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Feb 15, 1964 - Beatlemaniacs Attack Elderly' Critics Of Area...
Beatlemaniacs Attack Elderly' Critics Of Area Gerald Kloss, Milwaukee Journal Writer, Gets It EDITOR'S NOTE: Maggie isn't the only square. Read what a Milwaukee Journal staff writer has to say to his readers. Bv GER \I I) KLOSS Beatle Fan,” too, who wrote: • Those boys have more talent than you could ever hope to have. If you had read the back of the album, you would have learned that they play musical instruments ranging from the One thing you have to say for organ to guitar. Maybe they Milwaukee’s teen age fans of don’t have the greatest voices the Beatles: They sure know since Caruso, or other greats of how to chop down a critic. your time, but one thing they do This writer devoted a para- have is enough ability to make graph review to the smash hit themselves the hottest property Capitol album, “Meet the Bea in the history of English show ties,” in the Jan. 26 TV Screen business, and to be granted the magazine of The Milwaukee highest of Journal The review suggested honors, an all entertainment appearance before that the sensational foursome the queen mother and Princess from Liverpool were in need of Margaret.” a haircut, that their mass sing- ft ft ft ing produced a “monolithic ef- Notice how deftly that sear. feet, similar to that of being run -n p^rase, “or other greats of over by a freight tram, that r Gme •» was slipped into f W a i r paIa nf 1 Arr c* xmrA HrAonfii ... their solo efforts were dreadful and (in passing) that they displayed no hint of an English accent. In brief, a nice, friendly review. The mail started coming in Monday and kept up through the week. Not the pencil scrawled post cards of the early Elvis Presley period, but long letters written in excellent script and containing some fine examples of controlled invective the sentence? No Elvis fan ever did it so well, which shows progress. And how about this one, signed “A Present Beatle Fan”? “It is very apparent that you dislike their style and technique, so how do you explain when you were a teenager and thought Rudy Valiee was the; coolest thing going, with his part! down the middle of his head and his megaphone, or Arthur he nasal in cunuuucu involve. G df singing as though Quite obviously, Beatle adtnir- had consfan( case of n ers are several cuts above the „ .. Elvis fans of the “Heartbreak c0^eSii._i Hotel” and “Blue Suede Shoes” BRITAIN'S STALWARTS OF SONG— The youth of America was ecstatic Sunday as the Beatles appeared on the Sullivan show. If the singers need any identification, this is it: at the drums is Ringo Starr (the Beatle Beatle); from the left, in front, are Paul McCartney (the bouncy Beatle); George Harrison (the quiet Beatle); and John Lennon (the sexy Beatle). The words in parenthesis were given by the United Press (not The Tribune) who released the telephoto. Teenager Clears Up A Lot Of Points For Wondering St. Paul Columnist Adults: Love The Bs; Kids Will Switch BOSTON (AP) — Doctors at the adolescents unit of Boston’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center have some advice for parents who can’t abide sights and sounds of Beatles. ‘‘Embrace them,” was the message sent forth today with the explanation: “The younger generation is flipping over the Beatles because the singing group is different and because the youngsters feel their parents are disturbed by this teen idolizing. ‘‘Merely convince your children you think the Beatles are the greatest. Once you accomplish this, your youngsters probably will think the Beatles are square.” the the f . , . . ... Valiee the coolest thing going?” era of eight years ago in literary AU #f us kjds (hought Rudy was Oh, that one cuts deep. “Rudy in *^e St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote of the Beatles this past Paul Light, a daily columnist really dig this kind of sing- ability. ft ft ft For example: “Dear Hermit: It’s high time you come back to civilization and face reality about the Beatles and Beatlemania. It’s in! You’re just wasting your time saying all those false statements Lombardo was more our style. Other letters echoed the same sentiments, except for one high school lad (whose name we shall keep secret, for fear of reprisal), who thought that the freight train image was exactly ri*M.