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A factory not run for profit - THE. ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI,' SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4,...
THE. ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI,' SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1023 A. FACTORY NOT RUN FOR PROFIT .yv - j:v - W05PITAL 0 ISCAAOeO "Fcft,NlTURtt The Goodwill Industries, operated to give employment to men and women -handicapped -handicapped by physical disabilities, enables them to be come self-supporting. self-supporting. self-supporting. IN a five-story five-story five-story building: at Ninth street and Freeman avenue. Welt End. there alts a man without any less whatever, but with a smile on his face which Is longer, at least In endurance, than his legs might have been. We'll call him Georger George la one of the four or five cobblers In the Good Will Industries, and for every tap of his hammer on the sole of a rehabilitated shoe he smiles. There's a reason. Ha knows Tlnkerer's Shop, In which is plied one in his lower limbs rendered it impos-that impos-that impos-that at the end of the week there will of the most picturesque assortments slble for him to make a living at any be an envelope containing; 118, 1) of broken articles, toward Jthe reha- reha- profession or trade with which he was or $20 waiting for him in the business office and that he is a self-support- self-support- self-support- self-support- ing, self-reliant self-reliant self-reliant man, able to Iook the best of them in the face. Working near him are three or four other men, all of them handicapped in one way or another, including age, but all of them maklns- maklns- cood llvlnss by sending old shoes through a process of "hospitalization" which makes them salable and uieful. In front of .these men is a small mountain of old N shoes, biff and little, shoes once warn by men, women and children; shoes which when repaired can be sold at fflve him the assurance that he still Is one of the five Good Will Industries . a man and able to pay his way. retail stores scattered thcough the ! in other departments one finds city. To -these -these stores people of meager heaps of clothing, ahoes, furniture, means may go and find useful arti- arti- ' rags, anything and everything which cles at prices withln their reach. j can be turned to good use. Mr. Scul-George Scul-George Scul-George and his fellow cobblers know i y Baya that the Goodwill Industries that every shoe repaired means not , has Issued nearly 10,000 large burlap only something earnel for themselves, bags to cltlsens. These bags are filled but money saved for some poor fam- fam- more or less regularly with the-small-ily the-small-ily the-small-ily the-small-ily the-small-ily which might otherwise go poorly ' er discarded articles which may be shod. I . . Y R. E. Scully is Superintendent of the institution conducted for the ben- ben- eflt .of men and women who either were physically handicapped or for other reasons had been jinaDie to sup- sup- of gooi cfotn taken from the discard-port discard-port discard-port themselves. ed garments of grown-ups. grown-ups. grown-ups. "The motto we go on here," said Th Goodwill Industries works hand Mr. Scully, "is that the human being in hana wUh the Rehabilitation Corn-does Corn-does Corn-does not want charity, but a chance, mlttee of Ohio through the Associated The more handicapped a man or charities In training handicapped men woman is the more he oraves to prove aa women some of whom are seri-that seri-that seri-that what is left in him of usefulness ougiy crippied. in such trades as cob-Is cob-Is cob-Is entitled to an opportunity to dem- dem- v.n. ..win, camentry and other onstrato ' Its worth. Sometimes the men and women who come here for opportunities are in low states of morale. They see no way out, but they still nave nope." - , r Willing To Work. "There was a man," Mr. Scully ; went on, "who once was a brilliant scholar, a graduate of a famous English English college, an accountant and a fluent fluent linguist During the period of readjustment readjustment In Canada, when economic conditions were bad, he came to Cin cinnati, reaching here Just about the j time