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1967 movie listings - Young 3:30 club Show VP) and the when the...
Young 3:30 club Show VP) and the when the lights the of or fish, contains and foods fats. or its but and the because too at a of Council the 8:1(0 be OF IT-TL'TING IT-TL'TING THE RELATION OF at the Paramount. Miss Redgrave named co-winner co-winner co-winner with Elizabeth for her role in "Georgy Girl." was cited for "Who's Afraid of Woolf?" In center is Paul Scofield, Man for All Seasons." who was first among actors by the New critics in their annual poll. It's Success For 'Fiddler7 In Europe NEW YORK "Fiddler on the Roof ," the musical Broadway hit, is repeating its American success in Europe. Over the holidays productions opened in Amsterdam and Copenhagen and both "were enthusiastically received by the reviewers and the public. In America, the national company headed by Luther Adler, which started on the West Coast last spring will visit Columbus and Cincinnati before settling down Feb. 4 to what appears to be an extensive extensive engagement in Chicago at McVickers Theater. The New York company, which has as producer Garold Prince puts it, "never played to fn empty standing room," is in its third season at the Imperial, with HersChel Bernard! Bernard! and Maria Karnilova heading the cast. JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. vegetables (squash, carrots, etc.) are rich in Vitamin A. Since you are still growing, be sure to have at least a couple of glasses of milk per day, but low-fat low-fat low-fat or skim milk will give you your necessary calcium without too many calories. x- x- Note to H.M.B.: Blood transfusions ARE used for patients with leukemia and it helps for a time. It does not cure the basic disease, unfortunately, unfortunately, but tends to correct an associated anemia. Mail to Dr. Molner should be addressed to him at Box 158, Dundee, 111, 60118. DANCING (iriiijriiiis 1 J iiAttW wrrr.jj - nnr v imi x msi. ri wait Linunnr a T r r I I !! !! I 11! yL UXD tVERY FRIDAY -It -It l) & S.4TLRD.4Y MIGHT) L Vi?'i, RACING F HI 1:30 ' at .T: jones andretti eL f"" ' On of S tern U.S. Auto Clue, T ysTT ii II Doint ettr Common who I I f i ui fTTTrrrnx era- era- i e m 1 'i T, t 1T7 - 11 Championship. at Indianapolis. ' )fvl SmSlf: J fmv " " f f?r2r2 The greatest exhibition ol roll 2 2 automotive genius ever L f V A u displayed under one roof yL w ""'-5'yr'7 ""'-5'yr'7 ""'-5'yr'7 snowi Mw b'g9,r "nd be"r Auto J J ' "Tj I 'eVuiomol,.... f : i ip I 1. A..!.... A I i ( i-JltS!' i-JltS!' i-JltS!' ; 4t 4-Indianapolia 4-Indianapolia 4-Indianapolia Racing Car li t-T t-T t-T I 1 M V "T" Traffic Safety Exhibits I I 1 1 JJ fXj' 7 Draam cara of the futur m I I I fli 'ail , real full alze ona-of- ona-of- ona-of- ona-of- m I I I vil V v --?T --?T --?T 4" Travel Tranert ExhlbR 1 1 si " A I I -eV -eV eu. Im m.u en'. ..4 I1'" llVtft I roaring 20 a costumaa yp rJi PiJ ear ,h nosta'flla tounde of 1h I 4 I fy I J jk 1 Past end present In a CAVALCADE vt f 1 1 I ' I , jjf OF MUSIC teaturlnj M Yeir of 1 V I Ik wjFvjL Musical Memorietl tmMtUZPA FREE! Nothing to dd or I ! f U MEhNESi&gS L HOURS: I ! I JT I J7l. 17 I Saturday and Sunday 1,1 i",rV !l'5LO"- !l'5LO"- II jj.r,..