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1800 east river bridge idea - MOITDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1867. j - - - - - - -...
MOITDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1867. j - - - - - - - started 'Ms ilc1)Vfy'ffie''au'1ior'(!6iitaiiclBT it through varying fortunes, to the command - ' ing position it has gained at the expiration of j two hundred years. In the course of his investigations investigations Dr. Stiles has found occasion to refute several' popular trad itibns. Such is the common belief that the old Cortelyou house was. the headquarters of Washington and Putnam prior to or daring the battle of Long island. Washington's headquarters were in New York, and Putnam's within the Amer ican lines near the ferry. Another story ne cessarily spoiled is that according to which Sarah, daughter of Joris Janse de Rapalie, ot the Wallabout, was the first white child born in the colony of New Netherland. The fam Uy record fixes her birth on the 9th of June, 1625. The Journal of the Labadists in 1679. recently published by the Long Island His - toiical Society, if it be reliable, and there is no reason to doubt it, deprives Sarah of her initial honors. The travelers mention meeting one Jean Vigne, the first male born of Europeans Europeans in the colony. Mr. Murphy shows in a note to the Journal that Jean must have been born eleven years before . Sarah. Dr. Stiles goes further than this and shows that, Sarah was born at Albany, and did not come to the Wallabout until after her marriage. The record of original patents of land in the City, of Brooklyn, contained in the second' chapter is full and valuable. The sup - render of considerable space to ecclesiastical affairs will be understood when it is remembered remembered that the Domine filled a large place in the public and private life of the early settlers. Their most serious differences and sharpest controversies for. many years had reference to the management of church affairs. ' The historian historian has collected sketches of a number of the old Dutch clergymen. . Noted characters were Rev. Johannes Casparus Rubel and Rev. Ulpianus Van Sinderen, who were col leagues in Kings County before, during, and after the Revolutionary war. The former had always been inspbordinate to superiors and earned tor himself the title of " the rebellious Rubel." He styled himself " Ecclesiastes in Kings County and in the Manor of Cortland." The two Domines differed politically, Van Smderen being a Whig and Kubel a Tory. The latter was " a rotund, lolly - looking man, a follower of Luther." The former was - " a lean and shriveled little man, with a triangular, triangular, sharp - pointed hat, and silver1' locks which ' streamed like a meteor flowing to the troubled any as he whisked along with great , velocity in his chaise through Flatbush." The Synod was requested in 1784 to remove both clergymen : Van Sinderen because his advanced age made him useless, and Rubel because of his - " notoriously bad habits." He was in the habit of calling the Americans opposed opposed to the King " Satan's soldiers," and of saying that " they were accursed, and many were already in hell, and those who were not dead would go there." It also appeared that he quarreled with antfe - beat his wife, drank freely, and consorted wth Hessian officers who were " great swearers and drunkards." He was deposed, and afterward devoted himself to the manufacture of quack medicine. Do mine Schoonmaker was a good man but made sad havoc with the English language. Once having celebrated a marriage ' service he at tempted to finish with "I pronounce you man ! and wife and one flesh," in English. He succeeded succeeded only in saying: "I pronounce you two to be one'beef." - Many old religious customs hnvo gona out of fashion. Some of these were observed at one of the last services performed by Domine Schoonmaker. It was a funeral occasion in 1819. "The deceased had many "years before provided and laid away the " materials for his own coffin. This one was " of the best seasoned and smoothest boards, "and beautifully grained. The Domine, " abstracted and grave was seated at the up - " per end, and around in solemn silence the " venerable and hoiry - headed friends of the "deceased. Directly the sexton, fol - " lowed by a servant, made his appearance, with glasses and decanters. Wine was "handed to each. Some declined, others " drank a solitary glass. This ended, and "again the sexton presented himself, with " pipes and tobacco. The Domine smoked " his pipe, and a few followed his example. W hpn thp whlflfa nf amnlrp hrtfl npna. " ed to curl about the head of the Domine, he " arose with evident feeling, and in a quiet, "subdued tone made a short and impressive "address." The 'first traces of the Excise Law in Brooklyn are found in 1668', - Robert Hollis having on the 4th of January been granted the exclusive privilege of selling strong drink. Dr. Stiles retells the often - told story of the battle of Long Island or as he more definitely and locally reentitles it the battle of Brooklyn. His ac count does not differ materially from others, but his details of the location of the works and lines are superior in fullness and accuracy. accuracy. In reviewing the causes of the unfortunate unfortunate defeat sustained by the American army, he says that "the exterior line of defence defence was too much extended"; that the troops holding it should have been reinforced