William Walker one of 105 soldiers liberated - 20 Jun 1945

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William Walker one of 105 soldiers liberated - 20 Jun 1945 - 103 AREA SOLDIERS LIBERATED Washington, June 20...
103 AREA SOLDIERS LIBERATED Washington, June 20 The War Department today made public the names of 3,010 soldiers liberated from German prison camps. The following 103 Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island men are Include: BARDAKJIAN, 2d Lt. James Son of Mrs. Mary Bardakjlan, 1153 President St. CHAPMAN. Pfc. tPrank J. Son of Mrs. Mary Chapman, 26 Lawrence Street. COHEN, Pfc, Sam Son of Mrs. Esther Cohen, 433 DeWitt Ave. CONNOR, Pvt. William J. Son of Mrs. Abira M. Connor, 149 Moffat Moffat St. CORSARO. Com Frank Son of Mrs. Carmella Corsaro, 1422 65th Street. DIGNON, 2d Lt Frederick L. Son of Mrs. Cecelia A. Dignon, 132-36 132-36 132-36 114th St. Ozone Park. DOMBO, Pfc. Harold J. Son of Gustav Dombo, 463 Irving Ave. DOUKAS, Pvt. James Son of Mrs. Carle Doukas, 118-14 118-14 118-14 153d St., Jamaica. DYAS. Staff Sgt. Timothy Q Son of Mrs. Lillian V. Dyas, Kew Ave., East Northport. EDRIS, 1st Lt. Warren P. Son of Mrs. Emmabelle K. Edris, 127 Knickerbocker Road, Manhasset. EOAN, Pvt. Edward T. Son of Mrs, Margaret M. Egan, 37-23 37-23 37-23 68th St., Woods iufi. I EKBERG, Pfc. Arthur F. Husband! of Mrs. June P. Ekberg, 454 59th Street. ELKIN, Corp. Jack Son of Joe Elkin, 325 Saratoga Ave. ENGEMAN, Stall Sgt. John S. Son of Mrs. Grace Engeman, 3 Wads-worth Wads-worth Wads-worth Place, Baldwin. FAZIO, Pfc. Frank J., Jr. Son of Mrs. Marie Fazio, 245. Jefferson Street. FEIN, Pvt. Emanuel Husband of Mrs. Ann 3. Fein, 65-84 65-84 65-84 Booth St., Forest Hills. FERGUSON, Sgt. George V. Son of Mrs. Elisabeth T. Ferguson, 32-43 32-43 32-43 48th St., Astoria." FINN, Corp. William J. Son of Mrs. Ann Finn. 39-38 39-38 39-38 49th St., Astoria. FISCHER, Pfc. Rodman H. Son of Matthew Fischer, 723 E. 27th St. FRANKEL, Pfc. Jerome L. Son of Sam Frankel, 158 Dahill Road. FRONTINO, Sgt. Carmelo J.-Son J.-Son J.-Son of Antonio Frontino, 550 Myrtle Ave. GALLIE, Pfc. Ronald G Son of Frank G. Gallie, 3M7 Steinway St., Long Island City. GILMAN, Pvt. Jacob Son of Harry Gilman, 618 Marcy Ave. GIORDANO, Pfc. Ralph J. Son of Anthony Giordano, 133-11 133-11 133-11 85th St., Ozone Park. Cool & Lovely Cotton Sateen GROVE, Corp. Michael Son of Mrs. Marie Glove, 71-09 71-09 71-09 67th Place, Glendale. GLASSER, 2d Lt. Lawrence Son of Harry Glasser, 457 Schenectady Ave. GOLDSTEIN, Staff Sgt Edward J. son of Nathan Goldstein, 768 Hop- Hop- kinson Ave. GOLDSTEIN, Pvt. Harold J Son of Mrs. Fay R. Goldstein, 1520 Carroll St. GOMEZ, 2d Lt. George Husband of Mrs. Rose Gomez, 84-53 84-53 84-53 129th St., Richmond Hill. KAPLAN, Pvt. Max The Kaplan Family, c'o Mrs. Al Miller, 674 Riverdale Ave. LANDSMAN, 2d Lt. Jacob Husband of Mrs. Florence K. Landsman, 141-05 141-05 141-05 Cherry Ave., Flushing. LANFRANCHI, Pvt Joseph J.-husband J.-husband J.-husband of Mrs. Rosalln Lan- Lan- franchi, 454 Kings 4th Walk. LEAHY, Staff Sgt. Thomas G. Son of Mrs. Eleanor Leahy, 155 La fayette Ave. LEARY, Sgt. George H. Son of Charles Leary, 218-41 218-41 218-41 110th Ave Queens Village. LEVINE, Staff Sgt. Joseph Son of Harris Levine, 2118 74th St. LILJA, Staff Sgt. George E. Son of Emil Lilja, 207 Battery Ave. LIPKIN, Staff Sgt. Barney Son of Mrs. Beckle Lipkin, 409 Amboy St. LOCKWOOD, Pfc. Charles M. Husband Husband of Mrs. Hazel F. Lockwood, 765 Westminster Road. LOPACKI, 1st Lt. Edward J. Hus band of Mrs. Lillian J, Lopacki, 5307 8th Ave. LUBA,' Sgt Leonard A. Brother of Mrs. Anna Radziak, 84 Berry St. LUTZER, 2d Lt. Erwin M. Son of Harry Lutzer, 118-65 118-65 118-65 Metropolitan Ave., Kew Gardens. MADONNA, Staff Sgt. John A.