the unemployment crisis came on In 1921. Through a church organ- organ- Ization he came to us. He was-capa- was-capa- was-capa- was-capa- j ble and willing and was anxious to . take any work available. We gave him a Job. He has saved money and taj,e ptac, n November, is now one of our most useful men. K ,Mr, nd Mrs. Brown Buford,' of Naafc-He's Naafc-He's Naafc-He's earning enough money to keep ' vllle, Tenn., have announced Hi sntage-hlmself sntage-hlmself sntage-hlmself comfortably and to put i ment ef their daughter. Miss Hslen Bu-somethlng Bu-somethlng Bu-somethlng away. ford, to Mr. Robert Kowlett, of Nsw York. "Another man was graduated from : formerly of Louisville. ,o a Southern university, studied law! - M1 M"y Kurvw"" and afterward went Into the ministry, afternoon at a "V. s Mr Ld He came from a long line of dlstln- dlstln- ! M01Kurfeeit en Second street. Miss gulshed Southrons and had he fam- fam- K"urfees was assisted In ''"f,?' guiBiia DuUl...u... ... ... ily brilliance, but, perhaps, also some of the family restlessness. Family and financial trouoie overcame mm. He wandered here and there until he ... . ..... t ... came to Uincinnau ana eveniuauy to u At once he took hold in cour-! cour-! cour-! . . . . , .n.n.ip rn v Ma's ha.n with 11B for "s" ... . ., . " i years, supporting through his earn-intra earn-intra earn-intra what is left of his family. "Nearly every person working here is over LOr.and many are 60 and some . around 70 years of age. They are. tSM W.' many of them, too old for the com- com- wno are the guests of Mra Wallace o. petltive struggle, even though not I Miner. MJ'h JS&Jrtf gXXu otherwise physically " handicapped. . Charles L. Newton, Robert Ball, Lewis At-Belng At-Belng At-Belng both old and handicapped, you j wood. wuiUm Atwood. $Jtl& can understand what this work I MorganrEra Wltherapoon. William New-means New-means New-means to them. Here they may earn comb, T. Johnson Clancy and Allen JS. their living in useful work, maintain . self-respect." self-respect." self-respect." , . - And Just what Is the work to which Mr. Scully alluded? ' He took The Enquirer representative representative into the furniture repair shop. Men were at. work repairing" chairs. tames, cauuicisi ucua, tn? uuic.ci.i kinds of household equipment which will be sold later to poor families at a price Just high enough to clear the wages of the men employed and the cost of materials. There is no attempt attempt to clear a profit, for this is not a money-making money-making money-making institution The j tuia. cusi ui ru.iiiii.a t-.iv t-.iv t-.iv iiiDi.H,ivii is fis.uuu annually. xne earninga from the five retail stores amounted to more than $31,000 last year, and of this $20,000 was paid in Wages to the people who were given needed employment. The balance was applied applied to overhead expense. The Community Community Chest, which recognizes the great value of this work to the community, community, this year gives $12,100 toward toward making up the difference be-tweeen be-tweeen be-tweeen earnings and expenses. As much as possible of the amount received received through the retail stores, is paid out In -wages -wages to the workers on the broad theory that- that- whatever Is ! . . . .i i M cane rn nein neoDie u neiD ineuisetvea is the soundest social philosophy. I I Brakea -reys -reys iteeeastraetea. I Tll Oood4U Industries building Is i - , a . . .,. J , ; full Of eolof tnd interest. A poet or j (y -Jit -Jit A WV MAVlV OA- OA- TJS lrv 'CFJI .' til? w:T vJ5fc(3TEf35 tN-me tN-me tN-me QbCOVI-,1- QbCOVI-,1- QbCOVI-,1- QbCOVI-,1- lNOU?Tf?lE5 Aftfis HANOiCAPPto in One, , a painter might make much or the bllitatlon of which a picturesque tin- tin- kerer devotes his time. One might ask what Is done with all of this dls- dls- carded "plunder." Bit by bit it la put into useful shape, sorted, tsgged and sent to the retail stores. Many of the broken toys are stored until Christmas time. The sleds are mended and saved for the winter season. But doxens of articles needed in the or- or- j dlnarv daily life of the human beinjr are salvaged and at once sold for i . . small amounts. And the aged tinkerer earns in the process enough money to repaired or, made over Into useful merchandise. In