Ripleys Believe it or Not Petrolia Wood Load - Part 2

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Ripleys Believe it or Not Petrolia Wood Load - Part 2 - gold 8 BELIEVE IT OR NOT "V-' "V-' "V-' -- -- N...
gold 8 BELIEVE IT OR NOT "V-' "V-' "V-' -- -- N - (Reg. U. a. Pat Office Mr. Klplej will furnish proof of anythln, picture b, him on reanesl .eeompanletf b, .t.mped. .el.-.dlrei .el.-.dlrei .el.-.dlrei enTeiop m o ROSE : e.g. m ReA MONTHS - f j --v --v --v AGO jjsgfel wned by ASECASSIS wood City, Calif. Has retained its original shape and fresh appearance. "Chinese" TURTLE Caught by TRAVIS ROBISON, Texatkana VentraA 5utfac tar W. G: COLSON of Port ihiM, Natal, ViAS NOT SLEPT FOR. 46 YEARS Q y SIGNATURE OF DOT HARTNETT -Hartford, -Hartford, Conn. PRAWN IN ONE CONTINUOUS LINE. byC.E.W toncordia, A no, , IN THE CITY of NORTHFIELD, New Jersey, MARRIAGE LICENSES CAN 0NLV BE OBTAINED AT THE INSANE ASVLUA.' y UK Kuij (rvutw Syndicate, 1 , Gtcv Bintto right teei4r RIPLEY'S EXPLANATION OF YESTERDAY'S CARTOON. 3i3 LARGEST LOAD OF WOOD. During the winter of 1896 William Ewing's teamster teamster went into the woods near Petrolia, Canada, and came out with the largest load of wood ever drawn by a two-horse two-horse two-horse team. Pulling into Petrolia, after an eight-mile eight-mile eight-mile drive, the load attracted the attention of the entire municipality, and upon measuring the huge pile of fuel it was found to contain ten and one-eighth one-eighth one-eighth cords all on a single pair of bobsleds. This submission, from Mr. Ewing's son, who helped to measure the load, Mr. Alexander Ewing of Highland Park, Mich., and was awarded a special prize in the recent Detroit Believe It or Not contest. EVERY MEAL IN A DIFFERENT STATE. For the last seven years Harry Vaughan of 637 Fourth avenue, Dayton, Ky., has eaten each of his three daily meals in a different state every working day of the year. Mr. Vaughan's occupation is salesman salesman for a baking concern, and in the early morning rush he snatches breakfast in Cincinnati, O. ; lunch in Lawrenceburg, Ind., and then returns to his home in Kentucky foi dinner. And, not satisfied with this daily routine, he sometimes goes over the entire route again during an evening's entertainment. TOMORROW: "THE UPSIDE-DOWN UPSIDE-DOWN UPSIDE-DOWN HOUSE."

Clipped from The Indianapolis Star23 Mar 1934, FriPage 26

The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana)23 Mar 1934, FriPage 26
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  • Ripleys Believe it or Not Petrolia Wood Load - Part 2

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