Former Commercial Stars Play Baseball in WWI France

Many Vancouver Boys in Lineup, including "Shorty" Fleming, Al Caruthers, Ernest Russell, Harley “Hap” Solloway, Dug Lawler, Bert Peele, "Fat" Falconer, Ed Jardine, and Cy Cox.

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Former Commercial Stars Play Baseball in WWI France - - In Former Commercial Stars Play Baseball in...
- In Former Commercial Stars Play Baseball in France Fifth Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column Has Crack Team Many Vancouver Boys in the Lineup Team Defeated First B. C. Battalion in Recent Game Letter Tells of Artillery Boys Activities BT far the most Interesting Utter yet received from France telling of the activity of former Vancouver baseball playors who are doing "thoir bit" overseas, has been received by the sporting editor of The World from I'te. Harold Till, well known In athletic circles here, who went overseas with the 68th Battery and who Is now serving with the Fifty Canadian Ulvlslonul Ammunition Column in Trance. His letter, which follows, Is most interesting and needs no comment The letter euys: Pifth Defeated a Toronto liuttnlion. "Doubtless quite a few of the Vancouver baseball enthusiasts would be glad to have a little news of the boys who have made the amateur gamo so populur in Vancouver, and who are at despite the crisis through which we are passing, occasionally occasionally find time to Jump back Into tho game. The brand of ball they are putting up is quite worthy of them, and the Fifth Canadian Divisional Divisional A m 111 u nition Column, whoso team, as will be seen by the following following account. Is composed chiefly of old Vancouver amateur boys. They have a team second second to none In the whole Canadian army, and tho game played behind behind the lines 0:1 May 4. with the Third Battalion of Toronto, who, previous previous to crossing the channel, were considered the fast est ball club of the Canadians training In Kngland at that time, makes good this boast. The final score was 6 to Ptc IL S In favor of the Fifth, but an extra inning was neces sary to decide the issue, and the enthusiasm enthusiasm shown at the close games In the Commercial League waa mild compared to that shown by approxi mately 6000 troops who witnessed the game, and every rank In the army from a general of the First Division down to the man, who by the boys is considered more Important than any other In a battery, viz., the cook, who does Is best to camouflage the bully beef and hardtack, were In evidence. The surroundings of the game might be compared to one played at a Van couver exhibition, with the brass band of the Third Battalion rendering lively lively tunes. Overhead our artillery observation observation balloons were recording the effect of our artillery fire on Heinie s positions, and when the excitement of the game was at Its highest and the roar of the guns drowned by the rooting, rooting, one forgot for the time, at least, a war was on, and that life after all was not so bad out here. Many Vancouver Boys in Line. The Fifth Battalion team was represented represented by the following, among whom will be seen former players of the Commercial League: Shortstop, "Shorty" Fleming; first base, Al. Car - 1 ruthers; third base, Ern. Russell; I .,.1 , I , 1 Dug. Lawler; left field, Bert Peele; centre field, "Fat Falconer; right field, Ed. Jardine; pitcher, Cy Cox. One will observe that seven of the nine players are Vancouver boys, who have upheld the good name of their home town as a sporting centre, and have yet to meet their first defeat. On a previous date the same team hooked up with the First B. C. Battalion Battalion officers' team (the origin! Seventh Battalion, of which the late Col. Hart McHarg was O. C.) and which although their ranks were so sadly depleted in the actions In which they made such a glorious name for themselves and western troops In general. general. Is still composed chiefly of British Columbia men who have filled the gaps, and after a most enjoyable game with the Fifth came out on the long end of an 8 to 2 score. Defeat American Air Service Team. This afternoon the same line - up tangled with a representative team of the American Air Service and won out by an 8 to 0 score, but this onesided onesided score does not by any means indicate the brand of ball exhibited by the Americans, who showed themselves themselves good sportsmen throughout the game, and a closer score Is expected in a return game