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titanic 3 - THE WEATHER. Unsettled i Tuesday; J' Wednesday,...
THE WEATHER. Unsettled i Tuesday; J' Wednesday, fair, cooler; moderate southerly winds,- becoming vtrjablo. Crnr full vitlbr rasors Fa 23. . KEW ; YORK, TUESDAY, APRIL. 16,. 1912.TWENTY-t,OUIS PAGES, ! WT - rPVT la Cmt( Kw Tee, f n ' 5 A Jtrwi Uiy. mm HtwutltWU CAM f i . A v 7TT) , s Mvy I; ; i;:;fi-iiit:i.-ittn'i i''f TITANIC SINKS 5. FOUR . HOURS AFTER HITTING ICEBERG; . 7 BY CARP A THIA, PROBABLY. 1250 PERISH; MRS. ASTOR MA YBE, NOTED NAMES PMSSING i ;r or rt jr, r jt ir r' I . . N ! r Cn J Astor ana or ue, and Maj. Butt Aboard. "F tt r it n r and1 Children Put Over Women in Lifeboats and Are Supposed to pe oaie on uarpauuo. PICKED UP. AFTER 8 tiOURS v : v in-- ' Vtocentj Astor Calls at White $tar Office tor flews or nis rauier and Leaves Weeping. FRANKLIN HOPEFUL ALL DAY Manager of the; Line j Insitted Titanic Was Unsinkabis tven After Sh Had Gone Down, ; HEAD OF THS LINE ABOARD asruee limi Hafcing.Fint Trip in GloanMe ahlo " That jWaa to? : 8wrpasa Alt OthoriiJ , V The adtnlsstoo that th TJtanlai the Uffast ateamahlp In tho world; l bea aunk by" an ioebe'ra; and jiad; had rone y i itia. bottom of the Atlantic, 'probkbly cairrina- mor than 1,400 'of -.herLljaa- ccters and crew -with herT.waa kaade4 i Broadway, tat 8:20 'clock last: nlghf" TMf,.,B. .rraxuuuv c Tesioeni and; Genera Manager of the Jnterna-Uoaal Mercantile Marine, conceded that probably ; only those, passengera whq werf picked 'up by the Cunarderv ar-pathla1 had 'been aaved. . A'dvicea re-celrpd early this' morning tendedj to increase , the number of aurviver; The admlsaion followed which the : White- Star line jOfXlqlals had ibeea optimistic In the extreme.At 'ne Cm wmsl the 'admission made that T H . i - , '.. . i S erery one aboard the hure steamer was r it-.'" a- i :h- not safe. fThe ahlp Itself It was confl-0ntar asserted, was unstnkabl, and inquirers Were Informed that she woul reach port, under, her ownteam prob- f AJIaa liner yirsinlan, which waare- RULE OF SEA OLLOWED Lby . 4 day! In S. ported to be owln ; ;'.''--: j' .::-'- ASj ine aay passea nowever. rwiins no nevjauthentlO reports from the Titanic or any oC the; ships which were known to hare, responded to her wlreles Call for oelD. itf becamie lamarnt' that au- :"?j,c jt ,thi disaster prbbaIy i m come only frii the'' Titanlo'i 'ia- wr snip., then Olympic. .' Xho WIreleu ransof the tympte ts 50O miles. That CarpathJa. thai Fartian. and th : Vlfflnlan Jinuch leas; : ''and . ,'aa t Wy neartd tHe poatUon of the Titanic thy further land further out of shore - raurf. fiQm thA Tltahlc's, P08itlonrat the time of! ho jjllsaster It U doubtful lt any xkf th ships- except the Olymp'io could . establish -communlcatloa' jvhh ' at atao a. ai. Meaany. la the Whit Stari offices 'the hAe as fa out all day ! that the Parisian 8 ie irrin?anhaa taken off sortie the Tifanlc's passengers, and efforts ere iinade to4 get Into communication lth these liners. .Until' such commu-alcatloii wae established ; the White Ptr officials refused to recognize iie ixwailitlUty that there were none, of i be Tltancs