reinforced or recalled to the interior line ; that the inexperienced soldiers made the mistake of standing.too long agamst overwhelming odds; that the general commanding in the field was guilty of criminal Oversight m leaving the Jamaica Jamaica Pass unguarded. He joins Henry B. Dawson, Esq., the historian, in ascribing the disaster in large measure to "the military incapacity incapacity of General Putnam, who, although "brave and well - meaning, possessed neither "the subordination to obey orders, with "whose execution he was intrusted, the Bkill to carry out the proposed plans of defence, or the ordinary common sense which he might reasonably have been expected to display in the face of an approaching enemy The ninth chapter contains a history of the Martyrs of the Prison Ships, and their remainsa remainsa subject as familiar as it is discreditable discreditable to ' the Brooklyn public. The chapter of history intervening the Revolution and the War of 1813, contains much of interest : the organization of new churches, the initiation of the Fire Depart ment, establishment of a new ferry, the first directory and the first alarm bell, early newspapers, newspapers, local scenes and customs. The newspapers newspapers mentioned are the Courier and New York and Long Island Advertiser, the Long Island Courier, the Long Island Weekly In - teUigeneer, and the Long Island Blar. An extract extract from one of these oldjoumals shows that the enterprise of an East River Bridge was agitated as long ago as 1800 : "It has q een suggested that abridge should beconstruct - " ed from this village across the East River to "New. York.,; This idea has been treated " as chimerical; from the magnitude of the de - " sign ;. but whosoever takes it into their seri - " ous consideration will find more weight in " the practicabili ty of the scheme than at first "view iB imagined. This would be the "means of raising the value of the lands on ' the east side of the river. It has been ob - " served that every objection to the building " of this bridge could be refuted, and that it " only wanted a combination of opinion to " favor the attempt A - plan has already " been laid down on paper, and a gentleman " of acknowledged abilities and good sense "has observed that he would en - "gage to erect it in two years time." We have necessarily touched but briefly upon a few parts of Dr. Stiles's History, which is an important contribution to general historical historical literature and an invaluable record of local local events. COMMON COUNCIL. Stated Session Offlclol Proceedings. OCTOBEB 7th, 1866. Preoent Aid. Fisher, President, and Aid. Caaho w, Hlnsdalo, Mercein j ' Ennie. O'Brien, Steers, Daniels, Hathaway, Carman, O'Eceffe, Armfleld, Brady, Brady, Cunningham, Clack, Bliss and Martin. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. approved. . . . . PETITIONS. By Aid. Ennis Of Jnetice Buckley, for blanks. To Comtaittee on Snpplies. ' By Aid. O'Brien Of Citizens' Gas Company, in relation relation to assessment. To Assessment Committee. Also, bill of P. Corcoran, $46.66. Tp Finanoe Committee. Committee. By Aid. Daniels To have Braxton street, from Seventh Seventh avenne to line of Prospect Park, graded and paved. paved. To Gradiner and Paving Committee. p By the same To hove Seventh avenne, from FirsM street to Ureenwood Cemetery, graded and paved. To Grading and Paving Committee. By Aid. Bergen Of John Marcellne, to pay the assessment assessment without interest. To Assessment Committee. Committee. Also, to have Macomb street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues graded and paved. To Grading and Paving Committee. By Aid. Bergen Of Wm. Wall for correcltdn of an assessment. To Assessment Committee. Also,of R. L. Peck, to erect a stand. To Alderman of the Ward, with power. By Aid. Armfleld Against bridge at the foot of South Third street. To Committee on Public Docks. Also, of property owners asking the appointment of Wm. Lake as Inspector of the Broadway improvement. improvement. To Committee on Grading and Paving. MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. By Aid. Whiting To have Portland avenue, east side, betwoen DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, and on DeEalb avenue, between Portland avenue and Oxford street, Bldewalks flagged to the width of six feet. Adopted. By the same For a crosswalk on the north Bide of Park avenne, across Carlton arenne. Adopted. Bv the same To have owners of lots on Park ave. nue, east side, between Hanson Place and Atlantic avenne to reduce the grade thereof. Adopted. By the same That the proper ofilcers publish the usual notice of application t extend Are limits in the Eighth Ward. Adopted. . By the same That Grading and Paving Committee inquire and report relative to certain streets heretofore heretofore ordered to be graded and paved. Adopted. By the same That Street Commissioner cause gas lamps to be placed on Rush street, from Broadway to Wythe avenue. Adopted. By the same That the Railroad Committee investigate, investigate, with power to send for persons and papers, the cauBe of the recent horse railroad accident In the city. Adopted. By the same That action at last meeting of the Board, referring the matter of grading and paving Fort Greene place and Portland avenne with Nicolson Eavement, to be referred to this Board this evening, e reconBldercd. Adopted. By Aid. Caahow That the whole matter lie on the table for two weeks. Agreed to. Ayes 10, nays 