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New Dominion Observatory - OTTAWA; SATLKDAY, I f fffl Ifl "fi f ilfff I Hi...
OTTAWA; SATLKDAY, I f fffl Ifl "fi f ilfff I Hi If f r r - V ll fTlffl . . Th teleaoop which It to sweep th haven (ram th dom of th new government observatory 4n Ottawa' has arrived and la atord In the basement or tb Imperial building. It la a flrst-clasa flrst-clasa flrst-clasa instrument fitted with the very latest squipment at t tot of 115,000. It H known aa a 15-lnch 15-lnch 15-lnch equatorial instrument instrument and la on of the beat ever turned out by the well-known well-known well-known manufacturer manufacturer of astronomical Instruments, .Messrs. Warner fiwasey, of Clave Front View of tha Fine Obaenratory Building Tht is Being Erected at the Experimcotta . . Farm, Size no Feet Frontage and 75 Feet Depth. land, Ohio, who made the treat et-lnch et-lnch et-lnch Terkee telescope which la now In the Wisconsin. Observatory and was ex hibited at Th Ttcao"World FarrTn -" -" " inkPS'fiT slli rl roilslHa mil Mcfa1 &w,ryw'ewr-riiv &w,ryw'ewr-riiv &w,ryw'ewr-riiv tv wf IMS. ' Estimated Coat, . 't'M newly-arrived newly-arrived newly-arrived instrument will be erected In the' building now In mare of construction at tb Central Experimental Farm. When verythlng Is ready the station will be a complete ostronomlcar observatory. The estimated estimated cost of the building . la 7S.0M. Tandets for Its' erection were called In November, MSI. and th limit fixed for Its completion was ths spring of 1901. It la very Ilk th department of public public works now that the spring of 1901 haa arrived to look forward confidently confidently to th completion of ths building la the fall. Th eontract was let In July, 1MI It wlU be seen that th bulldlnc and telescope between them will coat 9.Mt and with th necessary other equipment tb station will cost a little little over $100,000. Instrument Described. Th telescope, a cut of which Is her liven, Is on of th large modern Instruments. Instruments. -the -the diameter of whoa disk-Is disk-Is disk-Is IS Inches. To air some idea of bow. larir this Is It la nearly the vrlsth of a Pag of the Evening Journal. Journal. Th teleaoop at the Dudley Observatory Observatory I 11 Inch.- Inch.- It will be seen, therefore, that Csnada's new telescope THf NW DOMINION OBSERVATORY. e i. ! i l ! Sis view of th Demlo'en ebeervster E Xpert merrtsl Is a large one and of the same sis aa on of the telescopes of the celebrated Russian observatory at Pulkowa and aa tb on at Harvard College. The pedestal or rest tor tb covernmenVs new Instrument Is J feet hlfh. The objective end of the telescope will project project through the dom. This circular dom will be so constructed as to revolve, revolve, in order that a clear view can be had of any part of the sky. The telescope has a doubt motion, or two THE NEW DOMINION OBSERVATORY. axes, on pointed to tb celestial pole and th other for the purpose of observing observing th stars. Tb fact that th pour axis of th telcsiup Is parallel melts cwji-wati cwji-wati cwji-wati awtuvhr motion of tb stars, caused by the di urnal motion of . th earth from west to east, will, when a star la being observed, observed, be counteracted by an equal angular revolution of th polar axis from east to west, and the star will, therefore, appear to stand still In th held of the telescope. BrlVhif Clock. The 'Instrument will be operated by clock work. . In making these polar and declination axes by means -of -of which the telescope can be directed to any part of th visible heavens-great heavens-great heavens-great car must be taken to have -them, -them, like th tub, aa free from defects as possible. possible. They are hollow to allow 'a part of the complicated mechanism to be carried through them. .The bearings for these axes must be mad with th greatest accuracy and have tb friction friction reduced to a minimum The welcht of the tube, th axes and their connections, all of which must move when the telescope ts following- following- the apparent motion of a , star, la very treat, the tube Itself being mad nf steel In. sections. ..Th driving clock must be able to carry all this great weight In exact aidereal time so that th star shall appear to "stand still as It la bisected by the spider web of th micrometer In tb focus of tb tele- tele- . building In urs of erection at th Farm kor. Big telescope for the omical building at the Experimental Farm has arrived and awaits placing. A powerful powerful instrument. ( Why the observatory is" being erected.- erected.- A -magnet -magnet o for tou rists . Facts and figures. - cope. Th vucceai of many Important observation! must depend on the constant constant and regular motion of the driv ing- ing- clock. There are many other provisions provisions for he convenience of the astronomer astronomer in hand line a large Instrument Instrument like this. The mechanism Is of necessity complicated and belongs distinctly distinctly to the sphere of engineering-. engineering-. engineering-. Its Great Power. There Is a popular Idea that the disk at the objective, or lookout, point It made large In order to magnify enor mously, whereas the 'purpose Is rather r r jh, nalsa awslamaur- awslamaur- of saaly -about -about one. ??t Wa-vHy?t-lumii Wa-vHy?t-lumii Wa-vHy?t-lumii Wa-vHy?t-lumii Wa-vHy?t-lumii gei.aa. to increass Uie number of my that can be brought upon th retina making tnem aa many aa fall on. the surface of the disk at the other end. Thus THE BIG INCH 1 7 w i ? , , ..