passengers aboard them. -1 But'by.nlthtfaU came the messajro Jfora tapL Haddock of the Olympics ta CPs Race, j Newfoundland, telling jbf : the foundering it the Titanlo and ht e rescue of G55 of her passengers by the - Cunarder cjarpathla. which.," ihe trleM message 'aid., reached the Tosd-) Of! the titanic at daybreak. All - thjr found thr V,nvv.r. L lir-' i i oats aad wiwliin. H. ts. .hin - t. 4 world had sunk at 2:10 o'clock c i ' 41 r Frank Hn titmuti i. . i wat the tar!sian t,d h. ' vir4tk ougk they , were among, the first i to sr tae iTltanic-a calls fori help. o'clock . yesterdav! nwmln. bA hour" after the TlUnh Wed her noee beneath the wares an4 wtched downward out of sight. Tho fZZih,a ' th wlreleaa dlspahj fCapt. Haddock to Cape lUce ait-rf. reached the scene of the T-,"SB foundering at daybrtak, several 1 mm'm:m r4 r-I i J i i-: s k : J :- :.,su.4..--.-:MJ:. r. .4 ; : Hr LKrvn ;ycKK itoni Klir irt Al'firr-I I ll i - - ' . - ;. : ' - '-a - ! I 1 i r a- ... w ' . -ii-"" Si! . - ' : i I iiuf ' ' 1 ! 1 ' ' .' 1 , . 1 1 " 1 I : ej 'TV v.J 1 . . . h vomminssr oi hours before bm expected -arrival ; of and jthe .Parisian. :''X:' the Virginian 1.463 X14S Ftrat Re,H. i tt Is uixhe'.ieWbiej so "White Star lino officials twerl,' coihpelled j to "concede finally that the (jlarpathhv; should have failed to pick! tip every lifeboat which, still floated Ion tho wave'a.1 'If ,they failed to pick Vp raore than 655 paaeen gers. It was becaose the- others'of j the ship's complement had gone with her 1 r .1 i -n . 1 .li - . I- But It'! was npi until ' nearly i nlht- fall that j the Was realized. exte.nt of jthe" 4 disaster : Before : that the reas-of the bulletins ; Issued Sta-j ltne waa euffldent surtng nature by the White to quiet the. fears of those who had relatives i or 1 friends - aboard . the 'fun tortunate ship , and tot iprievent wtde-.ViM.ii u)laf li"a nrinnm aUaaateit Olymplc. which li prlntedl in another column- of ; The Tiirzs. ' strongly : ln- dlcated , that none from Ufa boats by i 1 1 but. tho. 655 taken the Carpathia had been saved. ' !ThI ! message , was re- rOlLAXn WATER r- ii r. mith, I- ' X $ T , ; ' 'C T i ' ' in i nanig. , : - . A ' THE ROB1BLB LOIS. .'rHea1sf AfcoU. First rcaMn.i . . X.-. j.ii. ; .1. Becond cabln.x . ... 1 . Steerage . . . S ....... Crew.' (estiuatedX.. 710 K. Total !;;.X.lr;. iJ.lJ r '''" I : Savre. : ... ' f By the Carpathla.... ,808 Probably. drownedT. . i . .........j layed Immediately to the White Star offlctea. but; Mjt.: Franklin , poslttvely declined to make the text of the message j public Xla offered! stin tho hope that passengera were aboard thePar; lslanj and! the Virginian, and even when ' the admission was wrung1, from him that there aeemed little hope of tho . saying of any others than the 65S aboard the Carpathla, he clung to tho hope thatrla. some -unexplained way i there fwere other passengers abroad jthe two-Allan liners. j Fln 'Reperted TltaaJe tav Tr.; , Throughout I the . day there had beta reassurances thati tho Titanlo waa be-. ' - - !' r. ' I . ... ) Includes Bruce Ismay, Mrs. Widener, Mri. H. B. Harris, andean k - . r - v : r - . i t! -I ribctDirn rhti c .T.c.