Hugh Cameron love letters part 2

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Hugh Cameron love letters part 2 - day and, reading Denver mile Pas9, via. No. g...
day and, reading Denver mile Pas9, via. No. g LETTERS TELL SECRET OF HUGH CAMERON'S LITE (Continued from page L) Manhattan Solomon 10:50 m., August Chair W. the See G. any upon your time, contrary to my original original intention, for which I hope you will pardon me. I remain as ever, HUGH. His Sin of Idolatry After the fourth letter there is a lovers quarrel and they cease writing writing for nearly a year. Then Cameron's Cameron's love for the beautiful Mary again impells him to write of his passion. This letter is a defense of his course toward her and alludes most pointedly to the mj'sterious trouble which has caused a breach between them. He even reproaches himself for the idolatory of her. Washington, D. C, Nov. 5, 1865. Dear Mary: One year ago we parted, at which time your manner impressed me peculiarly. peculiarly. Do you remember how you generally gave me a little finger at our final adieu t It always seemed to me that a little palm would have been little enough under the circumstances. circumstances. I am not a soldier now, and may claim as a citizen's privilege the right to complain occasionally of such little things. I can never tell you how great a fire this little matter matter has kindled and how far into the future that little finger pointed. Since then many important things have transpired, but no change has taken place, I hope, which we shall regret. The restoration of our glori- glori- '.ous union is progressing" satisfacto rily; peace and the prospect of prosperity everywhere prevail. In this. I have a realization of my fondest hopes and an answer to my most fervent prayers. I have been employed for some time in reflection and in perusing your letters prepar- prepar- of a design long since cherished, to write vou a whistles through the leafless branches of the strong-armed strong-armed strong-armed and apparently lifeless trees, I liken those popular vices which permeate all our system, religious, social and political, to the desolating and destroying influences of which we are almost as insensible as the trees are to the melancholy music of the winds, and with the deep, mournful moan of the mass of waters that surge about the cave and return in eddies. I liken the unutter able agony of spirit which the good and kind hearted suffer on account of the .headlong and reckless course persisted in by those whom they dearly love. You seak of lost atiection and ask me if I ever think of you. You say, too, tnat you were never wormy of the love of so noble a man. Can man be "noble" and forget his ovef. Manly and untrue to herf Ionorable and inconstant! oringen- oringen- uous and a deceiver! iJear mary, you know the answers to your questions. questions. Be careful, therefore, with yourself and with me. There need be no misunderstanding, livery consideration consideration of regard both for your self and me requires fair and satisfactory satisfactory adjustment. You know that love (not loved ) you, or if you don't it is not my fault. Of my constancy and loyalty I seldom speak If there have been unpleasant pas sages in our affairs, what less have others had as good by nature as our selves? My love is never either old rv nflnr T am n n Tti Hi n fT O To f O "? mit that you were evw unworthy of toT? .to the, ecutiop uiy iuc. , .. ., . - T m mt a hoWo tW. irt iuuS lt lH on ine anniversary oi. oiur love there is much that is real and wparation. othmg good to eat can rational, but when too many have too & "produced m less than a year; much to do and sav, when interests "u-v "u-v "u-v uoum ne.w U1, - , 7 :i " , then have as much lime in which to rendered less unsmooth. I am not " ' u " " " to blame the "child wo-i"'? wo-i"'? wo-i"'? , , 'T . n-VUVi n-VUVi n-VUVi yia nappiness, dui aiso me nappmess 01 n iniure generation I wua your lasi letter I find one in which I wrote in answer to it, and the one "of December, 1864, which accompanied it. at the date on which I received them. The letter of mine referred to was tabled as soon as written by a small majoritv,-bit majoritv,-bit majoritv,-bit being - taken up ; today has passed unanimously. ; A j copy of it you will find enclosed. In '64. the first sentence is explanatory and somewhat apologetic of the use of the "adjective of four letters" ; in a certain relation. Allow me to as sure you that the use of it "suits" my "lordship" exactly, and that I hold this use of it both "decorus and proper." 1 hope it may be agree' able" to you to write it often. The second sentence contins the f ollow- ollow- disposed man," my pet, with all occurred unpleasant, attributing all to fate and prate. I have already trespassed too lar To Cure DIARRHOEA Dyenter, Cholera Morbus or Cholera Infantum take WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam You better get & bottle today. You may need it tonight. It is a most reliable remedy remedy for all loose conditions of the bowels. MdruszisU tail it. Full size bottle Z5c you undivided and v?undeviating love that I hold the man a criminal who is guilty of intentional neglect and infidelity to his truth. I can not write in vindication of my conduct now nor seek to justify what I have done and left unlone, for while I grant forgiveness I ask to be forgiven. forgiven. Allow me, dear Mary, to assure you that I would have been more happy happy to have met you in New York, to have been with you at St. Louis and Springfield, but doubtful of the manner manner in which you might receive me I did not meet you. You know how much I would have suffered had you still an inclination to "wound" my "generous nature." I hope you will not, upon reflection, blame me for what seemed neglect and f orjretf ul- ul- ness. It was, I assure you, difficult for me to determine that the course I finally adopted was the best. To resume our correspondence,the old re lation is more to me than fame and wealth. I would that I could make von fully realize how much and how constantly I have loved jou and how ardently I desire to be near you at this moment very near you as of yore. I dare say that your visit to the great gay metropolis may have illustrated illustrated many things, but I hope, I know, you are determined in consequence consequence of the visit for fashion, fame, and filthy lucre to abandon what they alone could not secure, while they may in reason be enjoyed without a sacrifice. I am in business to tho throat-latch throat-latch throat-latch and my prospects are good. Fortunes are to be made in Washington Washington and south of here, and with a right good will I am working to improve improve the temporal condition. I have met the member of congress from Springfield, who is somewhat anxious about a pending contest betwixt betwixt himself and the veteran pony, his predecessor. He informs me that he left "you all well and prospects good for an early completion of the railroad to Springfield. I hope this may soon be realized, as I desire again to visit you at home and would prefer to come by rail. I much dis like the stage I mean the stage from Sedalia to Springfield. I did not receive the letter trom your low Both of framing Ton '11 find the Bitters a beneficial remedy in every way in cases of Cramps, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Headache, Biliousness, Kidney His & Malaria. Insist on having. I nOSTETTER W 1 CELEBRATED II STOMACH i U BITTER m nl B. T.

Clipped from Lawrence Daily World07 Aug 1909, SatPage 3

Lawrence Daily World (Lawrence, Kansas)07 Aug 1909, SatPage 3
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