1970 drive-ins

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1970 drive-ins - r Him 'wr wwi'yi y UK i e 'V in nM'"l'l,""f...
r Him 'wr wwi'yi y UK i e 'V in nM'"l'l,""f ll'"T'''l"l""l'V'f'''l""'1' ' 'l'i''fl nyif j , 6 FIRST CLASS ENTERTAINMENT! A FLAWLESS CHILLER. AA -Playboy -Playboy Magazine b9 FIRST-RATE. FIRST-RATE. FIRST-RATE. A FAST-PACED FAST-PACED FAST-PACED IN-DEPTH IN-DEPTH IN-DEPTH THRILLER THAT BLENDS CHARACTERIZATION WITH THE ACTION TO PROVIDE A MOST SATISFYING EN nERTAINMENT. A TENSER, TAUTER. MORE FASCINAT HNG STEP-BY-STEP STEP-BY-STEP STEP-BY-STEP STEP-BY-STEP STEP-BY-STEP COMMISSION OF A COMPLICATED PRIME IS DIFFICULT TO RECALL. M -Judith -Judith Crist, New York Magazine every industry has its first family HOLIDAY CELEBRATION! THE ROCHESTER PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA YYiamuel Jones, conducting MAYOR STEPHEN MAYK "THE LINCOLN PORTRAIT" V plut a Souta "Spectacular"; Handol i "Fireworkt tlT Muiie"; Gould's "American Salute'-ond Salute'-ond Salute'-ond much J; moral FIREWORKS DISPLAY" TONIGHT! JULY 3, 7:30 P.M. " HENRIETTA BOWL (Collins Rd, neor the Fo.reroundi) 4W...4W Listen from the comfort of your car or bring lawn chairs ond blankets. Rain date: Monday evening, July 6 Pmeerst rmd Chronic! Rochester, N.Y. Fr:..Ju!y3, 1970 4D Clint walkw VincM Price "Mori Oeid Than Alivi" Elvis Presley In "CLAMBAKE" landlord Loses "The landlord" is playing at the Cinema theater and is rated R. restricted. Persons under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian. 5 pjtica r.r7JJ 40 PANAVISION Color by DE LUXE SnwH In Trttt tin miiUN. w l iMIrtl GP U Mil MMim 2a TONIGHT AT-7:15-9 AT-7:15-9 AT-7:15-9 AT-7:15-9 AT-7:15-9 30 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT 1 00-3:10 00-3:10 00-3:10 5 20 7 35-9:50 35-9:50 35-9:50 MONROE THEATRE 565 MONROE AVE. 473-0694 473-0694 473-0694 i ! miissi nsiil,'antJ jxwm&mm. 2 FIRST RUN HITS! BOTH IN COLOR-RATED COLOR-RATED COLOR-RATED X "GETTING INTO HEAVEN" PLUS "BACKSEAT CABBIE" HOLIDAY SPECIAL! New Show Every Friday MIDNIGHT SHOWS ON FRIDAY and SATURDAY Doors Open At 1 1 :30 Continuous Performances From Noon MWlMUUlMfe! cCOLDTivj Ride tlio O O O CLASSIC STEAM LOCOMOTIVE TRIP O O O S( jome of Western New York's most beautiful scenery. See the Grover Cleveland Honeymoon Pullman. Picnic ground at Arcade. Charter and Group Rates. ws 14 Hr. Round Trip from Arcade, N. Y. (Rte. 39, off Rte. 16) Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays 10:30 A.M., 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 P.M. Wednesdays: 2:00 and 3:45 P.M. Phone 496-3877 496-3877 496-3877 Fares: Adults $1.75 Children $1.00 By BERNARD DREW "The Landlord" is a picture which attempts to state some large truths about black-white black-white black-white relations. Rut it states them in such a larger-than-life, larger-than-life, larger-than-life, larger-than-life, larger-than-life, fantastic fantastic and erratic way that such exaggerated humor, and such a burst of melodramatics at the end, that it ultimately defeats defeats itself. Beao Bridges can act, but he is called upon here to play the 29-year-old 29-year-old 29-year-old 29-year-old 29-year-old hero with all of his leftover grimaces and gulps and attitudes of discomfort discomfort from "Gaily. Gaily." He's the