News of the Rebels and invasion averted.

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News of the Rebels and invasion averted. - The Invasion and How to Meet It. As we surmised...
The Invasion and How to Meet It. As we surmised yesterday, the main body of the rebels, instead uf following up their wlvan - togc over Gen. Wallace, and marching on Bul - timore, srtiuck the Frederick road and pushed on tcwjrds the national capital. While our forces were pereparing for the defence of Bulti - nioic, detached bodies of aavalry occupied themselves in destroying the railroad connections around JUultimurc. A passenger tr.!in, bound Koith, was captured at llafrnoiia, a point seventeen miles north of Baltimore. This station was destroyed. On the tntin was M;i - jc - r General Franklin an.! stuff, v,ith a number of soldiers not silted. All of the8e - i.en were made prisoners. A bridge over over the Gnnpcwdix 1'iver (about twelve mile.; from Baltinio! e) was also destroyed. These acts were pciiumicJ by small cavalry djtach - mcnts, meantime the mam body of the ene.ny have J lashed cn towards V'ashmton, which city they hope to cupUiro before reinforcements can reach it, cut off as it is from railroad communication viith the Norih. Cunimu.iic'a - tion is open of conrso by watur hctiveeu Civil. Grant's army and V;i - :Iii::;;tun direct. 'Iks ;i - rritc Florida b;'.s me.uu her iippenraueo oil' t le, and it is possible that iter I'o''iVr : - apprised of the DiHite.'y Mitr..tioa, an ! l.ej vessel is designed to interfere wiiii ::ir army t: tnrports. She has l'lled up ln.r lime thus fc.r in destroying urr; - I;.:iif viv::l!. - ;. All the iiifoimaLo: v." have of the robcii movements ik :ir V - 'iis' - i'itou is derived f:o.u U:e .'f'V of Unit e.'iy. The rcbjl advance mule its iipptn:. - at Heel; ville, iiftocn miles from Ti'asl.j'iigtou, yesterday. Some skirmishiii'; ensued and the rebels retired from the main road, and marched by the Seventh street turnpike, and there destroyed the reu tenee of Pcstmcstcr - General Blair. The rebels appeared in lorce at this point, which is just oiit. - iilj the outer line of the Washington fortifications. On Sunday afternoon, a force ot tho rebels were met by a : - quadvou of the Eighth Illinois cavalry and four companies of the Second Massachusetts cavalry. After some skiimisl - inc our forces fell back upon the fortifications. At last accounts the rebels were in strong force within sis miles of the capital, and apparently were about to test the strength of the fortifications surrounding the city. The strength of the rebels is variously estimated. Everything indicates that the force of the enemy is considerable. The Star learus, fiom a source of great intelligence anil reliability, that the rebels marched down the valley '15. 000 strong, including 8,000 cavalry, all under command of Gens. Early and Breckcundgc. Besides these, Longstrcet's corps is reported to be at Gordonsvillc, ready to join the rebels when opportunity oilers. It is possible that ike movement upon Washington will be Ic - it to Ewell and Breckenridge. Tho presence of Longstreet on the south side of the Potomac will keep our ftnees occupied in guarding aguiust his movements. If thesj reports can be relied upon the main army of the rebels is engaged in the invasion. The defenc of Petersburg is left to Beauregard's forces alone while Hill's corps is left to keep Bntler in check and to resist any movement south of the Appomattox. Meantime what is Grant doing ? His imy even up to this hour is represented as been in excellent spirits, and able tc cope with Let's entire force. More than one half of Lie's army is now absent. Kow, if ever, must be presented the opportunity of capturing Richmond. There is too much reason to fear that the reports sent from Grant's army from time to time, within tLe past monih were cutiicly unreliable. Victories