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Waymansville whipping prt2 - JUave not owned nor worn a pair of blua j pants...
JUave not owned nor worn a pair of blua j pants in last two years. Mary Schrader, to my wife, accused my Wife aid myself of being in party that whipped her. I went to herjf told her I'd sue her if she said I was one of the party.: She then said that she did not accuse us. I am subject to attacks of heart trouble; have them often; had one when I was arrested. ..f Anna Vonstrohe. wife of Henry. I went to see Mary as soon as I heard she. had been whipped, but she rebuked me and accused me of assisting in the whipping. ,- ,- Her husband excused her actions with ; the ; remark: "Oh, she always; has her mouth open about something.". I had nothing to do with the whipping. I am aunt of Leisch-man Leisch-man Leisch-man and . second . ,co8i(i of Henry Mundt.J 1 " T' . J ' , Louis Vonstrohe. On night of whipping whipping Henry Vonstrohe got medicine of me. j It was tolerably late after 9. I stayed at home that night. Wm: Otte boarded- boarded- and lodged at my house at that time. He and I weTnt from my store together; I went to bed and Otte went dpnatairs where his wife was; it was after 10 o'clock. He did not come down that night. He could n6t hare passed : out except through my room. Wm. Otte is nay son-in-law,-! son-in-law,-! son-in-law,-! son-in-law,-! son-in-law,-! son-in-law,-! son-in-law,-! Mandt is 1 my wife's cousin, i John Igel's wife is second cousin to my wife. , I . Edward Hogus. Henry: Vohftrohe came to my house sometime after 9 o'clock on night of whipping. He came to set me to go help on house on next day. Henry went from my home toward his own, which is in direction of residence residence of the Schrader's. S ? ;i j wm. Otte. I am a defendant I do not know Mrs. Schrader; do not believe she ever saw me. On night of whipping whipping 1 staid at my father-in-law's father-in-law's father-in-law's father-in-law's father-in-law's house. Did not assist in the whipping of Mrs. Schrader. : , -fl -fl ,,':,-.: ,,':,-.: ,,':,-.: , :j Mrs. Wm. Otte, wife of Wm. Otte, daughter of Louis Vonstrohe. My husband husband and I stayed all night, the night of the whipping,' at my father's.' My husband was not away during night Ham Laaman.i is my brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, John Igel my second cousin and Henry Mundt a relative. ' v : ' lili wj. - Henry ' Mundt. I am a defendant. John Igel is my brother-in-law; brother-in-law; brother-in-law; brother-in-law; brother-in-law; am a partner of Igel in store. Was at home all night the "night of the whipping; had nothing to do with thV whipping; was not away from home after going to Vonstrohe, Jbhnl Igel, Louis Schnider, John Schnider, Schnider, Mary Schnider, Chris. Schnider. Cross-examination: Cross-examination: Cross-examination: I heard that Chris. Schnider whipped his wife. I have been taking no more interest in this case than :the law allows to me. j diaries Kirlehoft. Am acquainted with defendants; have: known Ham Lasman's reputation for peace and morality; do not know Henry Mundt'a reputation good; Wm. Otte's good for peace and quiet ( Henry Vonstrohe I have known several years; his reputa tion lis good. Have known Robert Sohrader; his reputation is good. ! ! Herman Aldenhagen. Known Ham Lasman twelve years; his general repu tation -for -for peace: and ; quiet : is good; Henry Mundt's reputation is good for morality, peace and quiet. The same was said of Wm. Otte, John J. Schrader, Schrader, Henry Vonstrohe, Anna I Vonstrohe, Vonstrohe, John Igel, Louis Sohnider, John Schnider, Chris. Schnider; only know his wife when I see' her. (State did not cross-examine.) cross-examine.) cross-examine.) 1 j '. 1j i . Henry Bouty. Live near Mount Healthy; lived a long time near Waymansville. Waymansville. . He knew all the defendants! defendants! ? ; to their reputatioii 5 for rjeaoe, quiet and morality, said it was good, j Cross-examination Cross-examination Cross-examination : Heard that these parties were accused of doing the whipping before they, were arrested. Heard! that Chris. Schnider whipped his wife. ro;-:--,-j ro;-:--,-j ro;-:--,-j ro;-:--,-j ro;-:--,-j U:H' C .