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Democratic Free Press 8 Nov 1837 John Tack Van Vleck - I, a you of the this the Legislature, labor the...
I, a you of the this the Legislature, labor the acquainted detailed the of the in in ; the j j of j ; is to laziness 1 instead the the a see a the I the de cross-cut, ; the manu-1'tictured acquired the is ware-rooms. invested are to No. of that the trc totally lost. Bar-rie at is tne in the family as This any fact, diamonds mr DETROIT DAILY FREE PRESS. TUESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 7. THE VOTE OF YESTERDAY. l lie whigs made a struggle in the city yesterday. From the desperate manner in which they fought, it is evident they are determined to triumph in the city, if any means short of actual actual force will do it. But notwithstanding notwithstanding their unparalleled exertions, exertions, it is certain that the democrats democrats gave at. least half of the 9i0 votes polled yesterday. If the democrats democrats do their duly to-day, to-day, to-day, we shall carry the city by a decisive majority. P LET EVERY MAN SEE THAT HE DOES HIS DUTY TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. (TT Ilamtramck done her duty after her old fashion yesterday ; out of fifty-nine fifty-nine fifty-nine votes polled, the democrats gave fifty ! ID' The deviocrats of thai town will do baiter to-day. to-day. to-day. TO THE POTXS DE-HOCRATS, DE-HOCRATS, DE-HOCRATS, TO THE POLLS ! Yon did your duty nobly yesterday. This is the last day. A few hours will decide whether the democratic principles which you have cherished cherished and contended for for years, shall triumph, triumph, or whether you will become the victims of a purse-proud purse-proud purse-proud and vindictive aristocracy. One more effort, and the victory is ours. Nothing Nothing is wanting hut exertion to secure us the most complete triumph ever won by the democracy democracy of this city. To :!!' vollf, then, every Demo, oral -TO -TO THE POLLS. JJ The whigs bragged a great deal yesterday, yesterday, uponlhe election of Trowbridge as Governor. Governor. They dare not back up their opinion, though, by the bet of a "red cent." Mason will get 2,500 majority in the State, it the democrats will only he and do their duty as they did in the citv vestcrdav, "and no mistake. Tau. Sun1 Susquehanna. It is scarcely possible amid the various rumors and accounts which reach us to form any positive opinion ol the fate of this vessel. We give below the examination before the Mayor of Philadelphia of the pilot who first reported his belief of her capture, and which establishes circumstantially all the facts in relation to her departure. The Charleston slips received by the express mail, in announ-cin"- announ-cin"- announ-cin"- announ-cin"- the arrival there of the steam-packet. steam-packet. steam-packet. New York, which sailed hence on the afternoon of Saturday Saturday week, at 4 o'clock, gives, in a report of the captain, the following: " Sunday at 8 A.M. 12 leagues E. of Capo Henlopen, passed packet ship Susquehanna of Philadelphia for Liverpool." Now if she was pursuing her voyage, what did she do in this position ! Why had she not made more headway, having the winds we have rea son to believe she had. If she was captured, where was the suspicious looking schooner. A passenger in the French brig Avenir ar-rlwd ar-rlwd ar-rlwd here lias furnished the following : On the 21th iuslant, at .1 A. M. the French brig Avenir, in latitude 4U'J Win., longitude 00 15m. Greenwich, spoke a schooner, which appeared appeared to be a suspicious vessel. She was full of men; painted black, carried two topsails; sailed verv fast. The wind was about, cast. She was then close hauled on r; wind starboard lack. When the captain of the brig asked her where she was from, and where she was bound, she said from New York, bound to Boston, in ballast. We regret to add, that private accounts from Philadelphia, coming