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ArizonaRepublic-Phoenix-Jan-2-1980 - Captain and Tennille shedding image of...
Captain and Tennille shedding image of wholesome youth By Marcia Smith-Durk Smith-Durk Smith-Durk Dallas Times Herald If you listen to AM radio, chances are you have heard a sexy, husky-voiced husky-voiced husky-voiced woman sing: "Do that to me one more time Once is never enough . With a man like you." The voice sounds familiar, right? Could it be Donna Summer, the disco siren who loved to love you. baby? Or Carly Simon, whose Nobody Does It Better provided appropriate musical accompaniment accompaniment 'for James Bond's romantic interludes in The Spy Who Loved Me. Nope. It's Toni Tennille, the bright-eyed bright-eyed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bushy-tailed bushy-tailed other half of the Captain and Tennille, the singing duo whose sex appeal up to now has been on par with that of the Lennon Sisters. ..It may be Toni. but it's a new Toni. A blonde, ' leggy, sex;, Toni in dresses cut down to there and ; slit up to here. With smoky eyes and glistening lips. ; And the Captain, Toni's husband of six years, has changed too. Oh, the yachting hat is still there, but beneath it are lots of tight curls that make him look las Italian as he is. And he too smoulders on the '.cuvor of their new album, "Make Your Move." -.Jhat's -.Jhat's a dramatic departure for a couple most ,-oTten ,-oTten ,-oTten photographed at home romping with their pet Shillings. Up until now. the Captain and Tennille ,'ldokwl as wholesome as the Osmonds and were 'thought to be as young. Not so. Now in their mid-"'3iiC.Toni mid-"'3iiC.Toni mid-"'3iiC.Toni and Daryl Dragon want to come clean about their aces. I "We dun't want people to think we're in bur 20s. CWtf 'started to worry about that, like 'How much !;i!1gVr can we pull this off?' So it's a real release for !ui now to be what we really are." Toni said in a -t.Ml'phone -t.Ml'phone interview from her home in Pacific Pali-yatlrs. Pali-yatlrs. Pali-yatlrs. . A.n the Captain and Tennille, Daryl and Toni have X'ollected four gold albums, five gold singles, two platinum albums and one platinum single for such ''songs as Love Will Keep Us Together, Musknit i Love. Lonely Sights and Shop Around. Now they Jwant to sing about a more mature love, the kind 1.1 hey feel for each other. With that comes a new' 'image. . "Actually it's a new-old new-old new-old image," Toni said. "The ?real change in image came about when Low Will Keep Vs Together came out. Now we're going back to the old us." she explained. .. At the time Love Will Keep Us Together hit the fharts. the Capitain and Tennille had a Los Angeles nightclub act that included songs unlike the sparkly. upbeat Love Will " With the commercial commercial success of that song, the old fans deserted and the Captain and Tennille took on a new group of fans. Toni said. "Our image was bright, young, clean, like Donny and Marie. We didn't want only that one facet of us to show that cheerleader. Miss America-type America-type America-type image." Toni said. "And I knew I was a heck of a lot more than a quiet guy in a silly hat," Daryl added when he picked up the telephone extension. Still, when they got their own television show in the fall of 1976, the. image persisted. Daryl wore brightly colored yachting hats that were coordinated coordinated with his equally bright-colored bright-colored bright-colored wardrobe. Toni wore high-necked, high-necked, high-necked, long-sleeved, long-sleeved, long-sleeved, ankle-length ankle-length ankle-length evening dresses. She kept her straight, perky pageboy pageboy partly because her little-girl little-girl little-girl fans had invested in Tennille wigs and dolls. Also, A&M Records encouraged the Ail-American Ail-American Ail-American image. "A&M thought we were a certain way and that was it," Daryl said. "They thought of us the way we were on the TV show wearing the silly green hats and all. And radio tends to be that way. They think you're either this or that. They bought the TV image." So, when the Captain and Tennille decided to shed that old image, and to take on a new glossier image, they first changed record companies. "Our career was