Death of Ezra Glover

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Death of Ezra Glover - E AMD PROPERTY LOST, 1 Fire Destroys Edmundson...
E AMD PROPERTY LOST, 1 Fire Destroys Edmundson & Perrine's Store Two Firemen Killed. AGGREGATE LOSS OF $225,000. The Large Five-Story Five-Story Five-Story Building With Contents Totally Destroyed The Seventh Avenue Hotel Had a Narrow Escape Harry Holt and Ezra Glover, Firemen from Engine Cooipany No; 3, Were Buried Under a Falling Wall and Instantly Instantly Killed, The big furrdtura store ef Edmundson Pe-T?ne. Pe-T?ne. Pe-T?ne. 3 and 637 SnVthneld street, was completely destroyed last Bight by tne of the mot exeitlr.g fires the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh department has had to grapple with for years. It wsi only through the -work -work cf Pittsburgh and Alb-gheny Alb-gheny Alb-gheny firemen firemen that the buildings within the boundary boundary ol Smithficld street. Seventa avenue, Liberty street and Strawberry alley were saved. The loss will aciouut to uee.rly iZZ.Vjb. Two firemen were buried under a falling all and instantly killed. Hid the firemen made one misstep It Is predicted that the Seventh, Avenue hotel would have gone wrier. The fir waa in such doej proximity that guests ran frcm thu dining- dining- . hail panic-stricken. panic-stricken. panic-stricken. There was a scramble in Harry Will-lams' Will-lams' Will-lams' Academy cf Music and there was jreraral fear ail around the square. As it was, tlu big hotel caught Are in the rear, but the loss from water will be the greatest damage to this buiidi'.g. All tho other buildings In the block . were damaged mora or less. This fact can be accounted for by ths peculiar formation of the strticture that waa destroyed. , (Ineer-Shaaeol (Ineer-Shaaeol (Ineer-Shaaeol Balldlniz. The Edmundson & Perrrne building, facing cd Smithtield street, waa five stories high. It extended back 110 feet to an elght-fio elght-fio elght-fio alley, which separated it from the Seventh Avenue hotel. In the rear the building was "T" shaped, on end reaching to Seventh and the other to Strawberry alley. Conse quently the rrfire rear .! the structure faced ths rear - of ti e Seventh Avenue hotel, and jeopardized other buildings adjoining. In the basement cf the furniture furniture store was an electric plant, which supplied th power for two immense elevator. elevator. The elevators were located in tb9 rear. - It 1 cel. known feo- feo- the nne orig-. orig-. orig-. Ibttted.. X person ea about ie premise! premise! at th Unite. . Xic Jrst"it n. nation 'ct the fire waj when CVerk Terry of th Seventh Avert hate! happened to glance toward the small rear alley- alley- ar.d discovered discovered smokj ascending frn; a window near the second floor. From the location he judg--J judg--J judg--J judg--J that u was near the freight elevator. Before h-2 h-2 h-2 cont'd size up the situation there i-eme i-eme i-eme a burst of flame. Mr. Terry ran to- to- the dining room, where the guets hu just assemble!. He announced that It would be be; to vacate vacate ths buiMlns. and pointed to the fire, whic.i at th's ttrna had s'.own to im-mer.s im-mer.s im-mer.s proportions. From tli9 little ?moki flTst seen, the blaze hJ developed to a mighty flame. In fio rea" the rn.cke suffocated th fire for a time, but long befn-e befn-e befn-e th firenen had a stream hs the ot thr plae;-. plae;-. plae;-. the b'.axe wa. reaching high, above tha iarjre buildings surrounilrre. Had laSsmmkle Content. The contents oi tha furnlmrs stira was the kind of fuel to ercourig a blaze of !:.t3 sort, nrii it was soon apparent that the building was gone. Along the rear M.d it spread with wonderful rapidity, and beore anything couij bo done to cbtck It the flame was bursting front the front n Smith At id street, first from the second floor, then from the third. From ach window the flit worked higher. V the tirtmn eot the Prst stream on th fire it had but lutle effect. If tht-r- tht-r- tht-r- tht-r- Is beauty n a conflagration ahere so much money i waste! it was evMent herr. It waa appreciated by such a lange crowd that the police r.f the entire district and tisos" from 8d.'