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Leonard Hartman - 8 LOCAL AFFAIRS. ' Fioiu Pally Pott of...
8 LOCAL AFFAIRS. ' Fioiu Pally Pott of Wednesday. ; -S.MBIIS" AKISOI.U. j - -. .. - , 1 How He Obfjul " Krtirt j nf the Mayor-He l.cve tlie j Cily. Beliirnn After B Itrier Ah- I nenee He Keiiei flililiet With j thn I'.ili.r I lie l'itl nnil Hie Knife I f HO ottirer Shiil. ami Vii.nl r Mrnrk Willi Brick Two Trouble-Koine rellow I'nt Awity. The individual whoso name heads this article is SO well known by reputation in this community, anil his lawless deeds have h -en so freeii.ently and so recently recorded in the daily prints, that it is nut necessary to do more at this time than briefly sketch hid recent movements before entering upon a detailed account of hi very latest achievements, which on yesterday morning so nearly culminated in the atrocious murder of two or more persons. Arnold, it is known, was not many day aaoensnped in a numlier of dilticnlties in this cut and Allegheny, which resulted in Lis arrest and arraignment Icfore Mayor Brush. Here lie luanae.l to tree lr,mse!t' f rom legal ent.itic;!eiiieiits, upon m iking a promise to His Honor that he would i-avu t'n city within a (specified time. lu accordance with tins promise, Arnold r" moved to '.! City, where he soon niHilc the. acipiaintani'e of the author-Hies, lie was pun'shed up there, anil re-turne I to 1'ittsbingh. arriving here mi Monday. The irst siitlit of him that the police obtained was on Monday ni;ht. A disturbance occurred at a house of ill-fatne on Third avenue. Lieut. Iav:.i Campbell, of the nijjlit police, pr. ". Ir. I to the spot, and when he had reached the door lie was confronted by Am. -Id, who presented a cocked pistol at li!s had.nnd ordered i.lm to leave. There were others at, Arnold's hack, who uracil him to .sled the rrfii'iT. I.ieut. ("ampler! was c.-m-pelled to retire, and after obtaihttiE rein, forccnents he retarueil, but the rutfiiitis had escaped. Yesterday morning Arnold fell in with a well known i haracter named 1-eii. Hart-inan, who was not Ion? since arrested as a professional tlieif, l.ut was permitted P. j!o at !.rx': upon promising to leave the city. T'.e pair of outlaws visited a house on Third avenue at which, it is said, the notorious Mollie Beech has abided slice her recent rouh exp-Tioiice in Allegheny. From Here they proceeded to another den of prostitution, at No. .'.S Market street, kept by a woman named .letiny le-ib. Here they commenced breaking up the furniture. The proprietress sent a man to request ottic. is John Moore and Thomas Moorehead, at the corn'r of Market street and Fifth avenue, to come and arrest the men. Tlois summoned, tbe ntlii crs, us n d lt v bound, went to make the arrest. ' ':i reach:. ig tile house, the officers found that the men they were to arrest were Arnold and H l.tuian. The latter was standing about the middle of the room and Arnold was in a corner,, parti illy beliind the b M and in vcessable. Officer M . re told llartm.in he would have to yield himse.:' a prisoner, and officer I, .orlic.nl made t l.e same announc. tip tit to Ariioid. Bota men d.etied the officers. Moore then seized Hartiiian by the collar ami endeavored to .'t him out. Mooihead, in the ine.iutiui, , sieiped out to summon reiu-forceniet.ts. Hartman resisted ami drew an i:mne::s e.trvinsr knife, which he bran dished cr. r 'he officer. Finding him-elf menaced hv the outlaws, the i.fhecr knock--d Mailman down with his mace in tune t . i -o;i;ie a blow aimed at I. is heart by the villain with hU knife. Almost at the same tuoment Arnold from his place in the i orner, tired his revolver at the i .nicer. The bail took effect ui the ri.'ht botilder.lodinjr under 'he shoulder blade. I5y this t .me i lart m i n had re -ja it, .si his feet, ai.d he and Arii'il.i. .-ne br m.Iisli-iiii tae knife and the other the revo.yer, sprang i u-of ti.e ro. in an.! trained the street. Th.: sipht ot I'A o such armed fugitives, on,, of them bleedinj.- from a wound in his 1; :ni, and pursued by an officer also !;Miy wounded, attracted a crowd immediately. Tin" fugitive ran n to Hail's saloon on Third avenue. By this time officer Mo i-h.-ad, with other officer-, had arrivrd and joined in the pursuit. The men lef: the saloon by a bu k door, and gained Lirj.-rtv street, alon whi.1i they ran toward 1'ift h avenue, i fbcer Mooie, kept up the chase for some distance, but weakened by loss of bl.j.i.1, eventually droppe I out. In the interval Aruoid and Hart;i;.iu had changed weapons, and Arnold lirandished the large knife, and Hartman the revolver. At the gate U-ading to the stable yard At Hare s Hotel, Hartman turned and aimed Lis pistol at the f otmost of his pursuers i 'officer More-head.) The weapon was discharged! and the olMeer fell to th: ground, wounded on the heaj. The ball glanced across the skull and lodged under the akm on the left side. The wounded man was carried into the hotel where ui"il leal attendance was at once provided. The rufliaus continued their rlielit down Cecil alley to Duiiuestie way, ami down to the Allegheny wharf, a crowd of citizens and policemen following in their wake, gathering streiit;' h as it proceeded, and every minute adding to the eNcitenient of the people. Voices were heard exclaiming, "sh:ot them! hani; them 1" ISricks were hurled at the fugitives in greater profus.on than precision, some of t he nih-siles striking innocent parties. Some person in the crowd thrtw a brick at Arnold. It miss'vl its marle however, and struck ortieer Anderson rw the temple, inflicting an ugly but not Uous wound. Immediately several bricks were thrown ami the tumult increased, the crowd evidently thinking that one of the fugitives had hit Anderson. One of the bricks thrown struck Arnold on the head, and, stunned and bleeding, lie fell to the earth and was captured. Officer Ander-non attempted to seize Harlman just as that villain raised his pistol to tire. For some reason he dropped his arm to his side and shot himseif in the leg. He, also, sank down, and was a prisoner. The prisoners were then escorted to the lock-up under a strong police escort. The excited crowd followed closely upon their heels, many of the throng demanding the enforcement of lynch-law. The scoundrels were at length placed safely in the lock-up, and the angrv populace soon afterward dispersed. Shortly aftr the arrest, Chief of Police Hague made information charging "William aliax "Snibbs" Arnold and Leonard Hartman with felonious assault and battery. The Mavor proposed to defer the hearing until the excitement should have died away somewhat, but a note, was sent him by District Attorney I'earson slating that it was the desire of the Court that the information be laid before the Oram! .Jury tl at afternoon, so that the ease, could be disposed Of as soon as possible. Accordingly, at eleven o'clock, in the presence of a dense crowd, the prisoners were brought in, ami the hearing had. The hearing was a short one. Jenny Leib testified to the raid at h-r house and sending for the otli-cers. Officer Moore testified to being shot by Arnold, and Mr. James Dure, testified to ry of afi-i-T e-t

Clipped from
  1. Pittsburgh Daily Post,
  2. 18 Dec 1869, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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