War Stamp Drive

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War Stamp Drive - »SUCCESS Day’s Pledges Aggregate j $100,000*,...
»SUCCESS Day’s Pledges Aggregate j $100,000*, Cash Subscrip- i tions Totaling $25,500. El Paso’s cash receipts for war savings savings stamps day, amounted to $25,500. Including the pledges made during the day, it amounted to about $100,000, according to the report given out Saturday morning at headquarters. The county districts, with the exceptions exceptions of eight, had reported at headquarters at noon Saturday. All were near their quotas. San Jose went over her quota by $935. Its quota Is ^ $2000. Y si eta subscribed $2939.95, in- ; || eluding a Texas Limit club subscriber, . J. J. Smith, and two $500 subscrip- j jg tion», made by George Pendell and ; 5 = Catarino Pedregin. Canutillo raised = $3250; Fabens, $3000, and San Elizaroj^ $1900. , | = The Grandview’ school district re- ; == ported a collection of $800. Most = of the school districts are to be heard _ from. Headquarters will lTrob^I,l!y : = have the figures by Monday. Tne;g n nrnrtioallV SUO- j = county quota“has beenpractically sub-jp Texas Club Growing. Stamp buvers continued to crowd j s the sales * headquarters Saturday ¡s morning, and it was necessary to add three extra cashiers. The Texas Limit club has been in- == creased by the following new mem- | s bers: Palm & Murchison, by Frank j = Murchison; Glenn Broom Manufactur-; =| ing company, Momsen, Dunnejran- j =s Ryan company; Mrs. Margaret Buck- j ¡g ler, Mrs. Alberta L. Eaton, by T. Sul- jg livan; Mrs. A. D. Norcup, by A. 1>. j = Norcup; Dr. J. M. Richmond, by B. . — Richmond; W. Z. Payne, by C. Pick-i = rell; Mrs Eugene Fo*, by Miss Rose , ¡g Heil; Herman Block, by Mrs. J. H. | = Bromberg; Glayd- Primm, by Harvie & Jones; M. B. Stewart, by R. E. s Hines; Johnson Hale, H. F. Baldwin, ! g jr.; Frances S. Bray at headquarters; j 3 Gertrude W. Follars, by E. W. Kayser; jg Herald News company, by J. G. Me-j g Nary. f =§ Those subscribing $500 are: Joseph? — Soltner. Walter Kohlberg, Mrs. T. W j = Lanier, P. F. Brenck, E. G. Hills, R. T. = Talpis, T. J. Coggin. f| Additional Subscribers. |s Su -cribers for other amounts are: ¡3 Mrs. A. L. Eaton, $350; George F. Mor- ¡a gan, $300; L. R. Hoard, $300; Dr. F. N. 'Town, sr., $250; F. Seggerman, $250; = F. F. "Woodson, $250; J. P. O’Connor, j = $250; E. J Goodrich, $250; B. Revillo =; and brother, $200; John O. Hogan, s $ 0- I B. Walker, $200; R. B. Homan, tg $100; William Dale, $100: J. E. Robert- jg son, jr., $100; W. ' L. Brown, $100, ; =5 Morales and Morales, $100; C. E. Tor- i == nev, $100; William Lynch, $100; M. A. 1 1| McHatton, $100; W. G. Alderete, $100;.= M. Rosen, $100; J. E. Gilkev, $100; Hu- s = bert Hunter, $100. ,oc! = Scores of pledges from $25 to $85 > = have also been received. ! = Quit Work To 'uy Stamps. j = Visions of an army led by grayt^ coated German plunderers striking ^ the lower El Paso valley, burning s . sleta and destroying its 300 year old j as church, laying waste to fields and = fruit orchards, killing the men, mu- == tilating the boys and carrying the ^ women and girls away captives, were = readilv seen dv residents of the vi-js cinitv of San Jose Friday afternoon, = after Norman Walker, correspondent j = of The Asnciated Press, had spoken ^ to more than 100 farmers, whojg stopped work in their hay fielis to j s assemble at San Jose church for word,* onTheesame trowf PUdg?dc$29ooiSon the spot, after county commissioner George Pendell interpreted Mr. Walker's Walker's speech. He is in charge of the campaign at San Jose. At Ysleta Joe D. Page spoke and at Relen C. H. Kirkland gave a talk on the campaign for government aid and savings. Valley Towns Total $-1500. Vinton and Canutillo war stamp workers joined forces and reported a total of $1500 to headquarters Saturday Saturday morning. 1 |

Clipped from El Paso Herald29 Jun 1918, SatPage 4

El Paso Herald (El Paso, Texas)29 Jun 1918, SatPage 4
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