young, rich white boy who buys a tenement in the black ghetto of Brooklyn with the express purpose of "finding himself" by tearing all the lloors down, evicting the tenants, tenants, and suspending the biggest biggest psychedelic fixture in the world from the ceiling. Of course, the black tenants in the broken-down broken-down broken-down rathole don't like that idea. They include include Pearl Bailey as an ex-vaudcvillian, ex-vaudcvillian, ex-vaudcvillian, Diana Sands as a hair fryer and former Miss In Review - " " " i , . : . I-' I-' I-' -. -. Ha-.-..,. Ha-.-..,. Ha-.-..,. Ha-.-..,. Ha-.-..,. M THE 11 NOVEL OF THE YEAR-NOW YEAR-NOW YEAR-NOW AMOTION PICTURE! r' . ? as . 4, A BURT LANCASTER as MEL BAKERSFELD A. DEAN I I as VERNON J CLINT EASTWOOD ...the deadliest man alive...taltes on a whole army with two guns and a fistful of dynamite! ffiiiai f ii i n'.i JACQUELINE BISSET asGWEN MEIGHEN k ROSS HUNTER PRODUCTION If 1 GEORGE KENNEDY 1 H asJOEPATRONI j HELEN HAYES I H as ADA OUONSETT turring BURT DEAN LANCASTER -MARTIN -MARTIN JEAN SEBERG JACQUELINE BISSET GEORGE KENNEDY HELEN HAYES VAN HEFLIN MAUREEN STAPLETON BARRY NELSON LLOYD NOLAN wuite eoMWjto w comoucted ir ou tnc mm tv ALFRED NEWMAN ARTHUR HAILEY infN rot the icti f n md oiiCU0 if MOmrtfO if GEORGE SEATON ROSS HUNTER A UNIVERSAL PICTURE 'TECHNICOLOR Produced In TODD-AO TODD-AO TODD-AO EASTWOOD SHIRLEY MACmine A MARTIN RACKIN production TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA AT BOTH THEATRES STUDIO 2 I STARLITE Clinton Ave. across from Sibley's 548-8850 548-8850 548-8850 2:00-4:00-6:00 2:00-4:00-6:00 2:00-4:00-6:00 2:00-4:00-6:00 2:00-4:00-6:00 8:00-10:00 8:00-10:00 8:00-10:00 G ALL AGES ADMITTED Genial Audienctl Sound Track Album axclunvely on DeCCA RECOMOS also available on 8-Traek 8-Traek 8-Traek and Caaaatf Tap I DRIVE -IN -IN W. Henrietta Rd. 244-6968 244-6968 244-6968 rtus Aijrea ttitchrock s "TnDtT" Fr)riik SlaHard lUrAi. -KoniiDor -KoniiDor Cortoons-Plus Cortoons-Plus Cortoons-Plus Feotura at Dusk AWAKEN TO A WORLD OF WONDERS! If If t8 VAN HEFLIN asD. O. GUERRERO MAUREEN STAPLETON as MRS. GUERRERO BARRY NELSON as ANSON HARRIS MATINEES TODAY 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 2:15-4:40-7:15-9:40 ,irH PARAM 9S Morlimar St. 1J1-36JO 1J1-36JO 1J1-36JO Cnrnfirlnhlv Air CntitJitinnrri v' ST j ?, 1 ' n llorring jonn boer joe coder cogntry joe I lK dsh crosby.itilli & nosn erlogulfirie nchie havens iimihenrlnx sanlona. lohn Sebastian irio no-no no-no no-no ily & (he (amily Hone len years alter the who and 400,000 olher beautiful peopli technicolor from warner bros, JECHHICOUHy'vj ' iik 4t . y T. II eP ..II 'i&:MNATALIE WOOD ' - . . -m -m JROBERTCULP ir-i ir-i ir-i i in-rr in-rr in-rr nnt n n OYAN CANNON Emrsi ir r frs lALICE . JAMES FRANCISCUS-KIM FRANCISCUS-KIM FRANCISCUS-KIM HUNTER? MAURICE EVANS -LINDA -LINDA HARRISON CHARLTON HESTON tsllflM and IHE BOSTO TONY CURTIS HENRY FONDA Ling Rd bet Dewey Ave Greenleaf Rd 663 1443 S'SgBiRKBBafP''"''? w ' mm ejmi, Washington St.N.nearE Rochester 586 4866 BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE OPENS 7:30 FIREWORKS FRI. & SAT. NIGHTS! . . . WALT DISNEY'S PLUS 2nd COLOR HITI I if" TECHNICOLOR QnCGOFlY PECS SI1HIF H i & ! ft 0 3i 0 n :rjjg "pjyjiLu y huuu tp m lsji i PEARL BAILEY . . . ine momentj