prosperity it never enjoyed before. And that population, since it now has so much to lose, is not going to listen to demands for radical change. This is what the new radicalism in America faces: A largely self-satisfied society, richer than ever, despite the injustices inflicted on individual groups, like Negroes. The question then is: To whom can the new or young radicals, so-called, appeal? If their cause has anything more than restless discontent, like an ideology for the American future, it hasn’t reached the masses of the people. And it is questionable that many of the discontented young people are motivated by ideas or dreams of a more perfect society. With many the motivations are probably personal, the product of individual frustrations. Any kind of radical third par- has told investigators he does not want a lawyer. Asst. Cleveland Heights Law Director Donald Jaifey said Sewell has a long police record. Police said they traced Sewell through a license number supplied by witnesses. ty movement of any real force — at a time when the government is preaching the Great Society theme and doing something about it — seems impossible now or far off. FIXING UP THE HOUSE? FOR EXTRA HELP PLACE A FAST - ACTION WANT AD ms 'rrrxTTT YTTTTTZ mi PLANNING AN AUCTION? We Plan, Advertise, and Conduct Your Auction. call Exley E. Wical and Associates Wilmington, Ohio Realtor^Auctioneeri 226 North Spring Street Phone 3S2-3007 When Planninc To Buy or Bailé A Home • • . tee os for . • • MONEY Exceptionally Low Closing Costs! Monthly Reduction! See Us and Save! Wilmington Homestead Building and Loan Company 31 S. Smith St., WUmingtoD PhoM 382*22»

Clipped from
  1. Wilmington News-Journal,
  2. 29 Jun 1966, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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