-. jj.r,..-. jj.r,..-. W VL I aiiH pia -f -f tV jTW Ui III The performance, well attended, attended, was directed by Martin Martin Novemsky, former New York University faculty member member and actor, who succeeded the center's founding director, G. Roy Levin. The part of Uncle Vanya in the drama of frustrated loves in a Russian country house is played by Bill Blodgett, with Irene Bunde playing the young wife of an old professor, the woman to whom Vanya has lost his heart. Peg LeFever is the daughter o fthe professor, in love with the doctor (Tom Ryan), as is the professor's wife. The stage set, flavorfully Russian, and the tum-of-cen-tury tum-of-cen-tury tum-of-cen-tury tum-of-cen-tury tum-of-cen-tury tum-of-cen-tury tum-of-cen-tury costumes are credited to Peter J. Vogelaar and Marilyn Marilyn Silver, respectively. Additional performances are set for tomorrow arid Sunday. tir 1 Ut2&. Op J SURPRISE! Dean Martin and Ann-Margret Ann-Margret Ann-Margret find themselves themselves right side up in a pool in sequence of "Murderers' Row," now showing oa Loew Theater's screen. Percussion Group A percussion ensemble from the classes of William Street and John Beck at the Eastman Eastman School, and will Ann Rishell as piano soloist, is set for tonight at 8:15 in Kilboum Hall. Fourteen students will take part. High point of the program will be a Divertimento for piano anl percussion, consisting consisting of Praeludium, Dialogo and Toccata, by Nicolas Fiagelloo. A Sympphony for Ends Sunday SEE IT! ROCHESTER WAR MEMORIAL j rivi n n i i ii III I WW a Mil ft I -f -f i m an -Kll -Kll J-JV J-JV J-JV III 60 YEARS OF 'ill B AUTOMOTIVE PROGRESS I I 1 A spokesman for the society said the film, the first that Italian director Michelangelo Italian uiici-vui uiici-vui uiici-vui itiiuuiaiigviv Antonioni has made in Eng- Eng- licVi Turin Km a loraa manrjin HOU, TT VII J J B lot )Vs HIUI (3 on the second ballot in voting Monday night. It also was cited for its direction. The society, formed last October, includes movie ' reviewers reviewers for eight national magazines. The French octogenarian Sylvie was named best actress actress for her performance in "The Shameless Old ' Lady" and English star Michael Caine was voted best actor for "Alfie." Antonioni won the best director award for "Blow-Up." "Blow-Up." "Blow-Up." In giving "Blow-Up" "Blow-Up" "Blow-Up" a C (condemned) rating, the National National Catholic Office for Motion Motion Pictures commended the movie for "brilliance of camera camera technique and beauty of to Play Tonight Percussion by Parchman, and a Suite for Percussion by James Moore are among the other numbers. It will . be free. k i j t i .1 i . l j " I 1 II I si I tl r f "THiiwnrnpaii" m 'iiariiimw iuu seam ortwuinrr ttr i ii:iiira;ii:iir.TT,mrninmirimiifrii DANCING TONIGHT Ken Purtell's Big Band 9:30 P.M. to 1 :30 A.M. Come Early, Enjoy Dinner, Then- Then- Stay for Dancing t7 S3 RESTAURANT and LOUNGE 14th Floor Midtown lower Hotel 232-3030 232-3030 232-3030 ti 3rd SENSATIONAL "BREATH TAKING" "A KNOCKOUT OF A MOVIE" . TIME MA "EXTRAORDINARY" n. r. News "BOUYANT FUN" H. Y. TMSS CORONET 555 SINGLE? 