- Well-.there;s alwa>s °ne hairdos, because all of us know nul m exel> crou ■ you’re wrong! As far as their hairdos are concerned, we think it’s the cutest, wildest and the most fabulous style out, and it’s not only the teenagers who think so, either . . . “This week all you did was cut them down. You said their singing produces sounds similar to that of being run over by week, too. The following para- iittle* too"far"out — Carmen ^aphs were apparently with ‘Clyde,’ “Clyde a neighbor teenager. mg: . “ ‘You were right the first time,’ said ^lyde, ignoring my unintentional slur. ‘It’s just for the kids. What you'd call pre­ told me he saw the teens and early teens. They man,’ said Clyde. Local Combos Rate As High As 'Imports 7 “La Crosse has many good singing-instrumental units, all of which are as good, or better than the Beatles.” That’s what a nationally' “ ‘They don’t print their own, known performer said here of 12-year olds with full time jobs?’ “ ‘You mean parents,’ I nodded. ‘They get the money from their parents.’ Beatles the other night on televi- spend the money.’ sion—you know, the young English sheepdogs. They sing for money,’ said Tuesday night. “ ‘So if the parents would put Jim Reeves, whose 21 long ‘Where do they get it?’ 1 a foot down now and then, they play albums might stomp on a Beatle?’ ‘You’re catching on, man, asked. “ ‘Where do you think?’ de Clyde, ‘and it won’t be mine.’ manded Clyde. ‘You know lots said Clyde.” “ Do they deserve that much money?’ I asked. ‘Do any of these no-talent kooks deserve the money they make?’ “ ‘You’d better tread water, man,’ said Clyde. ‘You just missed the boat.’ “ ‘Meaning?’ Meaning the) ve got talent esting Not one phone caller, THEY make you ill take a look j AAaggie Meanders .... This Is The Week That Was! une starts A tape recorder could have TLES such names as a White House Residents DDr j—all of them. Those British ones however, would identify himself, at some of the singers that you ignore DDS are conmn8 “V. I ’* that’s why we hung up on so like they make us ill but we 000 a week. You think that many havp pnnlI0h fm. nl,w and inumerable singles have made and still make him financially happy, commented on the current teen-age craze when he and his Blue Boys were waiting to appear on stage at the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium. ................... “And I really don’t mind if calling THE BEA-*!’'* ^ ^eir ,allowa"ces on the Beatle Boys records,ei- WASHINGTON (AP)- More Beatle a freight train. Well, I’d like to than 8>000 screaming fans turned out Tuesday night to hear the mop-haired British singers, but the teen-aged Johnson girls were not among them. The White House press office sing in their cute American- sajd that Lynda Bird Johnson, making fools out of the people English tongue ... If you can't 19 after attending the diploma- who pay to see them. They are hear their accent in those songs, tic reception Tuesday night, got the real kooks.’ in some study. Lucy Baines “He makes sense, sometimes. doesn't take talent?’ “ ‘But “ ‘They deserve something, man, just for standing up there and making fools of themselves.’ “ ‘Yes, but. . .’ And they deserve more for run you over with a freight train! “Wash your ears out with soap and turn up your hearing aid, then maybe you can hear them I’d advise you to get a more expensive hearing aid, and tune it Johnson, 16 , stayed home “to hit in so there’s no static, and try the books,” a spokesman said, (mean that—do young people again . .. “And don’t go saying the Beatles should take a pair of scissors to their hair. Why don’t you get smart and let your hair grow! “P.S.: Hope there are no hard feelings. Carol K.” No hard feelings, Carol, and if listening to the Beatles would make hair grow, they’ve got a terrific market, including this writer. Here’s another letter, signed “Mary Ann”: “I suppose you are never going to stop knocking the younger generation. That’s just a part of being ‘wiser and older,’ isn't it? Everything we like or do or believe in is naturally dreadful, stupid or silly. “The way you knock and criticize, you’d think it's been centuries since you passed through the same fads, phases, problems and interests that we are now experiencing. Is it that easy to forget?” made the week a lot more inter-this is going to far. You said '^er‘ .,*le1. sa*^l' S°mew^re along the line they re going to buy one of mine, too, when they’re shopping. “The