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3/22/50 - proposed ban, but wanted the Hart resolution...
proposed ban, but wanted the Hart resolution referred 1o a committee for clarification and "to make it workable." Voting fqr the resolution were John A. Feigel. William R. Tighe,e r n m e n t in Miss Laura M. Braun. Mrs. M.ktPad nf a fnr- fnr- L. Aaron. Mrs. E. C. Reif. Wil-!eign Wil-!eign Wil-!eign power." Mr. Harajovic iiam T. Todd, Mr. Hart and Dr. Harajovic, an American citizen A.. L. Lewin. On the voice vote,and veteran of World War II, Board President J. Roy Dickie explained that until joining the did not speak, but reported the Communist dominated Slovak motion carried overwhelmingly, language weekly, he had never Three speakers against the res-jCared res-jCared res-jCared about his boss's politics. Dlution were allowed 10 minutes! ,.But when thj paper s(arled P j following: the party line, I Quotes Noted Loaders j couldn't see trying to influence William Albertson, Communist! Americans against our own Party secretarv for Western! government. 3Iy colleagues ac cused me of being influenced weekly newspaper newspaper here, because because he "sided "sided with the American Gov- Gov- Pennsylvania, urged the school hoard to "join all those who are dedicated to the defense of, the I'nited States Constitution and the Bill of Rights." He quoted former Supreme Court Justice Louis L. Brandeis, l nomas JeI-UmoH JeI-UmoH JeI-UmoH a momlwr of the ferson. Justice Hugo L. Black and'Lartv. Haraiovic insists he never the late Justice Wiley Rutledgejjoined the partVf never paid a party meetings, bince L was i fired, he said, "1 have never by 'bourgois ideologies' and Calvin Brook and those who ran the paper fired me because I wouldn't go along." Despite the fact that it was as- as- find other great Americans some of their declarations for numan rights and progressive principles. "The Communist Partv todav, tn line with the desires of the vast majority of the American people," Mr. Albertson said "fights against war, against A Pnd H-bomb H-bomb H-bomb destruction, for friendship and mutual understanding understanding with the peoples of all nations of the world, for lasting peace." Board Member Hart retorted: "The Devil can quote Scripture when it suits his purposes." William L. Patterson, of New York, national executive secretary secretary of the Civil Rights Congress, Congress, replied: "I agree with that, but it is a little hard, right here and now, to decide who is the Devil." "Any action by this board to bar such meetings from its buildings." buildings." Mr. Patterson declared, "would be discriminatory and in violation of the rights of citizens." citizens." Calls Self "True Veteran" R. E. Jones, director of the Young Progressives of America, introduced himself as a "true American veteran, who served 42 months in World War' II, most of that time overseas, and was honorably honorably discharged in 1946." "Such action by this board, if carried to its logical conclusion, would eventually bar such organizations organizations as the National Association Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a bulwark of strength to me and to many other Negro citizens of the United States." Alexander Wright, also mentioned mentioned in Undercover Agent Cvetics Communist expose, read a statement, citing the Bill of Rights. seen anyone from the paper or party, including Cvetic." As part of Cvetic's dossier on Harajovic, it was disclosed that he is steward of District Five of the National Slovak Society's clubrooms at 520 Court Place. "This makes it appear appear as though the National Slovak Society is Communist, which is not so," the former editor explained. "When I was fired, I went to work in a steel mill and later in a mine. The job as steward in the club opened up and it was given to me. The society was founded 60 years ago, and it must be all right because when I worked for the Peoples News it frequently frequently ran stories condemning some of the society's officers. To Home Bank Stockholders Here By JAMES E. ALEXANDER Post-Gazette Post-Gazette Post-Gazette Staff Writer Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is a man who fully lives his own philosophy. "Call it inner contentment, peace of mind, or what you will," said the noted cleric, author, lecturer and confidant of thousands. "I call it the joy of living." And he believes in it. "The Bible tells