from the best sources in that city, express the strongest apprehensions that the Susquehanna has fallen a prey to a pirate pirate Mitchell, who it is supposed is in command of the pirate vessel, is a most notorious rascal, has been tried for piracy at New Orleans, and escaped only through some technical informality informality in the proceedings. Mr. Saul, late cashier of the Branch Bank at New Orleans, was on the jury that tried him, and is a passenger on board the Susquehanna. But worse still, there is stron" reason to believe t hat among the steerage steerage passengers were confederates of the pirate, ifthis be so, it would clear up some circumstances circumstances which have led many hitherto to doubt the story of the capture. Cow, and Enq. Federalists. The democrats of Philadelphia Philadelphia are right. It is right that a party which has altered" assumed, and disgraced every name, simple and compound, to be found in the vocabulary vocabulary of the language, or which their ingenuity could'invcnt, should be made to hold fast to the one they at first proudly and arrogantly appropriated appropriated to themselves. It was a prediction of Jefferson that the enemies of democracy would deal extensively in the alias business. After the downfall of "the elder Adams, his sagacious and far-seeing far-seeing far-seeing successor declared, that the federalists federalists bv that name, were gone forever, and mat for the future, rallying the elements of corruption, corruption, they would endeavor lo gain power by entering the held under new names, and tinder different disguises. The prophecy has been fulfilled to the letter. It is time that a stop was put to further abuse of language by the federalists. federalists. Let them hereafter bo known by their original title let them wear their legitimate appellation. The democrats of Philadelphia have taken the lead and passed the following resolution resolution : Resolved, That we recommend to all editors, their correspondents, and citizens throughout the Union, who rally undertho banner of Jefferson Jefferson and Jackson democracy, to give to the enemies enemies of freedom and liberty of conscience, the name which they proudly assumed during the dynasty of the elder Adams, known to the republican republican world as the reign of terror, viz : Federalist. Federalist. Troy Budget. Beaijtilul Passage. Life bears us on the current of a mighty river. Our boat at first glides down the narrow channel, through the little brooks and grassy borders. The trees shed their young blossoms over our young head, the flowers on" the brink seem to woo our young hands: we are happy in hope; and we grasp eagerly eagerly at the beauties around us on both sides, and still our hands are empty. Our course in manhood is along a wider and den;;er flood, and amid objects more striking and magnificent. We are animated by the movinf picture of enjoyment and industry which passes before us, we are excited Dy some snori-iived snori-iived snori-iived disappointment. But our energy and dependence dependence are both in vain. The stream hears us on : our griefs and joys are alike left behind us, we may be shipwrecked, l,nt wn cannot be delayed ; whether rough or .Smooth, the river hastens towards its home, till the roariii"ol the ocean is in uur e. aim mc tossing of Its waves beneath our keels, and the i..r,,i0 won from our eves, and the floods are lifted up around us, and the earth looses sight of us, and we take our last leave of earth and its inhabitants, and of our future voyage there is no witness but the Infinite and Eternal. Bishop Ilebcr. It is with unfeigned regret that we have this week to record the death of Cyren Burdick, one of our most valuable and useful citizens. He bad left this village, a few days ago, on a journey journey to the mouth of the Kalamazoo, but, feeling unwell on the passage, was obliged to stop at Ofego, where, on the evening of the 26th inst., after a very short illness, he