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1968 movie listings - Friday. January 5, 1968 tuikik 5 ten Midget...
Friday. January 5, 1968 tuikik 5 ten Midget leers Tilt Tonight Noted Orchestra Warmly Greeted Institute of Technology freshmen, suffered a 6-3 6-3 6-3 licking. midgets have scored 62 goals and al 22 in the 10 games. Sean Martin leads goal-getters goal-getters goal-getters with 19, followed by Mike Skiv- Skiv- with 10, Ted Castle 9 and Bill Hartley 7, Sweeney (11), Castle (9) and Skivington lead in assists. Martin has 24 points, Skiv 19, Castle 18, and Sweeney and Hartley Yarbrough (1.97 goals-against goals-against goals-against aver and Dan Bnggs (2.92) are the goalkeep on the squad are defensemen Dave Dave Frame, Ricky Allen and Graeme and forwards Tom Kerwick, Joe Lippa, Lawrenz, Ross Woolley, Kevin Murray Lima. -MS v as Tech defeats Franklin for third victoryl. The two, both seniors, are the five undefeated on Tech squad. Matmen Score Victories By HARVEY SOUTHGATE The celebrated Royal Philharmonic Philharmonic Orchestra of London not quite so celebrated as once it was but still one of the world's finest instruments paid Rochester the compliment compliment of opening its third American tour here last night at the Eastman. A near capacity capacity audience, in spite of the cold, was on hand. This is the orchestra founded by and conducted by the fire-eating fire-eating fire-eating Sir Thomas Beech am in 1946, rose to preeminence, preeminence, then declined,a bit after his death and now seems on its way to a second birth of greatness. It was last heard here five years ago under Sir Malcolm Sargent and it was evident last night what was not so apparent at that time that it is ready to challenge our best American orchestras. It may seem a little ironic that this British made orchestra orchestra should be touring now under the conductor of the renowned renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra Orchestra of Leipzig, Germany Vaclav Neumann, a native of Prague, and an accepted master master in the performance of German German music. Is there a dearth of available young British conductors to take over this pre-eminent pre-eminent pre-eminent post? Possibly so, but Professor Neumann re vealed last night that the or chestra has a superb rapport with its conductor.' The program, which once would have been considered almost avant garde, was con servative enough by today's standards. Benjamin Britten and Igor Stravinsky no longer startle as once they did and the two works heard last night are familiar enough now so that even the opponents of 'modern" music accept them. The final number was the Brahms Fourth Symphony. The Britten work, which opened the program, was interesting interesting "Sinfonia da Requiem," Requiem," which if memory serves this same orchestra played at its last previous appearance appearance here. Not too easy to grasp at first hearing, it is a blending of the symphonic and the litugical; written in memory of Britten's parents. Its three movements Lac-rymosa, Lac-rymosa, Lac-rymosa, Dies Irae and Requiem Requiem Aeternam suggest the order of the requiem, and there is an appropriate solemnity solemnity of much of it But that final movement is sheer musical musical beauty, orchestrated with the Britten imagination and distinction. The Stravinsky "Firebird" came through primarily as musical richness, rather than as Oriental legend or color or whatever may have been its main purpose. Prof. Neumann caught the power of this remarkable remarkable tapestry, bringing out the many lyric figures in it as items of separate distinction. distinction. The Brahms Fourth, strangely, seemed to this listener listener