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Colestin Notes - E. DEAN. & CO.. Proof. Depot. HOSIERY. tban...
E. DEAN. & CO.. Proof. Depot. HOSIERY. tban ordinary brands, much longer. It ia a STAR STORE, ! Colewlin Noise. Ths viiitor st Coleatin srs liks ons greet Ismily, and all going to Pa or Ma Telford when in trouble. Rev. I. U. Joue of Jacksonville returned returned borne on Mondav after a wsek camping with Or. Robinson. Miss Mary D. v Jeon, of Klamslhon, Fred Bsllowsy, ol Bissons, snd Mr. F. Town and daughter, of Puoenir , are among ti.e gueaU. Tb Coleatin season i at it height ; all room at th Hotel occupied and many application in. Tbs csuipers now number shout 60. J. E. Peterson is in for sll the fun tbers is going, croquet, cheat and hunting hunting J. E. saw eamething quite out ol th ordinsry but bs did not shoot. Frsnk Colvlg is working with ths cement crew snd while they were working working al the gravel pit, be loaded up t a soda water svsry night. Quits a number of ths boarder went to Siakiyou on th train Tuesday (or ths sxsrcissof wslking back, and incident, ally to take a picture of ths tuonsl. A. J. Sutherland and family havs removed removed thsir csmp from bsrs to Siskiyou after a three-weak atay. Mr. Sutherland Sutherland ia foreman of the cement crew. C. J. Kurtb, Louis 8teelhsmmsr, Otto Duolap snd Willsrd Dsnlson. anent Hun. day at the iprlng; thy arrived at t:30 a. m. and bad tola ol fun sleeping on the hsy. Ursntt Paat ia represented by Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Peterson who ars escaping, Mrs. V. A. Peterson and Ford, Mr. John Pool and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Voorhis and Earls. Ashland furniihet the following ctmp srs sod boarder: J, C. Poor and family, th Winters fsmilv. ths Uieaea Gslsy, Mrs. Boivin snd daughter, Mr Oiwoll snd two daughters, Mia Fanny Bseaom. snd Fred L. Roper. Tbs big stesa shovsl is ons of tha principal attraction. A crowd of Deoola go svsry dsy to se it work sud watch tbs crsw unload ths car oo ths treslla, which I about sO feet blgb. The Kodak fiend have thot the thovel Irom sll sides and In all stage ol operation. The combination of Coleatin air. Dr. Robinson and Mr. Telford, with tha help of numerous others hss brought bbyoorhiss throuub a verv dauaar. on Illness snd hs is now on ths road to recorsry. Medford 1 represented bv E. H. War ner snd family, Mrs. C. M. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. 1 1 art son and (on, Mr. sad Mra. MoCulley and two dsusbtors. the La Jacob fsmilv. Mr. Bulllnanr. Mi Virgin! Woodford. Mamie Belli user. Edith Cranfll, May Phlpps, and Miss Cbsprnsu. Pr. and Mrs. Robineon end damrhtar and C. L. Kesmes snd Miss Msry Col- vig srs among tbs Jacksonville delega- tion. Yreka furnlibe Mr. Dr. Collar and L. O. Collar, Mrs. Cbss. Innksr, Mrs. K. Dowllng snd Mi Dowllng. Tber is no reason why ths Grants Pee psopl should go SO or 40 miles in ths woods by team lor recreation when they can reach such a healthful and delightful spot by a four hours rids on ths train st small expense. Her you get nearly all the comfort of home. A good woman who conducts school for young; folks waa called oa v.te.n.r ree"ltI' b' f?d aaama, who anes. brouf ht ' her daag-hter for instruction, relates a Lotiisrills psper. Shs hsd been, attending attending another school last yesr, and ths teacher found it neoeseary to as-stains as-stains her in order to see exactly la Tthat chua to place her. The examination examination waa moat gratifying;. Ths child vrss bright, anawered questions correctly and readily, and gratified the teacher by her animation and sense. "Now, Mrs Bis ok," shs said to ths pleased snd proud mamma, "you havs an utwommonly bright girl; her arithmetical knowledge is phenomenal for her sgs, and I sttaH place Iter in vulgar fractions at ones." "Never!" exclaimed the horrified msmms. "I am raising- my girl as a lady, and neither you nor anybody shall plscs her In snythlrtf vulgar. No." And shs slung herself out of t hs room in rags sad horror, bearing the pupil with ber, snd th teacher only eared her reputation later oa by explaining' what shs meant by vulgar vulgar fractiona. little has been said, and probably aa tittle thoug-ht, of ths beneficent work done by tbs railroads in siding snd promoting tbs measurea set oa foot for the relief of stricken Galveston. Galveston. Thoussnds ot refugees frotn that city received free transportation to sny part of ths country, and immense immense qusntities of supplies were rushed forward without charge. This ready response to the cry of human nreda characterized all the great railway railway ayatems of ths country, ths ss-preae, ss-preae, telegraph and telephone) companies. companies. The cash value of ths serv-Icre serv-Icre thus rendered is aa impossible to estimate as ths amount of human suffering and misery they helped to alleviate. " DOES MOTHER WANT MET" The little fellow hss blown with all hia (trength, and the downy tufts still cling to ths dandelion dandelion stem. Accord ing to the oracle of childhood mother doea not want him. But mother would tell a different story. She hss noticed the weakness weakness of the lungs, and if aha saw him now, flushed with his unusual effort and struggling; to Stifle th cough which followed It, she'd feel how much aha wanted I I him, aad wanted those If "weak lungs made If II strong, that site might I II not lose him. II II For "weak 1 1 J lungs, obstinate It esss-cough, hmor-k hmor-k rhage, weakness and emaciation there Is no medicine so healing and so strengthening ss Or. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It is eipecially valuable for children, building np weak bodice with sound, healthy flesh. It is entirely free from alcohol and narcotics. Wlatcr before thia. my oldtat bar (wbe to row Duy eve ytmn oia). Mad Itmble coua; ke kae U Ike whole wlater tmi all Maimer writes J. M. Parr, Kaq., of Caaaeroa, Screvca CO..U. " rnvatctaaa SM ina v wtnr aad 1 evak Co., Ca. rhvatrtaaa 4M htaa o too aad aatb- Ine aay win aad I eaaM do did hUa aay oS. arttr roar ' Diarovcrv ' had cured aiv rati a aa arftr jroar ' Diaroverr - ha cured bt couah ae uulcalr. whea mrVihla elaa failed. I wrote my wife to trial him back from the couatry, abe havtag carried him there to ate If the change would do him fond. we were unng ia aavaa- la a Bah. Oa , al the time. She htoufhl him back aad after (irtag him your greol rOolda Mad-kal Mad-kal Ulacovery ' lor a time, ha tultrely recovered. The Common Sense Medical Adviser sent Jrtt on receipt of stamp to pay expense of mailing only. Send it one-cent one-cent stamps for paper-bound hook, or )I atampe for cloth bound. Address Dr. X. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. i in

Clipped from Weekly Rogue River Courier15 Aug 1901, ThuPage 2

Weekly Rogue River Courier (Grants Pass, Oregon)15 Aug 1901, ThuPage 2
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