one of the workrooms workrooms where a number of whlte- whlte- haired women were working was a heap of children's garments made out ugefUj trades. This Is done In carry - ing out tne modern principles of so- so- clal ,erviMi which helps an Individual to help himself. For Instance, there Is a main at the Industries who had been KENTUCKY L0UISV1XIE. RS. LUCY BULK HALB, of Knox M vllle, Tenn., has announcaa encasement of her daugntar, Miss Hettia aie. ... ard Houston Meschenaorr, oi : Louisville. Tha wadding will -(JS -(JS Lucllla Hikes. Hettia f.f, "a 7M,"y Rudder Gates. Ths house attratelvely l orated In ""n - p.. MTmuimBni iauv w - i -Yeneral -Yeneral color scheme, embracing i Je autumn colors. . " j w i-inpfr i-inpfr i-inpfr V. Sal sa of Som- Som- mr. ,nounce the engagement of ,Lzr.r iaui,hter. Mlaa Barthenla Cynthia1 11 . . V. . J n Tnntln Jr. Anllite. to Jnr. ueora pwi...... i Af rmnvllle. son of Dr. George A. Jopun. . . . . ' ,,i. ann nf T'lr. fpnrrs of Loulsvlll.. The wedding will take P,MVlAlSnT WaVneld was h.ste. Wed-. Wed-. Wed-. .n.hrM.. alven at the pendennls Club In honor of Mrs, Charles "Jf"' Mr Lemuel McHenrr. Miss Elisabeth sicnenry, n " H.nr will give a tea daasant at the Pendennls Chb4 from 4 to 7:10 o clock, MrFrank' B. Catchall and Miss Fanny Craia was given a Ua dansant from i to I o'clock. December 12. In honor of Miss Frances Qetehalt. In the Red Roam of the Mrs'sea" Sara Htltes and Susan Olll, of Panama, were hosts at an Informl Halloween Halloween party Weoneday evening at the apartment of their grandparents. Mr. and airs. John Ctltaa, In the Welsslngar Oaul- Oaul- b"Mr and Mrs. Frederick M. Sackett wilt be hosts at a dlnner-danca dlnner-danca dlnner-danca December 12, In honor e Miss Alice Speed. Mr. and Mrs. William S. Speed will be hoots at' a dinner-dance dinner-dance dinner-dance January 1, at thajr gKSft ?f3la. jjB.ppett. up miA Ur. Kmbrf Lm sweannrton were boats at a dinner Wednesday nlgnt at ths Louisville Country Club In honor of Mlaa Marlon Porter, of Chicago, who s the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gilford. Mr. and Mra C E. Webb have announced announced ths engagement of their daughter daughter Miss Anna Aria Webb, to Mr. Enloa Basil Duke. Ths wedding will take place November 8. A number of delightful parties ware arranged arranged for the e antra state football Tama tha latter part of this weak at anvllle. Among those who motored up were Messrs. and Meadames Reed Embry, Stuart Campbell. Herndon Mercka, Lawrence Lawrence 8. Poston, C. T. Minor, John 8. Green. A. H. Falrlelgh. C. T. Lanham, Robert Tyler, John H. Vogel. Arthur Tuttle, Tuttle, George Waaleea, Frank Emmtnger and William Huey. Dr. Benjamin Choate and Mra Choate, Mesdames George wood, P, B. Lanham, Heri.ert aBrten, H. C. Ollnn, nr Flndlav. A lare-e lare-e lare-e number of "Misses" .. . . . - j ... - named above. atiaa Emilv Locke Breaux will be the ragmt of honor at a long list ef affaire. arranged la boner of her coming marriage, Among tha pre-nnptlt pre-nnptlt pre-nnptlt affairs already an- an- ounc;a ars partiee by Mrs. stharies U f 1 1 A 7. rp 3M .tos a a rural school teacher. 'An affliction familiar. He has been taught a useful trade at the Industries and now earns a good living salary. This Is but one Illustration out of many which might be cited, Repaired Furniture Sold. The quantity of discarded material ant to tbe Goodwill Institution to be repaired and sold is amazingly large, although the turnover is rapid. The ale to the people of small means is . I J v . 1 -. -. n AAA Quite- Quite- as rapid. Last year nearly 9,000 bags containing discarded clothing and shoes were sent to the Industries. More than 2,800' pieces of discarded furniture were contributed. Eighty-four Eighty-four Eighty-four thousand garments were reclaimed reclaimed and 3,371 pairs of shoes repaired. repaired. Nearly 66,000 hours of employment employment were furnished to the workers, workers, who earned $20,000 In wages, money which not only enabled them to keep even with the world, but to maintain their self-respect, self-respect, self-respect, as well. - The Goodwill Industries are under the direction of a board consisting of C. DfJSwaln, J. N. OamDle, it. js. acui-ly. acui-ly. acui-ly. Jesse