19 to 35? "SOCIALIZE IN A SINGLE CIRCLE!' . . . offer you single socializing in a dignified setting with Rochester's largest social group. TOWNE HOUSE MT. HOPE AVE. AT ELMWOOD -TONIGHT -TONIGHT -STARTS -STARTS 9:00 P.M. COCKTAILS & DANCING Call 232-5423 232-5423 232-5423 after 5 for information Redgrave, deals with the contemporary contemporary London scene. , At j. f SnOWlHTIBS OG3y MUSIC Kilboum Hall Percussion ensenble, with Ann Rishell, piano soloist, 8:15 p.m. STAGE Community Playhouse "A Thousand Clowns," 8:30. Theater East "She Loves Me," 2:30 and 8:30. MOVIES Paramount "Gambit," 12:30,2:45,5,7:15,9:30. Regent "Any Wednesday," Wednesday," 12:30, 2:45. 7:15, 9:30. Cinema - "Alfie" 7:25, 9:50. Fine Arts "Doctor No," 8:35, "Goldfinger," 7, 10:30. Loew's "Murderers' Row," 7:30, 9:30. Little "Fahrenheit 451," 1:15,3:25,5:25, 7:25,9:40. Monroe "Follow Me, Bovs," 7:10, 9:30. Riviera "Dr. Zhivago," 2, 8. Coronet "The Endless Summer," 7:30, 9:30. Stoneridge "Follow Me, Boys," 7:10, 9:30. T o w n e "Arrivederci, Baby," 7:30, 9:35. Panorama "After the Fox," 7:25, 9:30. ' Waring "The Bible," 8. Lyell "The Blue Max," 6:45. 9:20. Ridge "Great Sioux Massacre," Massacre," 7; "A Man Called FlinLstone," 8:30. DRIVE-INS DRIVE-INS DRIVE-INS North Park "Modesty Blaise," 7; "Fantastic Voyage," Voyage," 9; "Wild, Wild Winter," .10:45. FRI. NITE Seek Again For Your Dancing Pleasure LEfJ IIAVLEY Beavtiful Night Club Atmespker SHERATON HOTEL STAG OR COUPLES 9:30 P.M. 'til ? tvj j u j.t i fi:v,':i.m VTHIItTIl frTTTTl aMiaT A Br W fc rTC-BBBBBBaal rTC-BBBBBBaal rTC-BBBBBBaal i & fflSf i g rwcuiit i i 1 V?' i I Featuring vocalist Ann Zona SUN - FILLED WEEK wmmmm THE IDEAL FAMILY PICTURE ew k I TONIGHT 7:30-9:30 7:30-9:30 7:30-9:30 I THURSTON RD. 235-48201 235-48201 235-48201 X NIGHTLY! ! WESTERN MUSIC "The Drifting Rangers" mur nDAi 6 satukday niti ALL-AMERICAN ALL-AMERICAN ALL-AMERICAN R.stiunnt 14f I. Cemmertlal St. I. Rochester food Served Dalf)i Starts Tuesday NEW SERIES OF EASTMAN THEATRE THAYER SOILE'S "South Pacific" Tues., Jan. 10 NICOLE SMITH'S "CHILE" Jan. 17 nnll IP WlIkTR't Lavl.h 1' 111 Lit HilLlltU o( Invl A' Ifrflla tlJIVa d,n(. KumnHn Temple 9UIIlIirt I.l.nd. . O f Palembang irfiiurfry ,nd ,he ERIC PAVEL'S "PARIS" Jan. 31 StrUt Tiekttt Now at lex Reserved Stat ptr Eastman CM. A. At i Tbe Other Side of in Pittsford Gaspare Charles . Durward Belmont Barry King Charles Frank Steven Edward Joseph Vittorio present An evening of in the Mangione TO HOMEOWNERS AND ST. PAUL BLVD. FIRE (West Irondequoit) !n Case of Telephone 266-2332 266-2332 266-2332 24 hour If in doubt of your fire district, both your town tax bill and policy. Free telephone decal listing emergency number may be Cooper Road or Washington fire-house. BOARD OF Call the (A AvtlMlvr for Want Democrat ana and The Times-Union Times-Union .M all lhr. . . . Salomon . . . crllpaa A Santiago . . . largest aca A new PaUre Muirum tha parada da-ipner Offle Film: Preientatfan 454-4200 454-4200 TTTTTTTT BaWHBaVaVSHHHi HEELS t TIES

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle06 Jan 1967, FriPage 32

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)06 Jan 1967, FriPage 32
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