Aug 1961, Benson

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Aug 1961, Benson - Looking Ahead c3 · · By DR. GEORGE S. BENSON...
Looking Ahead c3 · · By DR. GEORGE S. BENSON President -- National Education Program -- Searcy, Arkansas The Communist party in this "t'y has assailed most bitler- ' OI1 e opposing it who is dis- seniatives in this country. Apparently Gus Hall, jn view of his defiance of the law, believes that he Justice should maintain a firm hand in this: the Congress should 1 also be watchful. Here is "law ' A ' £ rr »«» * obllWion to he land"' ha cds nf n f o ° TO der Attorney General Robert Ken- the intemaUonal conspiracy w i t h - i t h e sake of nedy is going to let the Com- ««l working in secrecy and in hjd- lion. Our national safety mumsts-eet by with their con- "'£· far* *,n ^ ,cVoi,« .-- .1* ....... insects an cpmfitted by supreme c o u r t ' d e cisions. Now the shoe is on the other foot; the "Jaw of the land" must be strictly enforced, as they munists-get by with" their "con-"* tinued defiance of American law, a law that has now been upheld by the highest court in the land. Will they be able to stretch out their 'definance for another 11 years? In another decision, the sir ^ *·*»*. ».»j wxiLuj. *_c»-*j aa ll 1C V ---· »..-- and are Won ^ to dec . lar ?- Now that thejPi'eme court ruled that under Subversive Activities Control Act. Smith Act an individual mav fare are at in the way we that this feature of the law would eminent to S^^^ DiScl ° S ^ ^OOf unpopular political cause. The j i law humans ( -subversive Activities Control Act. Smith Act an individual may be after 11 years of legal delays of prosecuted for being a 'member one kind or another, has been!°f 'he Communist party if he validated by the high court, will understands the party's aims. In they observe the law? other words, it is now a crime to Their patriotism, of course, belong to an organization that i- -- ·-··v«.»--'»i»| v»i V.XJUA ot( -*· -- · " · · fc^» u ji u £jaiiixaLiuij HJa L hardly extends this far. Gus Hall, I teaches or advocates violent over- the Communist party chairman, isHhrow of the United States gov- reported to have said that he orrimenl. This part of the Smith will not obey the law and that Act has now become a valid mcih. Act has now become a valid meth- ~.Wi--,","".-"" «- uima "i-'» win go to °d of apprehending Communists, Jai1 before lhe ' will reveal wholProvidcd there is evidence they belongs to the party. Three limes knew what they were getting into the party has defied when they joined the party, or re United States government'maincd in the party after learn- N o r t h - i T ? hro l l1gl1 U ycal ' s has b e e n j i n s its real objectives. l^Sail\ to SlHVC Oil COlTlDli-: With Lhp Pl'mi/intf m^n^^A nt -;able legally ance with tl _. court has finally acted, thVpa'r't'y Vi fi j half.conanoth^'hearln a t h a l the growing menace of world-wide infiltration increasing, with Khrushchev still pro"' will bury us and ' "peaceful co- has been pc -ie is e during which he" ca°n "0^01^ TunJi^ncdTS'U? af^ S^^f^ ^^ physi- ber. . i^ea?' !^ e patients in '· IF THE PARTY should even n THE PARTY should even-'. go underground it may be- difficult to recognize a'ppli- IPorlaut plans their repre- izations "are * °" s * re C ° UrtS T 83 "' by a ---^..iijujiv-w i/j i foreign power and operate to ad vance ijs purposes." It is nni in ,. tended that the law violate the S bjecl f, slolcn ' Bill of Rights. ; 9-month Jcnod. It is to be hoped that the h i » h ! court will .reaffirm its ruling re- 1 quiring (he party to register, a s : soon as it convenes in October If it does, adequate legal authority will then be available for a showdown between this nation a nation long tolerant toward dissent and the Reds. In any real test between our government a n d ' the Communists, it must be America that wins. I believe that all Americans should urge Kennedy to see that our government take's a strong stand toward any violations of these laws. Violations, in view of the expressed intent of Communist leaders, seem sure to come. The White House and the Department of MEMPHIS (AP)--The diary O f : a 16-year-old girl gave police a DIET assist when she was ar- on a shoplifting charge : on r. : Police said n i n hwr m! n t h u n d r cds of agricultural ^"nont S h S ±^ tr0m Sl ° rCS in serve an once difficult to recognize appli- m a n y l c a n t s for government positions are Communists In anv j e v e n t , trailing the Communists * * * w * J ^vuiiiii^ LUC 1-UJI1H1U111SIS to!will be an increasing problem for FBI. But the important ques- that should be decided be- now and October is wheth- jer the Department of Justice', un- TOY SALE

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  1. The Evening Independent,
  2. 02 Aug 1961, Wed,
  3. Page 20

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