expired. As a citizen, Mr. B. was highly Jnd deservedly respected, respected, and as a parent and husband,, was tenderly tenderly beloved by his family. Mr. Burdick was one of the candidates for member of Assembly for this county, and his loss will be deeply felt and regretted by a-large a-large a-large circle of friends Kalamazoo Gazette. A DEFINITIVE 'ANSWER. " Marr-ago Marr-ago Marr-ago "' qaolhkate Vjt-aefine Vjt-aefine Vjt-aefine it if yon can sir;"-;. sir;"-;. sir;"-;. From tlicTecinnseh Democrat. MOST INFAMOUS. The whig papers in this State are circulating a story that a box of specie was sent from Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, to this State, for the purpose of serving serving as capital to commence banks under the General Banking Law; and that tills box of specie has already established Oiree institutions, and is destined to form the basis of many more. Now do these whigs know, that in giving currency currency to this story, they accuse the officers of these institutious of perjury'! Before a bank can go into operation under our General Banking Banking Law, the officers are required to make oath that there is such an amount of specie actually paid in, and their issues are to be governed by the amount of specie actually remaining in the vaults. A statement of the affairs of the institution, institution, is made as often as once in three months, to the Bank Commissioner, and sworn to by its officers. The officers of these institutions, as far as we are acquainted, are men of wealth and character, and these whig editors dare not come out and make the charge directly against any one of these, which they do in general terms against! lie whole. How dospicaple is the character character of the man who would wantonly sacrifice the character of his fellow citizens, and the interest interest cf the whole community, fo: electioneering effect '. We are all interested in the character of our banks, that now furnish the circulating medium for the transaction of our daily business; and by detracting from their character, and depreciating depreciating the value of their notes, you pilfer from all classes of citizens. We now call upon these whig editors to substantiate their charges, or stand convicted of the most wicked slander. The officers of three of the new banks in Michigan Michigan are perjured villains, or you arc infamous libellers. Consistency. Consistency is a jewel of great worth, and will ever be held sacred by mankind, however erroneous may be their views. We always admire to see a thing consistent with itself, even if it be inconsistent with every thing else. But is this the case with the federalists federalists 1 When Gen. Jackson was in the Presidential Presidential chair, the federalists were continually calling him an "ignoramus," "not able to write his own messages," Van Buren was at the helm, he did all the writing, Jackson could not write, &.c. But now, lo and behold, Jackson has become a man and Van Buren a child! The federalists now say that General Jackson wrote the message of Mr. Van Buren, and that Mr. V. B. is not capable of writing a message ! If being elected to the office of President of the UniterfStates so completely prostrates the faculties faculties of the mind, we should be at a loss to guess how much some of the federal editors of this state would know if they should chance to get to be President. It would take half a dozen servants to keep them from falling into the fire. And to the federal editors we would say, do bo consistent, no longer tell ono he to make another acceptable to the vitiated tastes of your readers. If they can live upon nothing but corruption, let it not be corruption corrupted. corrupted. For heaven's sake be consistent. Dov. Gaz. "H" 1ST 01' LETTERS, Remaining in the I'ost (X-Bi (X-Bi (X-Bi ficc at Detroit, October 1, KH37. A Atwnod Cnpl Sylvester Amlersmi Mrs Ackerley Wm A nderMHi IJaviii Allee Snmik-I Snmik-I Snmik-I Vork Andrews