1878 flood in Hinton

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1878 flood in Hinton - A P E R FOK S( VEAHS W. V a . , and m a t t e r...
A P E R FOK S( VEAHS W. V a . , and m a t t e r L. Scott HKC.KLKY d e l p h i a I'RF.SS for Ihis T E S b l i s h e d d e l i v e r y m a i l V i r g i n i a , e to give c t your local c n r - independent, r p o r n i i n n li n payment H v e s . h ( j u t n l i i r . s . s , f l i m i vcxtition t a m i n K to slate is been spent had to pay and n i g a n s in t t l e s s u r a n c e lhal d , "Why un- i l s everywhere. e d of the i v e commil- setup has already be presented convene early n k Ihe now con- f e r - to a g r e a t i t t e d lo operate r a i g h t - road At the same road a but the: in a people c r a t i c po- way or not. this " p a r t n e r s h i p " it e a n the end of t gvoal does e d e r a l government, m c n l , and together to develop -to t a n t new become a v a i l able Ihe laws a k e e x p l o i t a - it r n m o n t to ^o i n t o -- any move o v e r n m e n t to provide service r s h i p , r e g u - s t w i l l do jobs which which the it from treasuries need. mi! n g Virginian," top," i n g put inomi- l e ? of lo civc From Day To Day Having Jiennl frequent, references Ui the great New River flood of 3878, we wprc quite pleased to come across a written nc- count of (tint disaster while rending from Judge Miller's "History of Summers County." This book wns published in 1908, H wns 78 ycnrs ago tomorrow thai the flood occurred, after a continuous 24-hour rainfall thnl totaled three and one-hnlf inches. The river reached a height of 22'^ feel, and left in its w a k e a vast damage all along the New River Valley. Judge Miller gives this graphic account of Ihe disaster; 0 milestone cftinc first as never before, The waters rose into the residence of Charles Clark, at the mouth of Rluestonc carried off .lames Son's boom, nnd 1,500 saw logs, besides a large lot of lumber. Properly melted like frost before: (he smmrKT .sun. The new stenmfmnt "Cecelia," hclng in course ol construction, was lorn Irm.ve from Sis cables and went lo tho otcnn. The v-vitr rs wore at their highest on Friday. All f m n i l i r s the Island, leaving theft 1 worldy iK-long- )n«s, except Silwn J l i n t o n and J. P. but they raised a cry for help, and James .foil n son (colored), now nearly ninety years ojd, and his brave crrnv carried thorn out over the raging flond. The entire l.slnnd disappeared cxcr-pl 10(1 feel square, war where Dr. Gooch resided, mid whore McE)onnl(l b u i l t (lie brick k i l n to construct Iho cuurl house. (he Jtot'.ves. ctiUlc, evil VPS and hogs jjath- erod on this scjuaro nnd hc-^an making piteous appeals for succor; the horses m;i#he/l, and the cuv/s lowed most pJe«l- ingly, until relief came mid they were carried o f f . Kach lime .lolmsun and his crow attempted lo «et to (hi. 1 resiliences nf HinUm and Mills they wore swept away, u n t i l finally Joined by Tirn Over-shiner. Win, II. Thompson, nnd Win. J J . Thompson, wlio was one of the moat hravo and active in the work of rescue, jumped in n .skilf mid undertook to cj-o.ss, hut Johnson got there first, and they toHnllier released the hum tins ns well us the beasts from [ their danger. ] New Hivcr r n n from mountain lo mountain. Hnystiirks, corn and fern: ing were carried away in Lhc in ad rust). Seven horses, twit calves and a n u m b e r of were rescued by the bontincii. The river continued to ri.so u n t i l ten o'clock Sntur- day night. Joe Carter lust two dwellings and MO panel of fence. W. H. CotLle lost his residence and nil household floods. Widow Day lost all her personal