-ining 8d.'-ining 8d.'-ining ones could not k-ep k-ep k-ep the jur-ie jur-ie jur-ie beck. The beauty of th b!aze seemed to hold the spectators si'ftlKi'iJnd. When one big hla-k hla-k hla-k cioud w.;oId go .'p and tontii of acit would dart through it and finally s-;rt-ad s-;rt-ad s-;rt-ad s-;rt-ad s-;rt-ad and shout forward. Isrii'ing the nitit.. expressions of surprise would follow. While the Edmundson & Perrine store ViS tng up In flame there wai cn-sternarion cn-sternarion cn-sternarion In alt thi building s irround-ir:g. irround-ir:g. irround-ir:g. The work of ttit tirem--n tirem--n tirem--n tirem--n preventei. a spread for time, but thr Wis no relief relief looked for In the reur of tht strj' strj' strj' (iuat.- (iuat.- of the Seventh; h.-tel h.-tel h.-tel f'iid s? nothing ahd fr the well-Irnun well-Irnun well-Irnun ho9t-try ho9t-try ho9t-try but ishe-i ishe-i ishe-i and i"Jins. Koys jjd nipn oo!n-d oo!n-d oo!n-d money xor a time carrying carrying vnllses antl trunks and thre a gt-cr-at gt-cr-at gt-cr-at gt-cr-at gt-cr-at n.-raroble n.-raroble n.-raroble to ret ct of the plic. ('MrK Terry ys there were IV) guests lit th-? th-? th-? hott-l hott-l hott-l when the Sre brcke out. Th I tijc ht.tti wMuh takes up much cf tho J l.Sotrty strpt nd reaches to tJii rear to c small alley, was expected to go under at try moment, Flrrmra favrd the Hotel. At one tine the kitchen, located at the end cf Struwhery si.ey and th sr.;all aU 1- 1- dividing the burning btiilJiiig from the hotel. cught. It was blazing wuh gv-d gv-d gv-d beadvay v.hen the t.rtm-n t.rtm-n t.rtm-n dlrtcteI tS'-eir tS'-eir tS'-eir attention there. The he;it from the rear of the Krimuaclson & Ff-rrir.e Ff-rrir.e Ff-rrir.e bvild-frvr bvild-frvr bvild-frvr bnle the Tti.-iny Tti.-iny Tti.-iny win. lows in the rear o the hotel. Water caroe through the barnia? sira"ture. Hooding the liotel corridor corridor th t-drftotns. t-drftotns. t-drftotns. Kron this source the grat'.-it grat'.-it grat'.-it damage to the hotel will result. From the hc-te! hc-te! hc-te! the crowds of .spectators .spectators could get a full vi-w vi-w vi-w cf th; l,r.g rear -nd -nd cf the furaitore ttore and see to the i."nil!hfield street side. Th piare looked l'e a Imrnij;? f The heat from th building was so strung that glass on ths opposite si'le of rimithrleld street era. Vl. Or.e?. when it n .1 thovgbt that t .ie fi-ifses fi-ifses fi-ifses were imJrr headway, two l;n!-tirr- l;n!-tirr- l;n!-tirr- l;n!-tirr- wrr hoisted. A tire.' ran to the t-ecnu'i t-ecnu'i t-ecnu'i f.cxr with a hose, bMt the intense htt caudal him to rthie buck again. Human Human irn-ii irn-ii irn-ii tanf could not stai:d such heat :nU omy v here the wa'er could be forced front the ground the men worked." No way of getting l the burning building building was negic ted oy the f.remt-n. f.remt-n. f.remt-n. They forced wat-r wat-r wat-r troin the Smlthilelu street side in manv strearr-j strearr-j strearr-j and down Strawberry Strawberry alley ih m.-n m.-n m.-n worked as Industri-oi.sly. Industri-oi.sly. Industri-oi.sly. On Be-tvi Be-tvi Be-tvi th avenue sn.l through the hotel lines of hie Wt-re Wt-re Wt-re pin. All tnee were streaming toward the lire, and tw hours after It had started there were s'gns that ths flames W'. r-j r-j r-j s irrendering. I)r-at I)r-at I)r-at of Falling Walla. Ore 'ctc'e was tho dread of falling wall. When the fire had consumed ever'-thlr.g ever'-thlr.g ever'-thlr.g avails. ble In th building nothing was Vft standing but the walls. The floors it pea re-1 re-1 re-1 greggy. Aiut one of these e,l over with a crash. F!r-tnej F!r-tnej F!r-tnej from the Strawberry alley side hn difficulty in .w-aj .w-aj .w-aj In. a.ere came .irst a loud rumbie, th-ii th-ii th-ii f putting sound and a crasb --thk'u --thk'u --thk'u sundeJ 1lK at- at- carthiuuke. The debris arcumuiatlng cn the street proved another