in neutral," Toni said. "We had problems problems getting the right kind of promotion. Our album sales were mediocre." Their new record company, Casablanca Records, encouraged them to try new things. So the first thing they did was to put together an album with a concept. "Usually we record what we like without any thought to an album concept," Toni said. "But this time, we recorded a lot of things, then threw out what we didn't like. We wanted the album to explore a sensual love relationship with songs that are humorous, mystical, flirtatious all the things a relationship can be." Toni wrote four of the songs on- on- the album. "I wanted each tune to have something to say about the love relationship between a man and a woman," she said. To go along with the sexy songs inside the Make Your Move album, the Captain and Tennille decided they would need a sexy album cover. "It was my idea to have a close-up close-up close-up of Daryle and me. looking at each other. I wanted to show the physical attraction we have for each other," Toni said. "1 wanted something that didn't have us smiling right into a camera like college kids." Toni had her hair lightened and her makeup specially done. Daryl had his hair permed. "I'm not going to do that agein!" he said. "Oh, yes, you are!" Toni told him. "I'm not going hack to having to blow dry your hair every day." And, Toni hired Bob Mackie to put together a professional wardrohe for her. "My old designer covered me up. I wanted something sexy. He told me I should show my legs because they're so long. And because I have a small bust, he said I could get by with wearing low-neck low-neck low-neck dresses without looking vulgar." The new look has made a great difference in how Toni feels about herself. And about how her fans look at her. "For the first time, the record reviewers reviewers are saying I'm sexy. And I love it," she saidv . , The two hope their old fans stick with them through' this change!'i think they will. I was looking through our fan mail the other day and most mentioned the change in our sound. They like the concept idea. I don't think we've turned anybody anybody off," Daryl said. KOY 550 KMO 1010 KTAR Al Ntwt 620 KKKQ 1060 KXIVN8C .. KMO 70 KCKV 1150 KOM.. KfNSpontt S60 KROS 1190 KMMpOnMl MM KJJJCounfry 910 XFIMMoKxji 1230 KDJQ 1510OKMS F M EYE OPENERS: MUSIC & NEWS 5 a.m. Jne McNamara and Jim Murdoek on KARZ . . . David Munsev and Don Andrews KOOL-FM. KOOL-FM. KOOL-FM. 5:30 a.m.- a.m.- W. Steven Martin on KNIX . . . Bill Hoy-wood Hoy-wood Hoy-wood KOY . . . Johnny Andrews on KTAR-AM KTAR-AM KTAR-AM . . . Bobby Butler and Walt Brown on KJJJ . . . Mike Del Rosso and Marsha farter on KBBC-KM KBBC-KM KBBC-KM . . . John Giese, Bill Andres and Pat Powers on KDKB. . Javier Rodriquez on KPHX-AM. KPHX-AM. KPHX-AM. S a.m. Jim Spero on KXIV . . . Rick Fletcher on KHKP . . . Bob Glazar on KMCR-FM KMCR-FM KMCR-FM . . . Steve Roberts on KQYT . . . Guy King on KMEO-AM-FM KMEO-AM-FM KMEO-AM-FM KMEO-AM-FM KMEO-AM-FM . . . Buddy Baker, Gerald Ackley, Teresa Rogers on KRL'X . . . Barry Stevens on KCKY . . . Bob Bailie and Sue Kimball on KIOG . . . Hank Cookenboo on KUPD-FM KUPD-FM KUPD-FM . . . Ralph Warren on KWAO ... Joe Bailey on KKKQ . . . Doctor G on KXTC-FM KXTC-FM KXTC-FM . . . Alan Cook on KFLR . . John C. Gutierrez on KRDS . . . Dave Otto on KOPA . . . Toad Hall on KDJQ . . . Sertgio Pedroza & Rene Bneta on KIFX. CLASSIC: CONCERT & NOSTALGIC Afternoon Concert Noon-4 Noon-4 Noon-4 p.m. KHEP-FM. KHEP-FM. KHEP-FM. Beautiful Music - KQYT . , . KMEO-AM KMEO-AM KMEO-AM FM. Golden Oldies '- '- KOOL-FM KOOL-FM KOOL-FM . . . KDJQ . . . Prelude Noon. KHEP-FM. KHEP-FM. KHEP-FM. Disco - KXTC-FM. KXTC-FM. KXTC-FM. Jaa KXIV 10 p.m. to 2 am. PERSONALITIES Paul Harvey 6:30 and 8:25 a.m., 12:30 and 3:25 p.m., KTAR. Consumer News Line 5:50 a.m., and 9:50 a.m., KTAR. . Agri News 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m., KJJJ. f , t fr-t fr-t fr-t . Captain and Tennille I o RADIO o I KRUXBock 1360 140 KQ 1310 KMXCountry 1560 S SI BI

Clipped from Arizona Republic02 Jan 1980, Wed[First Edition]Page 71

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona)02 Jan 1980, Wed[First Edition]Page 71
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