-t class passengers; of the: Titanic, received by the !Marconi;; wireless station this. morning frdm i the Carpa tjii''yia; tlie sleapship Olympic: Mrs. JACOB P. and maid. Mr. ttABBT XNDltRSON.?. .Mrs. ED W. APPLETON. 1 f. ; Mrs. i JlOSE - ABBOTT; j. j Miss S.- M. BURNS. V-v- v -f Miss D. Z. CASSEBERJS. -. Mrs. 1W31.. M. CLARKE. Mrs.. CBIBIKACE. ! MlssfE. O. CROSSBIEL Mis H. ROSEBIB. i Mtas JEAK HIPACld Mrs. UT.'R HARR18.'i Mrs. ALEX. HALVE R$ON. : l ';:!.; lift BRUCB , I8MAT. i - Mrr; and Mrs,' . EO. 1 KTMBERT.KT. j Miss EMIZjE KEXClTEK. Miss a TWNOLBf. ! J'--4 i ju-'Al' f; leader: 1 : ; XT if Miss - BERTHA SAVORY, f Mm ERNEST LIVES. f MISS MART CWNE3. j; .- . Mrs. StNORID tlND STROM' Mr! .OU8TAVE ;-J. LESKBTJR. 1 7 1 MISS OIOBGETTX. A.. , MAT)TT.Ti rMae. MEUCARBv ?: .)' . ;" ; -; fiMrs. TpCKER iand rntld.' - Mrf. X Bi THATEB. p,;Ui MrJ J. B. THATER, , Jr. I i 1 Mnj HEXRT WCX)1-MER. ' ; .. i JUlas ANNA WARD. : f i-.V 1 Mr ' RICHARD M. WILLIAMS. 'i'Mrs. P4' M. WARXER. , . ' r Miss HELENA. .WIL8OK. i, Mis WTLLARD. ' v Miss MART WlCKRr li " : Mrs. GEO.'-D. WIDENER and maid. Mrs. J, STEWART WHITE, f Mlas MARIE, Y0UNO. '. K , ' Mrs. THdMAS POTTER, jr. ! Mrs. EDNA 8. "ROBERTS. Countess of v ROTHES. I !; '; ' : and when Capt. '! Haddock's message proved .'this' to be untrue , only the ad-mission was mada at the White, Star office that the Titanlo had sunk. Mr. Piinklld I said I that Capt." Haddock's message .was brief and ".neglected to say that all the crew; had been saved." But the Inference was .not that All the passengers had ' been saved. Rather It was thaC: many of them had died, and presently Mr,: Franklin admitted the fear I that there had been a terrible loss of life on the Titanic. " . i t '' Thla version i of . Cape .1 Haddock's wireless had been; given at the White Btar offices: t '. '''I. " ' ' '' ':' CkpL Haddock, of ( the Olymplo" sends a. wireless message to the .White Star. ; office's - here that tho steamer Titanlo sank at! 2:20 A. M. after aU the pas. sensers And crew had been lowered to Ufa boats iaad tranaf erred to the Vlr - glnlan. . The steamshlo Carpathia.' with mm KKins nAxx soar. I ! Ieatastiy ramevae staloa. Lars Caa lSa. 4.'.- rr '".," : ,'- --'f" - I! lT AT rQ TaCT ! Trrr s -. OF THE ; SA VED. hi ! t ' Mrs!. Astor's; ; f ' SftfUl 40-TU- N0 Yk'TimU" 'Anrll lPTlrtHAintiri! a nartfiii Mr. C. ROLMANE. . ; T. X" ' Mrs. SUSAN P. ROGERSON.' (Prob- ably -Ryerson). . ::.. r , it Miss EMILY B. ROQERSON, VMrs. ARTHURS ROOERSONv - Maateri ALLISON and nurse.; Miss Kf T ANDREWS. . i Miss NINETTE PANHART. Miss E4 Wi ALLEN, f1 ! , iMr. and Mrs. D. BISHOP. . Mr. 1L BLANK. - Mi&s a; bassika. 1 ,i:llC:. i -i Mra. JAMES BAXTER. , ; . Mr.' GEORGETA- HA3TT'r""t) rj 1 ' Mae C.: BONN ELL. f ! - - ! Mrs. J. M. BROWN. Miss 3 C BOWEN. : ::'"--; :,' '.' Mn and Mrs. R. L B ECKVT, UMi&s ruth Taussig. j -.; Mjss I Ella thorm , Ti 11 f Alf. and Mrs." E. .' Z. ?TA YLOR,. .GILBERT M. TUCKER. I"' i Mr, J. B. THATER. "j -fi: ;. t : Mr.; JOHN B. ROQERSbN.'j "Mrs. M. ROTHSCHILD. ; ;i ' Miss MADELEINE NEWELL.'. Mrs.. MARJORIE NEWELL." j, -I 'HELEN i W. NEWSOM. i , Mr. FIENNAD : OMOND. i Mr. E: G. 03TBT. Miss HELEN R. , OSTBT. .