obstacle. Members of the firm of Elmund?on & Perrine were found. Mr. Perrlne was seen by a Commercial Gazette reporter. He was asked about the origin of the fire and merely pointed in despair at the ruinE, remarking that he knew nothing niore. He volunteered thi.s statement: "About 5:30 I visited the store and made a . caref ul inspection to see that everything everything was all right." He say the building building was in excellent shape. No material about the building could be considered as combustible matter: there were no fires, and from his opinion no possibility of a fire. UiwoTrrr' of tlie KIre. About 6:C0 p. m. Watchman Ba.terman made a tour of the building and found everything In orde-r. orde-r. orde-r. He then went to his S'tpper. He was notified first by Mr. Cohen, a Jeweler, that the building waa on hre. He ran to the roar of the building building and saw exactly what the clerk wit-rressed wit-rressed wit-rressed from the hotel the entire rear of the building in blaze. Messrs. Edmundson. & Perrlne had joined a yachting party on the Ohio river alter supper last evening. They returned returned to the city about 3 o'clock and then for the first time received the information information that their store was burning. Mr. Perrine returned from the East ye;-terday ye;-terday ye;-terday morning, where he bad been buying buying fall goods. The new furniture arrived arrived yesterday morning and was stored In the building. He says the first floor of the structure was used for the display of costiy parior furniture and leather-covered leather-covered leather-covered furniture. The costly goods, iuci as bricabrac, bicycle3 and the finest selec tion, was In this room. On the secona floor only the carpet stock was kept. The place was lined with the linest assortment. The third floor was used for the display of bedroom bedroom furniture. Th fourth and fifth floors were retained fot store rooms. The eniire building waj JammeJ with good's, ilr. Pernns places tne vatu-s vatu-s vatu-s conservatively conservatively at ljfj.w. He says that two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds of tills amount i- i- covered by Insurance Others clainifny to be conversant with the affa!rsof the firm say that over Ste.1) worth of iiiPi'ranej 13 held on the stock, "II toast and. Insnrane;,,- Insnrane;,,- . TW -teulhaiBg' -teulhaiBg' wetirplej" teygdlHTftiflson & Perrlne owned by Johrt-DaVj, Johrt-DaVj, Johrt-DaVj, the well known Smfthfiekl street grocer Jt was erected by him in and cost $65,000. It was insured for t37.)00 in the following companies; German-American German-American German-American of Xew York, $ifl00; Aetna, f 2,000: German of Pittsburgh, $i.P50: Allemania.- Allemania.- of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, $4.iiV), German-American German-American German-American of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. Artisans, $2.'.fJi; Western of Pittsburgh, I2,0i; Citizen.- Citizen.- of Pittsburgh, $?.u25: iionor.gahe'a, JJ.'CS: Citv. J2'Cj; Armenia, Teutonta of Alleghenv, tl.oli T: Allegheny of Pittsburgh. $2,'2; Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh. J2.531 '-. '-. '-. Roval, 2.iS. a:id National Standard, J2.525. 2Ir. E?tub recalled to a Commercial Gazette Gazette reporter last night that the same building was destroyed by fire fourteen years jig-). jig-). jig-). The structure, ho savs has been occupied by the firm of Edmundson & Perrine for twenty years. The last tir was almost rs heavy a io3 to Mr. Daub a-i a-i a-i it w.s not fuiiy insured. At the previous previous tire, tho furniture store was completely completely ruined and the Seventh Avenua hotel was badly burned. In the building burned yesterJay. Mr. laub. in addition to thj damage to tho building, also loses Invented recent ly In two immense electric plant to supply supply power for the e!e-!ttoi.. e!e-!ttoi.. e!e-!ttoi.. This Improvement Improvement to the building ha been but recently tcrarleted. It hid not ueeu Insured. Insured. The great damage done to the Seventh Avenue hotel was by water. The losses, a.