-i .-i .-i ,-. ,-. ,-. r jj Fred L. Meyer. Lived forty -two -two years in neighborhood of defendants. His evidence as to the general reputation; reputation; of the defendants for peace, qaiet and; morality, in the ; neighborhood where they reside vras that it was good. Croes-examination: Croes-examination: Croes-examination: I am a cousin of Anna Vonstrohe, Herman : Lasman, and also of Bill Otte's wife, v r : J 4 Wesley V-WeeklyfLived V-WeeklyfLived V-WeeklyfLived in Jackson county, near Waymansville for thirty yearn Am not acquainted with. Ham Lasman and Henry Mundt." Am acquainted acquainted with general reputation for peace Mid quiet of John Igel. It is good. Herman Sohafer was placed on the stand and testified that the reputation of : jail the defendants .ior peace and quiet and for morality was good. ; Cross-examination Cross-examination Cross-examination I heard ' the defendants defendants whipped : Mrs. ' Schrader. I heard Chris Schnider whipped his wife. .Fred Newkirkf lives in Jackson township, - one j and :. one-half one-half one-half , miles southeast of Waymansville. He was another witness on Character, and testified vaa ill vot it vas de mob." i Un ; cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination -as -as to what transpired at Mary's and the number of persons in . the mob, the old man was not so ; free and voluable, but it came out that Mary Schrader add witness were not on good terms. The old man was mad at her about somejproperty controversy. Mary ha3on two differ ent occasions flourished a butcher-knife butcher-knife butcher-knife in the 1 old man's face. ' "Mary is von lightning woman mither tongue; She shoost can beat the whole vorld."! Suddenly; Suddenly; the, prosecution - jerked the old man's mind back.to'.the whipping, and as suddenly the , old man lost interest "Vat biesness had I to look at the mob. Ven a voman vas so paean as she vas I no care if she hurt I never said noth ing to her about it Oh, yah, I vent to bed right avay and ven I shleep I shleep. V:itj--r V:itj--r V:itj--r V:itj--r 'I' l' i f j Ben. Kobbe, a member of the late grand jury, was called by defense to testify as- as- to testimony given by Andy and Mary Schrader before . grand jary. He was a ready witness, but on cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination i it was shown that as a member of the grand Jury he had acted as cross-examiner cross-examiner cross-examiner of witnesses on the investigation. . j 'If. j Daniel F. Long and Louis Vanhorn, members of the grand jury wero called to testify as to some evidence given before before that body. t:";f-. t:";f-. t:";f-. ji" (;;,. ' Louis Schnider testified that he did wear his grandpa's drawers at any time. Old man Schrader was then called to the stand. He testified that he did not give Louis his drawers to wear, but that be had some of his clothing at Schnider's Schnider's residence. j j ': .'! :- :- ! Chris Schnider was placed.on the witness witness Stand and testified that he never whipped his wife. His wife, Mary, and sons Lewis and John also testified that their I father never whipped their mother, t ' : f : : The state then called Perry Anderson, Anderson, who testified that in Schnider's barn yard about a year ago he saw Chris Schnider strike his I wife several' times with what he called a club, indicating indicating that it was about three feet long. At this point Judge Hord objected and said he would not allow this evidenced rne Btate then introduced a number of witnesses to show that the reputation of Andrew Schrader and Mary Schrader, his wife, for truth was; good.' The state then closed and the attorneys were then given two hours on a side for argument argument by counsel, when the jury will receive the instructions of the court and the case will be in the hands of the jury by 7 p.m. ' ' 1 '. ; 1 j

Clipped from The Republic24 Oct 1893, TuePage 4

The Republic (Columbus, Indiana)24 Oct 1893, TuePage 4
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