Truth and Reason

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Truth and Reason - Price Six Cents. Mellang. jtfliftllAI.of...
Price Six Cents. Mellang. jtfliftllAI.of CiMLEiV.PAt. To the Governor and Members of the Senate aid lloufe f RCprefeniatives of the State of Pennfvlvania in General Allcmbly met : Tbc Mftnorial of Charles U'ilfon Peak, r - fpectfully Shewcth AMONG the various objects which tliimvour attention, none bring with then Jo uniformly their own - reward, as thnfe ton - licftrd with the encouragement of the Arts gad Sciences. In a country whofe inftitutioni all depend ijpon the virtue of the People, which in its turn is fecure only as the' are well informed, the promotion of knowledge is the firfl of dunes. Under the imprefTmn of thefe confederations, alreadv fo familiar 10 your minds, your Memorial, ft r fpectfully address your hotife j - id inforrm you, thM a large portion of his Jifc has been devoted to the efbblifhment of 4 trand Sational Museum That in the commencement of this undertaking, he was railed above the feelings of defpondence by . lively hope of its final fuccefs, notwith - flauding the pre ffure of great and numerous difficulties That by hi o - v.n peifcvering induft'V.and the fupport and cnroiirnement of his fellow - citizen, he has fiirpaffed hii mod fai.enine expectations, and his tearcd h'S Mufeum to a degree of icfpeftabtliiy that tnay e,en vie with European collections jfiat it iial - esdy frequented by thore whofe cirofvy, fiirfl of knowledge, or litera y , jiurfuiis quilify them o form a dueeftimate of the vloe of information on the variwus fubjrflsof N - itural Hiftory, as well as the inictcfting and unco nmon productions of Art. ' Your memonali ft reprefen's, That though he hat dime muih, there ft 11 remains much " ii.o'e He done ; and MthO;i!i he is refolv - tJ to devote, with undimintfhed enthufiafm the remainder of h s davs to an object which Ins employed manv of thofc 'hat are pa ft, yet he coniemuUtes t lie gat incompetency of in individual to give that degree of perfection to a evand devofit of the works of Na - tine and Ait, which can alone flow from national encouragement. All knowledge is valuable when properly directed ; of more than common value .is that knowledge which prefents to' the enquiring rcnid Nitute in all her boundlefs varieties, is nvd - ficd by climate, culture and innumerable other caufes knowledge which cat - lies us into the remoteft periods of our own, and other countries ; which levels the barriers of nations, and prefents, at one view, in intereflmg epitome of the woild. Well tn'jjrit an illuftrious Fiench Phlofwpher, ho lately entered the Mufeum of your Me - tnorulift. under the influence of thefe fub - Jime conceptions, 'exclaim, " This is the Temple of Got Here is nothing but trjjth nd ieason !" Your Memorialift has doubtlefi faid mote than fufficient to convince the Houfe of Re - frefen'aiivrs of the national importance of lis Mufeum. Determined to embaik his hole fortune in an infbtuiion which has tow ceafed to be connected with hazard, he, Tiotwithftandirg, finds it inefficient so the ever accumulating, and con ftantlyex tending tiatme of a collection, deftined one day to e - tjuaiihofe of the old world. In calling the attention of ih Legiflatuie to this object, he Brans not to dictate to them, or even attempt to bii ihem b his wifhes. He will fubmil h'S rcmnks to thrir candor and pauiotifm, af'er in ff;i mipg them, that fti the purpofe of rendering the artit hsof his Mufeum more ccr(Tab!e to the public, he is boui publifh - r'K com;le'e uA extenfive Ceuloguc, hith ill ailuib n - uch cf hi time, and uc - ft'n con!id;rab!e expence. In the Leaiflatureof Pennfylvania he con - 'emUtrs he taiio'ni of fcience jtid tl.e te - 'Jidcrsof mctit. To s horn, then, could nr memiti?lnt, with mote propiietyor rcioin ip ly. C'h Memorial'ifTh?! the honor lobe, With the h.ghcft icIVc ct, Vout devoted FiicV. . the in armies the and whi and pretend ids, (tile humanity fellow on CUVM, C. W. 1'liALK. 6.. 10th orator fir the to all na'e republican to driven cets nothing contributed not icat that to of of the on our the fli of

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  1. The Independent Gazetteer,
  2. 02 Jan 1796, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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