Hale's and West's testimony part 2

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Hale's and West's testimony part 2 - t i cham- a a 6 to I .. rhrfti ffc!t ;1 !-, "t...
t i cham- a a 6 to I .. rhrfti ffc!t ;1 !-, "t 1 . nv' al.cl ?temptea tKe faorutr or Uepn r it. Mnr.U. .f fltH-w Phurlff f tlierii to -Dar riadelle, when they were fired on by the ko-klux, and one of the priaonere was killed, and the rest were taken to iJarns. delta tor aafe keeping. - A baser lie wee never pabluhed., j. be priaonera were never laxcn to ijarua- ne'V, but ascspd, save Joe Tdcker, who was killed. Ibatlhi whole attair was a preconcerted thins from iht beKinnin?, b men thefr - , , . ... , own puir, ; vnwe. ursriuus sill ue pobliahed for the world to ace. In' another article the Tribune pub lishes the following affidavit, from two members of the loyal league, which throw some light on the commencement of these troubles i ' , " , I. Perry West, do hereby testify that on or about the 15th of April, 1872, John Williams, deputy sheriff, gave me orders to shoot or lead Nat Hale, John Hale. Reese Hogan, Harry Pointer and John Young, saying, "In fact, shoot any of them that impose upon you, and, if they have too many witnesrea for yon, come and give yourself op, and the governor will pardon yon ; ' and he went so far as to say that he was going to get rid of the McCune and Hale outfit, as he knew them of old. and they hsd to leave the country ; said be would show who runs this county. He gave these orders at various times and various places, t i 1, Ferry W est, can prove this evidence by W. O. Cox. The-aid John Williams said that Le bad order to burn Dover. and be intended to do it. . Tbe first place to make for is Scott A Howell's, for they have more money than any other noose in town. lie ( W llhams) said that he was going: to hsve revenge ; and he said to me," .ferry, tney hare not mistreated you, but have some-of Your friends, and we will; raves them for it." I answered. No." i V- ,. . We. Perry West and W.-O. Cox. are members of the loyal league, but we are not under obligations to keep such threats and outrages a secret, . We alm belong; to John Yi illiams company of militia, and we have not and do not propose to di vulge any or the secrets of our order; but John Williams told us that if there were any depredations done, he would let as know, and we promised to assist in executing the law! when it was a necessary. But he did not let Us know' anything about the present excitement, and, these are ! the particulars of what we know about the causes of the present troubles. Signed! ., ?' Ferry West, :, W. O. Cox. L Jesse C. Warren,1 mayor of the town of Dover, Ark-, do hereby certify that the names above were signed and sworn to in: my presence, this 11th day of July,' A. D. 1872. .-. " , , J KSSK U. W AJtKKST . The Tribune gives the following details of the outrages perpetrated by the militia afterwards: .'" i " " We learn that on i Wednesday nijtht last, a party of militia,- headed by Bart Clonager, went to the residence ef Kira- brida oUs, a quiet farmer, living aix : miles east of thi-. place, and -demanded his saddles, . bridles , and runs, and searched the lot for horses. They ordered Mr. 1 otts to make una light, and to be in a hurry or they would be d d if they" didn't make one out of hia house. They went to other places, taking horses, saddles, rridlee, and insulting all who opposed them. On Thursday evening they again went to Mr. Potts' and took a very Hue horse and Sir. Henry's mules. We will learn alter a while who are the ku-klux spoken of in the Little Rock IteDBblican. 1'ope county's best citiiens are awaiting the action, of the law to deal with the wretched scoundrels, r f vThe effect of these jontrages has been to prostrate business I generally. .The Tribune aftys of it; . -, - , Jc It is painful to note the feeling of gloom which the recent outrageous occurrence in this county have thrown over our town. Business which waa dull be fore seems under the; fatal influence of suspense and anxiety to have come to a dead stand. - ilea talk of nothing can think of nothing but the horrible deeds of last Monday night.' 'The state of pub lic feeling is deep -oat not turbulent in tense buf not tumultuous. All ardently desire to efi the majesty of the law upheld, and; justice dealt im partially to all, and there is a manifest resolution to do. everything possible to secure peace and safety.! . And though we recognise the strong, incentive to excite ment and impulse contained in the late occurrence, yet we counsel all to the exercise j of prudence, patience, moderation and coolness, trusting that in ' the' strong arm of the law we will find a power able and willing to protect the innocent, as well as to punish the guilty. - ; - ' " From all which it will be seen that the good people of Pope county of all parties are ready, anxious ' and willing to assist in enforcing the laws; that the sheriff and hia party have been guilty of cool, delib erate, premeditated murder; that the bouses of citizens have been pillaged and robbed of their contents.' ' All this by men who are sworn to uphold and defend the law. We trust they will be .speedily brought to trial and punished aa they de serve. -. l' HEAVY BLOWS. act city of at was of and D.-mbtlesjt of to do iy of a in be $ i

Clipped from
  1. Daily Arkansas Gazette,
  2. 17 Jul 1872, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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  • Hale's and West's testimony part 2

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