- a.- estimated, are as follows: Edmundson A. Perrine, SIOO.OmO, Insurance. $42.5ou: John Iaub, Vvfin bniiriing anrl machinery, J15.ij0, covered by rjp.V.'O insurance; B. F. Jones, owner Seventh Avenue hotel, J7,5v. The following buildings were also damaged damaged by water: George II. Horn, taih.r, Pltf I.iberty street; XV. Y. It-tz. It-tz. It-tz. confectioner, confectioner, 302 Seventh avenue; William Mooney Sjns, leather dealers, 4 Seventh avenue: Mc"ormick sdeaniihip agency. 621 Smithtield street. The store of Emmanuel LrKoy, jeweler, wad damaged to the amount of $.". The !os to the other b'MiUings wad small, but the total amount w ill be considerable. Helped Prevent a Panic. Superintendent of Detectives Roger O'Mara was early fct tht? Are. He reached the Union depot at :, and, seeing the b'aze, went to the hotel. Ho telephoned for a'l of the detectives to report tho- tho- and '-ight '-ight '-ight of them were w;:h the chK-f chK-f chK-f in a few mon ents. "It looked like :t panic," said the sti- sti- perintendent. "especbiily among the: ser- ser- j van is. svmi w ere crying all were-badly were-badly were-badly seined. In one of the upper hallways hallways I found a chambermaid on ber Knees praying. I hustled her downstairs and toid the others u follow. Nearly all of them had an artnful of bundles and m?ny ter draggiag the-ir the-ir the-ir trunks. I sot them ail together In one of the rooms on the Liberty street sub" and gave them a taiK thiit braced them up. "The guests behaved with much cool-res". cool-res". cool-res". It ti fortunate tb;it the rir came early la tn evening. Had it been afte-r afte-r afte-r midnight there wotild have been a panic ini possibly threat loss of lire. The fire-ron fire-ron fire-ron did good work and handled the bia2i with excellent judgment. That block ha long been considereil ine of the most dan-gerous dan-gerous dan-gerous In town, so far as firs are concerned, concerned, and ihs chances weri that it would all go if it ever got started." K C. Willson. proprietor cf the Seventh Avenue hotel, .aid last night that h."; was preparing plans for the complete renovation renovation of the hotel. It is his intention to Fpend about J2j.'X New furniture will b- b- bought and necessary repairs madf. The hotel was ready lor the reception of the guests shortly after the fire. TRAGEDY AT THE FIRE. Two Brave Firemen Crashed to Death t auer a Fallen W all. Two members of engine c"mpai;y No. 3 were instantly killed about 11:10 "o'clock lust night by a failing wall at the Edmundson Edmundson Jfc Perrlne building fire. ' They are : HARRY HOLT, 2 years of age, single, of I6S Home street. Iawrenceville. EZP.A GLOVER, 31 years of age. married, married, of 42 Cabinet street, Bloomfieid.-The Bloomfieid.-The Bloomfieid.-The men from engine, company No. 3 of Seventh avenue were stationed at the rMmun-lnun rMmun-lnun rMmun-lnun & Perrlne annex shortly after tho fire broke out.' The building- building- was of five a'.orU-s a'.orU-s a'.orU-s nd lines of hose were hoiMed to several of the windows. The men worked diligently during the excitement of the fire licit and Glover amon them. After the biaae, had died away and but a 1 small crowd uX slght-seers slght-seers slght-seers remained on Salrhf.eH sirett, the firemen were work- work- j ing taking up the hose and puitius them on the re3i. Uut one string r mair.e.l running up t n window in the annex. It ran' from the ground through the second story window with a connection almost renting on t"u window sill. Glover and Holt mounted the ladder and went up to the. window for Ihc purpose of disconnecting the line, while Capt. Gerge XV. King stood le-neath le-neath le-neath watching the men. - Several spectators spectators stood further up the alley. The Wait Collapsed. Suddenly the wall facing the alley waa seen to slowly bulge out in the middle. Then came a chattering noise from the s'de facing the narrow alley between the building and tho Seventh Avenue hotel. Then