us 'Be of good cheer.' Then it savs it again. The old teachings of dismal lives and unhappiness are rot. Where did anyone ever find the Bible telling us to be unhappy?" Speaks in Pittsburgh Dr. Peale, who has written articles for the Post-Gazette Post-Gazette Post-Gazette frequently, frequently, and wha is presently editing the Lenten Guidepostsap-pearing Guidepostsap-pearing Guidepostsap-pearing each day in column one, Paee one, was in Pittsburgh yes terday to speak to the stockholders stockholders of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh. A confident, vital personality who believes his goal in life is to help others achieve happiness. happiness. Dr. Peale held forth on his views early in the day in the lobby of the William Penn Hotel. "A goal in life is necessary' for happiness." he said. "Anyone can give this inner joy to himself by an honest self-analysis, self-analysis, self-analysis, putting the blame for things wrong on himself and not on others, and finally finding his goal. Keep Heading for Goal "Then keep heading for that goal. Don't worry about getting off the track, being switched to other things. Learn from them. Use them. Then get back on the track toward your goal. You'll find happiness." A true self analysis is difficult if you don't have outside help, he Cvetic. Young Oyler said he was feels. (At his church, the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, oldest Protestant church in America, a full staff of counselors counselors is available to all.) How to Appraise Yourself "To find an honest appraisal of y ourself, talk to a good minister," he said. "Or an old-style old-style old-style family doctor. Or a good dirt farmer. Or a good psychiatrist with a spiritualist point of view." The round-faced round-faced round-faced minister let his thoughts overflow and those seated nearby stopped reading and talking and listened to his philosphy. "We're undergoing a tremend ous religious revival," Dr. Peale said. "I'm 51 and have lived through periods when other revivals revivals were booming. But this is not an emotional one. It is a scientific revival. People are seeking seeking the 'How' of religion. Seeking Way of Religion We have progressed materi ally far beyond any peoples of the world. But we've become inept inept in the art of human relationships relationships in human nature. "Now we're seeking the way of religion just as we did the way of machines. And it's welling up and overflowing in articles .in newspapers, magazines, lectures before clubs and groups, in sermons sermons and heart-to-heart heart-to-heart heart-to-heart heart-to-heart heart-to-heart talks everywhere." If' i Would Buy Up Underliers Now that the city has agreed on settlement the only further claims on franchises are with suburban municipalities. An agreement already has been concluded concluded with Allegheny County on bridge franchises. The reorganization nlan has been worked out by agreement with the Philadelphia Company, the railways' holding company. Under the plan, the railways company company proposes to issue 56,000.000 in bonds and use $17,000,000 in cash reserves to buy up underliers underliers which hold long-term long-term long-term leases for trollev routes. The tall, dark and handsome royal heir, who was condemned to death in absentia by the Nazis, is now living in Paris, where he's continuing his personal war I against Nazism and Commu- Commu- " w. Up k nism. From first hand knowledge he's convinced the Marshall Plan is an "outstanding success." ARCHDUKE OTTO Gyps Bring Charges She Is a Commie Refuted DR. NORMAN V. FEALE He exemplifies hit philosophy. As Dr. Peale talked the peo ple around him bore out his truths. They listened intently. Then from across the lobbv a man walked over and broke in. "Excuse me," he said, "but you're Dr. Teale? I've never met you but I was sure It was you. I'm in the manufacturing business in Youngtown and just happened through here now, but I must stop and tell you how wonderful your help to others can be. "I read your articles daily. I have been inspired many times by them. I keep them and go back over them. They have given me a new value in life and life is pleasant to me now. Thank you." And he walked away. The New York minister looked after him and smiled. It was easy to see that Dr. Peale had achieved a joy of living. U'nntit Attend Throne As for his native Hungary. . iMm A I nil til I PrtTI Archduke