R. Clark. Jr., W. W. Cllp-plnger, Cllp-plnger, Cllp-plnger, Rev. C, S. Atwater. Rev. C. R. Staulter, Rev. C. B. Schenk, Leonard Carver, Jr., and George Crawford. R. B. Scully 'Is superintendent and J. T. Brannon business! manager. Included in the g-eneral g-eneral g-eneral scheme of service to the - community is a day nursery In an adjoining building and a church, of the Methodist denomina tion. The Goodwill industries iaea had its beginning in Boston nearly 50 years ago. The beginnings were small but were sufficient to launch an idea In social service which since has spread to many cities, Nalion, a luncheon at tha Pendennls Club by Mrs. Owen Byars for the bridesmaids; a dinner-dunce dinner-dunce dinner-dunce at the Louisville Country ClUb by Miss Mary Churchhll! Junnbluth; a bridal party by Miss Rebecca Yager, at which all members of tha wedding party will be urraont; a luncheon by Miss Ida Maney Webb, at the Pendennls Club: a dinner by Miss Louise Ross Todd and Mr. Jouett Ross Todd; a dlnnar party In honor of the wedding attendants ny Mias Alice itbiin and a plantation costume dance Tuesday nigiu. at tne wynnsiay uua Mr. Robert Covinrton Boott and Mr. Malcolm Scott, of New York, gave a dln- dln- ner at tn( Brown Hotel on Friday eteu- eteu- ing in nonor or miss nary cmauein ineoDOia. inn buib were inisaaa msry Elizabeth Theobold, Kathryn Stoeer, Mildred Mildred Bchelrlch and Hazel Miles, Messrs. Alan Tu&ijle, Clark Bailey, Harry Davis and Edmund Bottomley. Mrs. Oeorge Wayne Rankin was hostess at a luncheon-bridge luncheon-bridge luncheon-bridge Tuesday at her home on Southern Parkway. Miss Flora Marguerite' Bertelle was hostess Thursday at a luncheon at tha Arts Club In honor of Miss Carolyn Foley, whose wedding to Mr. Blmon Well, of Nashville, will take place Tuesday. Cov ers were laid lor MeS'lames Cara eapin, H.rry Well, of Naahvlllei ChasT I. Or -v -v perrlen Bparka Durham and Misses Ca iyn Foley, 81dney Nlesja Groves and Fli ur .VMH, Caro- Caro- Flora jbhiiubiki i n: imo Mr. Wesley Kelsker and Mr. Qeorge wn.1,M. w5r 3"" a' . "Jance Thursday nlaht at the Brown Hote . The chac.-- chac.-- chac.-- rons were Mesara. and Mesdames E. K Ream, J. N. Alvis, Joseph Wen less, P. B, anham m n A VvmArito L'.l..a " Mrs. Alvla Hopewell has announced ths engagement of her sister, Miss Wllhel-mlna Wllhel-mlna Wllhel-mlna Moeger, to Mr. Joseph Bcholl. The wedding will take place In November. Mr. Linton A. Boerher and Miss Mary Edna Mattlngly were quietly married at eight o'clock last Saturday night. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Walter Dutler. Miss Zejla Miller was tha maid of honor and the .best man wis Mr. Gordon A. McKlvaln. Mr. and Mrs. Boer-ner Boer-ner Boer-ner left Immediately after tha ceremony for a wedding trip East. Later they will make their home on Chestnut street. The wedding of Mr. David F. Best and Miss Madeline Archer took place Monday last, at St. Louis Bertrand Church. Tha Rev. Father W. G. Cummins, O. p., performed performed the ceremony. Mr Fred Harlg presided at the organ arid Mias Louisa Kennedy sang "Ave Maria," "O Promise Me." and "I Love You Truly." Mlaa Bes-aua Bes-aua Bes-aua Watts was the maid of honor and Mr. Mltchael B. Malkmus was the best man, A reception followed the ceremony. Mr. and Mr D. L. Mclnteer have announced announced the marriage of their daughter. Miss Lillian Maria Mclnteer, to Mr. George Arthur Dunaway, which took place at I o'clock Thursday night at the home of the bride's parents. The Rev. Ira R. Ladd performed the ceremony. Miss Claire Troll was the maid of honor and Mr, William Splinter, of Madison, Wi. was the best man. - Miss Bylvla Sands was hostess at a luncheon-bridge luncheon-bridge luncheon-bridge Wednesday for Miss Shannon Shannon Walker, whose marriage to Mr. II-llam II-llam II-llam Hlbbet will take place later In the month. Those present were Mesdames Hugh Hunter, craig walker, Louis Traub, Arthur Stephen D. M. Grail. J. 8. Wal ker. A M. Caaon and William 8, Sands; Misses Shannon Walker, Virginia. Parma-lee, Parma-lee, Parma-lee, Alice Llnjtenherg, Prancee Ooettel, Anna Mcnanlel Evelyn Rlrk.ets, Madge Porter, Oarnatt LInkenberg, Gladys Parm-alee, Parm-alee, Parm-alee, Margaret Walker, Mary