The Lpouisville Couier-Journal 13 June 1867

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The Lpouisville Couier-Journal
13 June 1867 - At the Democratic Senatorial -Convention,...
At the Democratic Senatorial -Convention, -Convention, -Convention, composed of the counties of-Shelby, of-Shelby, of-Shelby, Henry and Oldham, held in Eminence Saturday, June 8, 18157, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for the State Senate, Senate, there was a large crowd out, every precinct in the three counties being fully represented. The convention assembled in the college hall of the Baptist Institute. Institute. The house was called to order by Col. John Fible, of Oldham county, aud on motion John Barbee. of Oldham, was called to the chair, and after returning his warmest thanks to the convention in a courteous manner, W. P. Thorn, of Eminence, was appointed Secretary of the convention. The house being called to order by the Chairman, Col. Ben Selby, of Henry, made a motion that each county select three committeemen on permanent organization, and the following following gentlemen were appointed : Adam Middleton, A. G. Roberts, and J. S. Morris, Morris, of Shelby; Col. Ben Selby, Capt.J. P. Smith, and Dr. L. E. Brown, of Henry; Judge H. E. Stone, Joseph Hp.Beard and John T. Rodman, of Oldham; who, after retiring, reported the following: Itcsvlved, That Col. John Barbee, of Oldham, shall be, and is hereby recomend-ed recomend-ed recomend-ed lo the convention as its permanent President, President, and Judge H. E. Stone aid J. P. Smith, act as Vice-presidents; Vice-presidents; Vice-presidents; and Ntiton Bright, of Shelby, and W. P. Thorn, are also recommended as its permanent Secretaries. Secretaries. And it i s further Resolved, That the delegates from each county determine the number of votes . to be cast by the county, taking as a basis the Duvall vote of Ii(H, and giving one vote for each fifty votes cast in that race and one for every fraction of twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five over. Each connty is instructed by this convention to distribute distribute the vote between the candidates according according their respective strength in each -district, -district, when the strength of each was ascertained; and be it further Jlesolved, That all the precincts in the whole Senatorial District vote by precincts. precincts. After the true vote of each precinct and county was determined, reporting in an aggregate of 67 votes, Shelby 29, Henry 24, Oldham 14. The chair declaring nominations in or--der, or--der, or--der, or--der, James Magruder nominated Joseph P. Foree, of Shelby, and Dr. L. E. Brown nominated W. L. Vorie?, of Henry. Biit before the first ballot, Mr. Morris, of Shelby viPe, at the request of Judze Foree, ; withdrew the Judge's name from the convention, convention, and W. L. Voriei, Kq., was nominated by acclamation. Then, on motion, the thanks of the Convention were voted and extended to the Shelby delegation, delegation, and especially their noble patriot who loved his country and the great principles principles involved, better than he did(.office. The Judge was then called for with t.-e-mendoQS t.-e-mendoQS t.-e-mendoQS t.-e-mendoQS t.-e-mendoQS applause, and arose and made one of the most encouraging speeches we have heard since the war, pledging his worthy support to Mr. Vories. Then it was moved that the chairappointacom-mittee chairappointacom-mittee chairappointacom-mittee to wait on Mr. Vories, and inform him of his nomination and wait on him to the stage, at which time Mr. Vories made his appearance, saying true Democracy needed no such formalities, and was greeted greeted with tremendous cheering. He made a very pretty little acceptation speech, in his pleasant and easy manner, stating his reasons for making the race in defense of his country, to which, he claimed the honor was due, and said if there was any man in Henry who the Shelby delegation preferred preferred to him, all they had to do was to name him, and he should haveit without a word- word- . :; There being nothing more before the house, it adjourned to the yard of D. Brown, where there was a large and sumptuous diuner prepared for the large crowd. After dinner Gen. Humphrey Marshall made a telling speech of two hours in" length. We also had a very fine speech from W. J. Pryor, and one-of one-of one-of an hour's length from Col.j3elhy ' " Before adjourning,, there was a: motion made and seconded that,the proceedings of the Convention be reported to the Louisville Louisville Courier, Journal arid Shelby Sentinel, Sentinel, and request that they be published. JOHN BARBEE, Chairman, W. P. Thokn, Secretary":.'- Secretary":.'-

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The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)13 Jun 1867, ThuPage 1
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