to be more routine and technically brilliant than as subtle as we might have expected. expected. The virtuosity of the orchestra was never in doubt, its ability to get down to the Brahmsian lyricism, color, gaiety, even, humor, sometimes sometimes was. The audience responded so well that the conductor returned returned to play a Dvorak Sla-vonic Sla-vonic Sla-vonic Dance as an added number. Sanfa Anifa Daily Double Sets Record $1,972 Payoff Di-Cadaldo Di-Cadaldo Glenn Bell its last the East four 10 105 McDonald Carglle) (5:17) 129 135 Rondosh Molora (E) ond Con-dreos Con-dreos DICodalo (E) dec, 7-2; 7-2; 7-2; heavyweight (J) pin 2:07; 114 Burton (W) dec. 7-4; 7-4; 7-4; 122 Randell (J) and Mendozo (W), draw 2-2; 2-2; 2-2; 129 Hinds (W) dec, 4-0; 4-0; 4-0; 135 Fernandez (J) dec, 8-1; 8-1; 8-1; 140 Fuller (W) pin 3:01; 147 canolaiosl (j) pin 1:08; 156 Kicn (W) dec, 12-2; 12-2; 12-2; 167 Enrignt (W) dec, ij-u; ij-u; ij-u; V Vi Slnpatico (J) pin 5:51; heavy weight Gianni (J) dec, 8 3. Madison 32, East II 97-aound 97-aound 97-aound class Croweli (E) Din 5:22; 15 Oliver! E) Din 1:42; 114 Wilcox (M) Din 5:28; 121 Conley (E) dec, 7-0; 7-0; 7-0; 129 Killings (M) dec, 8-2; 8-2; 8-2; 135 Dixon (M) dec, z-o; z-o; z-o; iw Knoaes ivw dec, 3-0; 3-0; 3-0; 147 Wright (M) dec, 3-1; 3-1; 3-1; 156 - Stewart (M) Din 1:23; 167 Larkin (AM pin 5:32; 182 McBnde (E) pin 1:00; heavyweight Johnson (M) forfeit Marshall 31, Monroe 21 97-Dound 97-Dound 97-Dound class White (AAon) pin 4:45: Parr (Mar) pin 2:09; 114. Fuentes (Mar) pin 0:50; 122 cupo (Mar) nln 4:09; 129 Jones (Mon) dec 7-1; 7-1; 7-1; 135 Whitaker (Mon) pin 4:36; 140 Amnony iviarj aec, o-, o-, o-, h tosia (Mnr) dec. 4-1 4-1 4-1 : 154 Burts (Mon) dec. 14-1; 14-1; 14-1; 167 Serguson (Mon) pin 4:14; 180 Schmidt (Mar) pin 1:44; neavyweignt Bloss (Mar) forfeit. Games Today place in 2-2 mark, rejoin Robinson, is ex here season center All-Scholastic season. figures four I, will straight opener Friend the Wil this sea this John behind Division Lewis the two 6-2. over Lakesiders have a 2-2 2-2 2-2 record in Division II after finishing with a 4-14 4-14 4-14 mark last year. John Owens is the team's scoring leader. INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE Division I East 4 Monroe 3 Madison 2 Franklin 1 Edison Tech ... 0 West .... Charlotte Marshall Jefferson Division II 3 1 1.000 .750 .667 .500 .000 1" joo .000 1 Va 2 4 1 2V4 behind Monroe Ircode-quoit Ircode-quoit Church-ville-Chili Church-ville-Chili Arcadia slate at Ho-neoye Ho-neoye Aquinas Bowlers Top Mooney by 7 to 1 Aquinas bowlers posted a 7-1 7-1 7-1 victory over Cardinal Mooney yesterday in Catholic Interscholastic Interscholastic Bowling League action at Reynolds Lanes, while Bishop Kearney and Bishop McQuaid tied at 4-4. 4-4. 4-4. In individual performances three Aquinas keglers set the pace; they were Jim Dettman 623, Tom Brongo 598 and Sam Arnone 571. ARCADIA, Calif. 10-Mendy 10-Mendy 10-Mendy Joan, a 76-1 76-1 76-1 longshot, and Ged- Ged- megal, 12-1, 12-1, 12-1, combined talents to win the first two races at Santa Anita Thursday and set a track daily double record payoff of $1,972.40. Mendy Joan returned $154 for a ?z win ucKei ana ueamegai $26. The respective jockeys wee Bobby Garcia and Juan T. Gon zalez, both apprentice riders. The old track record payoff was $l,9Z7, set Jan. 8, 1963) by Bobby's Love and Royston. Sev enty-one enty-one enty-one $2 tickets were sold on the 2-1 2-1 2-1 combination of Mendy Joan and Gedmegal but no $10 tickets. Minns Pool? MIAMI (AP) - The five-horse five-horse five-horse field in Monday's New Year's Handicap at Tropical Park created a minus pool in the show betting when Arnold Winick's Heronia won at 4-to-S. 4-to-S. 4-to-S. 4-to-S. 4-to-S. It was Winick's ninth straight stakes victory and when he showed up in the turf club later, Tropical president Saul Silber- Silber- man said: "See what your horse cost me. We had a minus pool. The track lost money." "How much was it?" Winick asked. 