Simeon Allen O S Ard .lohn Aekerrnan Conrad A Mini; 3 Attains Abial Adam Thomas Atlarc Charles Allen O 11 Askin Charles Adams Win 2 Adanid Saplironia Jim Abtaiii Nicholas Aldrrman U Alingy Julia Allen 8 R At Thomas S AllciutS S Arnold IS L B Itrahi'inan I lllacku ell E R Urnce A ilriani Jahez Uraiiuii Isabella Mrs llrool'.s N W Urmen Mr ItroWii J J llrirt Vin Crown V IC Ula Philip I'.raiiliain Jacob Jtrovi-n Jtrovi-n Jtrovi-n Hubert lilackwell K It 'J llruivn N J l!hi!ul John llro'.vn .M It Ilrown Sanmel I'.rady Marfiaret Urock David Itroejrlg Conio flrower Thomas Ilrown Jacob lllancharil (lerrgc II Itrown (lideon Ilrown Win Itioox Nathan Ilrown .M K Itehlilif.' Iliram Ilcciier Jacob A llrarnard John Itartlers Alexander II Bailey Ceorfie Itairnell V Jane Uird Hainuel Harlow Nelson lleeson Jacob '.i Humum L B llabcock Geo 11 llailoy W U Barber Wilson BarseW II Barker Mr Clerkcn John Champ N Chasc J M Clark John Clement Sami Chapman Porter S 2 Cramer J L Crary L I' Chambers John Claney Rodrick Cranston John Clark W VV Clark Alexander Crchan Marlin Chinnan J .M Clark Cornelius Clark Geo Chipman Ceo Clark .1 P Crapo II Crawford Chut Champ Wm Chase Mr. Cranmcr Henry Clill'onl John Chambers Thns Chappolow K Clark W CrjLske Wm 2 Crawrord Ohls Chambers Theo Clark Patrick Crchan Martin Crawford Chls Chambers Win Chipman C W Clark a Claney Miss Cclla Campbell Kivina Cahoon & McCaninion Cain Edward Calioon Mr Bayle James Baibcr Charles Bailey I Barton Mrs Bartreiu James Halmain James Bairt-tt Bairt-tt Bairt-tt He Beau Barton Judge Baird Abijah Balmain James Hartley ri II Burnuin Thomas Bailey VV P Backer G Bates Philander lteaubieu Paul Beardsley James M Bennett C S Bennett Joseph Benedict Noah Bennett T Bergen Patrick Bclenger Anthony Bet-be Bet-be Bet-be Prenlis Ifeiev Walter II llfct O Be..pham Mr Nil Horn Mr Bolton T II Boiibau II Bond John Burk William 2 Bull k Beard Iturtis J Burbank John liurchard Mortimer N Butler I! Brink David Bates Wm Butler Abratn liunicl! Win Burbank John c Carland Michael Carpenter Mrs Mary Ann Carter Asnhel Catlaglmn John Carpenter C W Carr M Culez Tims Cahoon B P Carwole Mrs Canada Mrs Hauah Cox John P Cooper Geo Couer Mr 2 Cost John H Coiupton N L Cooke Caroline Conrov E Colo W F Cogswell Nancy Collins Stcph Cook Wm V D Cogillianl Thos Colyenhum Jainos C Conelby Patrick Colerich Edward Cozligan Lawrence Coalman Wm Collier 11 P Colson A Cox Mrs Collins Slliuel 2 Core John U Cooley Jonas Cole D I) Coates Henry Culver John I. Curtis Emily Cnmptnn E B Curtis Olive or Albert Main Cummings Olander D Davis Capt D Davey Miss Esther Daniels Widow Dayton G Dcgundrc Mrs Dickie Win Diinick A G Unlock Joseph Dunneback John Duuelly Peter Dogenbury S Duge A bruham Duirjohn Duncan James llullerv Maurice Dyle Michael E Edwards Robert Everts Win O Ed'.'ry ratrick Evens Iter Wm Emerson Wm Eager MaLmm F Fell Jesse W Fitct) Edmund Eiizhugh Dnct I) K Finlej- Finlej- Win Jr 3 Filch Eraslus Filch Samuel 8 Foster Clmiou Ford Ebencxcr Foster Wm Fox Cant 8 Foster J Fursyth Wm FuMerloiL A H Ful urn Robert furguscn Lydia G Gugrutte Jacob Galiwie Alcir Gilbert Wm Gcrimphty Jnhtr Goodaic II J Gordon Mes'r B Gouldiiig Thomas Outers A ncelio Gouin Nicholas Gunning John II HcDryPR Henry W Hill Stephen HHtnn Alexr Hill Benjamin HfllDrEli Hickcox D 3 Hil! ThomaB Hickcy Wm Hill Lather B Hillmsn Henry DmijAissIlTaco Dow Amos 2 Diyer C W Doyle Eliza Dencer James 2 Darby John Dow M V 2 Doles Wm Donavim Patrick Downer J G Dolsen S llancllctt Drake DrC 1J Davis Wm S Daly James Daniels James Davis Capt J J Ellsworth Orlando Earles Eliza 2 Ellis John Ellis Edward D Eiinn Thus 2 Er'skine Miss Mary Flctchnr Cnpt J D Fletcher Win A Freeman S J Flinn Thonms Fletcher George A Fresard Francis Joseph Flanagan Edward I-'rnner I-'rnner I-'rnner Alexander I'aies TimoUiy Fairliurn Robert Ferguson Andrew-Fen Andrew-Fen Andrew-Fen ton J B Fell J M Ferry Will M Fereen George Gray Hugh Glass Hugh Gudley Wm Grogan Mr Griswold Mrs Lucy 2 Griffiths