-Son A.-Son A.-Son of Mrs. Theresa Madonna, 194 Withers St. MANNELLO, Tech. Sgt. Frederick- Frederick- Son of George Mannello, 109-35 109-35 109-35 206th St., Bellaire. MARINO, Pvt. Joseph Son of Leonard Marino, Maple Drive, Box 234, Deer Park. MARTIN, Pvt. Manual P. Husband of Mrs. Vera Martin, 97 Green-point Green-point Green-point Ave. MCALLISTER, Sgt. Roderick H- H- Son of Mrs. Theresa McAllister, 10 Highland Ave., Great Neck. McGLMN, 2d Lt. Clarence H. Son of Clarence H. McGinn, 192-16 192-16 192-16 122d Ave., St. Albans. McGINNIS, Corp. Michael J. Son of Mrs, Bridget McGinnls, 53-72 53-72 53-72 64th St., Maspeth. MEZZATESTA. Staff Sgt. Frank-Son Frank-Son Frank-Son of Samuel Mezzatesta, 1166 39th St. MILLER, Pvt. Donald J. Son of Robert Miller, 45-26 45-26 45-26 49th St., Woodside. MILLER, Pvt. James L. Son of John L. Miller, 86-40 86-40 86-40 54th Ave, Elmhurst. MOLLOY, Pfc. Martin G. Jr. Son of Martin G. Molloy Sr., Engine Co. 77 (Fire Depot). MONE, Pvt. Donald A. Sr. Husband Husband of Mrs. Dolores C. Mone, 1301 Sterling Place. MOSKOWITZ, Pfc. Irving-Son Irving-Son Irving-Son of Mrs. Sadie Moskowltz, 3817 12th Avenue. MOYNIHAN, Sgt. Daniel D. Jr.- Jr.- Son of Daniel D. Moynihan Sr., 141-18 141-18 141-18 N. Hempstead Turnpike, Flushing, MUIR, Pfc. Harold J.-Son J.-Son J.-Son of Mi! May Muir, 10-48 10-48 10-48 Wyckoff Ave., Ridgewood. NETTI, Staff Sgt. Lawrence J.- J.- Son of Mrs. Angelina Nettl, 2393 E. 3d St. NEUFELD, Pfc. Ernest Husband of Mrs. Sylvia Neufeld, 98-15 98-15 98-15 65th Road, Forest Hills. NUNNER, Staff Sgt. Andrew M.-Son M.-Son M.-Son of Ludwlg Nunner, 106 Emerson Emerson Ave., Floral Park. PERCIAVALLE, Pvt. Nicholas F. Husband of Mrs. Maria E. Percia valle, 127 E. 89th St. PERTOSO, Pfc. Nicholas L. Hus band of Mrs. Anna Pertoso, 34-29 34-29 34-29 58th St., Woodside. PETERSON, 1st Lt. Roger N. Hus band of Mrs. Elizabeth Q. Peter son, 210-14 210-14 210-14 34th Road, Bayside. PINTO, Pfc. William J. Son of Mrs. Mary Pinto, 701 Henry St. POMBANO, Pfc. Ralph C Hus band of Mrs. Frances A. Pom-bano, Pom-bano, Pom-bano, 306A Clinton St. PROCOPIO, 2d Lt. Frank A. Husband Husband of Mrs. Alice E. Procopia 90-60 90-60 90-60 179th Place, Jamaica. ROSENTHAL, Staff Sgt. Murray R. Son of Max Rosenthal, 1031 Sut ter Ave. SMITH, Pfc. John E.-Son E.-Son E.-Son of Hugh Smith, 817 E. 16th St. SMITH, 2d Lt. Robert P.-Son P.-Son P.-Son of Joseph R. Smith, 308 Monor Place, Greenport. SPIEGEL, 2d Lt. Harvey Husband of Mrs. Janice Spiegel, 1739 Dahill Road, SPIES, Pvt. George J. Husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Spies, 55 Powell St., Roosevelt. SPITALERI, Pvt. Joseph S. Brother of Mrs. Connie S. Frazlo, 32-66 32-66 32-66 31st St., Astoria. SQUILLANTE, Pfc. Gaetano Jr., Son of Mrs. Camella Squlllante, 4404 Avenue J. STANZIALE, Staff Sgt, Michael- Michael- Son of Mrs. Angelina Stanziale, 1894 Eastern Parkway. STERES, Sgt. Benjamin Son of Mrs. Fannie Steres 524 Saratoga Avenue. STRIFFLER, Stff Sgt. William J.-Son J.-Son J.-Son of Joseph M. Striffler, 97-26 97-26 97-26 125th St., Richmond Hill. STUHLER, Pfc. Arthur J. Son of Mrs. Catherine Stuhler, 227 Man hattan Ave. SUBERVI, Pvt. Felix Jr.-Son Jr.-Son Jr.