Pope County War Judge May

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Pope County War  Judge May - THE POPE COUNTY AFFAIR. Judge May and His Coart...
THE POPE COUNTY AFFAIR. Judge May and His Coart Arrest of the Editor of the Dardanclle Transcript From the DrdBelteTr-Berip'.23d. DrdBelteTr-Berip'.23d. DrdBelteTr-Berip'.23d. j On yertwday Judge Mij, of thU plce, proctirded to open court in RaHMllTiilr. T litre were present in tlendnce for the !efebdaBts in the murder case, ex Judge Wilvhire and Attorney General Oantt, of Little Koch beside T. M.GibBon, of lhi filaoe. TEere were present for the prosecution, prosecution, Col. Whipple, of Utile Bock, and Col. J. E. Craven, of CUrkeTille, with 1 1. M. Jacoway, ot this place. Thomaa A. Jlank, of .Blufllon, aran aipoinled vheriff pro tem. Ten'T four of the lKMre who are charged whh the murder of ti e priaoner, were in attendance with Dodaon the aheriff ; Sinrt, the ackool tnperintendert;- tnperintendert;- Hickox the county clerk, and John Williams, the depnty plieriiL Babpoenas were iaaued far wit-nri. wit-nri. wit-nri. The first incident of note was Hank, the acting sherifl, remarkiog that he would hare to consult Dodoo, the culprit, culprit, aa to whom he should send feat to serve the subpoenas. The second was, the selecting of Deputy Sheriff William, the ling-leader ling-leader ling-leader Of the criminal, as ehkfot the guard to keep Hie prisoners. The next 'was appointing the following persona persona to compose William guard to-wit to-wit to-wit : Lather 1 CI nager, a brother to the greatest greatest desperado of all theealprits, also John A.' .Bowden, and relative of one tbe of vm ; also Solomon Aired, the father ol o.te of 1 them, together r with C t T. Ktndritk, a relative of one of the.crimi-naln the.crimi-naln the.crimi-naln ; the, with Green A. Barne, Joseph Joseph Keid, Daniel LewaJten, Daw Finley nnd Jack Eatcley, compose the gnard. Judge May selected the guards All this being done, Judge May adjourned the court to aneet tc-lay tc-lay tc-lay at 9 o'clock a.m. The reason why Judge May postponed holding the court last week is now evident to all, as the "priuonerK.di. banded aa militia militia by Gov. Had ley when up here ten or twelve days ago (or .when be pretended to dioband them), have since all been well aimed with the most approved and improved muskets. last Saturday two caee of arm were sent out frda Little Hock on the Little Rock and Fort Smith railroad to PerryV station, the It rminos of the road. 4 T. M. Gibson was on the carsat the- the- time, having gone to Little Rock for some purpose which we unppose he accomplished, as the arms came op aa be did.'- did.'- Dodson. in (he open lace of day, sent a wagon and took charge of said arms. The arms are said to have been consigned to Deppty Sheriff Williams, Williams, though Dodson took charge of them as abore. i Thus we see how Gov. Had ley dkbanded this, militia, who had killed two harmless prisoners, and afterward took a great deal of valuable property from CoL Potta and otberv ee these dreadful wretches thus armed by thesU'e authorities. -We -We see J adge May selecting selecting friends and relatives of tbe pnMDt pretended prisoners for the purpose of guarding (they pretend) these prisoners. We ate Judge May also appointing in the first place, C. A. Brewn, of this place, sheriff pro temn and giving to hint instructions instructions to arrest all the posse but Dodson, Dodson, Hickox, Stuart and Williams, thus excepting the 'ring-leaders; 'ring-leaders; 'ring-leaders; and we fiad tbese ring Jeadere-claiming Jeadere-claiming Jeadere-claiming the right to go on the bona of each of tbe prisoner, claiming that they had a private understanding understanding with Jadge May, allowing them to run at large and to make out bonds for their accomplices in crime. These men claim to have entered into a oontraqt (as tbey called it) with Jadge May as slated above. i ' This much of the ridiculous farce has ajread v been acted out. To-day To-day To-day another act In the faros will be Tlayed. What that will be anybody with half an eye can The farce will end with the acquits tal of Witliami", Doddon and the posse thev had with them. : ATI know or can , now see that an honorable acqaitta! was - cut and dried before Fitch, the evil ge nius of this state and people, carried the. state-house state-house state-house ring orders around to these criminals.: Stein? that the whole thine was concocted at Little Rjck and carried rait 1 brnn rh the -officers -officers of the law in Yell and Fore counties, we are led tol wondef why Gen. Ganttt and. ex Judge Wilshire should put themselves to the trouble this f hot weather of coming all; the way from Little Bock to Rosselville to take part ia this miserable mockery and stupendous farce. ' Farce did we say, yes worse-than worse-than worse-than any farce, for the first 1 scene was tragic in the extreme, for it waa innocent blood that was wmnton'y shed, and now we find Gen. GanU, once a gallant gallant confederate eificer, licking, the tonocent blood of these victims -who -who are his own betrayed people, and ere .fiad ex-Judge ex-Judge ex-Judge Wilahire, a man who once wore the EBMixe and whe took God's oath into into his mouib, here defending these; men in the way of a tolevam mockery. W fiad Judge May,, too, arranging n is court in such manner as to defeat the ends of justice, justice, and that, too, against the innocent blood of his neighbors and brethren. This is, ia think, carrying . party r pir it end rank, rotten radicalism to the very precincts of hell itself, and Jadge Ma v, although he has only acted out the first scene in the drama. Is already cowered with a load of eternal Infamy. less, however, has tbe chief executive of this state dona the same thing. Godr save our dowa-trooden dowa-trooden dowa-trooden people. Ia making the above. statement of. facts, them as they era told as by those who have witnseswit everything. They are believed by oifr people. . A sense of in- in- curitv crevadea every bosom IB conse quence. We are informed that moat of Ute best citizen of Pope bare left the coanty that the friends of the Halts and Mr. Tacker wifl not appear at witnesses witnesses against the sheriff and his posse. We see no reason why the prosecution . should proceed any; farther as It will result result onlv ia expense to the state -and -and ceuntrv. We would wash our hands of the wltole thing in we were the prosecu tors in the case. We think it a waste of tii4 and breath Ion the Dart of these ren- ren- ttemen, and that thy had better return to Uketr Lomes. Let the trial go on with-on with-on with-on them. Let Che solemn mockery pro ceed without our people taking any hand in it. , We woald still advise the cititeea of Pope to be calm and lav-ahiding. lav-ahiding. lav-ahiding. As stated to yesterday's Ga-HTTE, Ga-HTTE, Ga-HTTE, Dodson, Hickox 4 Co. waived an examination, examination, and were released oa bail to ap pear before tbe eout at next Urn, which commences, if we mistake sot, next week. On Wednesday Judge May Issued warrant for the arrest of Capt. Parry, editor of tbe Transcript, on si charge of contempt of court, for publishing the ' above article, and the moat intease ex citeatent prevailed. r : We arc Informed that many of tbe best citizens of Pope county have left since IhedUehargacf Dodsoa & Co., whosul retain their roiiitU in arms. ;" : We are glad to' sea at least one admin istration organ denouncing tbe murders t7 Pio8 nd Vis posse iff lb terms I

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette26 Jul 1872, FriPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)26 Jul 1872, FriPage 1
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  • Pope County War Judge May

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