which will be played when circumstances permit. Ted Williams, Williams, who handles the indicator in most of our games, is also a Vancou ver boy, who, prior to leaving for overseas service, was considered one of the best all - round athletes belonging belonging to the Y. M. C. A. Ted handles the games in a very capable manner. and his onlv complaint Is that he cannot drop into the Good Eats and get a real meal, also that the war is not being held tn Honolulu, Tells What the Boys Are Doing. Possibly a few of the Vancouver 1 y&it present Going their bit over nere, ana basoball enthusiasts have been wondering wondering why tho let - tors are not arriving arriving as frequently as promised from J these former ama teur stars, so I will endeavor to give a brief sketch of how their time is being taken up in Sunny France. "Shorty" Fleming, Fleming, shortstop, who was closely associated associated with the Y. M. C. A - in Vancouver, Vancouver, is playing In his old time form and la holding holding down the difficult difficult position In his usual snappy manner, and his officers agree that If he only showed the same speed with his team of mokea as he does in short field tho war would have been won long ago. Al. Carruthers, our very capable first baseman, Is TflL right at home In tho diamond business business and is certainly putting up a stellar performance on the initial sack, and I think Fritz' recent shelling shelling of our quarters has considerably accelerated his footwork round the oat sacks. Pap SoUoway Is Catcher. Ern. Russell, our clever third sacker, Is an eastern boy. Pap SoUoway, our husky catcher, is playing up to his oldtime "Biscuit" form, but has forsaken forsaken the centre field position, which he held for four years with tho champion champion National Biscuits team, for the mask and protector, and has all the base runners hugging the bags in fear of hLs deadly whip, and to date has yet to have a sack pilfered on him, but I still remember very vividly when, after a 19 - mile tramp with full kit, you could have stolen even his shirt, as on turning In we received our formal introduction to some of Heinle's hardware, and this was one of the times when you would like to crawl Into a hole and pull the hole in after you. Dug. Lawler, second baseman, Is keeping up his good work on the second second station, and the following is told on Dug.: One morning when he was busv grooming his team of mokes. an Infantry party who were on tho march, were halted lor a rest rigm alongside our lines and one of them Inquired of Dug., "Ever been kicked by a mule?" Dug. looked up with a half pitying smile and said, "Have I ever been kicked by a mule? Well I should say I have, and the longest I ever went without being kicked by one was a week, when I was In hospital hospital through being bitten by one." Bert Boole Is Steady Boy. Bert Peele, left f!d, is another eastern bpy, and besides covering his territory in great shape, has terrific speed on the paths. "Fat" Falconer, centre field. Is, as usual, right there with the heavy stlckwork, and started the fireworks with his club In the tenth Inning In the overtime game, and like Teddy Williams, his complaint complaint is in the line of eats, but "Fat" would prefer the Delmonlco to the Good F.ats. Ed. Jardine. our fleet - footed right fielder. Is playing a great game and as captain of the team Is doing fine work, and will well be remembered as captain of the Malkin's baseball team. Cy Cox. our elongated pitcher, Is ,i - nrvinir in mid - season fjrtn and promises to be the mainstay of tho inhinr stuff, and also puts up a great game In the centre forward nn.iiinn nn our football eleven. All the Vancouver boys In the Fifth Division Artillery wish to be remem - h.riH to their many friends, through your columns, and hope this summer the Allies may emerge victorious in v, or out crime, in which we are now engaged, and that they may soon be able to return to their dear folks and home. the 8. 11. for M. I. of a

Clipped from Vancouver Daily World15 Jun 1918, SatPage 12

Vancouver Daily World (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)15 Jun 1918, SatPage 12
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  • Former Commercial Stars Play Baseball in WWI France — Many Vancouver Boys in Lineup, including "Shorty" Fleming, Al Caruthers, Ernest Russell, Harley “Hap” Solloway, Dug Lawler, Bert Peele, "Fat" Falconer, Ed Jardine, and Cy Cox.

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