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NEW AVIATION TEACHING DEVICE. a Her-zog a preced- . " t' ' ' , J bXtXbbbb. bb: '. bbbb:bi'bbJ.b: b'X ;: fbb Vb f. MbbbbbMbbbWilbibi .. :-'"v :-'"v :-'"v . , ''b;'' ' '''"' :'u ''S'b :' ' bxbb ' bt Affair That HE object of this invention is to l provide a new and improved means for teaching aviation and testina aeroplanes; that is, to; T enable a person to acquire with the.ut-!f the.ut-!f the.ut-!f the frame end for end together with most safety all the necessary skill and! tlie aeroplane that may be suspended In confidence required for a flight in the id frame the t1"1-open t1"1-open t1"1-open air with an aeroplane or similar! Cable Holds the Plane In the Air. flying machine, and to allow aviators tot A cable is stretched between the upper fully test the motors and other parts of - an aeroplane with safety to themselves and the aeroplane. For the purpose mentioned use Is made of means for freely suspending an aeroplane aeroplane or other flying machine, on which the person to be taught Is mounted, and a power-driven power-driven power-driven vehicle having means to regulate the speed of the vehicle, so as to run the latter approximately at the same speed as the aeroplane, is driven by its own motor at the time. A car Is mounted to travel on a track and is provided with motor trucks and controlling devices; power is taken by contact shoes from a third rail. In the body of the car is a pit for the accom- accom- mn.-tit-nn mn.-tit-nn mn.-tit-nn mn.-tit-nn mn.-tit-nn of the operator of the car, as well as other persons who desire to make j observation and test of the aeroplane! ... .. .... ...I.TT, e in fll nlOtlOU- nlOtlOU- in T n I S I WllilC llIC 3HII1V. LI I" ,. ... pit are also located the controlling device device and brake levers of the car within easy reach of the operator, thus enabling the latter to run the car at any desired speed on the track. On the body of the car is arranged a pivot on which is mounted to turn a steel frame extending the length of the car body and terminating at its ends in '.K--r;4$' '.K--r;4$' '.K--r;4$' '.K--r;4$' ff, j Has Been Patented by Local Man In uprights or standards; this frame is fastened in place on the car body by .suitable .clamps or fastening devices which, when released, permit the turning ends of the standards of the frame, and on this cable is suspended, by a cable rope or other means, an aeroplane or similar flying machine of any approved construction, and on which a person to be taught aviation is seated, to manipulate manipulate the driving, balancing and steering mechanism of the aeroplane the same as If the aeroplane were used in flight in the open air. Light cables or straps, normally slack, extend from the side of the car frame to the aeroplane, so as to limit the sidewise swinging movement thereof, and the lengthwise movement, in either direction of the aeroplane is limited by cables extending extending from the center post held on the name oi me Lai u iiiat mc jeiupiunej wnen driven ry rts own motor and ma-i ma-i ma-i ir,,.iit,H h h mitnr ic tr. within the limits of the suspending and limiting cables, and when sufficient speed ic ttltaA r!M tlif fn.a It. 1, a -i -i ! r 1 J mvtniv.ii lu wvyav uiv ill v.. v. nil. When teaching aviation the person to be taught is seated in the aeroplane and an operator is in his seat in the pit; the aviator starts the aeroplane motor, the aeroplane will at once strain forward; the operator in the pit increases or decreases decreases the speed of the car corresponding corresponding to the speed of the aeroplane so that the latter is practically in full flight, and the aviator can readily learn to manipulate manipulate the steering and balancing mechan All Countries. ism of the aeroplane, thus acquiring the necessary skill and confidence required for a flight in the open air, and without the danger of injury to himself and the aeroplane. When the car has reached the end of the track in case the latter is not continuous continuous the clamps are released to allow of swinging the frame, and with it the suspended aeroplane around, after which the frame is again fastened in place and the car can now be run back of the track with the aeroplane again properly facing the wind. Machine Can Be Steered in Any Manner. Manner. The aeroplane, on account of being freely suspended, can readily be steered to the right or left or up and down, or driven forward within the limits of the suspension and limiting devices, consequently consequently the aviator in charge of the aeroplane aeroplane can acquire the skill and confidence confidence of manipulating an aeroplane. It is proposed to install this teaching device on aviation fields, racetracks and other suitable places where aviation enthusiasts enthusiasts congregate. To those desiring to acquire the art of navigating the air it will be the first and safe step toward it; a few hours practice each day for a couple of weeks will give the would-be would-be would-be aviator sufficient skill and confidence to attempt and successfully make a (light in the open without the usual mishap, is Is now the case. With this device In operation a very large number of people who are Interested Interested in aviation would gladly patronize the same Automobile owners and drivers drivers are longing to be capable of also driving an aeroplane, and a very large number of this class will no doubt patronize patronize this novel and safe teaching device. device. W. F. Mangels of Coney Island Is the inventor of the device.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle29 Jul 1911, SatPage 18

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)29 Jul 1911, SatPage 18
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