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THE EVENING WORLD, FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1922. Prominent on Committee Arranging Mardi Gras For Coney Island to Excel All Other Carnivals XER0ERT &VAMS W p MNCjEL3 WM. C N1 BttJCH AMU5CMBMT MAMA.GER. Ot PRES CAHNIVVU COMM. tosSuRGR GRhllVA,i COWM i . MARDi GRAS POT AT CONEY ISLAND NOW S NG Little Else but Cam val Talked of as Election Draws Near. Is The carnival pot Ih Mlmirierinfr at Coney. Little else Is talked about down (it tho shimmering ncr but the Mnnll Gras and the comlnp election of the King and Queen, the contest for which K'Klns In The Evening World on Monday. Enthusiasm is at lilKh pitch, and action is the keynote of the Carnival Committee. One week iiko tho committee committee decided to hold tho carnival during tlin week of Sept. 11, and already more lias been accomplished than In any similar Hpace of time In the entire hlbtory of Coney Island Mardi GraH. EiRht sketches for floats to bo used In the parade In honor of the royal M. J. DFEESE OP THE COMMITTEa.. pair who will rulo Coney tliimiRh Carnival Week hnvo been sulimitted and all elRlit hnvo been accepted by tho .Committee on Tloats, und will very likely to lw lniorBcd by tho General General Committer nt Its meeting to-nlglil to-nlglil In tho olllco of tho Giant Itacer on Hurf Aver o opposite- Eighth Street. Herbert Evans, amusement man- CHARuES i FEUTMiNW PV4IZ.C COMMITTEE nger of I, una Park, reports that several several civic organizations had volunteered volunteered for participation in tho parade oven before they received letters asking asking their co-operation something un-umnl un-umnl in carnival history. "Never before," said I'resdcnt W. Mangels of tho Carnival Committee, Committee, "have we ever got to work so nulekly on any Mardi Urns eclcbra (Ion and never havo I witnessed such urent enthusiasm. Everybody on Coney Island Is offering his seivicos. and from all through Kings County. Manhattan, tho Bronx, Htalen Island. (Jucens and over In New Jersey nr coming inquiries which Indicate the greatest success for the carnival ever known In the history of tho Island." Mr. Mangels Is one of tho greatest manufacturers of funmnkers. Ills bl machine shop on Eighth Street Is the homo of tho caroUnol, the Whip and other amusement devices. It limy not bo known, but it Is tho biggest carousel manufacturing plant In the world and tho "whips" turned out from tho shop now nio merrily spinning spinning in various parts of tho Slnle, In Cuba nnd England and nro making giddy tho ray louIcvard!crs of Paris. The volunteer firemen are going to have their night during Carnival Week. and. tnko It from William 15 Johnson, President of the Clraveseinl Exempt Volunteer Firemen's Association, Association, tho hoys in the red shlits and old flro helmets are going to bn nno of tVe most features of tho great royalty parade. "We are going to have thorn from .ill over Kings, from Now Voik and New Jersey," said President Johnson, 'and they am coming tlds year stronger than ever." One of the great admirers of the volunteer fire laddies is William Todd, the big ship builder and drydoi k man of Urolln and New York hast year they were all looking lor him down at Coney, and then half the populace missed him. lie mnriluil at the head of tho firemen and nn'l recognized until tho parade was m ul over The flravcsont! vets have built a tine clubhouse next to the flro lrouso at Coney, and there's going to bo some entertaining done at tho club during Carnival Week. , "Thursday night of Carnlvnl Wcolt," said Tieasurcr William E. Mclnch of tho Committee, "has troon set apart for Firemen's Night, nnd tho cntlro Metropolitan District will Iks reproof reproof nteel by the laddies In lino. Tho t irli 'Iras for 1022 has certainly tinted out under tho most favornblo usplces, and I think that this . nr We are going to witness tho nearest approach approach to tho Mardi Gras festival In Ni w (li leans." "pioplo of all kinds participate In the frolic nnd fun of Coney Island's Carnival Week, tho high and tho low, the bumble rtnd the wealthy. Who will be tho King and who will be the (jneen wo hnven't the slightest Idea, but thero Is going to be tho hottcnt contest for the royal honors over known in carnival times." It wouldn't bo u carnival nnd it wouldn't Im Mnrdl Gras week if tho crowds from Brooklyn, Manhattan, the 'Jronx nnd New Jersey didn't flock to Coney Island. Millions