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DET@STL 6/29/35 notes - mjj - . ; ' ; Hank Mak es His R ep ly with...
mjj - . ; ' ; Hank Mak es His R ep ly with Booming Drives I aM. rtlMwrWA a-l a-l a-l a Knlnnna n ll-tai ll-tai ll-tai I A4va, I By Charles P. Ward I runs and boosted his runs-batted- runs-batted- runs-batted- runs-batted- Hank Makes His Reply with Booming Drives It' Tiger First Baseman's Way of Saying that Maybe He Belongs on All-Star All-Star All-Star Team 11 ner h,rst Baseman Way ot laying By Charles P. Ward ST. LOUIS, June 29 Hank Green-berg Green-berg Green-berg may give the selectors of the American League All-Star All-Star All-Star team a severe headache between now and July 8, when the gamo is to be played at Cleveland. The headache will be more severe if Lou Gehrig doesn't happen to have a good day the day of the All-Star All-Star All-Star game. Greenberg learned that Gehrig had been named to the first base post on the All-Star All-Star All-Star team in preference preference to him while the Tigers were in Chicago. The Information came over what the boys call the grapevine telegraph. Hank grinned amiably when he heard the news. "They probably want experienced men," he said, "and maybe I'd rather see the game from the stands, anyhow." That was what Hank said with his tongue. But since then he has been making some very eloquent speeches with his bat, and they seem to reflect disappointment. Greenberg learned that he had been ignored just before the Tigers clashed with the White Sox in the only game plaved during the trip to the Windy City. That afternoon Hank hit a double and his twentieth home run of the season and batted in his seventy-ninth seventy-ninth seventy-ninth and eightieth runs. Friday the Tigers moved to St. Louis, and in a double-header double-header double-header with the Browns Greenberg Greenberg hit his twenty-first, twenty-first, twenty-first, twenty-second twenty-second twenty-second and twenty-third twenty-third twenty-third home Joe Louis Rated Second by N. B.A. NEW YORK, June 29 (A.P.) Selection of Max Schmeling for the next opponent of Joe Louis is in accord with the latest heavyweight ranking list made public by the National Boxing Association. The Brown Bomber from Detroit is rated No, 2 and the German No. 3, a notch above Max Baer, on the list headed by Champion James J. Braddock. The first 10 heavyweights are ranked by the N. B. A. in the following following order: James J. Braddock, Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, Max Baer, Primo Camera, Walter Neu-sel, Neu-sel, Neu-sel, Steve Hamas, Art Lasky, Jack Doyle and Jack Peterson. The list includes five Americans, two Germans, one Italian, one Irishman Irishman and an Englishman. Match Race ALGER'S AZCCAB runs and boosted his runs-batted-in runs-batted-in runs-batted-in runs-batted-in runs-batted-in total to 85. After the game Hanlc sat In a secluded corner of the lobbv of the Tigers' hotel and thoughtfully puffed a cigar. "How many runs-hatted-ln runs-hatted-ln runs-hatted-ln runs-hatted-ln runs-hatted-ln have I got?" he asked an acaualntance. "Eighty-four," "Eighty-four," "Eighty-four," he was told. "You're wrong," he replied. "The number is 85." "How many does Gehrig have?" he wanted to know after a few puffs on his cigar. "You tlon't know, eh?" Well, he'll be batting for quite a while before he gets up to 85." It would be pretty hard to criticize criticize the American League managers managers for naming Gehrig to the All-Star All-Star All-Star team, for Lou is an acknowledged acknowledged star even if he happens happens ,to be less of a star this year than he has been in the past. But it would be equally difficult to sustain sustain an argument that Hank does not belong on the team. After all, he is the league's leading home run clouter at the present time and the leading batter-in batter-in batter-in of runs in addition addition to being a better than average fielding first sacker. His protagonists will argue that, taking him offensively as well as defensively, he can do a better job at first base than Rick Ferrell can do behind the bat, Ossie Bluego can do in the field or some of the other All-Star All-Star All-Star choices can do at their positions. And it will be difficult difficult to refute their argument. So it would seem that the selectors selectors of the All-Star All-Star All-Star team are going going to have many a headache within within the next two weeks, especially if Hank continues to clout the ball as he has been clouting it recently. They can argue that the Tigers, with seven men on the team, have more than their share of honored players. They ran argue all they please, but it will take a truck load of nine-dollar nine-dollar nine-dollar words to offset the simple eloquence of the "whack! wham! bang!" of those repeated circuit blows. a They ain't a-goln' a-goln' a-goln' to put any thing over on our Fred Marherry, the American League s newest umpire. umpire. Charley O'Leary, one-time one-time one-time Tiger shortstop and a coach for tho Browns at present, found that out today. Charley used the wrong words in protesting a decision of Umpire Bill Summers and was immediately thumbed from the game by Mar-berry. Mar-berry. Mar-berry. He thus became the first man to be chased to the clubhouse by Marbetry since Fred joined the American League umpiring staff. O'Leary got into trouble when Jack Burnett hit a foul over first base in the fourth inning. Umpire Summers, behind the plate, ruled it foul and O'Leary, protesting the decision, asked him' to consult Marberry, who was calling the plays at first base. "Foul ball," said Fred. Then he returned to his position with O'Leary yapping at his heels like a terrier. Fred ignored Chsr-ley Chsr-ley Chsr-ley until he used the wrong words, but then acted immediately. "You're through! Get out!" he said, jerking his thumb in the best Morlarty manner. Schoolboy Howe and Alvin Crowder have been named as the pitchers for the Tigers in Sundays double-header double-header double-header with the Browns. Fay Thomas and Jack Knott or Merritt Cain will hurl for the Browns. "Broadway Lyn" Lary-gets Lary-gets Lary-gets farther farther away from Broadway. Rogers Hornsby today announced that the Browns had sent shortstop Alan Strange to Washington in exchange for Lary. Hornsby expected Lary to report in time to play In Sunday's Sunday's double-header double-header double-header with the Tigers. a Sunday's doub'e-heador doub'e-heador doub'e-heador will wind up the series in St. Louis. Mon day the Timers will return to Na - vin Field for three-game three-game three-game series with, the Cleveland Indian. I i

Clipped from Detroit Free Press30 Jun 1935, SunPage 1

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)30 Jun 1935, SunPage 1
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