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New Ivey's opening - pan n ctj r n nJ rv rv n n t n t ? GREATER...
pan n ctj r n nJ rv rv n n t n t ? GREATER IVEY'S HAS ECO ME A REALITY At last it's here ! Actually in brick and mortar and beautiful glass, manifestations of reality that may be touched and handled and tested. For years it has been a prediction a dream. Now the predictions are fulfilled and the dreams have come true. Yes and maybe a little more has been accomplished than was expected. An adequate department store, suited in its construction and contents alike to the ever broadening needs of the purchasing public of Greater Charlotte has been created and "Greater Ivey's" is its name. It is not for a moment to be inferred that Charlotte in the past has not had good stores, well managed and heartily supported by a discriminating public, but what the old town really needed in order to keep abreast of the procession was a building big enough and handsome enough to outstrip anything to be found in the two Caro-linas. And at last it's here ! Most of the inhabitants of this city have at one time or another had occasion within the last six months to round the southeast corner of the Realty building, and many of them have been in the vicinity practically daily. The sound of driving of nails and the placing of steels, of the giving of orders and the executing of the same has called the attention of one and all most pointedly to what was going forward. It is a safe guess that precious few Charlotteans have yet to learn that Ivey's is going to do business from now on just north instead of just west of the square. As the work progressed the casual onlooker has doubtless been dimly aware that this new store was going to be different. For the matter of that Charlotte knows Ivey's is going to be original in everything it undertakes. But it is rather doubtful whether the beauty and perfection of the new building has dawned on many outside of the few who have been actively engaged in its construction. On the other hand the men who helped plan the building have a very clear cut conception of just how much thought has gone into every detail, of just how little the dollar has weighed against getting everything as it should be. "Nothing has been allowed to go into this building which was not the best that money could buy," said one of these men whose particular portion of the job had taken him over practically every foot of the floor space and who is therefore well qualified to pass an opinion. "Why you'll have to see it before you can begin to appreciate it," said another who has seen similar struc tures irom coast to coast, and from Gulf to Lakes. One and all, the experts who have taken a hand in putting up the building are enthusiastic in their commendation of the scale upon which things have been done and the breadth of vision evidenced. Which, when you reflect upon it, is praise not only from Sir Hubert but from a whole group of Sir Huberts! The business of Greater Ivey's is to be conducted henceforward in and on and from four floors and a basement. Its planners believed from the beginning that it would be well worth their while to provide elbow room a-plenty and this point has been insisted upon at every step lhe result is that on each of the five levels one gets the impression of spaciousness. There is room to breathe, there is room to consider and the record breaking crowds which have been marked features of the Iveys you have known m the past will have an opportunity to treble themselves and more in the new home of the business. Perched upon a messanine floor in the western end of che building overlooking the busy first floor, the office will be admirably located for quick communication with the various departments. Here will be the cashier's of-ftice and m it will be handled the entire financial transactions of the store. On.this messanine, too, will be an intercommunicating telephonic switchboard giving readv access not only to the large number of telephones listed by the local Bell system but in closest touch with practically every one of the departments. The executive heads of Greater Iveys will be located here at the heart of 1 i fell I Ji M MM jf M Fftl JsTs mtws .- x rk & $ u IfJilfpli -: j 1! LJ-v. " nnwoMLiw 'wMW)wrv.iiiui.iiMWijuj jii i) n.Mi.M.mwumii Mj.wiw.AwiLr5- Kit i. - "5 . ..n,; ,(,.JJ(,,,.t,-,, , rraasa. building. In return the firm has in this building and its contents, given Charlotte and the entire state an asset in which just pride may be felt. When the statement that Ivey's is a store of many departments is made, th fair reader, possibly, has an accurate idea of the meaning connoted; it is pretty certain that no mere man, except those rare individuals who love to do their wives' and sisters' buying, will obtain anything but the faintest idea of reality. Catalogues of names are seldom considered interesting reading matter. Even Homer's catalogue of the ships has been known to weary the most ard. ent Hellenist. But the list of Ivey's departments is not like an ordinary catalogue and a perusal cf the same, followed by a visit to the various de- Aside from the i.. rooms for customers and messanine will be devoted to t' utive offices, telephone swHc cashier's office, etc. J3.m, The second floor will be rr-r , the departments of mm dies' ready-to-wear ga" , ,u ia' contain -the space assignrto'Vor'1 mushn underwear, shirt wa'-coats, etc. The presence or a ' of numerous alcoves fitted mirrors will prove very convert- a--, the tables to be used for tb-p V millinery are the subjects cf hi l comiums from those "jn tho Yn- The third floor will be "the of draperies, art goods UrV ttiieb. AQjommg these win be Deauty parlors to the front reanv-rn-wpar onH ,;n: . . n m w nn:I the Front View of the Building. . . . . . i .. i . . . ... ' f- ' - -' ': - -a -b?.'? Hf-f& - 'f-- W'.tvH , f L Fl hill k s43B fixbSartl II! Ill " 1 ir ' " " 111 ,,.ywaii'.-.j..-. -,i5...-.-.vrW...-. --f li in Ii ' .-,r,.:.-..