1 In 70mm. vide screen and full stereophonic sound! '(WSSf ifHWH DWIDOSflZNIPKS... w. ' 1 If SI i Ji-A Ji-A Ji-A 51 Mfir r.rxt n ; 1 1 ARK GABLE Winner of Ten Jk ' 9 Academy Award I advanci TICKETS NOW IT BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE OR IT MAIL mmmmtmmtmmm BOX OFFICE OPEN 12 NOON TO 9 00 P.M. DAILY! '$ GOOD SEATS FOR ALL PERFORMANCES I TONIGHT AT 8:00 P.M. sat. ft sun. at 2-nn 2-nn 2-nn ft B-nft B-nft B-nft P u MONROE M0NIM AVE. (P.O. BOX 7452) PHONE 47J-W94 47J-W94 47J-W94 Utm OvED 3Dfl EiiM-CniEn EiiM-CniEn EiiM-CniEn urevi Tje Jungle is Walt Disney I MOW' - D,.... J with JOY! M .1 TODAY AT; ungteBa TECHNICOLOR Mo WAIT disney'S Charlie, the TECHNICOLOR &M8(mW COU&C vr. lumruii mr. SMOWI , nui V AT THIS THfATBI TouV;;,00 RIVIFRA 145' UKEAVE MATIN!! SHOW INDS 3:45 I I I I W I ! I I M 458-1868 458-1868 458-1868 flUSIVI. SHOW JUNGlt OOK 6:30 t il J "COUGAS" 1:00 THE FIVE BELLS TONIGHT thru Jan. 13 this areat copular sona entertainment entertainment arouD will be here. Ken Purtell will entertain in the lounae and there is no cover or minimum. Special Friday Only! n w Vic Plati and Pam Duel v u If . RESTAURANT and LOUNGE 14lh rioor Midlown Tower Hotel 232-3030 232-3030 232-3030 r Sunday Dinner At The Airport... 4i we'. t-: t-: t-: 'j. v.". ir- ir- 'Fy V. :.:.:;:-: :.:.:;:-: :.:.:;:-: - '-. '-. '-. v JriTOwm... J'WWV Xiiiffiv. V'.," ,!...' .V.. V A1" Km : . 4 V X V4 . - it's a gas... cmMVlOl) ROCHESTER MONROE COUNTY AIRPORT KafKing ncKeis vaiiaaieq tor Dining Room pairont 3Z8 7553 itffffrae L4 J t - Phi This DUIKUe : Is the tt "ft wnrlri'e Of them L - . sexiest air j ; roDDery! robert wgmc Plus 2nd Hit! TEATVUt TIMFSf STUTSON TONIGHT 7:30 f :35 MAT. SAT. k SUN. NORTH PARK FRI.. SAT. & SUN. 7:00 & 10:00 raquel welch godfrey Cambridge of North Park Only! ELVIS PRESLEY SHELLY FABARES "SPINOUT" Color S:50 70NE OF THE BEST OF 1967!" Bosey Crowfder, New York Tm.i it WILLIAM JOB MARK LONDON 'JEREMY CHILD MAX BACON I j . A7 i VI &jfiF TECHNICOLOR ONE WEEK ONLY! TONIGHT AT 7:30-9:40 7:30-9:40 7:30-9:40 CONTINUOUS SAT. & SUN. FROM 1:30 P.M. 5 "BEST FILM OF 1967" NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW TERENCE STAMP PETER FINCH ALAN BATES JULIE CHRISTIE Presented in 70mm and Stereoohanic Sound VTe ' -r -r " ' i;s T?S?5LAT TWO SHOWS SAT. V w.vw AND SUN. 2!00 & firQO Wi TcMi Oft Safe At Panorama, Town, Sioneridge, Sipisoti, Utilt Theatres! -Hec( -Hec( Qvet, 3d Week,! STEPHEN BOYD AVA GARDNER-RICHARD GARDNER-RICHARD GARDNER-RICHARD HARRIS JOHN HUSTON-PETER HUSTON-PETER HUSTON-PETER OTOOLE MICHAELPARKS GEORGE C.SC0TT 'AN AWESOMELY ABSORBING FILMI" "A MASTERPIECE" c ouir mw lotrtmui D-150 D-150 D-150 CtbrhDeLoc 8:00 P.N. TTfBIBIE TONIGHT AT SATURDAY 2:00 & 8:00 SUNDAY 2:00-5:15-8:15 2:00-5:15-8:15 2:00-5:15-8:15 2:00-5:15-8:15 2:00-5:15-8:15 m 1 1 Highly Imaginative! . . . Explosive! . . . Ouldoes Them All! -fran -fran W,lrath GODFREY CAMBRIDGE SEVERN DARDEN -JOAN -JOAN DELANEY D&C TONIGHT 7:30-9:40. 7:30-9:40. 7:30-9:40. MATINEE SAT. & SUN. J ' " IMEY FOITIEE JAMES CLAVELL'S PRODUCTION OF la&i "f 0 SIR.UITH LOVE" 3 JUDY GEESON CHRISTIAN ROBERTS SUZY KENDALL-THE KENDALL-THE KENDALL-THE "MINDBENDERS" .. nr TUrtlCHT 7:25 & 9:35 I I I TECHNICOLOR" MATINEE SAT. & SUN. JULIE ANDREWS "SSSSJc TONIGHT AT 8:00 TWO SHOWS SAT. & SUN. AT 2:00 AND 8:00 s ' ,rVrtft.' t t" rmr, Ifrrtl (MW W SWAW A n f

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