(. I Mrs. MAMAM.J. RENAGO.. 1 ; Mile. OLIVIA. h".v ;: i Mrs. DJ W. MERVIN. , Mr. PHILIP EMOCK. I Mr. JAMES GOOOHT.I I Miss RCBERTA MAIM Y. I Mr. PIERRE MARECHAL. j Mrs. W. 'E. MINEHAN4 .'.' f Miss APPH3 RANELT.'i ' ; 1 ( Major ARTUR PEUCHEH. r Mrs. karl: h.' behrj r ; f Miss DESSETTE. J: ;V' : several hundred passenrs ot the Tt- . oVr t0 TTi I i At 0 o'clock, nowever.be modified! i . As far as we know the situation, there, ha t ' ben ' rumors from ..Halifax that, three steamers were at the scene of the TltaniCs. stoa-tng, namely.' the Virgin lani the' Parisian, and the Carpathia. ; WeU have- heard from CapC Haddock 'of the Olympic whe says that the Titanic sank at 2:30 o'clock this morning. Haddock also Informs us that tbe Car-; patbla has 67S survivors on board. It is .very iifrcBU,. to . say - whether the Virginian I and r the' Partaian t have any I survivors on board until ' w can get a report iromBse.vessena.- - t i. i treare ' SerlOee Lee ef Life. "" i i - ! 1 : We have-Aaked for that report, from Capt. Haddock.- and we are , expoctins A reply at ny " time. .The Carpathia iaa. SM1 iaa-atoprra aetUea UlpJL- - "v 'f'. . - " , , , 'f ' ' - , A : t : i :4 ;. 8 " - A' rn;t. tiarririr 11, I . Incomplete-name, au'tlnff 1itf nf survivor aittonr the'llrst. j ' Mrs. WILLIAM BCpKNELL. -V ; j Mrs. O. H. BAriKwORTlL ! ' - - Mra- IL B.'8TElTrAS0N;r ::fi''-;A "Mrs;; ELSIE BOWEjlIAN. f ffl ';.P The Marconi aujlon! Irepprts that it inlssed the word AfttrHwrsv Jacob P." In a list receivedi pyj jthej Associated Press this mornln , this jname. appeared weU down,' but in jTn Ttuvm list it Is first, suggesting that the inamo of Mrs. Jom Jafbh Astor ls lntndei This sup position Is strengthened .j by tno tact that, except for.Mri HJ. Allison. Mrs. Astor Is the only lady In j the A r column of the ship's pisenger list attended bj a.maid..' ' ;fM j MT y i If AMES PICKED;: 'JP j AT BOSTOS. j ioSTbkj Apr!!! fyrXnont, -; 'the names of survjvora it thoTltanlc ploked up toy : wlrelees from;: rthe ' ateajner Carpathla. htre to-night wfere - the -follow- . ' , f ' . j ' '''.,"': . Mr, ana juts, a xini . , Mrs. W. A.', IOOPER Hi' -. air.' ail i.iru. ... i i. u , i ;;MA,J..FLTIfN.Uf Mr. MILE.' : r ; V I Miss AUCE PORTUN EJ r 1 Mrsl ROBERT DOUGLAS il ' Miss' HILDA BLAYTKU Mrs; P. SMITH. ;. Mrs. BRAHAM.' ri'i ' j li' -1 !:; uiu LUCILLE , CARTE ft. Mr. WILLIAM CARljER 1 ; Miss ' cummikgs. : i j): Mrs. FLORENCE I MARE, 4 j ., Miss ALICE PHILLIPS.,, Mrs. PAULA HUBHit T Wrs. 'JANE .Til'j, Miss PHYLLIS O, i ; ' f HOWARD B. CASE. ; A -.Miss MINEHAN. f.,.'! ftl ".Miss BERTHA ' 1 .f ;, ' proce. - sortsuITloas' MlfV but?t 5 ImS . JStogs y deflniUly concerning this . . vMl v. .jurf . XXTa I part OI in hubilm'u uiu. wv mM-m ASe to reaaaure ourselves. whether-r not' any of the Titanie'a passengers are aboard the Allan- Uners. j -r. .: ' We are hopeful that the rupwrs which have reached us by telegraph from Hall-fax that there : are ! passengers aboard the Vlrglalah and 1 the Parisian will prove to be true, and that these vessels will turn up with some jot the' passen-Sers. It Is the loes of life that makes this . thins j se : awfuL j We can replace the! money lose, but sot the Uvea of those who! went down..