Otto feels that the ' X OA 111 Hungarians are united in work- work- A nine-month nine-month nine-month workhouse setting setting towards freedom from the terce todav hangs over a high. Communists. Whether or not man who peddled Aiictna-Wiinfrarv Aiictna-Wiinfrarv Aiictna-Wiinfrarv will return to the constitutional monarchy as,non-existt: as,non-existt: as,non-existt: cemetery plots and a form of government he's not j took down payments lo: cars he willing to predict. But he said never delivered, that he "certainly" would ascendj Judge Michael A. Musmanno the dual thrones of Austria and , , ijesterdav ordered Frank J. Mi- Mi- Hungary if asked. y " , Of his family tree, though, the(cale. 3j. of 3 Magee Street, to Archduke is not quite so certain.! make $2,000 restitution by March He knows he is related to Kinghi or face the full term. The six State Bureau of Employment and i101501 o Be,Sium, amongCharges included fraudulent con- con- Caruso Dinner To Draw 1,000 A testimonial dinner honoring A. J. Caruso, director of the -tViof -tViof rnrnncan rnvaltv but hp'si not sure of the relationship. j version' Passin worthless checks "I think Leopold's mother is ana Jarceny. the niece of my grandmother,' he explained. If he pays his victims, the penalty may be lessened. Micale lamCS . DUU IS; jjciwiij ina ue Jt'sstneu. iJttiJt 1.000 persons ex-i ex-i ex-i Asked if he might not be his; pleaded guiltv t0 selUnf: end. Other guests iown P?"dpa; he laughingly Julia R. Anderson. 70. of 4S Dii- Dii- Unemployment C o m p ensation will attract a long list of notables to the William Penn Hotel tomorrow tomorrow night. Governor James II. Duff among the pecxea to attend, other guests win include judges, senators, assemblymen and representatives of fraternal groups, labor unions. Political nrrr and sports. - lUrpan Concert Attorney Charles J. MarHntii rr Casnar Knrh organist, will I was about to ret S1R00 mnr is honorary rhairman of the din-1 din-1 din-1 be assisted bv Mario Funari. when he was arrested. Another baritone, and Katharine Gift ' vict im. Wuong Y. Leung. 521 Sec-Koch, Sec-Koch, Sec-Koch, pianist, at his free con-jond con-jond con-jond Avenue, testified he gave Mi-cert Mi-cert Mi-cert Sunday at 3 p. m. in Car-j Car-j Car-j rale S471 for a new ear but never rtegie Hall. Northside. (got the machine. mitted, "You know how those old families are. It could very easily turn out that way." sion Street, Crafton, $150 worth of worthless hospitalization insurance. insurance. Later, he took a $1,000 check 'for the graveyard real estate and ner committee. Members include Louis P. Bilotta, Albert Chenet, Joseph Cernuto and Sebastian C. Isabella. Pitt Instructor Hits Back Dr. Marion Hathivay Offers Congress Member's Letter Denying Cvetic Mentioned Her Name to House Group House For City Or Country A house plan that fits comfortably on a 60-foot 60-foot 60-foot lot is described by Penny Hazell in the Home Building Section today. The white wood siding siding and cozy rooms make it ideal for city or country settings. For details and a sketch of the plan, turn now to PAGE 16 Dr. Marion Hathway of the University of Pittsburgh faculty yesterday denied that her name was given to the House Committee Committee on Un-American Un-American Un-American Activities by Matt Cvetic, FBI undercover man who testified about Communist activity in Western Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Dr. Hathway forwarded a letter letter to the Pitt News to prove her point. The letter was from Representative Representative John S. Wood, Georgia, Georgia, chairman of the committee, to Representative Herman f. Eberharter. Blasted by Judge Gunther Dr. Hathway sent the letter to the campus newspaper, which last week printed portions of a speech by Judge Blair Gunther blasting her. In his speech before before the Hungry Club Judge Gunther said Pitt should be de prived of state funds if it continues continues Dr. Hathway on the payroll. payroll. Dr. Hathway, a professor in the School of Social Work, a gradual e school, has been on the Pitt faculty 15 years. Congressman's Letter Her projection into the current Communist controversy was a highlight of yesterday's develop ments. Elsewhere on the "Com mie" front came word of firings and suspensions ot persons who are reportedly Communists or in son way have left-wing left-wing left-wing connections. connections. Representative Wood, in his let ter to Representative