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Russellville Tribune version part 1 - a of or compli- in at f constitution . nd laws...
a of or compli- in at f constitution . nd laws of Arkansas, ao command sit persona to return td their homes and their daily avocations imme diately, and thereafter demean themselves t t a , t - l f ' . - as peaceoDie ana law-auiamg law-auiamg law-auiamg ciukh,, , A violation of this command will' re sult, no matter, who advises youjtolhe contrary, in placing ope county Dnaer mastial law, j where it will be kepi until such time "si in my opinion peace and s:ood order will follow a withdrawal of the troop, j " i ( i f In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand! and caased the seal bf the state ta pe amxea at inline ac, mu thirtieth day! of July, in the year bf our Lord one thousand eigm nun- nun- seal. dred and seventy-twoy seventy-twoy seventy-twoy . j O. A. Hadiby, Goverjior. By the Governor : - ! ' ; J. Hi Johhsok, Secretary of a ate. Aa an offset to tbe above we append, below, an article from the Russellville of ' We May, jvdgt, regard boon We editor ing posse. the the below, just of i lot Tribune of July 27th--a 27th--a 27th--a 27th--a paper published be tbe had to before returned for I atrel affair. ling oa tha hold term to in for the . May persons to aa in the midstof the troubles. The Tribune is republican In politics, snd tip to short time since was 'one of Gov, Bad-ley's Bad-ley's Bad-ley's official journals. ! The editori of that paper was a federal soldier, and hM been identified with the republican party since the close of the warJ What ha aays of j the affair cannot be tortured into f 'democratic 'democratic lles.: Being on tbe spot, perfectly familiar with all, the facta, an4 of the same political persuasion as the governor, we leave it to an impartial- impartial- publib to determine determine who- who- is- is- correct in these state- state- meats the governor or the editor of the Tribune. -.People -.People bf Arkansas, read this : Powell Clayton returned to Arkansas a few days Jam 33 Fitch, his servile tool, the ia famous registrar of Johnson county In M8G8, and of Polski Sn 1870, came to Pope ostensibly to orate on the Fourth of July, at the Minstrel barbacue. The two barb -cues -cues held -by -by the reform nirtv on that day outnumbered the Min- Min- y . . . a a i a. 1 j. ds snowed tne nanawrit-wall. nanawrit-wall. nanawrit-wall. That evening Fitch, Dodson and Hickox repaired to Dover, tbe county site, where they met Deputy Sheriff Williams, and the diabolical plot and massacre immediately thereafter were concocted. : . . ' r, ' - - 1 ' w " Friday ' morning, the 5th, ; Williams started home, in pursuance of ihe conspiracy, conspiracy, and the three othee parties left Dover or ' the southern portion of the county.. That nig'it Willisn pretended to be shot by ku-klux. ku-klux. ku-klux. Nobodyj be"eves a word of it. The c5 coo tances snd the positive proof render it in possible to be truev 4 Dodton and Uicko t never reujnwd to Dover until they bad collected their armed band of.a9ins whom ),hey dig of Hale from of snd Here Williams upon balls his braes the' nine N. and find they Dover at that pa j of piy by the name of posse !.s Arrest are subpee- mode of innocent young men, good citi-ncad citi-ncad d senp, of the first rank in the community, the Circuit Superintendent Stuart Ss of tbe firing gang. Then follows the ride of death prison- tbe hin subteriugeof anambosaade the double- whol sale butchery of defenceless pris onr rs. Then ensue the infamous deeds of burglary and robbery, the break ing up other of ' schools,! warring on liale children, with snd the terrifying of the citizens of a accoinpo-niei ad rnd the behalf prosecution their whole county and portions of other counties. counties. The arnvd marauders are at large, and the chief ex eutive hobnobs with them and sends them arms. Warrants are sworn out against them and still they are not arrested. arrested. Dodson, Hickox, S.nart & Co. sre in daily consultation with Msy, the circuit circuit judge. The marauders are invited to court. They come loaded down with revolvets and double-barreled double-barreled double-barreled shot-gun. shot-gun. shot-gun. Tha swagger about the street i of Ku-sellville Ku-sellville Ku-sellville breathing out threatening and further slaughter. 1 he examiamg court, holden by Circuit Judge May, finally si , and forty witn -se -se appear tor tne prose cation, to erpose the damnable plot," 1 he juris- juris- defendant! wear their weapdnat. within and the. very! court-room. court-room. court-room. Their counsel, to Gen. Gantt and Judge Wilshire, assisted bv the prosecuting attorney ef the cir-have cir-have cuit, T. , M. Gibson, waive examination fir- fir- snd are admitted to bail by Judge May have in the sura of 5000 each for Dodson and citi- citi- Hickox, and a much smaller amount for of 1 the other defendanU, to answer at the to I next circuit court to the charge of mur- mur- two the oa it county citizens upon the entire for to attend that lay their clerk their of shall-be respected. of of bound not fuels, ex or der in the first degree. These bonds have not vet been civen, though the ptr- ptr- ties are at large, armed, and defying the law.) Thereupon, on the sole affidavit of E W. Dad son, tbe head a'ssin, Judge May issuet warrants a era inst ten of the first young men of Pope, and they are bi ought lo Bussellville to answer to -the -the charge of eonslitatinj? the ambuscade, which it is pretended by the Dodson posse. fired on them. Ih examination is set for Thursday, the 25th, 8t EueUville. Promptly on tbat day every one of these defendants sp pears for trial. -They -They come with a cloud of witnesses. They declere themselves ready to prove that at the time of the pretended,,, each of them wss miles! away, not dreaming of the murderous dtsiens of the heriff and hi mob. Judge May comes over from Dardanelle in the morning. The day drag on. Dodon, Hickox,. Stnsrt and Cloniger hang around town, iiruipd to I he teeth, threatening if the dc'er.dan's rs-caia rs-caia rs-caia Cftr ir :U id run in calLeuanJ

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette01 Aug 1872, ThuPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)01 Aug 1872, ThuPage 1
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  • Russellville Tribune version part 1

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