M. G. Lee Wins Case

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M. G. Lee Wins Case - occasionally a apt mind a presides. in whose...
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"I would like to hear from the) plaintiff'*, plaintiff'*, answered the court. Mr. Chamberlain of counsel for the plaintiff stated that he believed that they had made out a case. ; "i- do not think that you 'have a single single particle of evidence to show mental unsoundness" replied the court. · With thar-he said to the attorneys for the defense: "Prepare your instruction to -the jury gentlemen/' This Morning's Testimony. The Lee case came up and tLe cross examination of Clinton R. Lee was continued continued by Mr.'McGuirk. The trend of the examination by Mr. McGuirk seem- sd to ·'be- to try to establish the fact that though M. G. Lee was a member of the "Brethern m Christ" he was on intimate relations with nis son c.nd others after lie had belonged to the sect. The defense offered ia testimony, the information sworn out toy the witness witness upon which the proceedings as to the mental -condition of the defendant defendant were -based, for the purpose of showing that -there was malice. Mr. Lischer objected to the.introduc- tion, of the information on the ground of immateriality. The court sustained the objection stating that the law provided provided for such proceedings; that it could not be used to show -malice and Uhat it would rather go to show the opposite. opposite. Mr. McGuirk then atiempied to draw out the fact that the defendant had made most of his money since he nad been married to his present wife and ha-d become a member of the sect Witness testified that his father had been comparatively poor until about 1870, at \v-hich time he, the witness, was -old enough to assist in the busi- changed materially. , " . ' ; Ralph E. Lindsay was the next witness.;. He stated :ia the 'fall ;of , secretary of , the republican central committee;,:that toe.had found Mr. Lee was not registered and in capacity] of secretary he had called upon Mr. Lee asking'him i f ' h e register. To this Mr. Lee replied he would not;-us he 'believed that "Lord chose the-rRulers:" . : Mrs. Lamb Testifies- '· Mrs. Ermina C. Lamto/second daughter of ,the-defendant was next placed .upon-the stand. ; She testified to .effect'that she was a resident of-Tren-' ton, N;.J. She stated fiat'her father had :been. peculiar; abouf'liis religious beliefs; that he was originally a Baptist; that "he 'became a Campelite; that he afterwards," in about 1877,' became a Christiadelphian. She also testified that he -would'talk to her mother by the 'hour -on. religious subjects.-until subjects.-until she "\vas sick and tired of the -subject; -that he would neglect 1 business, such, as it was, ; to talk religion religion to her and that she was eventually to -hecorae a -member of sect to which, he would, belong.. Medical Experts.- At the conclusion of the testimony of Mrs. Lamb, the state commenced the Introduction of : medical expert testimony. testimony. Among the physicians who were placed upon the stand were J. H. Kulp.-Dr. W. L. Allen. Dr. Lindley, Dr. A. L. Hagyboeck. At conclusion of Dr. Hageboeck's testimony testimony the attorneys for the plaintiff announced that it rested Its case. A recess was then taken and this recess attorneys for the defence presented a motion that the jury be instructed to return a verdict for the defendant. Without argument the court sustained sustained the motion. · GAL HORSE PRICES ARE DECLINING WITH APPROACH OF WIN! ER. Good Horses of all Kinds Have Been in Demand all Summer--Prices at Present Much H i g h e r this Time Last Year. Mules Scarce and Command Fancy Prices. Prices. "With the near approach of winter horses are -becoming much cheaper price'' said a local horse dealer today. So far there has been a falling oft" ten per cent from the summer's prevailing prevailing prices and this will be ineroas ed to 2fi per cent w i t h i n another · i £ ,i . , * _ _ _ ^^M fcjx*a^-» · r \j * v*- -* * * X* T ¥ A t o » a * » * ^ » -- -- ' *· *- ^ - ^ * ness: that from that time on he Hail mOTth _ This decrease iu prlco is a i. been prosperous, and that witness s j wavs to be expected in the fall of the mother has been unimportant factor ^ w h p n m a n v le w|sh to , in mother has been unimportant factor and had greatly assisted the datead- ant: r . . ^ It was shown by tne witness lhat ho when many people wish to rather than to keep thcir hnrses through the winter when feed is high , . . ., . . _ . . and the inclement weather prevents haul paid his l)oanl since lie was a using them for pleasure. very small b : oy; that he worked for a Prevailing Prices very small salary (luring the first sev- 7T ., . . . ,, oral years after he commenced work "Horses are much Higher now than for him ami that the success of the they wer .^ this time last year All business was clue mainly to witnesses' i aiimi " err lh cro has been a steady cTc- work -and .business foresigln. "- mand f r o m Lhe shippers for gootl He stated that at the time lie traveled for size draft horses. These were mostly shipped to Chicago and from there his father he received a salary of $2 ^ f ] -r , i ^»^«su «^u ' -- --;n --;n ,i., v ««,i TM* * vn * n «~ P " distributed to various parts of the a day and his expenses. Mr. McG-uirk asked the witness if it was not a f^-ct tihat witness was not on speaking terms with his father and if he had spoken with 'his father since the trial ''began. - Witness stated that he hold -his father in the -highest regard regard ami Tihat if lie had not spoken to bis father since the trial began it was- "because 'he had not been given the opportunity. other couu- so far as Mr. McGuirk--"He will .be hero all day/Mr. day/Mr. Clinton Lee--"Thank you." "And with nil your professed love for your father you swore out this information information against your -father?" said Mr. McGuirk, "Yes Sir", was the prompt