aro expected to attend tire fete, nnd tiro Jam of pedestrians nnd vehicles on the nights of Septemlior 11 and 17, .i ii t the nights between, Is going to . .ill for e.Ttrn police. "The biggest of successes Is nlrcady assured," said Herbert Evans of I, una. and Chairman of Civic Associations, Associations, hisl night. "Already we have heard fiom the Loyal Order of Moose, ind Woodmen of tho World, who will iii.ikIi In uniform, and tho Daugli-,eis Daugli-,eis i.i Pocahontas, who will lie In costume. ,md this lieioro we havo sent nut In- ltatmns We also will invit. thn Elks. Rhrlnerfl nnd nil other fraternal organizations." Mr. Evans said that I.una is preparing preparing a couple of floats for ,the royalty parodo one of which wilt lie Shooting tho Chutes In a most rrtnlUttn mrmtiep nnd another iStlOOtittg tho Pigs with reul Pigs doing real shooting. Mr. Evans Is nothing If not artistic. Besides being a manager he Is an nctor and last winter played with Elslo Ferguson In "Tho Vnrylng Khdro," and tho year before that with Violet Homing. Next winter ne win appear with Genihllnc Farrar nt tho Belasco Theatre when tho Metropolitan Metropolitan Opera favorite Is goinK to nppcar in a singing drama. The Feltmans, Charles nnd Alfred, nro tho Prlzo Committee, and will make tho awards for the handsomest costumes and most gorgeous and original floats. Another of the committee which is making things hum at Coney is M J Dreese, mannger of the Henderson estate and a thlrty-two-ycnr resident of the island, besides being a confidant confidant of former Senator Kenny Sutherland, Sutherland, the uncrowned king of Conev lislnnd. Mr. Urecsc Is going In tho procession on a horse, being one or tho most daredevil horseback lldcis of the movies. The baby parade, owr which presides presides William Selleck. is going to be one great big feature of Carnival Week, and will be lit id on the last Saturday. Inquiries are coming in rrom all parts of the metropolitan district, and the Indications aie that the parnde is going to surpass the driest efforts of Atlantic City and bui Pink The foregoing are some of tho features features 'r Ciirrmal Week. But Just now absorbing Interest Is In tho np proachlng contest for the King nn.. the (Jueen of the Mindl Grns. Th Evening World has completed nil nr langerncnts for tho election. The consensus In flint tn nnnnnti Instead of two, will be moro sntlsfnc-tory sntlsfnc-tory and easier to handle, so The Evening Evening World has bowed to tho wisdom of tho carnival makers. In order that the contest will bo absolutely free ftom an attempt ut oanur - siuuing-- uy overzenlous cor stltucntB of somo favorite, each co.i pon will benr a fnc-simlln of tin. rut. naturo of W. P. Mangels. President of tho Carnival Committee, nnd no other coupons will bo counted. Fnke Cpen All Day Saturday imported Beaded Bags In a combination combination of colors. 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Money refunded within 3 days on all goods not sat-sfactory Store open 9.15 A. M. to 6 P. M. New Purchase 525 Women' s&Misses' Special Lot Women's and Misses' Silk & Fibre Sweaters A Nationally Advertised Make "ouponn might bo printed, but to Iml-tntt) Iml-tntt) tiro HlKnatuio of tho President .oiild U' lorijcry. Onu coupon will lie printed In each Jiipcr of every edition of Tiro Kvcnlnff World, bi'Klnnlni,' Monday nnd con-tlnulni? con-tlnulni? to Sept. 2, tho contest closing rl rroon of that day. Koch coupon will entitle the holder to ono voto for Hip Klnn or Queen. Any ono voting for tho King nnd tho Queen on the nine coupon will lose his voto, tor tho oupon will bo thrown out. Coupons may bo mnllod to the Con-ttst Con-ttst IOdltor of Tho Kvenlng World or to any of tho branch offices, or may .. dropped in any of tho ballot boxes nlontr Surf Avenue in Coney Island. war You'll hear friends praising the most palate-delighting fruit they have eaten and hear them say, "It was BLUE GOOSE." Dealers will point out this nationally nationally talked-about trade-mark on baskets, boxes and crates of vegetables vegetables to assure you that it is sure to be good, because it is BLUE GOOSE. BLUE GOOSE is a mark of flavor, purity and wholcsomeness ; qualities grown into the fruit and vegetables in rich farming districts all over the

Clipped from The Evening World04 Aug 1922, FriPage 8

The Evening World (New York, New York)04 Aug 1922, FriPage 8
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