Misses Granger Barlow Gouir Janice Groshong Andrew (Jrdisel Nicholas HaifjlitEK 2 Uaiuner Henry Hall Asa ltarwood Luke Haines Robf. - . Hnnnah Mervln.c Hoys John G Hall Snrniiel C Hedams Wm Henight Silas Uayward Nelson Hard Harry jiw monies HnlliUlrhima HoytLS 2 Horvdon Henry Holmen Chas 1 Holt Benjamin Hull" Jacob Hodscn John H nowell Lereuxr Halcomb H Horreil Peter Howe Mr Win Holder C B Horien Horace F Howtand Nathan Hoffman Michael Holmes Charles Howe Miss Mary Hunter Richard Hulben Mrs P B Hubbard Henry Hunt Lowel S nunt, Clark & Co Hard Tyms Hunt Tuo J Hani Mr Hubbard Buakley Irwin Henry Irdoll John Ireland John K Irving William J Jen kin a John Johnston Samuel JuM'Thubotd JefTery Wm Jerome II R Johnston R S JonM Thomas James George Jones John Judd Joseph K Kencday Patrick Keneday Keneduy Kcaddy John Ke! bourn C 9 KuochnlTer John Kinsman & Durfoo Kings well Mrs Kingsbury D B Keeman Michael Kenrv L Kelley H Jackson D C Jackson Wm Jackson T Jackson John Jackson Jane Jackson Charles Japendin J Jandon A H Jandon & Deacon Jewell C T Knapp G D Knaup Samuel D Klein Jacob Knoll Apopolonla Kuapp Isaac Knapp Ellen Kcanw Edward Kellar N Kennedy Kearn M Kevtlle Jamen Kelley Patrick Lawson Mr Logan Anthony Lnmphor Lucy Aun Lake Alcxandor Lappln Thoa Lashue Chla LapierreJ B Landman Mr Lnk T Lake Alexander Lnnmnu J H Lane James Luddcn N T Levaku H Lee W McCormick H McLauHi liobt McClaskey James McMakey John McKeeJohn 3 McDougal Geo 2 JIcKibben Mr Mcintvre David McWhertor If iMcXaughton Thoif McLane J 1h.Tf;rai"V Joseph McMillen John i! McEHienney Jamwi McGnive Pairics Mmo:i J S McKosifcey A MeCranlev J W McCuilncii W d McGenis Haul McWilliania Mch'wuii John Mc.Vcauyhion F McCurmic June McKeel'er H McKeetiey Patrick McCmckiMt J timed .Mc El pin Mr McGrnw V McEwin (; F McKce K G McColiw D McCHlenG 2 McFarlane Alexd Mnlvin Augustus Martin Alexd Manger Aim Maguur Elizabeth Marsh Owen Maulcv Benjamin Magec'Mr Maranhe &illy Mckev Peter Marsh II Mason Mary Martin Julin Matz F rancid MaibcrL Mariiey Andrew Marsuc R Marlin Wm Mauley II Matin F Mavuti Win Madison Asa Maclue Miss B Xortrie Louirt Nurihnp Misa Harriet Xorturi Hiram Xich.UmA A Norton Samuel 3 Owen Mbs Sarah Oa'.man O Owen Miss Sally Odell Uaninl ii Proctor Amos 2 Plait li X Plum! v Alonio Phiilil'sJoel 3 ParieSnmit'!! Paxton Thomaa Paitrick A Parren Mr Parker Amnsa 3 Pass Mrs A a Patterson W Pickard Paul Payne & Wilson Perkins Paul Pei kiiiF Allen Peglcr John Lane L Levake W 3 8 Leave T Llnch I A Lee James Leddez John Livennore Dnn'I Leonard Wallace Lenaw Lucv LiUle W L Lockwood D S 2 IiOva Jamw Lyon Wm C Lyons Elizabeth M Martin John C Mason Mr Maguire Charlotte MarHelius Antolne Marine G D Mattering J M Merrill Irene Miller Albert 3 Miller E McKee John MilierdJ S Michael Daniel Melaval M .Miller Morris Merriman Edward Mills Henry Miller E Michael A Merrinlni: J Mitchell DanW Merrill J L Mellard Jessec Miller Henry Milligau J MWnun James Miller Monsieur Mills G L Miller W W Menock Mary Murrey R II Moreau ChU Mosley W F Moore Lucena Morrison 3 A Mullaue Dl-iiLi Dl-iiLi Dl-iiLi Morris It Morgan H P Murray ftobt Milligun Thos Mo ran Chls Morau Thadtius Munech J Mores SUitinan Muhord M Muii3on A Maria Mniison Jodt-uh Jodt-uh Jodt-uh Morrison John Munsou Isaac Mores T G Morrison R M Moore Ceo Murry Augustus Mudgett Wm Morris P Morrison R M N Moulain J H Nichols Robert 2 Xiiles David Newberry Alvan Newcomh J M 2 o O'Connor John O'Reilley Martha O'Reilley Alexander P Perry Wm T Pick Chas Peterson David Pat Rev Stephen Praurcneal Miss Lucy I'inkcomhe John Pitkin Win Pickett Samuel B Porter Samuel Potter Joseph B 3 Powers Moses Potter Wm Post Cornelius PnttE Morgan L 8 Purple George R Richie D S Revard Antonio Richardson Di ad ami a Rogem Avery Koby Joseph Rose Edmund Robbing Vincent Roberts R R Roberts E J Roberts Mr Ruby Mary Ra'ment Ebencr-er Ebencr-er Ebencr-er Rosevelt John Robinson Elisha Rudd Charlei Rndd Harrison Uu lurid Israel R Rusan Simon s Smyley John Smith