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C-J 7-14-1889 Mgt F. Rogers GRC 2 - A full account of Geonre Sogers Clark would...
A full account of Geonre Sogers Clark would require n longer piece of work than I can I offer. 1o form a correct estimate ef bis services we would have to begin about the Bevolution. We must nrst become acquainted with tbe horrors ot the Indian wars that lie engaged engaged in. 1 The land owned by the ilritish in 1763 was that between tbe Atlantio ocean and the Mississippi river, and from the Gulf of Mexico to the unex plored region of the frozen seas. The treaty that bad beea negotiated did not sec ore tranquility to tbe Inhabitant of thr fro friers 1 1 "Tuple visited Virginia and what If'-Mw If'-Mw If'-Mw called Kentucky, and gave gXowiug descriptions of the land. - Among the tint settlers of Kentucky was Oeorge .Rogers Clark. Be visited the torts, camps and cabins, and spent most of hi time in the woods, gaining tne respect ana conn tie nee of the people elL the boldness of hi spirit. In 177. intelligence and vivacity, and, above all. the boklne of his spirit. Tn 1779, CoL Clark arossed tbe mountain and descended by water to the falls of the Ohio. Therei on a small island, since known as Corn Island, opposite the present site or Louis vuie, he built block-nouses, block-nouses, block-nouses, planted corn and drilled his men. Leaving a snail garrison on this island, CoL Clark started our with a force of about 200 men. An attack on Vin- Vin- cenne was bis first object, but he learn ed that it (garrison outnumbered his force, in the Aortnwest ltetroit was the central point of the British. Here Hamilton. tlw Mmtn.n. t r - w - uwt , gathered several nation or Indians, snd from that post sent them out to ravage tbe country.i These savage were instigated instigated to this cruelty by the promise of rewaro tori scalps, iney were paid with rum, arms, ammunition and clothing. clothing. I . The Importance of capturing the post on vue neuaan waa suggestea by Col-Clarke Col-Clarke Col-Clarke to tbe Governor and Legislature of Virginia, and his project met with approval. tacky, to which EudcUe's and Martin's sutuona were taken. A prompt retaliation retaliation waa required, it is true, but it does rem strange that thia Tory wa a near relation ot Clrtrs.- Clrtrs.- in December of the same year, Clark was in Kichmond . argtng tne Government Government for means to execute his favorite enterprise, the reduction of Detroit the grand focus of Indian hostilities, ill view were approved; but before the peer sea ry arrangement could be completed, completed, a Brit mli force from New York, under Arnold, carried hoxtilities Into the heart of the State. CoL Clark took a temporary eomnntnd under Baron Steuben, Steuben, and participated in the active measure measure or that ofboer against the marauding marauding traitor. After several month had been spent in effort to obtain a force for the enterprise enterprise against Detroit, several corps were ordered on the 15th ot March to rendezvous at the fall of the Ohio river, and Clark was raised to the rank ot Brigadier General. But difficult iea arose, ana the aruent genius of the commander wa conlired to defensive operations. This appear to us to have been the turning turning point in the fortune of the hardy warrior. - He would not have thought about the danger and hardships; but to be stationed stationed on the frontier to repel the Inroad Inroad of a few predatory bands of Indiana, Indiana, when he waa so eagor to carry the war to the lakes, was far more than be could bear, and it preyed npon his spirit He wa a hon chained, but still a lion, and so the enemy found him in 173. ... When the dew of the disastrous battle of the Blue Lick reached him. Gen. Clark roused the country and collected collected n force to carry the war once more into the Indians' territory. He marched against the Shawnee on the Miami: here the great conflict ensued, in which tbe Indian were driven off snd their villages laid waste. No George Rogers wa the third son of alonn and Ann Kogers Clark. . lie waa born in Albemarle county, Virginia, on the 17th of November. 1753. As a young man he studied under Donald Jiobertaon. a noted Iwoteh teacher : and one of his schoolmates wes James Mad ison, who was afterward PrcbidenL He fitted himself for a surveyor, and earner to nentucgy some years before hi father. John Clark, while in Virginia, wrote to his ion, George Kogers Clark, asking about the lands, and he answered nun tuns: . . . - ? Dear Sir : This will be banded von by Mr. James Sutton, who hs accom panied me on a late successful expedition expedition against the Shawnees, in which he did himself much horror. ' The partic ulars oi toe expedition be win give you, also the fate of noor Jose oh Koitptk. wtro lost his life in the moment it might oi neen in nis power to render bis country country great service: his fate was fixed- fixed- no pottubility of savinr him. The Shaw nees have at last got defeated, and their country laid waste. I have been so engaged in the war this summer that it has been vut of my power to pay any attention to the lands, so that I can give you no intelligence on that head. The parti re ns in these conn tries are again soliciting me to head them as their governor general a all goes from for eign states or for a new 'government: but my duty obliging me to suppress an sucn proceeding, l consequently shall loose tbe interest of that nartr. I learn that the scale of fortune baa been against us to the routhward, but we are so imperfectly informed that we hardly- hardly- know what to credit. I refer you to Mr. Sutton for tbo news. After thy compliments ta all friend I beg licve to subscribe myself your dutiful son, G. K CLARK. "August 23, 1780." Clark' father came to Kentuckr in 1 74. Th lor house that he lived in..

Clipped from The Courier-Journal14 Jul 1889, SunPage 11

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)14 Jul 1889, SunPage 11
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