1912 Jan 10 Compares BF to Spiritual Esperanto

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1912 Jan 10 Compares BF to Spiritual Esperanto - WICHITA EAGLE, WEDNESDAY MORNING,' IN THE...
WICHITA EAGLE, WEDNESDAY MORNING,' IN THE RELIGIOUS WORLD What the, Church Folk. Are Thinking About and -:- Doings Religious News From Everywhere -;- Mosee-lyn, even- Sunday school lesson for January 14. The birth of John the Baptist, Luke 1:57-80. Adbul Baha Abbas, the mysterious Persian prophet of the Bahal religion, which has, at a moderate estimate; 3,000,000 followers is now traveling through Europe on his way to London, where he will make a short stay and meet his English adherents. This present journey Is the first Abdul Baha has ventured among western people. He is the third prophet of the Bahais. The first was Mirza All Mohammad, known as the Bab, born in 1819, in Shiraz, a. city of Persia, who founded the great Bahia religious movement, and was shot at Tabriz six years after he declared his mission. In the early days of the teaching its followers met with much violent persecution at the hands of their fellow Persian countrymen, and there are records showing that 20,000 were massacred at different periods. The Bahal faith has been likened to a spiritual Esperanto, "it is a world movement," said the editor of the Christian Commonwealth, who has received a telegram of . greeting from Abdul Baha, "The characteristics of Bahaism i3 that it seeks to demonstrate the fundamental unity of all religions, and to trace them all to one single divine source. They seek to unite all faiths and religions as one." In London Abdul Baha, the chief of the faith, should attract a large amount of public attention by his personal appearance alone. He is ue-scrided by an English convert, who has lived at his'house at Acre, as tall, with a slow, dignified carriage and kingly presence. His beard is long and white. His snowy hair he wears doubled below a turban which surmounts a strong clear-cut face, in which a pair of blue eyes are set below heavy eyebrows. The dress he dons is usually gray in color, a flowing tunic robe made of cotton, and sandals. Converts say that when present with him one does not want to talk, it is sufficient just to sit beiore him, and that his eloquence in addresses is beyond description. He speaks, ..owever, in Persian, as his knowledge of English is limited to a few words. Washington Is experiencinr similar increases, especially In Presbyterian, Congregational, Episcopal, and Catholic churches. ' While it is the case that some churches have new preachers who are much in the public press, others have not, and those that have old preachers are among-. the most crowded. One church recently received its quota of benevolent gifts before the Sunday for if taking that gift arrived, and so announced on the Sunday in . question that it did not need the money. Within the past ten years many New York Protestant churches have seen their ; financial incomes doubled in amount, until now they are the largest in the world. The incomes of at least seven single congregations this year will exceed the $400,000 figure. a nonor- December attendance at public religious worship in principal New York Protestant churches, practically all Protestant bodies, has broken the record of recent years. Along with the attendance there' has been increased money gifts, both for local support and for foreign missions. There have been no sensational amounts announced; simply a generally higher average. Fifth avenue churches have felt the rising tide in largest measure, but nearly all others, including Brooklyn and the so-called family pew churches in both boroughs, have broken records. Inquiry reveals that Archbishop Ireland who has just recently celebrated his fiftieth anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, received notable tr'butes to his worth in the northwest. When, as the new archbishop of St. Paul, Archbishop Ireland went to the northwest at the beginning of the civil war, that region was prairie and forest from the Mississippi to the Missouri and beyond. He has seen his province grow from the period of the log cabin to that of the majestic St. Paul's Cathedral, now building on the highest spot in his see city; from Indians in blankets and few whites to 500,000 Catholics, ten bishops, 1,000 priests, schools, university, seminary and charitable Institutions in great numbers. Co-operation with state and city activities lifted Archbishop Ireland into local prominence. His denunciation of the drink evil made enemies, but also made friends, and contributed to the wonderful regional growth. His inauguration of higher educational facilities removed barriers to advancement of Roman Catholics in professional and clerical life and brought to the archbishop the title of empire builder. St. Paul has not been the limit of his field of work. Speaking of this outside influence, the Missionary, the organ of the Catholic Missionary Union of which he is first vice president, will say in its January issue: "Sharing leadership with others. Archbishop Ireland has been In the forefront of church progress. And what j church in all the world has made such progress as the one within the United j sees lowering clouds of direful disaster but in the west the skies are sunlit. Among older Catholic nations apostasy is rampant, but in the west the j-oung giant is sound of limb and heart. The wise councils of Archbishop Ireland have been listened to in church and state in the northwest, indeed, everywhere, and history wiM some time tell how great has been his influence."

Clipped from
  1. The Wichita Daily Eagle,
  2. 10 Jan 1912, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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