-v .. The millinery department, ladies' coat suits, corsets and allied lines will occupy the second floor. Large scope things. The demand for the best lighting facilities at una important point is amply met, the messanine extending beyond the upper stories and thus having access to the blue sky itself. - lhe special locations of the various denartmentK stp given m other columns of this supplement. They may be nnefly summed up as follows : The basement will be devoted to cut glass, china, silverware, household articles, and-the popular priced grades of dry goods. In it will be located the complicated assembly and delivery arrangements so vital to a well-ordered department store. Here, too, will be the locker rooms devoted to the exclusive use of the young ladies of Ivey's selling force. wc mai uoor win De iouna com plete lines of dry goods, including all Piece goods. A modernly appointed soda fountain will furnish delicacies dear to the heart of the American woman shopper and will doubtless prove one of the most largely patroniz ed of all the departments. The main flight of stairs is located about the middle of the northern side of the building flanked by the passenger ele vator, while in the northwestern cor ner a freight elevator is placed. As one enters the receding front of the building, passing eight large show win dows and proceeds back towards the messanine mentioned above, the Ivey spirit its alertness, its intelligence. its broad humanitarianism, is evidenced on every hand. First impressions usually carry the day where a custom er is to be attracted or repelled and the planners of Greater Ivey's were far from losing sight of this fact when the first floor was under consideration. View from Entrance Main Floor. MR. FRANK SHERRILL. The Decorator. was necessarily offered on this floor to whatever artistic capabilities the planners of the building possess, and the result is very beautiful. This second floor will prove a delight to every genuine lover of the artistic. Round and square display tables plac- ed alternately add a touch of variety to the effect. Care has been taken to arrange this floor in such a way as to allow for a large number of mirrored alcoves in order that each customer may have one to herself no matter how popular the departments thereon located mav tirnvfi nt nnv civpn hnn-r Ascending another story, the visitor comes to the draperies, curtains, rugs, mattings, etc. A large, well-lighted area in the rear is to be devoted to work-rooms for the millinery and coat suit departments, respective ly. At the front will be located a! Deauty parlor for customers in search of hair dressing, manicuring and massaging. For the. comfort and convenience of the young ladies of the selling force, there is located on this floor a handsome white-tiled toilet room witha shaft for light and ventilation extending from its center to the roof. The stock room will occupy the rear of tthe fourth floor. On this floor as wen will be the dressmaking depart ment, the large lunch room and kitch en, also the library rest room and hospital, reserved for the use of the selling force. Using the above outline somewhat after the fashion of . a guide book, one may grasp the enormous amount of care and attention to detail which has been bestowed upon the building. No outline in mere black and white, how ever can offer an idea of the beauty and convenience of the whole. For ex ample, to say that the color scheme is old ivory and cream, finished in a rich mahogany is very far from doing justice to the artistic taste which has been expended upon the harmonizing of the diverse colors and Shades neces sarily occurring in the several depart ments. Sanitary fountains throughout the store derive their flow from a reservoir in the basement, where the water is coiled in copper pipes before being conveyed . to the various floors The building will be heated by steam, taken from a central plant in the Realty building, next door, and carried throughout by what is known as the overhead system. No pains were spared to make the heating arrangements of the most up-to-date character and a comfortable, tempera ture is insured practically without regard to the vicissitudes of the weather. The support of the buying public of Charlotte has made Ivey's what it is and has justified or rather necessitated the enlargement which has resulted in the removal to the new Rr. David Ovens. partments and counters is quite nec essary to an adequate conception of the size and beauty of arrangement which characterize the new Ivey's. Possibly the most striking feature connected with these departments is their arrangement. Each floor of the new store instead of having one oen- rooms to the rear. The toilet room of the selling force is also located on this floor. A portion of the for.rth floor is occupied by the stock room, the rest being turned over to the kitchen, dining room, hospital, library an-i rest room for the selling force and to the dress- After reading this enumeration, and reflecting a little, it is to be believed that no fair-minded man or woman will take issue with the statement that Ivey's is a store of ciny departments. The full force of the truth of the phrase, however, can net be grasped except through a visit cf personal inspection. tral aisle, has two side aisles, a con-j making department. struction that has enabled the designers to departmentalize the huge and varied stock in a way which is new to this part of the country. The depart ments are arranged across these side aisles which renders shopping quicker and more convenient to customer and sales force alike and makes for vastly greater efficiency of service on the part of the store. ' Coming for a moment to '.he actual! ocation of the departments, tho base-! ment will offer the customer cut glass, silverware, household utensils of one sort and another, aluminum and enam el ware, fancy goods, bric-a-brac, bas kets, toys and the oopular-priced grades of dry goods. This basement ' will be fitted with mirrors all around. ! On the first floor will be aar.embled complete lines of dress e;ood.3 iaoiuding ! piece goods. Here will be fYrnnr! hns.! ery, underwear, ribbons, patterns," gloves, lace and embroideries, leather! goods oilet goods, drug suudrie?,' jewelry, novelties, fancy goods, um-1 brellas and parasols. A popular de- j partment on this first floor will be the ; soda fountain, an innovation in Char otte department stores. Salespeople Participate In Profits For a number of years a!l the employes of Ivey's have shared in the profits of the concern This is a plan used to stimulate better service, and it works spien-didly. Last year over eight hundred dollars was divided among about 50 of the force, so it will be seen that the amounts are worth working for. No one is allowed to partlcipste who has not been with the concern at least one year. Advertisement i- J A Scene on the Second Floor

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  1. The Charlotte News,
  2. 21 Sep 1914, Mon,
  3. Page 6

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