Thomas Martin goes after suicidal speakeasy guy

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Thomas Martin goes after suicidal speakeasy guy - During a raid on an alleged speakeasy early...
During a raid on an alleged speakeasy early yesterday morning- morning- the proprietor of the houso, rather than serve another term in the workhouse or stand the chances of serving: one, cut his throat in a bungling manner with a jack-kidf jack-kidf jack-kidf and a razor. He- He- missed bis jugular vein, and before he ccu-d ccu-d ccu-d pull the razor across his throat a th rd time be was caught by three poiieenio'-i poiieenio'-i poiieenio'-i in the hous and the in-strumer. in-strumer. in-strumer. U ken from him. He fainted from the -o-s -o-s -o-s -o-s of blood and was taken to the South Side hospital, whers his wouncs were dressed. Capt. Richards arsl LJeut. Johnston of the Bcuth Side have had so many complaints from peop'.e bothered by speakeasies that ti.ev o( klel to raid a large number of them Sunday morning. They took lii officers officers with them and commenced the w-rk w-rk w-rk by arresting Peter and Mary Grant of Vox alloy on the charge of sellinfr without without a l'eenre and on Sunda.. T3is -was -was about 5 o'cio-k o'cio-k o'cio-k Sunday morning-. morning-. morning-. After l-xking l-xking l-xking the Grants up several of the officers officers 1 roeefded to tvie bouse, owned by David Jores, a Ti elohmw, and a machinist machinist by occupation, .at 2413 Sarah street. Officer Thomas Martin called him to tiae door and read the warrant to him. The patrol wagon was then called, but in the meantime Jones walked over towards a cupboard, and, taking- taking- a jack knife from die of the shelve., drew it with considerate considerate force across his threat. It did not go deep enough, and was so doU that it out on.'y an inch cr two Into his ilesh. The officers and hia wife, who was standing near, nid not observe the first attempt. He then reached to a higher shelf and secured secured the razor he usually shaved with. With, th:. ha made a. frightful slash and succeeded in partially severing- severing- his windpipe. windpipe. He missed hii Jugular win, however, however, and as about to repeat the operation operation when his wife'u atu-ntln atu-ntln atu-ntln was oallM to bis awful work. She screamed end jjainted. was pounced upm by Officers Officers Martin, Pentecost and Kilir.d and soon relieved of th ; weapon- weapon- He grew faint from i;?s of blood before th& wagon anived. i ut recovord on renohln? the South Side hospital. There it wta discovered discovered that he had cut hi? windpipe, lut had not severed any important veins or arteries. His wound wcm dressed, hut he could rot talk, and breathe through tha h irt in his windpipe. The hospital was ts crowded to keep an ext.' a patient, and ha was rera-wed rera-wed rera-wed to the Allegheny county jail and piaeed under the rare of Jil Physician -Chessrown. -Chessrown. It is thought he will recover. Jones h:-id h:-id h:-id served a term in, the wcrk-1ouk;, wcrk-1ouk;, wcrk-1ouk;, and it is thoueht he preferred death to a repetition of the sentence. Th officers next arrested M.rtrart t Carroll of 110 South Tenth street. She is ; years of aye. At the rfIdtnce of Mary McCarthy. 2115 Sidney street, another obsta;le wai discovered. Mary had got wind of what was i,p- i,p- ard refused to allow fhe officer to enter. :he hrd barricaded all the doors and window? and etermin-.- etermin-.- etermin-.- i to resist cery efTrt to a-rrest a-rrest a-rrest hr-r. hr-r. hr-r. Capt. itlebards, l ot to W- W- outdone in manner, piac-e.d piac-e.d piac-e.d a. s;juad of officers rouid the house, with bisti-uctlons bisti-uctlons bisti-uctlons to remain there until sh was compelled to come forth for provisions. provisions. It wa. to bo a regular He?e. They were al.-o al.-o al.-o instructed lnuidentaliy to give the hoiie a shaking frequently, th'nkinsr it mitht dilodfte some or the barricades. I'icm i in the momins until 4 in the afternoon thefe officers camped ajotuid the place. FinnUy one of them, !n pojndinj? en a window, accidentally krockc 1 a stick out of place and the window window was unlocked. Two of theta tot in and cap ai red Mary. Phe is new la the station a-wcitin? a-wcitin? a-wcitin? a hetring-. hetring-. hetring-. The only house raided where thire were visitors wm that of Mis Annb Torrence. in the Irish colony known as Limeiiek. in NVest Carson street. Policeman Kichard Titers, " diiiani Carter end P. J. ICedy found three women and four men in various various stakes vf iiitoxlcaticn Thwy were all sent to the West station. Mrs. Tor-rcn.e Tor-rcn.e Tor-rcn.e is i'i years old. srd her husband, William, is now doinK time in the wcrfe-hoiieje wcrfe-hoiieje wcrfe-hoiieje for kr-pinff kr-pinff kr-pinff a siieakeasy. He was s-.nt s-.nt s-.nt up six weeks as". In u;l ihese c-aaei c-aaei c-aaei the informntior.s were mace by Inspector IMchard Kelly, who ha had men sp?cially assigned to collect evicnce ? -r -r a oupie 01 week.

Clipped from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette29 Jun 1896, MonPage 2

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)29 Jun 1896, MonPage 2
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  • Thomas Martin goes after suicidal speakeasy guy

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