Baker Wll-ford, Wll-ford, Wll-ford, Gertrude Morris, Frances Walker an a Henrietttyuuyn. Mi Charles Schloamer was boat Wed nesday afternoon at a Halloween party ror ner son v.nariea ana niuy rjonioemer. Thoes Invited were Misses Clara Scott. Sherley Oallord, Mildred Gray Minor, Mary Jane McConnell. Mildred McNelly, Catherine Catherine Hardy. Carolyn Btraefter, Dorothy ftetuiiocK, i-uuj i-uuj i-uuj ajvw Minor, usrouiy tvam-merer, tvam-merer, tvam-merer, Margaret Homans, Marian Turner, Dorothy Babbit. Jean Meador. Ann Klmh. ncTger, Florence -Dulaney -Dulaney and Kola Menard and Masters Lawrence Allen, Tom Mount-Joy, Mount-Joy, Mount-Joy, Junius Wallbaum, Temple Dunn, Huston Huston Klmberger, Tillman Hardy. Morris Mountjoy, Charlea Schoemer. Billy ncnoemer. waiter naroy, aasar Btrerrer. Elvln Taylor. D. C. Warren. Clellan Mo-Nelly, Mo-Nelly, Mo-Nelly, James McConnell and Billy Putnam. Mr. and Mrs Charl-e Charl-e Charl-e Kuemmete cale- cale- b rated their Bfth wedding anrivereary at their residence Wednesday evening. Those present ware Messrs. Mat Buokner. Ru- Ru- toe H!m. Arthur Ruemaael A. T. Coa-Teree. Coa-Teree. Coa-Teree. Louis Ooayberker and Charlea Rseaimele. Mwltmn Uur Ewlng. Mabal Pendleton. Mary HoIbih. ead llmra. Owe Oraf, Howard Rtsasasaeie. Ralp Beeeatnel Lsoaara HIM, aaa N'mh Elsie Ruemm. le Flora Ln Rider, Lillian Hartsaetd aaa. Masters Paul Hliwa. Charles Pendleton and Arthur C, Ruemmela. Mrs William Martweath. r Darr entertained entertained Wednesday afteraeeaa la hoaor af Miss Helen Garrett, Tha grueets Included Mlssss Helea uerrett, Mary Ethel Jehnaon. Marjr Philips ureer. Virginia Uri. Jessie Tayler, Halaa Anderson. Hutk Roblnaca. Betty Tea Antwerp and Miaa KliM Dick. Mrs. J. A. Miller gave a dlnn.r at her aesas aa Richmond avenue) Frllir even-Ins. even-Ins. even-Ins. Those brunt vara Mesdames M. W. Miller. Wymor. Nab, Myra Tutt, Juenlta Hopkins. Wrey. Cat. S. J. Aekerznaav. Chicago. William U. Merkalf. Jack lttfar, and Mlawva Marr Slack aaxl Halaa Karbar. Mra. Kranclt Taifart tuartalnad with s amall luncliaoa la honor of Mra, J. N. Praakat. mt Iwnrllla, Tha (UMtt ware MaSama J. W. rtankal. T. W. Duacan, C. J. Slbrtek. Mia Krallr rraokal and Mra, Tod or Howard ntvrtajnad Wtdna- Wtdna- I dajr aftaraaon (ar har aanchtar, MM Jaae I Howard, (a crlrhraia her iith blrth1y anRlTaraarr. , Thou praaent ware Mlraaa twr Iea Mlllfr, Mildred' Minor. Catharine I vvjvr, mum in i uiue, jvanry ia nqt-banl, nqt-banl, nqt-banl, 8herl-y 8herl-y 8herl-y Ua'llard. Kuth Hubard. Bararly Oalllard, Uarruarlta Tutt la, Mary Jam Slmpaon. Porathjr Babbitt, Allea Walker, Helen Rahhitt. Ellaabath Pranks, Claadla Colran. Eucenia Lesrajoy anil Mar- Mar- Jorte ttollliiicer; Maatara Lurian Orvana, ohn Cala Tuttle, Jamaa Iarlmort, JMIIIe Lavajoy, Jamea Drummond. Malcolm Slmpaon, Slmpaon, Jr.. and Thomas Bollinger. AUGUSTA. Mrs. F. MI. Fulkaraon la at home from a. tax with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allan at raru. Ula. J i , - ... a . . tii . . , ! at tha hnin. n t t.1. P fnlha. 1 1. , ' , 1 Steen. Mra J. P. Raeaf and Mra CO. Rteen ara apendlna a fortnlglit In Chlctao. (uesta nf U.ul.Mu m t,' i j . McKibben. MUaes Lola Hargett. Loulee Thompaon and Mary Catharine Danlela, of mate Unl-vanlty, Unl-vanlty, Unl-vanlty, Laalnston, nient the-week the-week the-week end with tbelr parent here. Mr. Alva L. Bradley and Mlaa Virginia P. Wlearlna. UAth nf Lit rkllw. rleri at Brookavllle. Mra. Htella Yatea, of Cincinnati, spent the WAAlc ml with Mf mn.l U Bl " Toleman. Mi H. N. Walter and Mra. Walter C. ...tv, u,c; , ui uuiiiiHivii, lawn tna wefk enri with (help Ti r.. ?, t Kip ,4 Milton Taylor. ' ASHLAND. Mlaa .T. no n.r.p w A. , . . Mends at a Halloween party Wednesday. ii. ui. j. nemiepp entertained Monday evening with a Halloween party, honoring her daughter. Miss Florence Kathryn. Mr. and Mra Judson McLtster had as guust last week Dr. Paul Kerns, of Dal- Dal- Mr H. R. Dysard was hostees Friday afternoon to the memburs of Hit Twentieth Twentieth Century club. air naats has returnod from Cleveland. Cleveland. ' Mr. anH Up. u.i... r.u 11 . tained with a dinner Saturday. lr anH Up. ur r t.' ... , .. ... v, .uniuu aiiu nn William William have returned trom Youngatown. Ohio. Mr Clarence