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 - a v ctc-miivt itm ... 1 1 f i-iyjlLnjui J....
a v ctc-miivt itm ... 1 1 f i-iyjlLnjui J. UVblllMU, AUuUol II, 1115. THIS WAS CIRCUS HAY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE INX)F- r El VILLE FOR DIG SHOW AMERICAN NOVELIST NOW A BRITISH SUBJECT r Duke; has of Von nnrl was the the TCnvoi- of The Parade Moved at II and Was Up 10 lungung. standard and Enjoyed by AH Afternoon Performance Well Attended litre she conic, fellers!" This aiu nouneemcnt passed from boy to boy lined up on the curb as Ringling Brothers,' big circus parade, bands playing and wagons creaking, appeared downtown today. Elephants, clowns, band, snake charmer and all the rest were., there. After several thousand urchirjs had tagged the big procession to the show grounds it was pronounced " the best ever.' little girls clinging to them, mothers j una iamers necame as restless and ex cited as the younger ones Circus day had hardly dawned when peopie oegan coming into the city All railways and country roads led to the blue pennanted canvas city. All of the railroads brought in excur- lons on special trains and long be- . M;ns on special trains and long be- that7i"re xne parade reached down town, the streets were thronged with peo-aiiernoon pie. The Rintrli no- Rrothers' h'uxm uL I " - iuvi I I ways kept their promises and their in- J No more glittering and brilliant dis- I nlair line om . I il: I Tho nQroL j.1 ! I length, was one unendinc arrav nf I ia: . ""y "J- Hicii.i-viviuca, iiui ana coior. ine iam- he! ous Ringling horses, both in the teams VlTVIdMU Hie CaVaiCaOPK montltpH Kit mon 5s .,iii,A,, : V w ONE 1 f I An- O 01 , iiere ine unloading took place and thela continuous cavalcade of wagons, red A I . ... " . ..... and women in the gorgeous costumes made a splendid showing. Pretty and effective pictures were m-irJ v,U tv,o tableau cars which were filled with gins in gay garb. There was plenty of music and our friends the rlnwne received a welcome equal to a con gressman cominir home with a inh fn.- every office hunter. The first of the four trains which transport the Ringling outfit from place to rdace reached the ritv short ly after dawn. As fast a? the sec tions arrived they were shunted on to the sidinsrs Here the unloading took place and HENRY JAMES After liviinr in Enoland for nearlv forty years, Henry James, novelist, brother of the late Prof. William James, professor of psychology at Harvard, has become a British xnh. Iject. Naturalization papers have been issued to him. Most Americans imagined Mr. James had long ago become a.Subiect. nf tho hut ho had not thought this necessary until ne ieit ne snouid show his allegiance to the allies iii the war. He took this course because he wanton tn show in a conspicuous way his feel ings in the war. i '. : : "v v. i ittCTMM: "Ytrom the tracks to the a ?W .;rounds- , - . a Scattered groups of youngsters and were reaay ror it. witn scarcely an order, so well are these men trained ;n .1 i i , i j i 0 i - , - - - - - - those irrownuDS who are alwavs Peter Pans when the circus comes to town were on hand when the first train arrived. Thev wat.rhpf. ami marveled u : r i i . a. tii one Bwainess aim (iietJMUii ui, ine unloading process; There was neither lost time nor mntinn in crettinn- the ... , - I . , ... . . ... I rmiiini( na rrt-t n. i i-nr n . I. n I fc,lVUHUO, 1I1C 1111U1I1 I 1 1 7 I tJO JL 1. 1 1- tenprcoming trams seemed as signals, The interior of the sleepers was astir wlinh- r i -i i ii. limbs and tumbled from the carp. A i gigantic task awaited them, but they I"' vuues, nuiiuraih jumpea 10 their n broc tnrl ot nneo Honamo norte cf that, engine of life, each going li i l: i , -n tauuui nis HDpoiniea worK wiinoui nes- I it'jn,. rlnnkf Then came the procession throuch the streets. Aid there was that pe- cnliar somethin'r about the neighing the horses, the deep thump of the nn-i.nrmn ..,! ni i. ai harness which every community longs acouua- m near at tms season ot tne year ana wbich infpcts OTie with that indescrjb. i a. ii.ii niiiumg mr me interior oi tne 1 . .. . . - j . . ... i n . . ier uncase, is caiien ren wairon iever At n.. d,n A , " c I -" . .iiiii. ait r r i i ihiii"ji iii rmni iv uri am r i I " " " r' agerie. The circus program will open With the SDeclade nf-"Knlnmnn and the Queen of Shuha " otilist.inn- n -!c:t of 1.25U characters and featuring a iiiuii&i,ci oaiiet. ine pantomime will be followed by two hours of arenic novelties and aerial sensations, exhibiting more than 400 artists. There are shows and shows but it is pretty well coircedcd that the Ring-lings have the others bested h,r hicr Odds.. CTnffrvvillo uqc fmtnw.. j i.n-uiiatc til having this big show here this year and as no oth southeast Kansas or nnithonct ni,ia homa, people came here today for 7 to 100 miles around. Callers at The Journal nffite from rhnn-woir. t dependence, Parsons, Neodesha,' Os- wt:Ko, itiuna, uearing. Tyro, Caney, Lenapah. Delawaie. Nowata nd ntho. nearoy towns say half their towns weie ncre lor true show.