rumblings of secession - AE Bennett and RB Gaddy

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rumblings of secession - AE Bennett and RB Gaddy - TIIE PUBLIC MKETINQ IN WAllFBORO'. ' In respoBM...
TIIE PUBLIC MKETINQ IN WAllFBORO'. ' In respoBM to tba call published ja this paper last week, a very large aad isr pec table aaraber af lb eitiiens eitiiens of Anaoa sssembled at lb Court Hoase, ia Ibis place, on Saturday fast. Ths meeting was organised by calling Col. W C. Smith to the Chair, and appoint ing A. E. Bennett and II. R. West, Secretaries. Col. Smitn, aa taking ths chair, In a few brief and pertinent remark, stated tb object of the meeting. After which T. S. Ashe, Esq., moved thai a com mittee or five ba appointed to draw ap resolutions fur the considers lion or Ihe meeting. The Chair appointed T. 8. Aehs, Jamet A. Leak, Jesse Edwards, Col. J. J. Cos tod Dr. W. 11. Cattle, ss said committee. Whilst the committee was out, Gen. A. J. Dargaa wa called oa for souit remsrks. Tb General com plied, and spoks until ths committee returned. He was for tke Union, bat be was none the less for lbs Sooth for ths Culon if the Northern States would re-sp re-sp re-sp et the Soath't righu aad her constitutional guarantee. guarantee. . When tht General concluded, Mr. Ashe, Cbainaaa of the committee oa resolutions, reported the following: following: lilltii, la the present disturbed anl etcited state of public feeling ia relatioa to the affairs or the Federal Union, il haa become the duly of every eitiien la divert himself af all paaaoa, prejudice and party reeling, and calmly and actio ne'y to survey th circumstance circumstance by which he is eerrouoded, and decide fir bitnseir th courts of conduct which lbs honor, the welfare and Ihe bvst intereU of Ihe Stele demand sV bis bsodi.; vlieiefi re-we, re-we, re-we, a portion of the etlise- etlise- 0f Aasoa canty, hsving aseeathlrd fur tb purpose of conferring together, and giving some puhlio expression expression or our sentiments relative Cereto, neve ' Keeolred, Tbst in ths r'.wtion of Abrdbaa Lhteola aa Presideul of the Uuited State by sectional vote, exclusively en- en- a Kctional issue, we think ihe South has juat ground of serious apprehension and alarm fur the safety of her institutions and constitutional rights; and we regard the meaner la which that result has been effected, aa a grave infraction of Us mutual good faith upoa which our Federal Government was erected, anl ttuiiog to civil-' civil-' civil-' srar and a dis-olutioa dis-olutioa dis-olutioa of the Union, tnd a sot h, It ts rarnee tly and unqualill-dly unqualill-dly unqualill-dly condemned; but, inasmuth as laid eiectioa waa in conformity aith Ihe requirements f Ibe C'oaelilarloa aod the forma of law, we, a a law-asidins law-asidins law-asidins people, devotedly devotedly attacheU to Ibe L'aoa, aad aasoas fur its preierva-.ioo, preierva-.ioo, preierva-.ioo, consistently with oar bower a. 1 Ibe se curity of our righu, do aot think that, of Itself, a saf- saf- nr.ieLl esuse lor revolution; ar a dtssoiatioa cf the Uniia. Uetolted, That la ou opiuksn, aader existing eir euntsUnces, the secessiua of any aae ef the Southern States from tba Sniont is ao rea.oa, of itself, why North Carolina should folio the exampls - - Ketohed, that if Ibe sectional parly now coming into power, shall, in violation of the Constitution, at tempt to adaiaitter the Uovernavsat oa principles la imical to the righu, lbs equality, aad the safely of tb Slave-bold Slave-bold Slave-bold og Blatrs, 01 th Carolina sboald as- as- tame an attltmie yl firm resistaoce, and tnakt com. moo cause with her sa r Sutra of the South sgaiaet such BBeuBstitutiooal aggressions, even at the expense of the Lnioa but tbst w any crisis which may arise, all eonstitationsl remedies ought to be fairly tried aud exhausted before a resort should be had to extreme measures. 