J M P Hickerson letter part 2

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J M P Hickerson letter part 2 - v.. - ? o , If j 2 to bis a the 1 . i the of j...
v.. - ? o , If j 2 to bis a the 1 . i the of j in our bill. a i a f Hieker- Jll-1 Jll-1 - fbe the Be of thin of the Mr. ss attempt ago, .-; .-; .-; gov this the for .re ?- j its th's the be cor arid J to and of 1 2 Williams an 1 inside sup-p3sed sup-p3sed fur-; fur-; fur-; in to j and few on court-square, in'thedi-rectton; pass righi, a by they thirty the citizens wi they snd right. to rut ftnd a , " .-.v .-.v .-.v - .j.j,. koM hU We bck, nd U Jh 'ltimft 1 rwLr : n t tAfiarfi t'.; r '.a tl id tei tf itil m4nii tt lin'd iv tt . it ;fti:t. 4..U. i2T njcifJJ aJto'iilhtl to b2 each rJoiiilQct, rid laititttlf 5ft l nit fefct aH 1 hatched - ( - II rt;3d t -! -! w! I 1 .1 a 1 a Tizrti RntI uf p - 4. 1 r.ssir sir. oyn'era-: oyn'era-: oyn'era-: 19 Us looking ' ertMJ into the ?4 of Mr. Poatcr. , 1. Ik. m . I ! red to he same time looking toward ; Pojntei 'a : dcor. Turning bu head, be !o iked in the direc tion of a woodahop, abou t cvnty five or one hundred feet in front of him. and on his righ'j hre Mr. Poymer waa at wotk. Iliawuearrd to throw bimseif for- for- ward and rtd cn, keeping his horse on the side-wtik side-wtik side-wtik ni il he got 10 front of ihe hop, when he , threw out hie baud d fired a pmol shot into theshop, or in that dimtion. 1 saw ihs smoke from the pwtol rise from bu hsnd. In quick sue- sue- ci i on another p.stI shot was h.ed from William.' ler , wlv th l thaujtbt was find by Wallace H. Hi Jtox; and in aainaaat two reporia 01 a-totgan a-totgan a-totgan came iron ins : : . . 7 . . . - . anop uickox tell trom hs horse ana loaon ana uiiiiims gauopei oa, shooting back toward the town. S soon as Dodson and Williams commenced firing back toward town, some ot ihe men who had pistols ran from the stepi of the two houses (Young, llai e&Co ,ta I the drug store), and as th-y th-y th-y rani . for- for- warJ, hredJ probjhy twwity five ' r ! thirty.' slfoU st Dodson and ' Wil-j Wil-j Wil-j liams. One sh-it sh-it sh-it (either from Dods a s 1 pisttl or firm those runoinz from the; stei s abve),' took effect in taa pj-Oern pj-Oern pj-Oern of Willis m' horse, and the last 1 saw of Williams his horse was going on three feet. Ddion had ' passed out of sighv some distance in fruflt of him. When the men commenced - firing who were runninz from the steps, several of as who remained called to them . to stop, which they soon did. ' If there was any gun or pistol ..fired from any house alter the shooting already mentioned from Poyn-ter Poyn-ter Poyn-ter shop, I did not hear it end I m-Mt m-Mt m-Mt certainly would have beard them had any been fired. -' -' I saw no one about the ship! of "Mr. Pojnter to assiit him, acd believe believe il there had been I wonld haese n them. I have no -doubt -doubt but the; above statemen a w it be fully verified by twelve or fourteen other persons of sound ve racity and of all pol tical persuieionv WaL'ace II. Hickox was killed dead. An inquest was he'd over his body, and a gold Watch . and o.h;r valuable were takes ofl bis person by the jury of in-qoeet, in-qoeet, in-qoeet, which the woman wuh . whom Hickox bad been living wanted to take j in -charge -charge but Mr. McMurry, the fjre-l fjre-l fjre-l msn of the jury of inquest, refused to i : .1 e 1 1 1 acter, and therefore took tbtm in charge, and in my presence delivered them over to the Hon. W. T. Brown, county ' and probate judge. Mr. Hickox's 'pockets were not rilled of their conieo's as has been stated. He was not killed by thieves, nor did he fall among thieves. It was a sad affair, and we all deeply deplored it. As to the shooUeg of Enquire Allen Brown, I only know thu ha was shot about dark, I heard the report of 1 the gun that shot him. " X wj sitting at ths supper table at : the ' liru and only4 can -tte -tte what 1 have heard. I raw noshing-. noshing-. noshing-. It was supposed by the citiz-ns citiz-ns citiz-ns generslly. that a posse of men bad been le:t a shot distance away from the town, to-! to-! to-! cried Dodson and Hickox in removing the rec- rec- j ord, io case they should n ei htlp; aod that inasaiuch ss Hickox flad been killed, thi p-'s p-'s p-'s e would make a raid on the town. and pm in execution ths ioog standing threat of turning the town. Ihe ; police had been -ordered -ordered ont by the mayor to prevent if, and at dark an alarm was given that thta po se was now coming. The police was called into line on the squire, and it is stated that in the cxcue- cxcue- . i 1 1 , ' mcnt a gun acciaentaiiy nrea ana Air. Brown was shot through the body. At first it is ssid that Brown said John Halle had shot him: but on being assured br bis own daughter and others that John Haile was at the time eating bta.su pper, Brown said he wis shot by accideat, and that he did not want any one hurt for it. Mr. Brown has died since I left Doverj n 1 I am told that this was ' his dying declaration.; declaration.; For - the truth' of this I do n-1 n-1 n-1 vouch. '. . Mr. Brown received bti. cne shot, which passed through his abd.