the bulging wall gave way, carrying carrying down the two firemen with it. Capt. King made a narrow escape, but got away uninjured. The d&bris from trie back 8nd side walls filied the .alley to a height of 15 feet. Some of the bricks caught on the fire escape of the building opposite where they remained. When it became known that the wall had fallen, catching the two firemen, an excited crowd gathered around the ruins. Police almost clubbed men back, while the companions of the unfortunate men stood as If stunned. When the awful situation situation was rediiaed someone telephoned to the Homeopathic hospital fr an ambulance ambulance while another called for the morgue wagon. Quickly the other firemen firemen weiit to work. Bareheaded and without coats they grabbed up a pick or shovel and even excitedly threw away the rubbish with tbtfjr hand?. It was ouiet then i'fcd scarcely a word wad spoken. A corps of city street cleaners cleaners wa sumoned from t!;r-lr t!;r-lr t!;r-lr labors and they came with pick and shovels. These men also realized the situation and went to work with a will. The morgue wagon arrived and took up a position on one side of the pile of debris, debris, while the hospital wagon was located located on the opposite side. A Proeesaton of lenth. For nearly half an hour the work went on. Capt. King stood near and gave cll-lections cll-lections cll-lections as to the place where the men fell. The firemen and other rescuers devoted devoted their attention to the center of the mass and at ll:4a o'clock a red helmet was seen. It was shattered and all knew that one of the men was near, still alive. It was hoped. Holts' body was soon tx-I-osed. tx-I-osed. tx-I-osed. tx-I-osed. tx-I-osed. It was terribly mangled and undoubtedly undoubtedly he met an instant death. When the body was recovered it was gently placed on a stretcher. Firemen and police caught hold of the handle! and they slowly carried the remair.s ovo the pile of brick. The spectators tooJ quite a distance up the aliey. To them, if tho little procession turned toward the hospital ambulance therv was hope, and if they went toward the morgua wagoa the end had come to a brave fireman. fireman. The man carrying the body hesitated for a second and people fell "back. 1,'n-der 1,'n-der 1,'n-der the gloomy light l'rotn the torch the men turned and slowly made their way to the morgue wagon and it ran throufen the crowd that death had come. The morgue wagon rattled down the alley, alley, and with renewed vigor the rescuers again started their work. Th3 hospital ambulance was not needed and it slowly moved away.. Glover's Body ltecovered. The body of Ezra Giover, a victim of the Edmundson & Perrine tire, was recovered recovered about 2:15 A. M. It was found under an iron beam in the interior of the building. His head was crushed in and hit body badly mutilated. Wh-n Wh-n Wh-n thft crash e-f e-f e-f the falling wail was heard, pandemonium reigned in the corridor corridor of ths Seventh Avenue hotel, and those who stood about a rush tor the door". One of the colored employes In th3,redihJ.irgiii84 coula not tUtd udoor o;;Vl4atn. he snaU'iHi- snaU'iHi- up a chair. This he hurled through Ows.. large pi.-i.lp pi.-i.lp pi.-i.lp glass window a',d then foi lowed It. During the progress, .of -tne -tne - fire-John. fire-John. fire-John. Knceland o engine- engine- company Xo. 1 was struek on tiic-head tiic-head tiic-head with-a with-a with-a brick. After the collapse of the wall Coroner McDowell arrived. He announced that an inquest into the ft re mens death will bo held on Saturday mornir-sr. mornir-sr. mornir-sr. Chief Miles Humphreys said, while the work of recovering the bodies was beinjr carried on: "This terribly sad event throws a gloom over, the entire work of the department to-night. to-night. to-night. The fire was out and many of the men had been sent home. We were all well satisfied with the way In which tiie fin had been hainilcd. but this terrible accident accident takes away the pleasure and