--......... ..--......... ..--......... ..--......... " i . - 1 . pr 11 . f !;":"' it - , il . ! i I ' ( "V. i 1 t , -'i -'i t v ' Ths tsksoeps of which th abov i . an Illustration is a powerful inatrui ment. It is a 10-men 10-men 10-men equatorial about fifteen .feet long, and - It stsnos sn ten-foot ten-foot ten-foot pdtai anal th imehsnism is ths' most modern in th world. i - ' with a two-Inch two-Inch two-Inch number of rays collected Is 10 Jlmes aa great as the number of rays collected by the naked eye and In th case of Ottawa's nw teleaoop more than 700 time, as great. Asa matter of fact the stars seen through -the -the tlec ope Just laid down In Ottawa will b Coot time a bright as when seen wlthalh unaided eye. Chief Astronomer W. F. King, under whose charge the observatory, will be, may make sensational discoveries discoveries of satellites which have hitherto, been reaerved for other large Instrument Instrument In United State observatories. Th casting and figuring of ' a great lens demand ability of a very high order. order. It will weigh with It cell probably probably to pound a Th weight of th. en tlr Yerka .a-Inch .a-Inch .a-Inch teleaoop I It ton. I Dominion Astron OFFICIAL CLOCKS. Some of our readers will scarcely realise the enormous Importance of the-telescope the-telescope the-telescope and what Is done by means of it. . Bines the time when Oal- Oal- Ilea Invented the telescope It has passed passed through a form of evolution-that evolution-that evolution-that allies allies It to the history of civilisation. While astronomy, as we know, la, of sll sciences, the one mont removed from the ephere of commercial renults, yet the telesoope. In some form or another, Is the one and only means we have of ravlgatlng ships, of measuring wide expanses of territory, of determining' latitude and longitude, and of keeping tiros. The exaot time can be taken by observing a fixed star, and there ts no reason why the new observatory at Ottawa by means Of this great telescope telescope should not set and regulate, every every night, official clocks In Ottawa. Montreal, Toronto; and all the Important Important centres of the Dominion. . ANOTHKR TOURIST SPOT. It Is' safe to predict that ' when the .government observatory at the Cen tral Experimental Farm Is ready It will be ft'plac of great attraction to sightseers and an object of great Interest Interest to the ctttsens and to every visitor, and In order that every person may Indulge Indulge the anticipation of looking at the stars through this great Instrument we may say on the autliorlty of the chief astronomer, Mr. W, F. King, that he will be happy Id showing the telesoope to visitors. WHAT IT IS FOR. The new building and apparatus will -be -be under the control of the astro nomical branch of the interior depart menu Mr. Wm. F. King U the chief sstronomer. At present he and hli staff occupy moms over the United States Consul -Ovjieral's -Ovjieral's, VVel Ungton street, while ths practical work Is dons in a small frame building on Cliff street. The staff Is at .prrsent engaged In fixing geographical posi Hons by latitude and longtltude. Owing to the Importance of the work the government has deemed It advis able to give better quarters to Work m.- m.- when the new bulldlna is com pieted Mr. Xing snd "his staff will take up their quarters there. The large telescope, with Its num i..., .i ummii ia in principal pan ijof . .ilM-Cflutpnmi,uT''T- .ilM-Cflutpnmi,uT''T- .ilM-Cflutpnmi,uT''T- .ilM-Cflutpnmi,uT''T- n uMiMiaaait jamntx: time and m;uk other observations Ths urge tetearope will b used In making observations on fixed stars, in cluding measuring of rslatlvo position. TELESCOPE. 1 r i j , . t tiw ', -....'ij. -....'ij. :(-.( :(-.( :(-.( i i t y st spectroscopic. . observations. observa- observa- lions or Dlanela, !- !- Mr. Kin was asked hv ih. Jorr.n. . i . ... . . . i, uaniii. wuuio u. auyinina.iiae tnm done at the meteorokartcal bunaaa Toronto: meteorological oureau, will h equipped a a flrst-clssa flrst-clssa flrst-clssa me- me- j teorologioal ststlon to take oberva tlon - a - to the " weather. -- -- Tho formation . thus secured will it turned over. to the' bureau st Toronto. WHY THE OOVKRNMENT ACTS. Th relative position of eta re, their motion and other Information of- of- a scientific though' not of an immediate practical valu will be observed. "It has been felt." ss Id Mr. King, "that this government should Joinw'th nU. other civilised government In ad . I . i j

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal28 Feb 1903, SatPage 11

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)28 Feb 1903, SatPage 11
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