Sultana Disaster

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Sultana Disaster - We taken i-b ill the deeply seated guard " t h...
We taken i-b ill the deeply seated guard " t h e of b u t t h e VI.ILC denpon m^J un 1 |UiU griming ihul them iw m their titrung w i t h the church of monoponSod the h e donsiou by I t l u s o t e u u ^ t i i Q d Ailao round an in the man the reunori o n n , l u « t» on the t m«ar, uf n t c i St itf.3 must u u of tho hu i n e of our t mm u v e r i n g oiir^i% to the i f " d m m t i i u in, an I ho ai i n u a roprc i t an orpba- h itt.pi Hi*, h ill^ p in membersut word , ' t h e in -- OAio Stale Journml. mbaat Dl*Mt«r. CAIBO, April 28. The following t« the Memphis Bulletin's account jt the terrible disaster. Clio Bt»atnor Sultana Captain Ma*on, ar. rived from Now Orleans, last night, the 26th, with about 2,200 people on board, 1,9«4 of whom wore exchanged Federal priaonenfrom Vick»burg, the balance fceing refugees »nd r gular pa^angors from various points along tli'i river, proceeding towards St JLouis Sha left tlio coal pile about 1 o'clock thn morning, and made jomo eight or ton miles, when an explosion of one ot tbe boilers occurred The boat with its mass of living freight, took fire m the vicinity of the engines, nnd in a short tune she was burned to the water, and now lies on a s^nd bar near Fogleman s Landing, nothing visible but her charred remami and jackstati steading erect The fcene following the explosion was ter rible and heart-rending in the extreme Hundreds of people were blown into the a:r, and dose-ending into tho water, some dead, some wi b broken htnb~, some scalded, were borne under by tlio resistless current of the great nrer, never to rise again The survivors re' prc ent the screams lis agonirmg bsvond pro- C'dtr.t Some clung to frail pi*»s of the W i e 4, ai d r o n m u g men cling to sustained tlietnselvcs for a few moment, but Or itlly be a me oxhuustoJ and sunk Only best »w mmers, aided by fragments of the wreck wuro enabled to reach the woods, and h re tako refuge u n t i l rescued by boats the landing 1» re to their assistance. There were abou fifteen women and children aboard, and us near as can bs ascertained not more than t w o or throe had been tho hour when (his aceount was wriltfn At this time it i» impossible lo give a cor- to t statement of the cause of tho accidest i mber or natnei ol tho lost and saved JSv e vtlnng is in tho greatest confusion Sir. R who r\, th" flr^t mate, Tvat on tho watch^ Hid Btandini,' in the pilot house with Captain (jcorge Cav ton, who was at tho wheel at the time ot th« explosion. He only remembers tho shock, tlmt he was blown into the air, \\as after wards taken from the water. He tho lower dock in flames and knows no more. :i can t;i\e no idea of the cau j e of the acei di nt and s»}6 the boat was going at ordinary LOW governor l by telegram to i t s j u t h d i l not and Lndisia»ved tifcj trial m due to re ihe Amenaan now at the call Wish a free con it him not at as govern man in t of the irime was w o u n d * the Haino to t makes v e n-edel an im feeling IDO receives the m o n u m e n t witnesa'to ud and all loomed well up to tho moment t e explosion occurred, that the Second Engi neor, a sober, reliable man named Clemens, » i* at the engines, and that nothing more than common was in progre'-s Capt Oayton was also hurled into the wrecic among the Un boilers and rubbish, sustaining slight IB- liines He immedia e y jumped overboard w ith a door b which he wua enabled to d u r u id in(.i asho his race the tor tho m m r I r the I m m if the ArkM^as ihore three miles below, where nking a sapling, he seized and clung to it u n t i l Bn\ed Clemens, tho engineer was badly burned and scalded and can hardly recover.