- The railroad t .railV UnA intnvuvlnn cars did capacity business all day.d specials were run over some of the steam roads. The intern i ha ned jam un loads nn evcrv trin Man. ager Siggins had made special preparation to care for bringing the crowds to Coffewille them after the arrived with the city cars. - Hundreds of motor - parties came here also from i he. tn country roundabout, There is but one itingungs .snow and the people of southeast Kansas und nnrilmaci lahoma- have'to come to Coffeyville J3y Judge today Eastland boat. "J;. sec-letary Henry Eastland. unu officials Pe-oerson named j j al-i leged . , -. oemg July as 4i that and was i or iuws; No. Ke. No. j j began ru I "'I Arthur on By Arthur Maize, Wagoner trip lnm resisted ments died having wedding EXPECTS COAL FAMINE tied hure wagons and beprar. pitching il. i i r , r - mp uirun rents, un" mammotn aT-fair on wheels onened its sides and. behold! there was a twelve-foot range which 20 minutes later had been fired and was alive with sizzline- chons ad bacon. Another waron' disclosed a donke-v enirine boiler that, a a miirlr. lv emitted team which rarreA to im mense caldrons hv means of nines. - " . . " . ' was merrily noiling potatoes or turn- ing coin water and Java into piping not cottee. In the meantime, the white of th dinino- tents had risen ghostlike against the night sky, vast tables had been laid with cloths and service, and presto! all the people of Anticipating a Shortage, the Pennsvi- Vania Pailwav T -a I . i uei lor 1 his OV inter ??m and Presto! all the people of I e i traln, ,on Wre seate.d -r .a11 thf world Ilke ome Sntic I nicnic nartv I Mi-Jiiunir me giuunus aIlve wlth men. The menageries to.D P11 to ,nto the air and ,lke.- I Wise rne ma mm nth main font uhirh measures 520 feet in length and .which will this afternoon and night roof the Dltr . snertarle nf "Sn nmnn and thi Queen of Sheba" and the thousand I "ucr" VL oiifud ami Lie inousana wonders of the Rintrling circus pro-Cedar I ... rj: 1 i:r..i 1 iKioiii. jj i:, utciuLiiui norses uriven I in , .i r- :1.4. 1 I 11 I 1 cmia mu ivii were iiun- 1 ; .i . , . . . . , I IT! Cr Tho rorriic info thnt irnc( ... . T ...u;. u - r.-i..x Discwucit rents 01 every size, Z4 in I -it - :. , ,'7t wen- going up ana lerruiea stages Ifioinrr driJo . ...v, .ui;.f uie minaiure pneonver, used where the -groujid was hardest, sounded a deepSioted accompaniment and stretch I w,., 1 aj i , I n nnt t j... x . cuv "" ,! "cir?enaous laK, tbis establishine; of the world's jrreat- I .ct j .-i , ,f v ,luwa. a"" 'ii eemea . as tnougn everybody in the city was there to marvel atnhe sight. performances at 2:00 a 8:00 o'clock I I iL , - . . . " 1 1 1 wiay, ine auors in eacn instance ooen- an hour earUer that MtSy hare-an op pprtunitj to vWt the men- By TJie Associate: Tress. Altoona. Pa.. Auir 11 A 1 f 1i!nn ing a shortage of coal this fall and winter the Pennsylvania jaiiroad is taking; steps to protect itself by storing; thousands of tons .-it rnnvrnmnr points along the system. Two big oiwine sianons nave been established here. Since the start of the Fnm. pean war many miners have responded to the call nf tho enlore Ann ... suit coal companies ahve been obliged to advertise for. miners. One-operator in the central T)oncri vania field stated that dealers are making; money now for the first time in several years, as the manufacture of vwar munitions ha? caused a big demand for ma l an a . - . v 'i v"u ioi ui mc mines are working full time. Conttel and Ey The i Th3y I tne I group intellects i me onl ' .according rnltn.o cultuie, Belgium, purposes Ger-manjj. all Bef-fort to and mrUfJ ot the territory could CATTLE DISEASE ANEW Foot and Mouth Epidemic Breaks Out . In Illinois and the State Has Been Placed Under Close Quarantine Dy The Associated Press. Springfield, 111., Aug. 11. Six counties in Illinois were nlaced in close quarantine today by the federal and state government following, new outbreaks of foot and mouth disease. The quarantine areas include Cook, bureau, r ora, Menry, McDonough and Warren counties. The Union .tt yards at Chicago are again placed in ine restricted area. Dr. Orrin D VSOrn. eta to a.ra.; , , I" va.v. Tcwiaiiau, declared todav that tho now i. -- VUIU1 tdfa had been, traced, positively to infected on-nog cnoiera serum.' A E. D in the night Fhe valuables pocket bcok the soon as Mernl J to a I went contained has FU The.' Iola. . Farland, year-old severely .wrecked

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