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Joseph Rigby - SfhcSailgSl'imes OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY AND...
SfhcSailgSl'imes OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY AND COUNTY. FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1S75. CAXES SIMILAR TO THAT OF COL- COL- AH-THONY. AH-THONY. AH-THONY. The following letter from Mr. F. Ij. Roberts, Roberts, of the firm of F. L. Roberts & Son, druggists, Independence, Kansas, will be read with interest bv all. as showinsr that there are some cases which are supposed to be similar in their character to that of Col. Anthony's. In the case alluded to, it would seeni that the aneurism was of a more violent character than that of the 1 Colonels, yet the patient survived lor a I number of years, and may be living yet for I alight that is known. The following is a J ooi.v of the letter referred to : ' " 1 I X DEPENDENCE. MONTGOMERY CO.. 1 I Kansas. Mav 2y. is o. I ' ' i Ih . MrCormick, Leavenworth : I Doctor: I learn from the papers that I Col. Anthony was shot in the shoulder, the j ar.ery was materially uu.ageu or cut, lu liiv; tafl aic laic, civi vtv-. vtv-. vtv-. . S v I reiiort one cam which came under my ob- ob- wrvation. In 1SG2, Capt. John Uooth, ol a cavalry company, whilst making a desper- desper- I at j charge, was shot from his' horse. The br.ll struck his shoulder ; the artery was seriously wounded or cut, and the rushing or whirrinsr of blood was alarmingly per ceptible, even to his own ear. The physi- physi- ci ana with whom he consulted many very learned in the trofession declared his death certain in a very short time. The C intain was living in 1872 the blood still whirring. The ball has not moved, and he is wen. i wnie simpiy to cueer iiie voiu- voiu- i ,,..1 tr, v that hi case has it narallel well. 1 write simply to cheer the LOlo- LOlo- in a gentleman who was living ten years after he was shot. Very respectfully, Jj . L. KOBEBTS. Mr. Roberts is well known by Theodore Fgersdorf, the well-known well-known well-known wholesale drug gist of this city. Dr. McCormick also calls our attention to another similar case, with which many of our readers are familiar. Joseph Rigby, formerly of the 7th Kansas Cavalry, was J shot, in 1SG3, in nearly the identical place j where Col. Anthony wa3 wounded, the ball I making a downward movement through I tlie lungs. I Dr. McCormick attended Mr. Rigby, whose life was despaired of for some time, j His right lung bled very freely for nearly week. 1 he artery seemed to have been severed, and the pulsation in the arm was ject for many days. After two months, he became convalescent, regained the use of his arm, and has been able to pursue his accus tomed avocation, which is that of a black smith. In Mr. Rigby's case, the whirring did not seem to be as violent as with Mr, Booth or Col. Anthony. We publish these statements merely for the purpose of showing that there have J len other cases, which have been consider- consider- J i'd fatal, but where nature has asserted her I recuperative power and restored the wound- wound- i.mI men to comparative health. '

Clipped from The Leavenworth Times04 Jun 1875, FriPage 2

The Leavenworth Times (Leavenworth, Kansas)04 Jun 1875, FriPage 2
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