-Mr John Fogleman, residing on the Arkansas -ide on being aroused by tho noise and seeing the burning steamer hastily constructed a rude nift and m thie wa\, was the means of ·vbout ono hundred lives Tho -learner Bostona No 2, Captain "Wation, was coining down stream from Cincinnati when the explosion occurred, and rendered ver\ Tamable assistance, saving many lives. Iho rocdliontns, Silver Spray, Marble City, tho i;unboul F.^ci Rog« dambleton and olh- ers iUo rendered much STVICO At tbe tim« of the explosion Captain Masca t »d retired trom watch, and was m bed He wn- afterward* seen throwing shutters and doors to the assistance of people in the water, and hero nil trncm of him vanished Clerks d-imb e and btrntton arc also missing. Tlu Sultana was officered as follows Master .1 C Mason M Clerk, W 1 Gamble, 2d ,Vm h nit on Pi ot- G o r g e Cay Hcnrj IngnhHin Ensjinoer^athan Wmten- 'ar and Clemens We«t Male, William Kaw- hcrrj istonard Henn Cross, George Cayton md Wm R)wbirr\ the only officers known to b saved ere pt Clemens who almost dmd The b dj ot Wm Cruddus, co ·btte UK I m B · *tmr will B. W A ofleeef Of Lou |D offend M. lerMt 1 hiaWot iutu Aaiul etlved or ·« Okl Ho It mlt It 16 ISO 1C* I 0 At 0 ISO too 13:0 c«! ot th* Ceo in t t e C uemnatli RAlLaOAD rsl t o r d a y f o i l master by dlsirlei. to Clemeat Compsoy rrp th. capital" of Ihil com e « s tbio *!,.i oaer to the there as was made partie. aad n i i o i s aid stock* anl wish Ibe of do- I h s -oitrni«ti»ii to be prst- p s r r i o i l T i -r-s. wlilc i wa n n * inlttea upon r r it u i. rf«»ic »!«· in order atsck al to -he Income in ccmmon at common cent. HP, which ol lo make em- lo il custom, thai Jt 1st Vin;inii Ca\alrir, tnin Wbeolmg Va V.H« found ho hid taicT tha precaution to 5n p^ t e l himself Ainonc Iho aoldiera on board | B r o o c k were 30 commis-iontd officers The troop« wero ol v a r u n rcijiuionts, and nearly cliingod priioner« Thay belonged pnnci. pillv 10 Wo tern Regiments, At the hour of writ ly only aOO or 600 sons hnd been oaved Not less, than one thousand lives were hurled mte eternity by this most wonderful ot all river disasters i»on W Ion of ilry, J Baker, do; ., N K, i Snow member ot Congress from Arkansas, was on board and escaped uninjured PABTIAI. LIST Of SAT»» The following named pertons dnftad down and were .aved at Fort Picketing Lient J NSeffer, 175th Ohio, Serg Lew Mills, 10th Ind eay, Ser b *m M. IJuke, «3d Ohio; JL. Brooke, 2d Mich cav, CommiBsary Serg Zach- anas, Tth Mich, C » r p Peacock, 9th Ind C M Eldndge, 3i Tenn caval J Jfierco, do, B Hamilton, do, . . M Jordoii, do, Levi Heoknw. do, M do J M Dougherty, dc, J Milsapis, do, 8 Weeae, do, J Kaulsee, do; J Decker, do, J rr»or, do, E Wood, do, J B Lackey, do, Kamsey, do, VT H Chance, 9th, Indiana alr; M Daly, 18lh Infantry; J Parker. 9Stb iaf»t.trt, J R Dolender, 9d Indiana caTatry; p M Brown, 6th Kt-.tucay cavalry, H Fleet, 14 h Ohio; H B«jnold?, 89th Ind, P Hunt, 36th Ind; M J Uray, «th Tenn Cavalry, O Li aheiton; do, J Benson, 40lh Ind, Katinr, 2d Michigan, A. Dipure, 4th Ohio; Matthias 64tb Ohio, J Thatcher 46th Obio, J Haley 102d Ohio, B falshoman, 9th ana Cavalry- D Hites 102d Ohio; J W Jackson, 5th Ky C»valry, H * Wallace, 124th (i rf Hodger 9th O Oa», Q Jeflrisber. 