9. By Aid. Biles That gas mains be laidand;iamp posts, &c , erected on Lorimer street, from Colyer street to Norman avenue. Adopted. By the same That pumps he repaired in Colyer street, between Tompkins street and Washington avenue, expense not to exceed $10. Table, under rule. By the same That te salary of Wm. 8. Leech, Clerk in office of Collector of Taxes and Assessments, be fixed at $3,000 from Oct. 1, 1SGT. Laid on table, un der rule. By Aid. Guok That resolution on table, to repalr Hose 2, E. D., be adopted. Agreed to. By the same That pnmp and water closet in Forty - sixth Precinct SUtlon - houso be repaired. Adopted. Bfl the B am o That water pipes in honae or No. 6, E. D., be repaired. Adopted. By the same That stoves be procured fo1. Forty - sixth Precinct Station - house, expense not to exceed $60. Table, under rale. By the same That cross - walk be bailt at Forty - sixth Precinct Station - house, expense not to exceed $75. Table, under rule. By Aid. Cunningham That suitable stove be furnished furnished house of Hook & Ladder No. 2, E, D. Table under rule, Byld. Brady That repairs be furnished Fourteenth Ward bell tower. Adopted . By the same That repairs be made to house of Hose No. 1, E. D. Adopted. "By the same Resolution from table to (111 up certain certain old wells In the Fourteenth Ward. Adopted. By the same Resolution from table to repair wells and pumns corner North Sixth street and Bushwick avenue: North Ninth and Fourth streets: North Ninth. North Seventh and Fifth streets; Fifth, North Sixth and North Seventh streetB; North Eighth and First streets. Adopted. By the same That salary of Jeremiah Fielding be lncreasfd to $1,500. Table, under rule. ; By All. Armfleld Remonstrance of J. Gaydorn, To Law Committee. Bj the same Committee from Chief Engineer, E. D. F. I)., relative to putting up Btovea in Engine houses. Table. By the same To close wells in Broadway. Table. By the same That the street Commissioner have Sonth Seventh ctrcet put in passable condition. Table nnder rule. By the same Resolution from table to fill up wells, expense not to exceed $35. Adopted, and unanimous consent obtained. By the same Resolution from table to furnish blanks for Justice Dailey'a Court, expense not to exceed $100. Adopted. By Aid. O'Keeffe That gas mains, etc. be laid, and gas lamps and poBts be erected on Elngs street, from Van Brunt to Richard streets. Adopted. By Aid. Carman Resolution from table awarding contract to Pal rick Hughes for set of new wheels for steamer No. 5, W. D , notwithstanding objections of tho Mayor.1 Lost. Yeas 5 : nays 10. By the same Petition of Hook & Ladder No. 5.W.D., for repairs to bouse. To Fire Department Committee, W. D By the same Bill of James Gaffney for cleaning street. Eleventh Ward, $660.50. Finance Committee. By Aid. Bergen Resolution from table . to furnlBh supplies for engine No. 19, W. D., expense not to exceed exceed $15. Adopted. By the same From table to procure saBh cords for Forty - third Precinct Station ITouse, expenses not to exceea $10 Adopted. By the same From, table for repairs in . (Jity Hall, not to exceed $90. Adopted 1 By the same From table, to procure book - cases for Judge ComttelPs Court, expense not to exceed $87 60. Adopted. By the Bame From table, to procure sundry snpplies snpplies for Street Commissioner's office. Adopted. By the same From table, to procure sundry supplies supplies for the Eeeper of City Hall, expense not to exceed exceed $40. Adopted. uy the same lo nagg emewaiKs, wnere not none, on Bond street, between Degraw and Union, Degraw street Hoyt and Bond, President street, Second Place, between Smith and Hoyt, First Place, and other streets. Adopted. By the same For cross - walks at corner of Degraw and Hoyt streets. Adopted. By the same To fence lots on Livingston street, between Bond and Kevins, with a fence 6 feet high. Adopted. , . By the Bame That the salary of M. W. Cole be fixed at $1,600, Georgo Watson 1.8etMurtaeh, VMO, Joseph kcCann $3,000, Wm. N. Clem ,00p, Wm. Furey $1,800, George, G. Herman $2,000, all clerks In T&X Qmp.fi Aid. Cashow moved to add P. McLaughlin, $1,500. Aid. O'Brien moved to add P. Eiernan, $l0O. Aid. Hathaway move to refer the whole subject to stove and nxtereB. To Fire Department Committee, WByttie eame - Of - propertywnere.to extend railroad track on Uatea avenue to Broadway. Railroad Com - "By Aid. Hatbaway - Petltlon in matter of opening Part avenue, from Tompkins to Broadway. To Committee Committee on Opening Streets. . By the Bame Petition toBrt nd pave TqmpklnB ave from Lafayette to DeKalb ave. To Grading and Paving Committee. , By the same - That iesoluHon on tto Bubject heretofore heretofore i adopted be rescinded, and that Htutted & CarU be paid $2000 rent ana taxes for premises, corner of Johnson aud.WaBhington streets, from lat of May last. Tabled under the rale. By the same Resolution from table to pay Mr. Alger for rent of Fiftieth Precinct Station - bouse, at the rate or $1000 per annum. Adopted, and unanimous unanimous consent bad. . . . By the same From table, to alter book - cue In City Clerk's office. Adopted. By the same That plans for Forty - third Precinct Staflon - honse, prepared by Wm. H. Hazard, be adopted. adopted. Adopted. By the same Casual resolution to flag sidewalks on Dean street, ninety feet from FJalbush avenne. Adopted.

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 14 Oct 1867, Mon,
  3. Page 10

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