effects, K, A. Weeks losl his dwelling; N. L. his dwelling and household effects; Anna Hodfifi ft)) her personal floods; Walker Tyler his building, storehouse and residence. Tin: John Pnck storehouse was swept iiwny, the upper slory of which had been used as n court house for .smnu time a f t e r the formiitlon of Ihe county, and Us removal from Die old rburcli. C. Harris ;md I* 1 . M. Stavbuck lost all their liropei'ty; C'ajitain Taliaf error had his | bouse damnged to the extent of $1,200 I and household good destroyed, The Spec- ry J louse, then owned by James Sons' ! Co., was also dnmajjed, The Williiun l .lames Sons' Co. lost $5.000 by loss o( j boats, logs, honm, etc., unit Silas Hinton's kitchen d r i f t e d awny nnd lodged Captain Dennis' residence. The w a t e r feet deep in his tumsc nnd in the store- house of Sila Uinlon fc Bro. J. II. Hobbs lost one building. M. V, Cnllowny lost his residence, nil of (he o(tthulldinf{sand all of bis household and personal properly, i 11. Prince, (loo. S. Young, John W. Wood- son, J, S. Thompson, J. P. Mills, and S. K. Phillips Bro. each losl very considerably. The hiuulsoivic f r a m e residetu'o nnd large steam mill of J. P. Mills destroyed nnd dmiitigril to tin? extent of $r»,00tt. N. W. l.owery, H. P. Good;, Slim Pack. Hit 1 Kev. (tarry C'or, the Widow Hiee, Kev. M. nibb, John H. Gotl, M. Thompson, .las, Collins and others lost very considerably. The pojnilnus part nf the city wns on islnnd in Avis nnd especially (routing New Rivrr. This river front was prnetical- ly rjirrird nwaV except a part of the of S, llinton mid the liouse of Krank IVnms. The whole island was left dcsn- late. A dyke was begun by the mimu-ijijil- [ ity of Avis in IflOfl. with a view tn t i u liiK Hi? floods and waters from the rkvr ns a protection for all time. This work has progressed satisfactorily lo this d a --January J907. 0 W. C. TCichmond. who owned the f i f a r m ju*{ I^Iow H i n t i m , nn the side, bnd bis Inrge form lioust' t'nmplele- ly deinttlislieil. Colonel Croekett lust four slacks of liay and l., r iQO bushels of cin-n I from Crump's Bottom, nnd l,0fi( rails J anil n vaunbte pm'iion of land along thr j r i v e r margin, Klbert 1'osvler lost isvonly- live slacks of bay, six acres of corn, w i t h damugcs amounting to $1,000 ing inJLTi- lo l a n d , M. C, Tlm-ker lost s f v r n t e e n stacks of hay, a large if rails, rind fifty acres of corn. K u f u Pack lost f i v e stni'ks of hay nnd six of corn nnd fencing. A mill wns washed off frmu Crump's not torn, and on t.iek Creek, in Green Sulphur Distrk-t, the \ L nhiible grist mill of Hnrrisou d w i n A wept away, tfie mill stones carried n g r r a l riisUuice, and the dam across creek completely destroyed, Thr water wris several feet uji on the storehouse ot Now Riv hrnond, now owend by J. A. C; rah n m, then owned by Mrs. Culliny, Great d,-n:]flt;cs were done to the railway, nnd all trains and t r a f f i c wore ly al n stnndstill, and so continued until the following Sunday. Vincent Sweeney, nn nged citi/.en, living on Now Hivcr nt Ihis time, remembered n flood in 18-10, wJirn he claimed the river was ?ugher six feet than at this lime, judging from a mark he marie at the time. The Jossos by farmers along DIG rivers were very serious. John A. Richmond, Kev; Richmond, lost 180 shocks of corn; J. N. H^ynes, nt packs Ferry, lost JOO shocks; James Roles, al the mouth of niucstonn, on the Jonathan Loo Bn'rker farm, ]nsl 100 shocks; C. A. Krerfekmtf Inst 2.^0 tine wnlnul logs from Jnnv.'s" hotini.

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  • 1878 flood in Hinton

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