13th Mich L Oook 28tti; B Oarr 7th Ohio cavalry John Be»is 6lh Ind, S B White* Ohio, v? McHurry 4tU Tenn cav; J Wescott McClothiew Ohio cavalry; JR S Hall 3d cav J VT Dunsmore 1st Mich Bngmeers; J Moore 175th Ohio, O Port, do, J Wor.and, (Jhio cav, J W«lcl» J«' k n " nd ! a M Step, pard 10th Indiana, and nil fathar, the Indiana tJanitiry Agent, Csptam J Walker,Billot 44th colored, Lieut J F Ellw«, Co C Ind Lieut buvian 9th Ind c i v , Lieut Uivas Co A lOih InJ cavalry, l^ieut Burnett, lith Ky, Lieut Dickinson ad Mich cavalry, Lieu', ^1 Card, 97 h Ohio; i leunjiiariin, Squire, lOUtOhio; Capt Tag»rt, do; Lieut Karie 1st Mich engineer*; L'out Davia, 7Ut Ohio, il»j Carlia, do, Capt Koowr, 58th Capt Uako, 118th Ohio. T» for It t tljn 1»0 ·01 B unt , t uaw 4 aad r i . - m n n y . "In! HIM r- i c h rui/u'.ir percent, ore bi-iiiu j m i d AHIJC/I- able tu j.-ay -A.T i To Correspond with the receut j decline in Eastern Cities, I I 1 I National Petroleum n-il i s ' of any y,.-t | t i o n lias now become so i t no ,,,orc need lie I i A. K E I SUCCESSORS TO 7.179 SVJAIN STREET, U and bnt'.pr i atrcks Feb. 13--dfim ' RE 3 '· Y* ISJf 1! H "I/ iFAMILi GOOD r n o r - : hold. | KIJTS2, ! t?orik~East oj Eighth Ky. -ieiia ; Obio. '. '.i,u oa bts:l a yrliiip nock 'ot Farailj GrKfn«r, v. hoes:, .-ji'.oniment! to cuiloui.r8, and ol th , - ,-t qtiiitlt- it^Rt r*.n bt hot'ibt la r.Ey aia: kcl. 11(E I T L i H t K T V OF i i . K r j i CM." TEA*. j 1 ""'' V-/ci,v. , / ro£i;^ ! F,_ ; ,,· . ,, t . ,,, ^-"*' r ':8-4, which x, Oorn -ken], Butter, unease, bp e. ; . ( .i;-.'l i.riry thing la i-;3 I-c 1 * nf n CGiu^iefr l r c c r a c r ot f c v e d t o - J a y ; y,,« ITI J5 enrt* t;* coii J a n - r.Ai you «aui, su . n i ·"· ' i.-lam's Iroai t!:y country w i l l »lwrij'i£n 1 acma i k i n g , , y ^ , V9 , t n p o u t h f l m J)(ya:i .tly f a n j ^ i i l fiaJ j lie j - w- I I n n C h e r r y R u n , · -L I uvery thtii l i ' - t r o l c u m Oompan- ^'".I 1 '.. 1 "''' "^^^ wi?i. i c s i a H . « ^-| ' ".ac-t^ingior theMllIion, A j ^ j 'c7 ss ir^^LisM " elloti ** - 4 -i a.«, -lain St., ^auoBTille; Wfe-.t- ; ,' / B H i VZ NOW IN STOKK, »nd really for i a^ocK of Cl-ith'ng of onr own | i:i:-il-li. to ailclaoaoa of iiCMpla. over offorctl to tr ! ; . ·* o:' Snuc-ivlUe and sarronndlng rlolDUloti, , T i ' i o h we »r« k 'reparpd tosell *t VVholesu.1-? or Retail j ( i - ' M i l l e r s j ti'.sw ftisnchftooi!; cai! be anrcfcatei! of !.a-. Cn)lci.i?t«'.-..«;anafiill ? 45p«r»at.lowi.|?th»nUi»i ' :ati bo I'UrcbaK^d o; a n y ether bosflf) In t b l r ' tjii: ln-.^. i r l u l l r reci. nmend u to 13 .1 pin« w n as a iiiyst c l H - ' si. · -..-'.T , itr*d ttio ^uttlr reucmiiy, tht tn,\? c-.fioncrocplr« L.'IO 7iilt;oof thfimo^^y. I-: \ V I K O H A T B HXTKSSITK -;r ta*.- irftv^r.cticn-.f ta« - . O L K K I'L'CK 0? UIiOTHS, CMSirasreeiii; VaitScirt ipte'l to hir branch of fto trudo la cerer loss ::*· S*.i- *..'.'· ^' 15.0MJ, and comprlc^s r.lj grauw c -;*i *, noth ol Torf !i^n Ati*lPouie(itlciEaunfsctnro. I TO ALL SESOISG 'JICODB TN OCi: t,INE ; »B s«J j all a n d ^ t s m l u e oar stock o f f r o i d I arcaaaiug cirswhsro. You w i l l cn^nestlon*' ly ! jiotiO} by It; H w.' bur* delcrriluod ou nclllcg i 'cvtr tban t h e ? feoTc^Trr^onrnld ia 7.aueBv!l!a. i ' .'·:·!!-: o. EKGUsn * oc.» 17. IS-'.l -- ilivly ^^ oot! TH M i l n s».-«a . i I ! ' all told. H. C. WARD'S, 201 ",5cin St..between 6th nnd 7th. n p r i i i l d ^ c w Zanesvil the with made. Sugar Cured Smoked Meats. SPW Sug^r Scroll tlacis. rfo do do Shonldera. «lu do do Beef Tons 3 ?*' do c^su'lisJ (iids* Bicoa. do Tickled Fcjrk. «'o Pmohcd i:aaaag«. . ! ·'. i.nrJ. u « · . C. \V .4 Kit's ! 2Oi iTlain *tr«et. , j BRl CK WANTED, | The undersigned wishes to contract for i delivery ol about 100,009 Brick, for building posts wiihm ihe ci'y limits, e»rly in the J. T. SHRYOCK. : TJ -, i F . h 10. _t JLf t- letters] STAGEY HOUSE. C O R N E R OK MAIN AND (FOURTH

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  1. The Zanesville Daily Courier,
  2. 01 May 1865, Mon,
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