replj*. "That's all." said the attorney. "Will you state Why you swore out that information? said Mr. Lischer on re-direct examination. world, many of them going, to Eng- Jand and South Africa. The above 'class of horses in srood sound condi- 'tion bring from 5100 to $125. Good drivers sell for $7o to $125 and in some cases for extra fine they command as high as $200 to $300. Mules Scarce. It is almost impossible to buy a good span of mules and the local market when such can be fouud^ they bring in the neighborhood of $300. Small horses and ponies are ever a drug on the market and may bo cer- bought anywhere from $20 to $30. although although thoroughbred ponies of the Shetland variety often sell for $75 to ?150. Disappearance of Pinkeye. Pinkeye among horses which was so prevalent a short while ago has "I beliovcd that 'he was being in- almost entirely disappeared from this ftuenced by this sect; that his mental [section. It was not of such a of their condition was such that the sect nant form here ^ in other parts of colors. would get his money and property away from him. Witness further testified testified that since his father's marriage with 'his second wife she had frequently " Alicia neglected his business on account of William the sect; that he bad made frequent of visits to Harry and to Minnesota and in the Su- that -ho had gone away and locked up the country. So far as known there a were but several cases of it which Arthur P. his place of business. tell how Mr. Lischer asked if the defendant !it entirely disappears. $100,-1 had ever spoken of his intentions to-! h ' orses become " - ^ - - - proved fatal. H; A. St. Onge and company lost a valuable horse from this disease. Symptoms of Disease. This disease is epidemic and when once it enters a stable, as a rule all the horses in it become victims before At first tho and won't wards his children in property matters oat after which their e r ° s and linibs S p i r i t u a l - h e had. "He told me that it was his ind to this the witness replied that !sweil - The disease generally lasts for ten or clays and while afflict- have intention to leave the bulk of his pro- ^ . the 1 J.p rses ^ e j mfit for work - T1 ? e Danforth " " TT«.-^,I o^_ - m . , A _ ,, perty to -his children, adding '\ thou- ;"U ni tecl -States Express company m san-d dollars is e n o u h to ive a w-!' this city a short ti:nie a »° had a11 »«"« u-oimrs is enoug-n to give a wo-! - o.^n. -n-mc u.»~ ««· ^i was man for living with me a few years' " ! their ' norses iaid W Y ith the malad y concluded the witness. abund- Gim-ble to the stand.. The testimony proved something of a sur- --* ^.^ . , . . * « * . . , . . A m jj. tc it 'it:vY t;ui s - i , - ,, , ', ,., , - nclndcd the witness an * na * to have substitutes sent from At the conclusion of the testimony t h e Chi cago branch as they were un- Mr. Lee, plaintiffs called Josenh ! able fco secure reliable horses here w af-IPnso. He testified that in the latter Part of October i n - t h e first part of No- oldest vem'bor in the year 1S77 or 1S7S. M. G. Lee had ordered a carriage to his that were adapted for the work required required of them. r gave e; that home between 4 or 5-o'clock in the ·morning: that Mrs. Lee, the first wife was-placed in a car- Mrs. La t i*iage; that she was accompanied by a witness; that he was instructed to drive to the river; that rest when he arrived there Mrs. Lee was that taken into the water -cold as it was, to "P to her w-aist: .that the stranger who tells ! a s dressed in a-rubber suit, waded proper-M wit ' h 'her and dipped -her head be- says:: neath the water, -making some re"He said marks as he did so. . She was then Placed into the carriage, wrapped in- frau- to a blanket -and taken -home. .The plaintiffs are seeking to show- bo that the defendant has-.been mentally subjects for a number years past; that he changed his re- faith three times before he be- fo of- faith three times before he became became a member of- the sect and that- it was at the lime of one of the changes changes that he was instrumental in having his first wife baptised. . , The next witness· was. M; J. Brown f o r - m a n y years a, resident.of Davenport Davenport but now of Waterloo. la., where his -daughter resided: . H i s testimony be^thaTweWTivS was to tho effect-that'-he-had known ' e ay I x v e Mr. Leo for 29 years;-'that Oie had- seen Minister Scores McKinley. Des Moines, Sept. 39.--Dr. E. L. Eaton preached his farewell sermon at the First Methodist church Sunday and .forcibly condemned America's colonial policy. "Ninety years ago" he said "two men went in the name of Jesus to the Sandwich islands and planted the kingdom of heaven there . In less than one century the whole group of islands, civilized and Christenizecl drop like a ripe apple into our laps; that'is-the Christ me* thocl, -and if we had faith ··in Christ would want to try that method upon our ocean islands, instead of sending a thousand saloon keepers to debauch a thousand sharks to rob. and sixty thousand soldier to kill. We .may to justify it all we will, but the method is pagan, and not Christian. Christ might have -chosen to conauer this world-by this method, rather than one which has already covered two thousand years of effort, human and divine and which lias been marked at every step with alternating failure and success. But he chose the way that pleased'God. May we learn this day to choose -the way that -pleases God, and be willing to die, if need a a T .. i i into f * · · ^^ - J T Xj V*f A t*f * ^ *- · ** M Ci 1 1 him about two years ago and had ifmnv his 'appearance and con- duct that his mental condition had Signature Df The Kind You Hate Always Bouehi _____^^^_.___^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *^^ to was

Clipped from The Davenport Weekly Leader21 Sep 1900, FriPage 6

The Davenport Weekly Leader (Davenport, Iowa)21 Sep 1900, FriPage 6
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