Sheriff Hunter - stopping a lynching

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Sheriff Hunter - stopping a lynching - "ow Protect a State' Honor. .' c......
"ow Protect a State' Honor. .' c... t all ta..v., . . 'S,H' "unter, of Lancaster, knows Ii. t fJ t t" ,! ', such opportunity to become acquaint-- acquaint-- ed with the psychology of those who Is I compose lynching mobs: few know I . . - I 80 we" law officer should do. In other words, the sheriff of Lan- Lan- caster has a pretty accurate line on 1, ,..., c ...u... u. ... iD ) re. 1 i: l 1 . iiii iiif.nui ra ur pi CVI'IIUIIK I vn midIitM ir ha. i k.. T,;- T,;- Its lynchmjrs, should ha . I hn .;.! k,. r " - ' ,.,; Asked 'if a law couW be enacted I that would ston lynching in South Carolina Sheriff Hunter replied: I M. .. .!!.. WM 1L. I , 1 I y u me icgisiaiure 't ; .', . ,4 I st m l . i u 'U.",KV" uwu.y " reu"c in". lou"lir rc-i rc-i pay me lanuiy 01 every oiucer siu.uuu I 1.1 1 . t i . . I 1 w " , "m ' ie in mo proieciioni 01 ms P,,0"-r P,,0"-r P,,0"-r woum not have I1?. '"0,' 'i''hings in bouth Caro- Caro- j?... ...... . -.. -.. . nuic vnub suunu reasoning; I sheriff having prisoners in charge, I would fiffht fr the law when by sol construe-1 construe-1 .g ,e ,wou'd bLfiel!t1in8r for h'8 I . . -"' -"' nen vne guarnniy of $10,000 for tho family of a sheriff killed in tho performance of duty I I, I lin. .ln..KI ir. il- il- ..,,. 1.1 I w . v. uvume cutn, nuu.u i give the brave but tamily-loving tamily-loving tamily-loving ofli- ofli- Amer- cer . moraI independence, while - it of would hr.ow la nper upon the of J moDS- moDS- Wobs that. murder may not be lsl , l... i. I . ou uujjupuiar, uuv moos mat cose i taxpayers ?10,000 would bo apt I to have some citizens come forward! I to testify against their members. I Then the sheriff has friends in the lv n connty. , - But the sheriff raised the curtain i ana exposed the lynching mob in . ji-nm ji-nm ji-nm a tearless omeer nr ninepra miin me aiscnarge oi tneir duties. Gotland once in a hundred times will the to .mob fF cwn onc. Sn if its mem- mem- bprs be,ieve tllerc ia a reaI man be- be- hind that-min.- that-min.- that-min.- that-min.- . H J? I . . . - . . ... I Anrl .f thp fihpvlF on, I ripnntioa I I tne HciK6Cin6ss of its cowfirciicc when I ' I i . . ,. . , . . I . I no said: -it -it will ho fl hnrii mnt.tnr I -to get a ea(ler for a lynchinlr Tnob . h hp knows hp hn tn fap rfpnth I .,, . .'I. i .. : 1 1 i n. '.. i , i i r . . mm juuur win lose tneir joos u tneiiui ob takes their, prisoner, it would be hopeless for their friends in the nlo)) to attompt to diekcr with them I A I 1 .l-f .l-f .l-f nr iill.,.. iui biukhik a aimiii uci.L'iit;. tv e wuuiu i hear no more that old ' overpowered" I cr A rr J I era I r."" Of course the provisions suggest-I suggest-I suggest-I ed by sheriff Hunter would not give protection to persons Deiore tne iawiiifii ouicers nave tnem in; custody, out l"--iic, opportunity for mob action against buui peinuiis wuuiu ue - exceemngiy limited if the law officers proceeded 1 s"lt against them as promptly as the I lynchers. . mat A law, as recommended by Mr. nunter, would be diiterent irom most laws in that, it would have definite and good results.

Clipped from The Gaffney Ledger05 Feb 1927, SatPage 4

The Gaffney Ledger (Gaffney, South Carolina)05 Feb 1927, SatPage 4
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  • Sheriff Hunter - stopping a lynching

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