leaves notl.'ng but deepest sorrow in the department." department." WELLINGTON TURNED DOWN. Uepnbliean Convention Declares Baltimore Primaries Irregn-lar Irregn-lar Irregn-lar and Adjoarns. Ocean City, M3.. Aug. 2 By a vote of 51 to 50 the delegates to the Republican stat 3 convention to-day to-day to-day refused to :in-dorsa :in-dorsa :in-dorsa Senator Georgj'L. Wellington and "is views as to the leadership of th" partv in Maryland. The clash between the opposm faction began almost with thu fail of the gavel which called the convention to order. t'enator Wellington, as ehaiir:irn of the state central committee-, committee-, committee-, toox: his place on tnc rostrum. In the course of his address h-- h-- h-- atd: "It has been said that 1 wanted political political places to pay political debts. If bv that it is understood tnat I would, ail other things being equal, have appointed a political friend in preference to an en-cms-, en-cms-, en-cms-, en-cms-, en-cms-, then I say yes. j-.ow j-.ow j-.ow and forever-more, forever-more, forever-more, in my juugutent, the man who forgets the service of his political friend and fails to give them just recognition is unworthy of the trust, respect or confidence confidence of any man. be he friend or foe." Senator Wellington's opponent gained a complete victory. KesoltUions were adopted declaring null and void the- the- primary primary elections held in Ku'timorq on the instant, and calling for new prim-Tiec prim-Tiec prim-Tiec and district conventions !.'.. when an entirely new municipal tickoi will be- be- R.Jtr-.inateO. R.Jtr-.inateO. R.Jtr-.inateO. together with n-'W n-'W n-'W delegates to thr state convention. Adjournment Adjournment was then taken until September September 15. PITTSBURGH POSTMASTER. Hon, George L. McFarlane Reiortel Slated for tiie Place. Harrlsburg, Pa., Aug. SG. Special.) Representative George L. MFarlane of Pittsburgh is said lo be slaved for t?v? Pittsburgh por-toff por-toff por-toff icf. From a very reliable reliable source it was learned to-nifcht to-nifcht to-nifcht that he would be given the !!' if John laizU has the appointment. Mr. Mc-Farlane Mc-Farlane Mc-Farlane a'nits that he i.j a candidate. candidate. He is a close friend o both Senators Magee and Fii nn. THE USNEROS CASE. Conaid General Le Says It Has He en Grol- Grol- Exaggerated. Washington, Aug. 20. Consul General Lee, at Havana, telegraphed the sfate department to-day to-day to-day that tho case of Evan-geiina Evan-geiina Evan-geiina Cisneros has been greatly misrepresented misrepresented and exaggerated. He added that he could not ascertain that there lias been at any time intention to deport her. A FEW PLACES WATE1. Reported Mission of Frail, Helvetia aud Stone In Washington. Harrlsburg, Fa.. Aug. (Special.) Collector -Jamt,s -Jamt,s 3. Fruit. James S. Mc-Kean Mc-Kean Mc-Kean and Congressman W. A. Stone went to AVahington this afternoon. They are said to' be going there, to see it some, scheme cannot b worked t rid the collect collect "r's office of a few iH-nsocrats. iH-nsocrats. iH-nsocrats. Mr. Fruit says that there Is nothing In the story, but a friend claixns that an ertort will be made to get n oriir allowing allowing the appointment of Republican. There Is talk- talk- of renting a number of new Jot-, Jot-, Jot-, as the business of the oTice has increased to such an extent. Free- Free- Peltvery for Conur llvll!e. Washington. O. C. Aug. 25. -(Special.) -(Special.) First Assistant Postmaster-General Postmaster-General Postmaster-General Heath to-dev to-dev to-dev directed that the; free delivery service service be extended t Connehsville, Fa., January 1. Thirty-two Thirty-two Thirty-two letter boxes are io be erected and the office will be give a three letter carriers to ccaimeiu-e ccaimeiu-e ccaimeiu-e with.

Clipped from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette27 Aug 1897, FriPage 1

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)27 Aug 1897, FriPage 1
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