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MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE. MEDFORD, ORE Anti-Americanism Anti-Americanism Anti-Americanism in Many Complex Factors in Complex Land By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Mexico City - (UPD - Antl-Amerlcanism Antl-Amerlcanism Antl-Amerlcanism lies close to the surface in Mexico. Yet it is not an anti-Ameri anti-Ameri anti-Ameri canism easily reduced to terms of black and white, just as it is not easy to reduce reduce to simple terms the complex emotional, emotional, economic economic and po- po- Newiam Iitical structure structure of Mexico. Part of it is in the history books, the history of U. S. Intervention in hemispheric affairs in the past and the suspicion it will do so again; the memory of U. S. Marine landings at. Vera Cruz and the boycott which followed expropriation of U.S. -owned -owned oil fields. It is fanned by Mexico's small but vocal communist and communist-affiliated communist-affiliated communist-affiliated parties parties and by the large Soviet embassy which distributes from its Mexico City head quarters tons of anti-American anti-American anti-American anti-American literature throughout Latin Latin America. Any Slight It can arise from any slight, real or fancied, to the 400,000 "braceros" who pour across the border annually for transient transient work in U.S. agriculture. Or it can arise from an incident incident such as occurred last year. A Mexican congressman as- as- ities the protection they need. If a method were not technically n r a c ticable 1 1 would not be reasonable. The words "econ imically feasible are evasive in that they can be used to effectively delay enforcement. A city or indus try could continue to pollute waters while arguing that there is no money available to do otherwise. Or an offender offender could argue Indefinitely Mexico1 Result of serted that in any conflict of interests between the United States and Cuba, Mexico's sympathies must lie with Cuba. U.S. Ambassador Robert Hill asked if this represented the government view, and Red-led Red-led Red-led students poured into the streets to protest U.S. "interference" "interference" in Mexico's internal internal affairs. As do other Latin Americans, Americans, Mexicans resent what they believe is the United States' failure properly to understand understand their search for a better way of life in their own way. The proudly nationalistic Mexicans have refused U.S. money grants, preferring loans which are paid on the dot. Investors Alarmed Last year, American investors investors were alarmed when President President Adolfo Lopez Mateos described his government as "far left within the framework framework of the Constitution." Mexicans say that only his words "far left" drew any attention. Ignored was his continuing continuing phrase "within the framework of the Constitution," Constitution," which is based on private private ownership. Mexico sees no contradiction contradiction in the fact that its government government is socialistic and at the same time anti-Communist. anti-Communist. anti-Communist. anti-Communist. Politically, it sees no contradiction contradiction in the fact that it can and does maintain cordial relations both with Communist Communist Cuba and the capitalist United States. Economically, Mexico has ordered "Mexicanization" of its mining industry, requiring 51 per cent Mexican ownership ownership to be accomplished over a period of years. In the Day's News By FRANK JENKINS In Salem recently, Governor Hatfield found occasion to remark

Clipped from Medford Mail Tribune28 Mar 1961, TuePage 4

Medford Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon)28 Mar 1961, TuePage 4
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  • MMT 28 Mar 61 pg 4

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