-men abd.-men abd.-men ; he was not shot in the leg, as has been stated, i John Unite, above uien i jmid.'is not ft relative of the Hale killed by Hickox and D.daan on the 8 h of July. ; On Monday morning September 2. I started to the city of Liule Rock to have an interview with his excellency, Uov. Hadley, of Arkansas ' When I reached Russell villa I was not permitted by my friends to take the stags or evea to pass down the main road to the depot, for the reason of rumored threats made by John II. Williams and Frank M. Uickox, a brother of Wallace i I. Hickox. i It was stated that they bad threatened to kill me on eight tor saying that Williams find at Poynter before Poynter killed Wall see 11. Hickox. 1 was therefore to be killed for iri vinjr my testimony. It is now said that the stage and depot were watched J with a view to kill me before . I could reach the executive. I j therefore changed my course, and made a c:r-cuitoun c:r-cuitoun c:r-cuitoun route and reached the city-of city-of city-of Little Rock yesteiday evening, ia company company with J. L. Shion, esq., who was my traveling companion. ' 1 i, 1 - , Soon after I reached the city I obtained obtained an interview with Gov. Hadley, with the promise of another to-day. to-day. to-day. Soon after 1 left Gv. Hadley, Frank M. Hickox and John II. Williams attacked me on the streets of this city, evidently to carry their murderous threats into extcu-tion, extcu-tion, extcu-tion, and had it not been for the; timely aid of friends in Schtder's store and the prompt action of the police, I believe they wonld have taken my lifei This morning I obtained writs for them both, but they fled from the city, t ? ! -I -I have had one interview with bis excellency excellency to-day, to-day, to-day, and am to meet him and others on to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. All we ask1 at the hands of Gov. Hadley is a chance to execute execute the civil law, and I have no right to aay he will not give us that chance. . Daveris i now trembling j under ths ; : threats of . being burned by the 1 sheriff- sheriff- and i his - former deputy, John II. William. Five of the bstt citizens citizens of Dover hare bet 11 designated ss persons to be taken out b our sheriff and bis offi ers ' un.ler hiiu and thot down like dogs. , lime are the soit of officers we have to deal I with. Before our citizens weie murdered by the sheriff and clerk . and posse, while "they were unarmed prisoners awaiting a peace-able peace-able peace-able civil investigation, our ootioty was peaceable and in good condition. ; Were we not then submit ing to civil law 7 : It is true some of the officers of Pone' county liad been killed iust after: ths --. --. --. , . . i war, out wno are ine proper cnes to be hung for the crime?. Are men to be Ha ken out by ; the sheriff snd shot down like sheep cn suspicion that they probably have rome knowledge of ikJ. f - . ec.- ec.- rinr.nTh;i;f Z r 1 - nae up to the door of oneof our cmzenv aod hra on luoa while t Ins woik, wi.h impunity? Is that eosU law ? And then be Uid before the governor, of the state, is that .tifaoer to be allowed to waylay and hunt down the messenger and witness Ti, r!,,. f , , ? from Llover to L.lUla Kock,' and then 0U the main Streets of the " ... . t . . . L t. v: vans in kj capital,' almost : under the skirls --0f --0f --0f 2Zt . . . . , the executive, attempt to sssasaa'e the principle witness as-iin?t as-iin?t as-iin?t tim, to prevent! the governor from getting the true tacts ! ilia the premises, and tt prevent a triil and conviction at liw 7 I teje are the inea with whom we are cc-suIied cc-suIied cc-suIied to JerJ, if with oiUcers at all. Ttt-e Ttt-e Ttt-e cil-cfrs cil-cfrs cil-cfrs have taken cut two of 1 f.rir r i.:tn. i-nc i-nc i-nc l n?n. wi: t a wr;r, l r.n ansr.te.inn t,i I v thnt I c -n -n saf pieion cl Lit . ' tuot Jor.-i Jor.-i Jor.-i ,il- ,il- Ham' belt back!. ni nt tt dk Lctir the? rs' tl c dick. . - . : 2 Wmi - ' . jAf. D. , E. - J '" Fr T. : B. - U-olin, U-olin, V r and - - ' S.-ptemt S.-ptemt . ; r ; - ; , '' ' Y. ' 1 ' j ! i i

Clipped from
  1. Daily Arkansas Gazette,
  2. 06 Sep 1872, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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  • J M P Hickerson letter part 2

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