-Son of Mrs. Louisa O. Subervi, 335 Lafa yette Ave. SULLIVAN, Pvt. James E. Son of Mrs. Anna Sharp, 31-19 31-19 31-19 Farring-ton Farring-ton Farring-ton St., Flushing. SUSS, Staff Sgt. Joseph M. Son of Martin Suss, 2217 Hroy Ave. SWEENEY, Tech. Sgt. David J. Husband of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Sweeney, 40-09 40-09 40-09 12tn St., Long Island City. TERGESEN, Pfc. Sigurd Son of Mrs. Elfrleda J. Tergesen, 970 55th St. THOMASHOWER, Pfc. Marvin Snon of William Thomashower, 1640 Ocean Ave. TOMAPAT, Pvt. John J. Husband of Mrs. Rose C. Tomapat, 11 Ten Evck St. TWITCHELL, 2d Lt. Arthur C. Jr. Son of Arthur C. TwitcheU, Westhampton. VERZYL, Stiff Sgt. Edward H. Son of Mrs. Cathrine Berzyl, 58-12 58-12 58-12 Van Horn St., Elmhurst. VIOLA, Staff Sgt. Americo J. Son of Mrs. Moretta Viola, 43-07 43-07 43-07 104th St., Corona. VOSPER, Corp. George A. Husband Husband of Mrs. Mary V. Vosper, 64 Sheridan Ave., Hewlett. WALKER, Pvt. William Son of f Mrs. Anna Walker, 36 Floyd St. Son of Jacob Wasserman, 80-04 80-04 80-04 190th St., Jamaica. WEIDIG, lt Lt. Carlton H. Jr. Son of Mrs. Florence R. Weldlg, 106-09 106-09 106-09 97th Ave., Ozone Park. WHEELER, Pvt. William F. Hus band of Mrs. Veronica B. Wheeler, 534 E. Jericho Turnpike, Hunting ton Station WHIDDEN, 1st Lt. Harold P. Jr. Son of Mrs Dora E. Whldden,! 114-19 114-19 114-19 194th St., St. Albans. I WHITE, 2d Lt. John H. Son of ,63 George A. White, 242 Denton Ave., Lynbrook. WHITELAW, Tech Sgt. John T. Son of Francis J. Whltelaw, 135 Cauitol Ave., Williston Park. WIGHAM, 2d Lt. Reginald E.-Son E.-Son E.-Son of Reginald E. Wigham, Box 221, Southampton. WILBERT, Pfc. William J. Son of Mrs. Helen Wilbert, 60-50 60-50 60-50 Wood-haven Wood-haven Wood-haven Boulevard, Rego Park. VVISNIEWSKI, Pvt Henry Husband Husband of Mrs. Margaret Wisnlew-ski, Wisnlew-ski, Wisnlew-ski, 140 17th St YASHINOFSKY. Pvt Meyer R Son of Mrs. Rose Yashlnofsky, 349 Rockaway Parkway. YUDKOWITZ, 2d Lt Seymour H Son of Philip Yudkowltz, 51 Louisa St. YUKEN, Pvt Morris Son of Mrs. Ida Yuken, 1057 54th St. ZAJKOWSKI, Sgt Walter J. Son of John Zajkowskl, 57-61 57-61 57-61 65th St., Maspeth. ZIELINSKI, Pvt. Marcell Son of Mrs. Mary Zielinski, 65-02 65-02 65-02 56th Ave., Maspeth. Group to Discuss Jobs for Veterans Providing full opportunity for the returning veteran will be the theme of tomorrow's annual meeting of the veterans affairs committee In Brooklyn at the First Unitarian Church, 50 Monroe Place. Chaplain Robert E. Lee of the Navy Separation Center at Lido Beach will tell how the navy prepares prepares servicemen for their return to civilian life. The program also includes a joint discussion by a C. I. O. union organizer, organizer, a veteran, and the personnel personnel manager of a shop organized by the union on solution of seniority rignts. The Victory Players of the Ameri can Theater Wing will enact a play on wartime family problems. The veterans affairs committee includes veterans groups, social agencies, the professions, industry and labor. It was established a year ago by the board of directors of the Brooklyn Council for Social Plan ning. Brooklyn Also at LoeserV Garden

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle20 Jun 1945, WedPage 9

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)20 Jun 1945, WedPage 9
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  • William Walker one of 105 soldiers liberated - 20 Jun 1945

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