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 - . 10--Vol. II. Total N o. .TRUTH, OUR GUIDE THE...
. 10--Vol. II. Total N o. .TRUTH, OUR GUIDE THE PUBLIC GOOD, 0-UR AIM-. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1806, from the Richmond Enquirer. DISCOVERIES IN LOUISIANA: A pamphlet of 128 pages has been putJ- lifhed in New-York, containing: a " Mef- fage from the Prefident of the U n i t e d States communicating difcoveiies made 5n ex ploring the Miflburi, lied River, and Waf fhita, fay captains Lewis, and Clark, Dr. Sibley and Mr. Dunbar ; w i t h a ftuidical account of the countries adjacent." This communication was read inCcngrefs February i p t h , 1806. The Prefident's meffage we have al ready published among the journals of Congrefs. It is lufcient, r h e i f f o r e . to recal to our readers, «.hat t h e Prefidem'fets out with declaring the objsfts ot captains Lewis and Clark's t o n r to be, the exploring of the river MiiSfiippi, from its m o u t h to its fburce ? the c r u f f i n g o f the h i g h l a n d s by the CfSoried portage, to leek t h e belt Water c o m m u n i c a t i o n from thtnice to the pacific ocean, and e n t e r i n g i n t o conference w i t h the I n d i a n n-ations on t h e i r route, for the purpofe of efiablithing a commercial connection; Five documents srcompany this c o m m u n i c a t i o n , if}. A l e t t e r f r o m capC. Lewis, w r i t t e n on the yth of April, 1805, from his w i n t e r q u a r t e r s n e a r ihe Mandan towns, ad. C a p t a i n -LewisVmap of the MiiTouri, rnacle by acluai meafure., snent, to which is added a map of the conn try lying between the Mifliflippi and Pacific, from-the 34th to the 541)1 degrees of l a t i t u d e , deduced from the beft information collected from the Indians, 36. His ftati(!5cal view of the I n d i a n tribes in the Louifiana t e r r i t o r y , a n d - i n the countries adjacent to irs northern and wefiern b o r - ders. 4'h. Dr, Sibley's a c c o u n t of the Indians in and adjacent to the territory of Orlfan?. Thus giving a gener?] v'ew o f r h e Indiana to the wsft of the Miffitfippj. 5th. Dr. Sibley's account of the Red River. 6th. An account of the Waftiita river from its junction with Red River to a point adjacent to the remarkable hot Tprings, by Dr. Dunbar. The map of the Miffouri does not ac company the pamphlet beiore us. Captain Lewis's letter to Mr. Jefferfon ·wras ptiblifhed during the lall year. In this letter, he- obfcrves : " We do not calculate on completing our voyage d u r ~ ing the prefent year, but ex-peel to reach the Pacific ocean, and r e t u r n as far as the head or" the Miilburi, or- perhaps lo-this piace lefbre the w i n t e r . You may there fore expe£t me to meet you at Montkello in September, 1806. On our return, we fhall probably pals down the Yallow Stont river." The remainder of this pamphlet is-ther? fore occupied by the f o u r lalt documents, which we have mentioned The firit of ihels I3j. A ftatiflkal account of th« Indian" nations i n h a b i t i n g the t e r r i t o r y of Louifiana, and the countries adjacent to its northern and weitern boundaries. This view is too extenfive to be esfily or ufefully abridged. We have, therefore, deemed it fufficient to give the following tabie of fuch particulars as-it is important ·o know, or condenfe. A. is the name of t h e tribes ; D. the a m o u n t of merchandize neceffary for their annual confumption, eftjmated in dollars, at the St. Louis prices; E. the eitimated a m o u n t , in dollars, of their a n n u a l returns, et th« St. Loais prices. A, Grand Ofage, Little Ofage, Kanzas, Of toes, MifTouris, Psnias proper, Panias rep'n, Penias loups, D. 15.000 5,000 5,oco 2,/.QO E. 20.000 8 ooo 8,000 8,000 TO oco 8,500 Mahas, Ponhars, Picaras, Mandans, Abwahhaway, Mine tares, Ayauwais, Saukees, Foxes, Sioux proper, Chyennes, Whetapabatos, Kiawas, Kanenavifh, Stastati, Cataka, 4' 000 2,500 2,000 300 I.OOQ 3, 800 4 ooo 2,500 55,1001,500 Dorame, Caftahana,,. Crow Indians, P a u n c h , do. Affiniboin, Chipperway* Algonquins, Fall Inuiunsj. 18.500- 2-7°cco 13,000. 100 7,000 6,000 6,000 I,OOO 8 } oco 6,000 6,000 4,000 04,000 2,000 2-T,5Od 36,000 J7,qoo 4,000 Catanhaws, Slackfoot Indians, Blue Mudf, and L o n g h a i r Indians, Flat head Allatans or Snakes, are very numerous t r a d e w i t h the Spaniards of Pankqne Priducas. The patrfphlsi before us, particular}; de- fcribes " the r i v e r s on which thefe r o v e , or, on which their villages are aced ;" as well a s ' h e fpecies of peltries, furs, and o r h t r a r t i c l e s , could a n n u a l l y fu;iply. Thefe principally iconfid of the flcins of fniall deer, black ,bear, beaver, orter, rackoon, muikrats, .wolves, elk, Miffouri antelope, mink ; ibuffalo robes ; tallow, and greafe, bear's oil ; fome horfes. It contains bcfrdes- a great mafs of in- *ormation, on many milcellaneoua fubjerta, We may ft left, for example : ift. That of all thefe Indians, there four tribes of the Sioux nation, who

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