Eberharter, said a staff member of the Un- Un- American Activities Committee had examined the transcript of testimony taken in open hear ings. He added: "There was no question asked Mr. Cvetic in an open hearing relating to Marion Hathway and no voluntary statement made by Mr. Cvetic concerning her." Meanwhile, Martin Sumrak, Oakmont, was suspended by county commissioners yesterday from his job as a North Park laborer "until such time as he clears himself of the charges" of Communist affiliations. Suspended by Local The action followed Sumrak's suspension by Local 654, Allegheny Allegheny County Maintenance Employes Employes Union. Herbert Clark, recording secretary of Local 654, recommended to commissioners that Sumrak be suspended. Sumrak Sumrak was among those listed as alleged Communists in testimony testimony before the House Un- Un- American Activities Committee Alfred C. Oyler announced he has been fired as public relations relations director of the AFL Laborers Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania. He said he is not a Communist but that his father was named a Communist by fired by Nicholas Stirone, president president of the Council. Local 33, AFL Office Employes International, has filed charges against John Bronich, also named by Cvetic. Bronich is an employe of the Croatian Fraternal Union. Mrs. Sally Douty, president of Local 33, said a 15-member 15-member 15-member trial committee will hear charges April 11 against Bronich, who has denied to the union that he is a Communist. Denial by Preacher The Reverend Clarence E. Mc-Fadden, Mc-Fadden, Mc-Fadden, mentioned by Cvetic, pointed out, ill am not a Communist Communist and never will be." Cvetic did not label Mr. McFadden a Communist but mentioned him in testimony before the House Committee. Committee. Cvetic said Red leaders secretly placed Mr. McFadden on the slate as vice president of the Civil Rights Congress. Mr. McFadden, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, Homewood, said he joined the Congress to fight JSciriminof Saii a rra Snt4 VnnivAc William f. Schuiz of 1540 Ala- Ala- Sanely Firm Itarty bama Avenue, Dormont, declared! Employes of Weaver, Costello he has been embarrassed by,& Co., Inc., held a party last Cvetic's disclosure as a Commu-Jnight Commu-Jnight Commu-Jnight in honor of Nevin J. nist oi Lawrence bchultz of l527iGarver, recently elected presi- presi- Ruling Wanted On Third Party The County Commissioners agreed yesterday to seek a ruling from the Commonwealth as to whether or not the Progressive Party is a "legal political party." Their action was taken on a recommendation of Elections Director Director Wrill E. Alton based on recent recent testimony before the House Un-American Un-American Un-American Activities Committee Committee by Matt Cvetic, ex-FBI ex-FBI ex-FBI informer. informer. That testimony, Mr. Alton told t h e commissioners, indicated "that the nature of the Progressive Progressive Party is such as may preclude its qualification as a political party" under the State's election code. In his testimony before the House Committee, Cvetic included included some leaders of the Progressive Progressive Party here in a list of those he named as Communists. Color Film Shows Local Health Risks A technicolor cartoon dealing with local health hazards will be shown at the Stanley Theater beginning Thursday. Charles Eagle, manager, has called the film to the attention of Dr. I. Hope Alexander, Pittsburgh's Health Director. Alabama Avenue. William Schuiz said that despite the similarity of names and addresses he is not related to Lawrence Schultz and has no connections with the Communist Communist Party. dent and general manager of the candy firm. Miss Jessie Lemmer was chairman of the event, which was held in the company headquarters, headquarters, 236 Boulevard of the Allies. For Women Fashion Dictates Dark Sheer Crepe Punctuated With Bright Print Trim 25.00 Spring is a wonderful feeling when you krjow you're looking your best and you will in this smartly styled redingote type dress fashioned by "Young Hearted"' for the woman who is always young in heart! Navy or black rayon sheer crepe has bright print collar, quits, and pleated front insert panel. Sizes 14!2 to 22'2. IT omens Dresses, Second Floor 1900, 7 1 1950 GOLDEN JUBILEE Liberty at Oliver ( An; if t Atlantic 1-6200 1-6200 1-6200

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