Detectives Kelly and Fitzgerald arrest two men on suspicion - Pgh Post 25 July 1899 p2

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Detectives Kelly and Fitzgerald arrest two men on suspicion - Pgh Post 25 July 1899 p2 - a I a y Thurrf-flay cotn-Liitte t.muse-rnents....
a I a y Thurrf-flay cotn-Liitte t.muse-rnents. ALLEGED BUNCO GAME. Detectives Kelly nnd Plterald Arrest Two Men and Hold. Them on Saspiclon. There are two alleged green goods men locked up In the Central police station. Detective Richard Kelly says they are the first men of that kind found la Pitts burg for years past. The names of the men are Prank Breen, ot Akron, O., and S. P. Anderson, da- da- scribed as aa elcctriolan, of 640 Fifth ave nue, thi3 cl-y. cl-y. cl-y. They are chargod on the police docket with being suspicious per sons. Thty will be given a hearing be fere i'""strate Beruard McKeuna just as soon aa Letective Kelly returns from Philadelphia. The men arrested are said by the police to belong to the Bed Austin gang, recent-15' recent-15' recent-15' ejected from Jersey Ctiy. Th State of New Jersey was formerly an "easy State for buncoers. They used to cross the river from Now York before doing business. But all this has beea changed recently by a State law leveled against these emooth gentry. Green, the areen goods mat recently ar rested In Greensburs1. it Is stld, was also a member of the Red Austin gang. The Bed Austin ganff operates all over the country, but its power has been considerably considerably curtailed, nnjt tiy Its ejection from Now Jersey, and secondly by the arrests made by the police in this Slate. Word was received at ITttsburg police hoadqiiorters last week that two men had Iwen operating In Warren, O., and that they were likely to come to PUtsburg. L. J. Richards, city marshal of Warren, 'offered 'offered 1X reward for their capture. Their las' cr'.mn wn committed on the old familiar lines three weeks ago.. Tha victim victim was Jobn Wuilafe, a farmer. The buncoers (the "s-teerer" "s-teerer" "s-teerer" called himself "Mr. Porter") offer.-1 offer.-1 offer.-1 to eoll Wallace 15,-T0 15,-T0 15,-T0 worth of greenbacks for Jjin). They showc-1 showc-1 showc-1 him samples of their work, alleged alleged counterfeit money. They showed hirr SlO bills In sheets. Wallace didn't know, though It was a fct, that thu money they showed him was gooil money. He thought it an cx-telVnt cx-telVnt cx-telVnt imitation. It la pistle to secure Washington bank noten in the lump, as it were, several bllla In a sheet. They are printed tbat way. But tho sheet of bills "Mr. Porter" displayed wa not even a complete Rhrt; it was e'mply n. coupie of ?10 bills Inseiouely ar.d cunningly pasted ediro to Wallace bit. There wasn't the slightest , via' Ion from tbe old, old Iror;ram. -Wpllnce -Wpllnce announced to tbo Htrcrr" bii willingness io ouy tun hkiu. He w.- w.- Inircduced to the rati wno the Btuff. The "steerer," merely had as a mlsMs and chlldrea. f 3.5a to 94.80. Bathing Sotts cf all wool jMy. fast coler two piece with fauey edge Mrlpes tor n antt yauiaa J.ov, 4.(K op to 56.00. . Boys' on p'c Jsrsey Suits a 91. as to I4.x two-piece two-piece two-piece ouiis .j.vw. PENN, AVENUE guarantee of g-ood g-ood g-ood faith, purchased J500 worth of the goods. Wallace did likewise. likewise. The man with the roU deposited said roll Into that earns old tin box. The tin box has Its uses. Every one knows the method. The buncoer. with much affectation of secrecy, approaches the vlcUm and says: "Say, you'd better not open the roll here. -There -There may be soma fly cops around. Juat take It home first and open it when there's nobody around." And the victim, who has seen the money, obeys oriers. And for a very good reason. Had he the roU in his pocket or pocketbook be could pull it out and examine it furtively, or otherwise, without exciting suspicion. But to open a tin box and take therefrom money Is going: to cause remarks. He feels It; so carries the box home unopened. By that time, of course, the buncoers are safely away. Thus waa Wallace fllmmed. When he discovered his loas ha notified thi police. Detectives Kelly and Plttgerald got a tiu on Saturday that the men were In town, and they called In the aid of a professional professional "victim," a man whose name cannot bo used for obvious reasons. The "victim,". It ia alleged, met Anderson and got him interested. He finally made arrangements arrangements with Anderson, it Is asserted, to meet him and the man who had the "stufT In the Anderson hotel. Sixth street, at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The men were on hand, and so were the detectives. Breen and Anderson were arrested. It is asserted they had suspicious suspicious articles ia their possession. There vrere several genuine notes and there were geveral wads of green paper, ads of business men, made to represent money of the Confederacy of America. For instance, there were fac-similes fac-similes fac-similes of a ilO bill l?ued by a Wheehrg, W. Va., house. A lot cf thee bills rolled Into a wad, mil covered with a genuine $5 bill mad-i mad-i mad-i a icspeetable appearing pile of money. Vrrvooi Headache Cured In a jiffy by Dr. James Headache Headache Powders. Perfectly harmless. 4 doseif, 10 cents. Jy25-tts Jy25-tts Jy25-tts i

Clipped from Pittsburgh Daily Post25 Jul 1899, TuePage 2

Pittsburgh Daily Post (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)25 Jul 1899, TuePage 2
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  • Detectives Kelly and Fitzgerald arrest two men on suspicion - Pgh Post 25 July 1899 p2

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