11 felted. That it ia the sworn duty ef tha Federal Executive to have Ibe Fngitivs Slave Lass eiecuted at all haurds, aad at whatever cost; aad that the faithful enforcement of this law should be firmly re quired at tht bands of the Federal executive, by oar Southern representatives in Congress. Uemlted, That In aar-juaVment, aar-juaVment, aar-juaVment, bow it tb alms for ths settlement of this sectional question betweea the North and lb South, definitively, and for all Uuie; and that to that ead, tb South should require ao amendment of the Federal Constitution, a the only guaranty open which sb eaa rely with confidence.' Keeolved, That ia tba recent tone of Ihe Republican press, and other indications in the free States, we recognise recognise tome signs of a returning sent of justice;, but that wa should demand of the Republican party, as an earnest of their good faith in the fa ure, the repeal, wherever tbey may exist hi the Northern Stales, of all personal liberty laws, designed Io defeat the operation operation and execution of th Fugitivs Slave Law. . Retolted, That ths 8tata should be placed in a con dition of thorough aad complete preparation for whatever whatever exigency may arise, by a reorganisation of th militia, and saoh other measures a th Legislature in it wisdom nay deem expedient and necessary. Before the rote was taken Mr. A. advocated their paaaage saying they- they- were such that every man Id tba Sooth, unless ba were a Disunionist per te. could "vote for. We bar aot tb room to follow Mr.X. His speech, while brief wss conservative, to the point, sad with a fall regard to bis position at a Southerner. Me wa replied to by Mr. H. Hammond, who took ground against action upon tbt resolutions now. lit appealed to his fellow eitixeo not to be bsstyu He asked them to delay action for awhils, and taa ad-, ad-, ad-, vantage of circumstances at they may transpire hereafter. II used torn argument that made it ne cestary for Mr. Ash to reply to him, which Mr. A- A- did for fiv minutes or so. n Ths vote wat then taken, and the resolutions werej sdopted, after which tht meeting adjourned. (Per the North Careliaa Argus. PUBLIC MEETING. , Jf, Editor: Enslosed yoa will find two resolutions adopted at a meeting held at While' Store, aa 8tur day the 8th Inst. Mea of ail parties we're there, end nons were prepared to glv ap tha Union on account of Use in s election alone, we are willing ta wait for a violation of tha Coostitotioa of oar fathers, ander which we bars lived so bappily, before wa launch oar berk Into the dark aad an tried golf of disunion. Th meeting waa organised by calling Mr. Thome Barrett to lbs chair. Oa motioa Mr. Daniel Chambers Chambers was reqaestod to act as secretary, Mr. T. Red- Red- feara thea introduced soats resolutions eminently alive la priaclple, and Union la sentiment. discoseioa wss thea bads betweea Mesera. t Wkiteand R. B. Oaddy,oa each reeolutioc separately. Mr. White oppoeing thesj, aa the eroaad that there wa a aeoeasity for them, Mr. Gaddy ia favor ef thea base a be thought we aboald bow express ear epia-tea epia-tea epia-tea sea way ar the other, lhal ear Legislators might kuow essr sentiment. J followisg resolutions were tbea adopted: . MentheeL That tbs alee tioa of Lfheola accord ine to Iba Federal Cows ti to tioa, though greatly to be de plored sad regretted, la aot la Itself, suScitnl eaasel iw sisssiauw si 9mm asina, Km wi, Taat w deem it ta duty of th tea Kerta. era Statss, that base aaillled the FagiUva Blew Law, ta repeal tbaaeTeaalTe statatot. aad we farther deesa it tba daty af this Stale le reqaeat them to repeal the . We eavdarsUad taothtr BVtwUag plQ be htld t JLiwVf frfy f Thttrilty. v, , ' t ,;

Clipped from North Carolina Argus13 Dec 1860, ThuPage 2

North Carolina Argus (Wadesboro, North Carolina)13 Dec 1860, ThuPage 2
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