Charles Smith Wm B Smith Robert D Smith Satiford Smith Jr W Sullivan Scnorene Summers James Strong Patt SLorma Mr 2 Stringer James Stokes Capt Starkweather John Stimpson Edwin Stephenson Henry Starker L F Stead Wm Sterns Wm Stocking Isaac T 2 Stnpletim Michael fctow C M 2 Strong Reunsalucr Stanton D It Storms F II Sianard J F Storms Henry Stanard B A Stewart Philander Siedman Messrs Storms A Stephen Andrew Stockton Daniel T Thompson Abel Thompson J Thompson J A Tegan Jonathan TctRJenehct M Tucker Lowell W TilMte R M TiclTH Titus T 2 Tibbiia Geo F TillosonM N Towusend Robert M Tooker Susan Tmvny Wm Towley Thomas TuttJe Almcrin T utile Harriet TuttleT Tyerman Joseph u .anny Mire A P Ifiwiifics Henry Knvwood Win nnkm Esther Itutford Robert julienback h t t J. 11 nrs Kennels James S Remington b W Retiig Adam Reed ThomaB Reed Benjamin Ition Henry Richardson Nicholas Ring Timothy It i line John Richardson Wm Rtisan Simon Sherman Harrcy Pcribncr U C Skinner D H Swinton Wm 3 Hparks John Sharp Richard Sherulan James Schank Peter P. Scorgin Wm Swett Joseph A Spencer J B Shau Wm Senium George Schloss Thmson Scanlon Mary Sanilers'-n Sanilers'-n Sanilers'-n F M Saxton U V Sanderson HT Saver Valalinc Saer Win F Sanlbrd L W Seek James Seyl'ord Adam Smith Jacob Smith Frederick Smith S It Smith James P Smith Matthew Smith Henry 3 Smith Jesse Smith Wm Sowerby Wm Smith Francis Taylor James 'i'arkiiu John Talbot TT Taylor Oliver Taylor Samuel TavlorLT Taylor fieo T Thrall Martin Thomas lank Thebind Joseph Thomas; J Trilley Michael Thayer N P 2 Thompson Ed E Thomson P D Thayer Nahum Trowbridge Eli as Thompson Leonard Thayer N P L'peon Lomon Vaugh J XV Van Duwcrtcr John Van Vleck Andrew Van Vleck J T G Van Shack John 3 Williams Alfred Milan! Levi 2 Warner & Williams Withell Ruben Wooden EH Wilkins Saml WilliamH M Williams Lucy Wing W P Willard L Withiugton William Wilson James Wilton It Wood A WoodL 2 Wood Mary WooileyS IT Worden E P Wylyi-s Wylyi-s Wylyi-s W Wegent David Warner Edward Walker Orange WntkinB Chls Walker Orrangfl WalbhdgcHeman Walten G Watson Walter Wain William Warren Lafayette V Vannathan Ann Eliza Vcazic Capt John Vcssey G Vorus James w Wallace Black Warner M Wnckcrnian Francois Walker Ell E Warner A S Warner Henry Walking John Wardwtll W C Watson James Warren Saml Wheeler Daniel B Whclphtey Thos Whitney M Whipple H O Whiteman W While Thoa Wheeler Ruben White Doct Wrlglil James White Asahcl Wright Saml L S White John. Weeks James W WenilellJH Webster Saml D 3 Wybura Oliver Willis Henry Williams W WiUard Lett Y v.; Young CM YouikHH :YouBM.Tho Young cauianno SHELDON M'KNISHT, P.;M Harvey John 2 narhnittc John Hammond Stephen Husgenv Hugh Harris N S Hughes Edward flninmoiu B H Huinmit Cnpt Haines John Hah John Harmon CL 2 Harwtmd B W Hall Ambrose Hackley A B Harrington II O Hall Harvey Hawkina Mrs II Hadlev H G Hariatly Peter Henderson John Henry S F H'mnin Andrew Hcvvard Hugh Hi:muin A f Htifpjrou John Herrlngtou MUj C LAWS AN Be Ameri-ica'in the made section hundred hereby Provided, said until AN Be America in of the cause the but issued, of any in the said the and Treasury from from and shall notes several advice in no centum herein of the notes include interest and United said shall by the tlie officers other, separate, Jate, fi'o-ncd fi'o-ncd which and and, the as the and quarterly for signature and authorized, of such exceed than each with United portion may by other notes with Unite4 not think . aid delivery person face said of all the said States, be Treasury on for which, on person such collector, public according certificates Treasury public any on which payment paid. which in same reimbursed this same, should said purchases of the be appropriated, said not paid appropriated, incident any counterfeit, forged in note treasury cause willingly treasury utter publish note, aforesaid, falsely such of course and tliree' fined dollars. any in his which been cause

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