were reported day after day. and yet in the f - .ill career of sneu victories, Lee mi 1 r - takes to separate his army, piaemg t .;o hundred miles fetwecn taeh luiU'oi his comavind and all is qnict at Petersburg The truth : that Grant's losses have been so lar:'c, thi. to make them good the points def.'udhr,' t'ic passes of the I'otoinac have been dt nucled of troops. ho secon.l dv mitr fiant crossci the i;..p;da called jlV.vnside's reserve corns into The three - months' troops raised to: u be action, the tte - fence ot the very points now as.aihd have since been called to the front to make "00 1 the lo - in the Wilderness, at a - Cold Harbor, and before ZVlersbrm'. I'i';t"d r.i preparing the c .uiitry for tie "cmoiioacV now upon us, the people were no" with hope - , never to be realised, and no",, - snrpria. - is nh'tctecl by those who "colored" the war u - - - x th; tho pcools of the !o; rh G;d , ve bc - knows f'.v us. JMered end fianie stvirb - r i at ;t:rtr.e - r fcnmiii:o:i k i up fo ihe hour tlie '"'1 tc be m;.iel:in.! vn tl, ... ;..r wi.itii'ms'.ratioii Io;;rM;i; nat v.vr i's r.ip: ' u.ttin; tiiciiiViiio the i.seq'tea - :; j bed to the I will, in ail , not a rtg:m mar: 'V n. e of t'.e c; ;,; "5 abih'ty, be deeided I. :iy ihe rescue, i li t thin;;, at leii - i, is l.t' tl in V.'i s! iii; tun ;. . . :1 ; the pi. A ' rh LT.U IS IT.Ol' - in - uay, wi.o e::u n.inaiid our V. t - diing. un irj it was res f - T.!.l.!ze, lllitl i tin.s. 'iwiee Icier: i: l'ger: c n both oec;e .1 ! f j .p. I . j :c..Ci..l MtCk - llaa. Vht.t( i i i lira! views tLr re may ! r - .v t; i - u - ape m.iii ".iat (.ill. ::l:loug ve all dishonor. T.i : liven from the cm;;.,!. '.',. - . ' : ! - t:'er tu be disgraced cither bv the - V I y the imbecility of the a;lniini..'.:a. !' - . ' ;i '"""ol favc the itaf ion's hemor, let :t - ' n it - . power iuU. Uw Umds of I'ut - px:lo. A wwitc, an ii.teiii.;ent and a brave people - will l.nd a meihtd ot es. - apiug the lmmiliatio - a v.. th v.meh we ; re tbieatened. Men and parte s - : uy s - .nk tr.rctl.t - r in the du:.t. The ho" i:er, the manhood of thi:: peon'e are i t ' t ' - e it :l.c ve aie lest, all is lost. Il:c '(. i:u l.l :uie, the In i:,!s i ! the ('.mscrvativc pari v. : - i.d that parly will disband, if j; i:, V:l'.. i:, e to r - ei:e ll.e J'e; ; (, ... j :.m th 1 1 ci Oi ti e :"oe. l our w :. :, v. - j.irv 'V:. :: - t:;.t:d we c. - n.;: at the same ti In ev up s..;an,vt t ( :) a:.d itbtlliou cutsiee ul Govcrnm - .' i it tae cans:1 of i A.'. - : Tiistratir.i i - . ;,!, e(; (i.r. !! - , ' t JI.Cl - .ian I e die. Wi - . - hington. ilis; rese:ice v out of the shf.tteiid. s.c.tter; ht::ti, mints, lighting tniithssly, iighii. - i;; ;; r.bdvts even tl: se v. - !. - , Hilling Th::: is j - tiy ;a.rty rivalry. Ti:.. i - i not !' siippressim; the of )e: - :el at aim ii - ::. ( WJer - j - .! l::i ,w ti: lir.iint.iiiii - g the honor, the dignitv. the i hoed of the Xnvth. Tho Knbecdi.y r the men i:i power weighs i :e a huge iue.ibns u;ei:i the strength and wi. - rtf - s of the pfopl 'i're - !ieve as oi it, and if we c snnnt eeirme" rii'ris wo will rescue cur own sr il irru a'snaliation and oui'selves from the - ili sbou ir wh - i - h alrealv overshadow.'! r.s. We ask nt thin;; ih .: ,. .,mnt 1 e granted. The men with whom Mr. l.hienln has suiToundcd himself have not thj rr,:1.i - dence of the country. Mr. Lincoln was n:,i designed by nature to make good the defect ; of others. Let him call to his aid the con - - i ryative men of the North. A mere party, and that a narrow - minded party, cannot save us. It ncetls no argument to - day to show what ; cit man is assured of. a ; . I l I

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  2. 12 Jul 1864, Tue,
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  • News of the Rebels and invasion averted.

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