Beatles are riding the crest right now; they’ve developed a new gimmick and that’s what makes these buying spurts. Those of us who have been in the trade for a long time don’t mind too m u c h. have enough respect for older And the mail, too, has been peoples music. WE don’t w'rite enlightening. in any newspaper (if thats The following two letters, un- what you call the Tribune) We signed, are re-written as re- don’t tell you what music to lis- ceived. Nothing has changed; the originals on file. b e e n ten to so you have no right to remain tell us. As for the D.J.s their on our the BEATLts wnen you From “Teenagers of Ameri- even no THEM. We think you ca”. . . should wright a retract in the paper where everyone can read side. HOW can you judge We've proved ourselves worthy IATI.ES when you don! of excellent reputation we have.” Dear Maggie Meanders, We letter. TEENS of La Crosse. ‘Do you kids—sorry, I didn’t are typical teanager. Who in the it. ^Thank you for reading our Ell^lond S PM Tries To Get Into The Act do you think you are??? We have been waiting for more years than we can count for a really really neat wonderful group to come along you’ve got some nearve, the very nearve to say creeps!!! And when you I particularly enjoyed one phone call ... up to a point. The TORONTO (AP) - Britain’s caller, whom I assumed was boy, said, “You’re probably an old hen who hates everyone us Prime Minister Sir Alec Doug- say their singing is noise some teenagers do.” When I asked las-Home, who wants to redress of us girls felt like starting a what he considered “old,” he Britain’s trade balance with linch mob!!! We are so mad said, “Oh, 30 or so.” Young fel- Canada, says he holds the whip ! ! ! ! ! we’de la, I love you. hand in the situation. He told the Empire Club this .................................................. The pictures on this page are week: “If Britain needs to earn Just because it’s your personal especially for you Bea- more dollars from Canada, I tie admirers. 1 - we could bust like to hear the trash you like! ! ! ! It must be awful! opinion you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone agrees!! Are warn you, I shall send the Beatles.” . And you young people would you a communist!!?? Don’t you hardly be old enough to remem-!. The Beatles now are amass- constitu- her one Man in the White House ln^ dollars in the Cnited States. Begleys Expecting LOS ANGELES (AP)-Acade- believe in the tion???!!!!!??? It says; Free- wh0 had a motto on his desk, dom of life liberty and the per-, “This. Too, Shall Pass Awav.” sute of happiness. Our happi-i (President Dwight D. Eisenhow- ness is the Beatles and you’d er) just as do nieasles and the better keep your big pen mUmps, so will the current fad m>’ Award winner Ed Begley, shut!!! If you don’t want to pass jnt0 oblivion. And if any of 62- and his wife of two months, start a teenage riot. Teenagers y0u think Maggie is going to the former Helen Jordan, 38 , an- of La Crosse, Onalaska, Stard- burn incense before any current nounced this week that they are dard, Holeman, Viroqua, La singing (?) or swinging idol (or expecting a baby next fall. is it idle?), or back down from Their marriage Dec. 12 was what I have said, you don’t the second for her and the third Cresent, Winona WORLD. SHUT UP. and THE Gosh, no, Mary Ann. We can still remember those high school hops, with John Philip Sousa on the bandstand, leading his cats through “The Stars and Stripes Forever” and other hits of the period. That goes for “Irate No. 2: When you know me very well. were young you COOL CATS —Matching knit scarves and caps were worn by the Beatles last week as they headed for Penn Station en route to the nation’s capital. Cold, fresh air can make a fellow almost sick.— UPI Telephoto. Enough of the Beatles. Let’s probably had a singing idle so get around to discussing less vi- hers. why don’t you let the TEENS olent things like fluoridation or' ’ reapportionment, or tree spray for him. They live in the San Fernando Valley with five children, two of his and three of of La Crosse have theirs WHO ARE THE BEATLES AND we are going to continue buying THIIR records. When the Trib- ing, or urban development or £u (£rmmr (Tribune stray-eat catching. Then the old Salurdav, Keb. 15, 1M1 fl folks can get into it, too. Delivere* on RF'D fob. IS O

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