Hale's and West's testimony published part 1

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Hale's and West's testimony  published  part 1 - ot- lcaao- represeat-kive of govern- be...
ot- lcaao- represeat-kive of govern- be auoarvi- of ratifiea-tina a aathor-ised ta ia Caavea-!. aa pros-It ' of a to : all repub-Lcafiisfa THE POPE COUNTY, MURDERS. Wa have before oa tba Russell villa Xnbane pi tuitaraay last, containing a full account of the late murders by the sheriff of Pope county and hia posse. The following- following- ia the evidence of Mr. Hale, who ia indorsed by tba Tribune and oth ers aa one of the oldest and beat ciuxen of Pope county, given before the coroner's jory: On the 8th of July he waa arrested by Sheriff Dodson, Hickox and company while at borne, Dodson said for being suspected suspected -of -of shooting at Deputy Sheriff Williams Williams a lew days Defore.-; Defore.-; Defore.-; He said be wa conducted to Dover with, two' other prisoners, prisoners, and there kept some time nnder guard in the court-hosse, court-hosse, court-hosse, till about 6 o'clock in the evening, when they were ordered to leave Dover for Dardanelles Bat while in town Dodson msdeone more arreet Mr. Liberty West.,. He then bad four of us priaonera, and moved on down toward Dardanelle about six miles and stopped at the camp ground sear sun down, and Dodson said he was going to stay all night and would send cot after forage. forage. I did not like the movements of the rtr. as they seemed to be talking very about something. I be moat ot them ent out Of tbe eh arch (where we had been conducted), and I saw Dodson and liickcx talking together through the win dow, rery low. There were but few left in the house to guard the prisoners. In the coarse of an hour or so part of them came back; and Dodson said that be could not get forage and tbat we would have to move on to Russellville. At this time I felt very much excited, as part ef tbe men bad left, and Dodaon said to the priaonera priaonera if they were fired on that they (tbe prisoners) would sufier for it. We were ordered to mount oar horse, and Dodson, Hickox and one other mas got before us, and the remainder of the company behind us. I We were ordered to march on, and when we ' got about three-quarters three-quarters three-quarters of a mile from tne camp ground, tn the edge of a thick, woods, I heard some one say behind me, ll is as dark as Egypt," and Dodson said. Yes. but Egypt : bag no eyes,", and just at this time I beard the cocking of guns, and then -my -my attention was called to firing of guns on ' my right, the blase of all going tap in tbe air; then Lkxlson and Hickox whirled their hersee to the right between we prisoners and the firing, and Dodaon said, .Now, boys, is the time to do your work," and began firing into us. I ran my horse forward and made my: efcap.e ; j -i -i -ts. -ts. t ..; f-o.;; f-o.;; f-o.;; iAnd here; is a brief synopsis of the testimony of Mr. West,- West,- another of the prisoners, as furnished by the Tribune: When the firing began on the prisoners I threw myself oa the side of ny horse, and the saddle turned, throwing me to the ground. . I crawled into the bushes and all wa atill for a few seconds.' Then I heard low talking and laughing, and I heard Dodson 'a voice ask; W here are tbe prisoners?" borne one answered: I don't know." Shortly afterwards I heard some one groaninr as if in distress, and then the report of two guns; and then all 1 was over. Then 1 heard Dodacn say JN ow, tiod d n von. I've eot you." l lay still, and directly they- they- commenced laughing and talking and rushed off to wards Russellville. Tbe Tribune comments thus on the above: j : ; The person alluded to in the above testimony, whose groans and sighs of distress were stopped by the s-waswiii s-waswiii s-waswiii Dodson, was Joftepa Tuccr. II. a bov!y was found Tuesday morning, literally ri J-died J-died J-died with baUeti. A jury was su' iuic - i and an laqnsst I !J cv-;r cv-;r cv-;r I 's to , a - - which it wu h&i:I cr.r tj L:i '..I i for intermeiX Further oa ti e Eier"; :r f-j-: f-j-: f-j-: f-j-: f-j-: Dodson vftl i:r;tH ":i!y to I'Is Rock'viiili ii'-'-rx ii'-'-rx ii'-'-rx ii'-'-rx ii'-'-rx rtr-nt' rtr-nt' rtr-nt' 1 k!ux" to the L.i.la . lU-j.i lU-j.i lU-j.i ':, and Thursday moraieg's paper hid LU to of lic of as in I a to r

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette17 Jul 1872, WedPage 2

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)17 Jul 1872, WedPage 2
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  • Hale's and West's testimony published part 1

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