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Capt Darr Pope County - out dishwash- in Do ups like to Fri- -to -to in...
out dishwash- in Do ups like to Fri- -to -to in his to 72-and believe elf- elf- Bepubli- Me- RECALLS NAMES OF WAR COMRADES Col John C. Darr of Atkins Givis List of Company. Col. John O. Dmrr f Alklna Tiiu ( to tfsJ. 0, H. Nowlln. eomntler ef Confederate rosier in Arssnsas. tbe partial list of com pany E. Col, Anderson Gordon's refiment. lae net la made from memory and Col Darr says, there are possibly some errors in. . . . "One thing I wilt say," says Ool. Darr, I do not believe that there was a better company or regiment In the Trans-Missis Trans-Missis Trans-Missis Slppl department. r If. we had ona.-alngl ona.-alngl ona.-alngl real ebirker I did not. know him." The list prepared ; by Col Darr, from memory ta as follow: - - Company- Company- E of Pope county. Col, Ander son Gordon's regiment, Oen; W L. Cabell's brigade,-V'- brigade,-V'- brigade,-V'- brigade,-V'- Trana-Mlanlsslppl-Vs Trana-Mlanlsslppl-Vs Trana-Mlanlsslppl-Vs Trana-Mlanlsslppl-Vs Trana-Mlanlsslppl-Vs department. Regimental officers at and near close ol tne wan itf , , CoL' Anderson Gordon, LewlsBurg, con- con- way eeuaty, Ark.;. Lieut. Col. Faith (assassinated (assassinated near Ozark), Franklin county, Ark. 1 Mali- Mali- Arrington, Benton county, Ara.; -captain -captain -captain of company B, David Rye, Dover, Pope county. Ark. - Later Capt. A.' H. Bcott (new of Little Rock).' Dover, Pope county. Ark.; Lieut. Joe Lewis, Pope county (killed at Maries DeCygno, - Kan.; Lieut. ? Woods, Benton county: Tnomao Potts, first sergeant (killed)! (killed)! 8amuel Welle, eorporal 0 - ' : Privates M. H. Weathers. A. R. Robin son and W. P. Robinson (brothers), James Cagle Jr., Johnson Winneld and Freeman Winfleld (brothers), all died in Pope county since the. wan J K. Rankin, Uvea at Russell Russell rille: . Phlneaa Lee,, detached to Haw- Haw- eye battery. Uvea near Dover : (Tlger)j Thomas oates, aetaenea to neweys battery,-lives battery,-lives battery,-lives battery,-lives la Texas (Tiger); Matt Hale, lives m Pope county; Win. Hale, murdered br Doteon militia In Pope county: Warren James, died near Dover, Pop county; John Ralney, missing at Marie's DeCygne, Kan.; Joba Turner, died after the war In Pope county; , Pearce, detached to Hewer's battery (Tiger); Root.. Berrymau, v. live (Tiger), died In Pope oounty; ' James, transferred to ' wagon train jam; w. B. Dlokey, lives in wagon train; Oen. Franklin died at Dover after the war; Aaron lin,, died at Dover after tne wart - Hooper Jr., died in California since wsx Gllliland. killed at Mark's nrjt.; lxDg Meal,. . woandea at - Springs, dead; Wesley Neal; John F. killed at Marie DeCygne, Kan. O. BelL douched to Hewer's batterr ger); Jerry Grayrdetaobed to Hewey's tery (Tiger); Jack Hartaell, lives at sollTillej Tom Applegate, detached to Hewey's battery (Tlcer): Willi Tysoa. ed to Hewey's battery (Tiger); 81s detailed to drive ambulance; Moses Bur-gauer, not enlisted; Wm. Rankin Br enlisted; Horton Br., net enlisted; Horton, not enlisted i eompany- eompany- E. served with tt John O. Darr. private, at mains, nr. t Col, Darr adds: ' "Thos marked with star I am not .-: .-: .-: certain belonged to pany K. Those marked not enlisted men Who wer very -old -old men er aot. sens, or could not tet-to tet-to tet-to their The battery: belonging to Cabell's (Hewey's) was dubbed tbe Tiger battery the ladles wbo painted us a nice flag a very -ferocloue -ferocloue tigerpainted on It. lost batterr and all in the streets of dependence, Mo., on - our last -raid -raid This . battery., w captared' . at Spring,-' Spring,-' Spring,-' Ark.,-fmthe Ark.,-fmthe Ark.,-fmthe -Tank. -Tank. Jt a On battery. We started with two smooth-bored smooth-bored smooth-bored Iron guns." - . QUEEN'STEUA.V. Noted Clairvoyant in Little Eock, at I Last fourui rueet. ' f, i'.-'-,. i'.-'-,. i'.-'-,. i'.-'-,. i'.-'-,. .. nenemnsanasmMsssn -i -i Queen Stella, assisted by the mat Inner own home, the greatest palmist and clairvoyant among you, just what you want to ksowj reads til line an open book; does not ask to write questions; seus pnst, present, ru-ture. Consultation on all affairs ef Invite - mediums, palmists, spiritualists to visit ber: no matter what your ness is, as soon as you see ber you eonndence that she is what she claim be: indorsed by public and press; palmistry, how to develop yourself a medium, bow to control other, healing, as a tiro reader s&e has superior;' Impression of your hand Consult Queen Stella. No matter you want to know or find out. - - A fos skeptics and unbelievers to be

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette25 Sep 1904, SunPage 5

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)25 Sep 1904, SunPage 5
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