James and daughter have returned from Portsmouth. last Sunday. Miss Helen Mauley was hostess at a Halloween party on Monday evening. Miss Laura Dibble will leave sooa te pass the winter In Florida. CAEEOLLTON. Fifty friends gathered Monday afternoon at the home of Mra Bettlo Bailey Mitch, ell In honor of her eighty-fourth eighty-fourth eighty-fourth blrthi y. She received many nice gilt At the close of the afternoon Ices ana cake were served. mi Virginia uennett entertained Th'ira-dRy Th'ira-dRy Th'ira-dRy afternoon for her daughter, Mra Grace Kadford, of Louisville. A Shakespearian contest and other sanies formed the after. noon's amusement, and while lunch was being served Mra Radford gave Interesting bits of Information about tier recent trip In the Orient, Mrs. W. H. Fisher wan hostess Tuesday afternoon at a dollglitful party complimentary complimentary to her guest, Mr Ollle Hus'.cll, of Cleveland, Ohio, Miss Alice Funkhauaer, of Kansas City, Mo a student at Ward -Belmont, -Belmont, Kneh-vllle, Kneh-vllle, Kneh-vllle, 'Tenn., was Miss Donna Dsarn's guest for the week-end. week-end. week-end. CATLETTSBUEG. . The Woman's Literary Club was most pleasantly entertained Saturday afternoon by Mra W. H. Klanery. Mrs. James 8. Patton and daughters. Miss Rebekah ,and Felicia, have returned from a visit In Evaneton, 111. Mr James W. Klncald Is spending the week In Loulsvlllle. Mr Scott Winters and daughter, Miss Gwendoline, have returned to Portsmouth after visiting Mrs, Robert Owens, of Oakland Oakland avenue. . DANVILLE. Mr. and Mrs. W, B. Eastland, of Louisville,, Louisville,, are guests of relatives, Mr, and Mr Solon Eastland, on West Broadway. Mr. and Mrs, Jay Wellington Harlan returned Tuesday from an extensive wedding wedding trip through the East. Mrs. I. N. Trimble gave her Sunday school class an enjoyable Halloween party Tuesday night and afterward a delicious lunch gotten up In Halloween style. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jennings left this week for Orlando, Fla., where they, will spend the winter, Mr. and Mra J. Wesley Walker have announced the marriage of their daughter, daughter, Julia Mae, to Mr. Clarence Spoona-more Spoona-more Spoona-more on Wednesday, October 14. Miss Margaret Wells la home, passing a few days with her parents before returning returning to teach In Bhelbyvllls. 1 - Mr Hill Spalding aua daughter, llttlo Miss Anne leathering, o' Huatonvllle, are In Danville visltlns friend Miss Mary Uain.t lsuer Is at home to pass a brier vacation. Miss Spurr, of Lexington, Is with Miss Mary Shelby at her country home for a visit. ' Miss Eugenia Bright, who passed the summer at Lake Chautauqua, New York, has returned to Danville for the winter month Mr Wlldman (nee Mies Bessls Fisher) has returned to Philadelphia after visiting visiting her parents, -Mr. -Mr. and Mrs. Mack Three of ths latest models to make their appearance on automobile row are shown above. Wills-St. Claire has added a strikingly beautiful new body style to Its line. This Is a seven-passenger seven-passenger seven-passenger car the wheel base increased toe 127 inches. Btuts baa a five passenger to"rabot, or, In other words, sport car. Tha new Nasi, t oar-erllnder oar-erllnder oar-erllnder cab Is ths type of twq-paf twq-paf twq-paf aengsr closed car that appeals ' . - those who nse ths automobile ever J day for business purposes. " " . - ' ". ; . '. GET, ALL THE KE.XlUCKY NEWS ! ! ! RAPID GROWTH OP THB REIOIIBOR1NG CITIES OX KEXTTCKY SIDE br THE OHIO RIVER HAS PROMPTED ENOCIRKR, It KEEPIKO WITH l POI.KT OP PRUGRESSIVB-KESS. PRUGRESSIVB-KESS. TO PIBLIIH A KETTICKT KDITION DAILY. THIS EDITIO IS TO BE APPLIKDTO THE INTERESTS KKirrrcKT at urge. ALL THE HAPPKMIXCI OP EACH DAT WILL, BR GIVES THE RES A DEES OP THE KRSTVCKT EDIT10M WITH THE ACCVRACT ASD STYLK WHICH ALWAYS HAVE CHARACTER RRD THIS XEWSCAPKR. COMPLETB SOCIETY KEWS WILL O.VE OP THE FKATt'RE. THE KIHST liJIK OP THE NEW EDITION WILL BE MOV. DAT.' NOVEMBER IS. THB PRICE OP THB EJiqriREn. POR ITS FINAL EDITION. narono the kenttcky srctiox, is to re the same Al THAT OK OTHER KD1TIOXS, TWENTY-TWO TWENTY-TWO TWENTY-TWO CENTS A WEEK. HCLCDIXO Sl'UDAY. SUUSCRIPTIONS MAT BE GIVEX AT THE CINCIXXATI OP-F1CK, OP-F1CK, SIT VIKE