Sepia, who is married to Louis Gossett, and various other blacks who do not like honkies but who come to tolerate Beau. Beau breaks with his rich white family and they have to be seen to be disbelieved they are all photographed white on white while the blacks are photographed, you know and he moves into the cellar of his building. Then he girl, although he has a one-night one-night one-night fling with Miss Sands, which leads to the expected consequences, and there is much tragedy for all before the sun glimmers again. Bill Gunn wrote the screenplay screenplay from a novel by Kristin Hunter and Hal Ashby directed, directed, with Norman Jewison producing, though the picture often looks as though Jewison had directed it himself good, incisive, Imaginative moments but too much glitter, glass, and dross and ultimately ultimately too much of too little. Pearl, Miss Sands, Gossett and Melvin Stewart are fine performers and they have fine moments as the blacks, along with not such fine ones, but the whites In the pictore are never anything more than Amos 'n Andy in reverse. i Lee Grant, a marvelous actress, actress, plays Beau's society mama like a Jewish Billie Burke. The others I will not even mention. The best thing in "The Landlord" Landlord" is Marki Bey, who plays Beau's half-Irish, half-Irish, half-Irish, half biack girl friend. She is a beauty who has charm and enough ability to carry her through an undemanding role and when all else is failing, one can gratefully feast one's eyes upon her. COMPUTER DATING WORKS It Can Work For You far FREE application and Information Information tend stomped sell -addressed -addressed envelope to MATCH MAKER, 7 Oakland St., Rochester, N Y. 14620 TECHNIRAMA' -4', -4', WALT DISNEY'S IT. 6th BIG WEEK! 65 East Ave. 232 5570 1:30-5:00-8:30 1:30-5:00-8:30 1:30-5:00-8:30 1:30-5:00-8:30 1:30-5:00-8:30 Comjttrlnlily Air Condilitined 2nd GREAT WEEK at BOTH THEATRES WARING LYELL Lyell-Mt. Lyell-Mt. Lyell-Mt. Read Plaza 428-8523 428-8523 428-8523 Comfortably Air ConHilionrd 1:00 4:00 6:00 :00 10:00 Waring. Rd. Plaza 467-1897 467-1897 467-1897 ComJnllilhlyC.mil CAN A PLANET LO HALF MAN... On a bizarre planet of apes we began... Beneath it-ln it-ln it-ln the atomic rubble of what was once the city of NewYork...we maybe coming to an end! ENDURE HALF APE... Color by DE Wlrrrfjl NG i s a i i i . i n t 3... t JAMES FRANCISCUS KIM HUNTER MAURICE EVANS LINDA HARRISON 2 f . iiiiP ' w UUHty ',ATi(lt TRUNOY THOMAS GOMEZ PIUS 2nd FEATURE AT DRIVE-IN DRIVE-IN DRIVE-IN ONLY , . . "THE BOSTON STRANGLER" , , TONY CURTIS HENRY FONDA m c OX-OMICI OX-OMICI OX-OMICI OMNI AT 7.00 .M, anS CHARLTON HESTON as Taylor CONTINOU$ SHOWS DAILY I I 2 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 00-3:35-5:35-7:35-9:35 I -. -. -.-.. -.-.. -.-.. -.-.. AR CONDTIONfO RIVIERA THEATRE STARTS WEDNESDAY LYELL and WARING XCLUSVf SHOWINGI 'Exclusive Shewing" TfJ II estrictetf C Alios Also "CASTLI KtIP" Starring BURT LANCASTER Bon &mxisx:m 'maim Ling Rd. bt. Diwty Ave. Gr.nl.ol Rd. 663 1443 ii j H51 LAKE AVENUE 458-1868 458-1868 458-1868 SEa.l .nllmlM. j

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle03 Jul 1970, FriPage 34

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)03 Jul 1970, FriPage 34
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