- ; J. ;,-.! Another version of the message from the Olympic was-current last night and Included the sentence: f ' " Loss likely total L800 souIs-T '. This sentence was not In the message .received by, Th jTtxss from' Cape ; Race ! nor In t that sent ' to tho White Star line offices. - -1. 'I ''-I -.. i ;i. ' -, Ceatia.ed ea Pae 2. Biggest Liner Plunges to ; the Bottom at 2:20 A. M. .1 RESCUERS THERE TOO LATE Exceot to Pick Ud the Few Hun rireris Whn TnnJr tn" h -U"wwreew .stwers-eiw s ear m r ' :i trit.a' . WOMEN AND; CHILDREN FIRST .: Cunarder ; Carpathla Rushing to Nevy York with the: !? 1 . SurVivorHKU.-vi;.':': ij-r --"'"- .--r.t.v;r.: ; SEA i SEARCH ' FOR OTHERS -1'.. The California 1 Stands Bv on Boats, or Rafts '"i 1 - r OLYMPIC ;SENP3 THE NEWS Only ahlp to Flash Wireless Mes- :t;: esgts to Bhore After thej Dlssiterj V V, ; LATER REPORT SAVES , 866. " tJOSTON. April l.S. A .wirel messige picked up" lite to-niEht . relayed ' from th Olympic, r that the Carpathia h on hef way' i to New york VITh' 8681asentrri from the: steamer Titanic aboard. The mostly women And chll-' drn,'the meiiafs fiid, and it con-dodedr l X3rave fear are felt1, for'j thej safety jOjf.:;thf: balance: of the tit Jtrh TUm$. t : -t. iCAPE RACEN. R; April iS. J. The White 'star liner Olympic, r reports py Wireiess tins evening. that the! Cuparder , ;.CarpathJa '! daiVbrealc this morn-' ';!. reached, 'at Ing the position f ronr which wire-y less calls for help were sent out if lastinieht by the Titanic after her Jlj i collision - with 1 in iceberg. " The ) ; i Carpathia found only the lifeboats ' 1 1 . and Jthe : wreckage offfWbti ' hadl tlf-been the biggest steamshirr afloat. Hi, -?The-Tltinichadfopndered- at j' .! about ' 2:20f lA; vMin :;laUtude1 4 l:t6f north1 anj longitudej So :14 j" west. !rThIsis.;iibout Jo'mjnutM1;! t' of latitude, or labout 34 miles, due -south f ithe position at which she- ! struck !ihe iceberr. AHeir boats ! are accounted for and about 65 Sv ; souls'have beerr saved of the crew, ? and -pasengers,' mqst of jjhe latter j presumably! worrien.andchildreh. .There were about 2, too persons aboard, the. iitinic. vNV.. The liner California Is remaining and jsearchi ng the position of the disaster, while the Car? J pathla js ;:retvriiijg to' Ne.v Yo'rkV j with .'tnclsurvivo-rs.-; ' . : It can be ptjsitively stated that : up to ji i" o'cloc to-night . noth- ' ing whatever jiad been recclyed at or heard by the Marcom sta- , tion here to the effect that -the , Parisian; Virginiari or any other ships had1 picked jup any suryiv-V ors, ' other than those " picked up " by the Carpathia. " ; . .- -ii'V---. ' ' First ' News- f tt Duauter. u. The first news If ihe disaster, to the Titanic was received by the Marconi' wireless station here at 10:25 o'clock tast night as told in yesterday's ffew York Times. The Titanic was first beard giving the distress signal "C Q, D.," which was answered by;a number pf ships,; Including the Carpathian: . ' - ! r 1 i i ... T ' - 3 : i .- :, v- V ;'i'" V-' l-l'.i' I': - '1.' i ; lil' : Hi ' it . i t il.f 1 a . nil : mm

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