STREET I COVIKGTOM OFFICE. T WEST SIXTH STREET NEWPORT OPFHMM YORK STREET TO CARRIERS - OR BT TEl.EPHOJtEl CINCINNATI. CANAL STM COVINGTON OFFICE. COVINGTON S4O0 NEWPORT OPFICR. SOCTH 2401. M.BSCIUIIE POR THB KENTPCKT EDITION OP THB aUIRER AND GET THB KEWS. .wwweewswAMAAAAiiiwwwwMW. Mi Tom D. Ensllsh Is home from s two weeks' stay In Cincinnati. Mr. and Mrs. Trigg Waller and Mr. and Mra Ht-nry Ht-nry Ht-nry Banford. of Chicago, snolored through to Danville sad are guests of friends here. u. .nil Up. n T Jaaoar were tbs hosts of s bridge party Friday svaBlnis at their home. Tha prises wors woa by Mr John Clark and Mr. Huh.rt Hunt. " guests sccepted ths hospitality ef Mr. and MMl"MTldrl Lake entertained the Bridge CluD Monday evening " of Mr. and Mr J. B. Lucas on V, est Cedv atreet. The decorations were ,J"li0W!'" emblems. The prists were won by suss Sara Bradehaw and Messr,Duke Bookti and Charles Maxwell. " . . Mr. and Mra. Nolan Stuart and Miss MagfleLou BtuartJef I Sunday to wa two weeks visiting at Greensboro and Beor CrMrS. B .h! Lovelace, of Louisville, Irvls, Itlng Mr. end Mrs. Charles Brown. Mrs. James Kvans Is visiting Mr. end Mrs. Howard Mcng In Warren County Mrs. Jamea Grainger, who has been vis-. vis-. vis-. Itlng Mrs. Laura Oralnger and family, will leave Sunday for Nashville, Tenn., where she will Join Mr. Grainger, and they will go to Savannah. Oa., to pass four weeks. Mr, E. I. Norwood and slater. Mra Annie Annie Chlldres have returned from Kno. muTi-ti muTi-ti muTi-ti Robey, who Is attending ..k ..IIIa s.tult triJt WeSef Rtlii ' SrnoOl in snniuiii i? y i with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. 8. Miss Louise Stringer has returned to Upton after a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Btrlnser. FLEMINQSBUUQ. ui. Phneh. Andrews is visiting rela tives In Cincinnati. Mrs. Stella Uollins, accompanied by her daughter, Mlaa Elisabeth Collins, who Is here on a visit to her mother from New York, are visiting relatives at. Georgetown. Georgetown. . A. , . MtSs Eva McKay has been the guest of friends in Lexlnstton. . Mts, Jamea metcait, rsni, mm uwu hl I guem of Mr l.ula Warlord. 1 -Mrs. -Mrs. Henrietta McCreary Robertson, Eskrldge, Kan., Is the guest of her broth, i fnm.. Mr.np.itrv and Mrs. McCrearv. ("he Mrs. Ralph Pcbwan, umcago, la visiting er mother, Mrs. Nettle Duncan. ... -..llp -..llp tiA. pa.iiPMaA fmm Miss nHi.iim. '-ui'." '-ui'." '-ui'." . a stay of several months In San Francisco. Francisco. GEORGETOWN. " Mr, and Mrs. Ira Houss have returned from a visit with their son. Willie House, and Mrs. House, In Dayton. Ohio. Mr. and Mra. Joel Crenshaw and Raymond Raymond Williamson havs gone for a motor trip to Dayton, Ohio. Mrs, Llzxle Onode, Atlanta, Oa., Is ths guest of Mr. and Mrs, M. S. Bradley and Miss Bettle Bradley. Mr, and Mr J, H. Games have rsturned to their homo In Greenville, Ind., after a visit with their daughter, Mrs. L L. Calvert, Calvert, and Mr. Calvert, In Georgetown. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gibaon have moved to Kamias Cltyl where they will mnko their home, Mrs. Henry Markham hae cone for a visit with relatives in New Mexico and Texas. , Mr. and Mr Llewellyn Luke and son, John Luke, have gone on a motor trip to I I Robinson, 111., and Chicago, LEXINGTON. Mra Oeorge Hunt entertained Monday with luncheon In compliment to Mrs. George Davie, of Louisville, guest of Mra Pieiton Johnston. Mrs. Henry M. Walts, of New Tors, was a visitor here the past week. Mra Hunter Dickson, of Hot Springs, Va arrived the past week for a visit with the Misses Sharpe. Miss Clara Cochrane spent the weak -In -In Covington the guest of Mr Charles Kearns at the Wooilford, Miss Laura Spurr has returned from s visit with Mr. and Mra Meredith Johnston in Virginia and also In New York. Mrs, Parlln LI I lard, of Cincinnati, spent ths past week with Mrs. Richard P. Stoll. Mrs. B. F. Perry has rsturned from a visit In Canada and California. Mra Mary Cecil Cantrlll has returned from a trip to New York. Mra Joseph Wanlsss entertained with bridge Tuesday. JIT. STERLING, j Mrs. Josh Owlngs has gone to Nsw York and Philadelphia for a visit of several weeks. Mrs. J. H. rtutsen, or Miueranurg, is the upst of her parents, Mr. and Mra 8, B. gUPSt Mra C. R. Prewltt and Mr W. K. LATEST ON AUTO ROW y'; ?z i.ssnsi;- i.ssnsi;- MASH Tour.' Ca&. Prewltt are la Cincinnati for sera Mr. and Mra C. S. Ratllff. of gueets of Mr. and Mr T. J. hatllff. Mr Frank Cox and baby are the f rfc. ss paieni Mr. and Mr Look ridge. . M.r lan rheaault. of visiting her sister. Mra Oeorge Mra. Nell Olbhona Creenwade la relatives snd friends In Mldd etown. atr. and Mra Clayton Howell banquet In Lexington Wednesday at the Lafavitie Hotel given by the Southern Breederi Association. , . John Uwlnga waa heeteae bridge club Friday evening at her en West High street. The highest waa made hr Mlaa Susette Johnson, waa awarded the prls a dainty case, Mra. William Oldham entertained nenutiful reception at her home, Main street, Wednesday afternoon. house waa tastefully decorated autumn flowere, and Hal oween were used. Mora than 100 gueata during the hours. Mra. Jam.. W. TP.w It t .nil lfpa Robinson were hostesses at s large and nve hundred party Saturday noon at the History club room prewltt snrt Mra Robinson were In entertaining by Mrs Prewltt nim. .v. i, juay, Mr John Judy, H. Prewltt, Mra Robert Mason. Thompson, Miss F.llsa Harris, Miss Bledd and Miss Margaret Robinson. MXDDLESB0EO. Mioses Oladys Johnson snd Yeager gave a plcnlo party Fern Lake, Mr John Bates was hostess te number of friends at hore home on avenue Tuesday afternoon In honor Joe Kauli-oner, Kauli-oner, Kauli-oner, who recently returned Oklahoma, chore she had been I relatives during tne summer. I Mine Virginia Gunn entertained number of friends Saturday with a party at her home on Knslewond Guests prestnt were Misses Salmon, tiene Barry, Mary Evans, C'allinon, Margaret Ralston, Kitty . Plnreiire Moore, Henrietta Hayni-a, Hayni-a, Hayni-a, Buchanan and Graham Short, , Rice, Jack F.aston, OKden Huff, Tocrry, Walter Chesney, Fulton G.-orge G.-orge G.-orge Ilu'lianan. Tom Beenneett ; Buster Ytsj,-er. Ytsj,-er. Ytsj,-er. I Mra R B. Culvyhouss I Monday with a dlnnar In honor Kathryn lioason, , Mr Zana Kdwln waa hostess I lioin. Intermont Farm, near Tuesday afternoon to the Tuesday After-L noon Hewlns Club. , A miscellaneous shower was given Mon-' day at the home of Mrs. Mont in honor qf Mis. E. W. Mercer, Mias Blanch Hurst. Ths hostesses Mrs. CallUon, Mr R. M, Barry, It. I'ool, Mrs. W. W. Evans and . B. Anderson. MAYSVILLE. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Phillips Eth-leen Wall), who with her father. Garrett S. Wall, former Msysvllilan, been much-feted much-feted much-feted guests last Monday meriting on east-bound east-bound east-bound C flyer for New York, whence the will sail for their horns at Monte Monaco, France, where they beautiful apartments overlooking iteranoan nea. judge wall will at White Sulphur Springs, and go to iiicnmona to visit his soi Wall, who Is Vice President son, nt of and O. Rsllway. Mrs. Harry 8. Ellis and mother, Sarah E. Ityder, left Monday for I Angela Calif., to Join the former's Vln-cont Bills, who resides In the city. Mrs. Hills and Mrs, Hyder pass the entire winter in Loi Angols. James (.'eiiper Trttmas, son uf Mrs. Jacob Thomas, young business of this city, and Alias Mary Bells daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Procter,- Procter,- were married In Cincinnati. Martin Oraham Bradford, 'it of Manchuater, Ohio, and Miss Uauglicrty, of Vancohurg, Ky were mar-rlpii In this rlty Monday. Tha marriage of Miss Margaret Brown to Mr. John T. Colllne solemnised at St. Patrick's Church morning at I o'clock. The attendants Mias Margnret Kerwln, nelce of the maid of honor, and Mr. James beet man. Rev. Father P, M. pronounced the nuptial services. PADUCAH. Members of the Country Club Halloween Wednesday evening clubhouse, Besides dancing there program of music and pranks by a committee, of which Mr Mac Donald was Chairman. Mrs, John K. MacUunald snd I.. Glffoid were hostesses to the Cluh tea Friday efe-n(cn. efe-n(cn. efe-n(cn. ' sewing parties featured the aftemoea. Miss Anna McCaminou wu

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer04 Nov 1923, SunFINAL EDITIONPage 69

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)04 Nov 1923, SunFINAL EDITIONPage 69
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